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Al-Musannaf ibn-Abi Shaybah (Urdu + Arabic) [Hadees-e-paak] By sppn.info Of A ASHRAFI (MUREED E SAIYED. Al-Musannaf ibn-Abi Shaybah (Urdu + Arabic) [Hadees-e-paak] By sppn.info Of A ASHRAFI (MUREED E SAIYED MUHAMMAD MADANI. Hijri ~ Hazrat Imam ibn abi-Shayba [Abdullah ibn Muhammad ibn Abi- Shayba ibrahim ibn Uthman ibn Khuwasta] (sppn.info)Al-Musannaf ibn- Abi PDF WITH TEXT. Uplevel BACK. K. sppn.info

Musannaf Ibn Abi Shaybah Pdf

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Tafsir Ibn Abi Hatim: [download PDF] a large early tafsir by Abu Muhammad 'Abd al-Rahman Ibn Abi Hatim al-Razi [born in al-Rayy in /]. The son of a. A Study of the Muṣannaf of Ibn Abī Shayba* Scott C. Lucas Abstract The Muṣannaf of Ibn Abī Shayba provides unparalleled access into the legal thought of the. Ibn Abi Shaybah was an early Muslim scholar of hadith. He authored a musannaf work Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

Brill, , and This sample covers, in total, reports in chapters. Makhlad thought they were citing in order to establish or justify specific legal positions.

Its 39 books run the gamut from adab to zuhd, from law to history, and from hagiography to the apocalypse. Reza Tajaddod Tehran, n. Brill, , 1: Montgomery and translated by Uwe Vagelpohl New York: ROM Edition. Table 2: Even though he appears in only 8. Table 3: Numayr d.

Ibn Abi Shaybah

Table 4: Eine kritische Untersuchung von G. Jabr d. The opinions of 53 individuals, including the Prophet, are cited in these chapters, although 21 of them appear in only a single narration. Abdel Haleem Oxford, , 26 slightly modified.

The final authority is the Prophet 6 reports. Ibn al-Madini said: I have never seen a man who had memorised more than Yazid ibn Harun.

Yazid ibn Harun said about himself: I memorised 24, hadiths with their chains, and this is no boast! Al-Ijli said: He was trustworthy and firm in hadith; and he was pious, with extremely wonderful Salah. He would stand as though a pillar praying from Zuhr to Asr, and from Maghrib to Isha, he would not tire from Salah in the day and night. Al-Mizzi states: His excellences and virtues are very many. Tarikh Baghdad Dr. Bashshar Awwad Maruf comments, Its isnad is sahih.

Who is the best in fiqh from those you have seen? Bashshar Awwad Maruf comments, Its isnad is hasan. The weight of such praise from Yazid ibn Harun of Imam Abu Hanifah can be gauged from this brief account of his qualities.

Waki no. Ahmad ibn Hanbal said: I have not seen a greater container of knowledge than Waki, nor [one who] memorised more than Waki.

He also said: I have never seen a man like Waki in knowledge, memory, chain and chapters, along with humility and scrupulousness. He also said: Waki was the Imam of Muslims in his time.


Yahya ibn Main said: I havent seen anyone with a greater memory than Waki. Ibn Ammar said: There was no one in Kufa in the time of Waki greater in fiqh and more knowledgeable of hadith than him. Waki was a luminary.

Ali ibn Khashram asked Waki the method of acquiring such a proficient memory, and he said: Abandoning sins, I have not experienced [anything] equal to it in [perfecting] memory.

Yahya ibn Aktham said: I accompanied Waki in journey and residence, and he would fast continuously and complete the Quran every night. Wakis son narrates: My father would pray the entire night, and there did not remain in our house anybody except he would pray [in the night], and even our black slave girl would pray.

Al-Ijli said: [He was] Kufan, trustworthy, a worshipper, pious, eloquent, from the memorisers of hadith, and he would issue fatwa.

Narrations of Imam Abu Hanifah from the Musannaf of Ibn Abi Shaybah

Tahdhib al-Kamal As shown in an earlier post, Waki would issue fatwa according to the opinions of Imam Abu Hanifah. Some of the fatwas Waki reported from Abu Hanifah are recorded in the Musannaf; see numbers and The hadith narrations of Waki in the Musannaf include a number of reports reaching the Sahabah.

Isa ibn Yunus no. He was the grandson of the famous narrator from the Tabiin, Abu Ishaq al-Sabii d. He was the brother of the famous narrator Israil ibn Yunus Abu Zurah said he was a master [of hadith] hafiz.

Hafs ibn Ghiyath no. Yet, when he died, he did not leave behind any wealth. Yahya ibn Main, al-Nasai, Ibn Sad and others said he is trustworthy.

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Al-Ijli said: [He was] trustworthy, reliable, a jurist. Waki was often asked about something, and he would say: Go to our Qadi and ask him. Abd Allah ibn Numayr no. Al-Ijli said: Trustworthy, sound in hadith, a champion of the Sunnah.

Tahdhib al-Kamal Abu Muawiyah no. Yahya ibn Main was asked who is the strongest of the narrators from al-Amash, and he replied: After Sufyan and Shubah, Abu Muawiyah, the blind.

Al-Ijli said: [He was] a Kufan, trustworthy thiqah. However, many authorities discovered some errors in his narrations. He was criticised because of irja, but this was from the acceptable category of irja discussed in detail in an earlier post.

Tahdhib al-Kamal 8. Abd Allah ibn al-Mubarak no. Shuayb ibn Harb said: Ibn al-Mubarak did not meet any man except Ibn al-Mubarak was more virtuous than him. Ahmad ibn Hanbal said: There was none in the time of Ibn al-Mubarak more ardent in gaining knowledge than him.

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Rather he just quoted after his Tahqiq the words of Hafiz Ibn Hajar as an ilmi point, and nowhere does he say he agrees with Hafiz ibn Hajar. Allah knows best. And it has preceded that the manuscript of Shaykh Qasim is defective, so what reliance on it?

This is why this published version falls from ilmi reliance rather all the publications of this house, it is obligatory not to rely on them, and how after lying on the Prophet saw. Allamah Al-Mardini ibn Turkmani remained silent on the first Sanad same as ibn Abi Shaybah and criticized the second because of Muamil. And then his defence of the altered copy published by Idarah Al-Quran of Karachi, this is also against precision and honesty.Dollar Euro Pounds Sterling.

Shu'ba has been quoted through a reference to the Musannaf of Ibn Abi. In this behalf learned senior Counsel provided the following compilation for this Court's consideration: 1. Allamah Al-Mardini ibn Turkmani remained silent on the first Sanad same as ibn Abi Shaybah and criticized the second because of Muamil.

Dar al-Ihsan Egypt.