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Editorial Reviews. Review. Trent and Mara have enough chemistry to fuel a rocket ship Teasing Trent is hot hot hot!! ~Joyfully Reviewed I really enjoyed this . You can download and read online Teasing Trent (Contemporary Romance) ( The Alexanders Book 1) file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also. Teasing trent contemporary romance the alexanders book 1 kindle edition by m malone download it once and read it on your kindle device pc phones or tablets.

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Ebook: Teasing Trent - An Erotic Romance Dаtе аddеd: Author: Minx Malone Book format: pdf, text, ipad, android, audio, epub, ebook. Sіzе: Test your JavaScript, CSS, HTML or CoffeeScript online with JSFiddle code editor. Ebook Teasing Trent Contemporary Romance The Alexanders Book 1 currently available at sppn.info for review only, if you need complete ebook Teasing.

Jessica angrily confronts him and the two unexpectedly kiss. Later, at a party they almost consummate their relationship before being discovered by other party-goers.

Dain coldly departs, assuming Jessica invited the others to force him to honorably marry her, leaving her angry that he would leave her reputation in tatters so casually. Jessica sues him for the loss of her reputation. To her surprise, Dain converts this proposition into a marriage proposal, and they are wedded in London several weeks later.

En route to his estate in Devon, Dain assumes she is repulsed by his "gross blackamoor's body", [4] when the opposite is true. Filled with self-loathing over his appearance and personality, Dain initially avoids consummating their relationship despite Jessica's efforts to seduce him. They eventually do, and Dain apologizes for what he realizes has been his difficult behavior. Later, they enter into a disagreement over his illegitimate son; Dain despises the eight-year-old boy's calculating mother and wants nothing to do with them, while Jessica sympathetically wants to rescue the boy from his poor living conditions.

The boy, Dominick, is becoming ill-behaved and reminds Dain self-loathingly of himself at his age. Eventually, with Jessica's prodding, Dain is persuaded to rescue the neglected boy from his mother's clutches. While doing so, the Marquess comes to terms with his mother's abandonment and realizes that Dominick is just as scared and lonely as he was as a boy. Dominick is invited to live at the Ballister estate, while the boy's mother, to her pleasure, is given a large stipend and told to find her fortune in Paris.

Background and development[ edit ] American author Loretta Chase began her writing career in by crafting traditional novels in the Regency romance literary subgenre; [5] Lord of Scoundrels, published in , was her ninth such novel released. In , Chase said Lord of Scoundrels was her only book "that came to me as a gift from the writing gods.

Every other book is a struggle, some bloodier than others. This book was pure fun from start to finish". By giving Dain Italian ancestry through his mother, Chase was able to develop his character and justify his motivations.

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She explains, "Having Dain be half-Italian fit so many aspects of his story: his background as well as his behavior, which does get operatic at times". In a loving household, he would have grown up with a better self-image, and would have dealt with bullying at school in a different way, and thus would have grown up into someone altogether different from the man Jessica meets in that antique shop". The author explains that "for most of history, and in too many cases today, women are considered and too often consider themselves lesser beings who do not matter.

In my books, the women are not lesser, and they do matter.

They usually got together with Helena's childhood friends on one evening during the holiday. This year, the second day of Whitsun was the only time that was good for everybody, so that's when they had agreed to meet.

It was unusually cold for the time of year, around fifty degrees. The wind was blowing hard, howling and whistling in the treetops. Helena laughed loudly at Per when he started singing the Gotland song, a satirical ballad she had taught him, about the field mice from the mainland who chased Gotland girls on their summer vacation. Around the table, they all raised their voices for the chorus.

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Helena's best girlfriend, Emma, was there with her husband, Olle, along with the neighbors Eva and Rikard, and Beata with her new husband, John Dunmar, who came from the States and was the new member of the group. Kristian was the only one who was still single. A handsome guy but an eternal bachelor, it seemed. To this day he hadn't ever lived with a woman, even though he was thirty-five.

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Helena had wondered over the years how that could be. The candles were burning in cast-iron candlesticks in the bay windows; the log fire crackled in the open fireplace.

Spencer, Helena's dog, lay on a fur rug on the stone floor, licking his paws. He gave an audible sigh and curled up in the warm glow of the candles and fireplace.

Helena went out to the kitchen to uncork a couple more bottles of wine. She loved this sparsely furnished cabin, where she had stayed every summer since she was a child. Actually, she and Per needed to be alone. Have some time to talk and be together without cell phones, computers, or alarm clocks, after a stressful and hectic spring.

Still, dinner with her old friends wasn't a bad idea, Helena thought, realizing how much she had missed them. She was awakened from her reverie when somebody ran a finger down her spine.

Or what? If a girl can't have you, she has to take the next best thing," she said, and walked ahead of him out of the kitchen. She leaped up from the table and started rummaging through the CDs. One of the few modern touches in the cabin was the stereo, an absolute must for Per before he could even imagine spending more than twenty-four hours in the house.

Per followed Beata's example and began whirling around with her. The others also got to their feet and danced so the floorboards shook.

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Afterward nobody could remember when exactly everything went wrong. Suddenly Per tore Helena out of Kristian's arms, and they disappeared out to the veranda.

Inside the house the dancing continued. After a while the porch door opened. Helena came rushing in with her hands in front of her face and dashed into the bathroom.And oh, the scrumpt Sweet and romantic And oh, the scrumptious sexy Alexander brothers are all a dream, I'm so excited to get all the books that features all of them.

Test your JavaScript, CSS, HTML or CoffeeScript online with JSFiddle code editor.

Plot The story begins in , Paris. The Alexanders. She's down to earth, strives to find the best in every one she meets, and full of life.

Trent feels that he will be doing a disservice to his best friend Matt if he gives in to the passion that he feels for Mara.