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Books Advanced Search New Releases & Pre-orders Best Sellers Browse Genres Children's & Young Adult Textbooks Exam Central All Indian Languages. Only This Much: Module - 1: Company Secretary Professional Program [Oct 01, ] Anand, R. and Venkatraman, A. N. S. Only This Much: For Company Secretary Executive Program (Module II) 3rd Edition by Cs Ans Vijay from sppn.info Educational and Professional Books 1. 2☆. 2. 1☆. 3. 1 ☆. waste of money to oder. this book's published date is lots of amendment came so far and flipkart fail to provide latest version of book. best book for cs professional course book all six paper in one book - Exams.

Only This Much Book Cs Executive Module 1

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Company Secretary Professional Program - its Only This Much The immense success of Only This Much for CS Executive Program (3-in-1 book) has prompted us to This Much for Company Secretary Professional Program all Module book. 1. Acquisition of Control over an Mn-million. Enterprise engaged in Bn-billion Only This Much Amendments Laws Updates for Company Secretary Exams on Only This Much Content Details [laws applicable to a company] book for 21 53 Solved Scanner Cs Executive Programme Module II Economic and. Only This Much For Company Secretary Executive Program 3rd ed Module II 3rd About the Book: Language: English; Binding: Paperback; Contributors: Cs Ans Vijay . The best price for Only This Much For Company Secretary Executive Program 3rd ed Module II 3rd Edition in India is Rs. as per June 1,

Because we all know in professional exams- time is everything only hard working is not important here you must use your mind for smart working. Now the silly and common mistakes I!!!

Not properly reading the questions and question paper One of the most common mistakes students make is not reading the question paper properly. Due to many reasons like bother of the exam, fear of exam, fear of that subject, not study well, fear of fail etc. The student should be read properly the question paper because reading properly means increasing your confidence on questions and over concepts.

Mismanagement of exam time Time management is very important for Company Secretary and professional exams.. Otherwise, you will find yourself struggling to complete the paper that will create problems and panic to complete whole paper in the last few minutes of the exam.

While writing the paper, students should observed the word limit and time limit of the question and they must give importance as per the value of question for attempting.

The paper is usually spread into these 4 categories — Point Answer — questions asked for 2 marks Short Answer — questions asked for marks Short explanation — questions asked for 5 marks Large explanation — questions asked for marks The student should manage their time as per the above value and ratios of questions.

Because many time we have seen a student give 15 minutes on 2 marks question while 5 marks question will get only 5 minutes.

Best Self Study Books for CS Executive and Why?

The value of the time we not understand in the starting era but end of time when only few minutes remains for the exam than we realized that mismanagement of time. You can utilize this valuable time for other questions. The overconfidence of sections and concepts The content of the answer is most important thing for any question.

Even in technology, you can see Google is also giving preference to only Best content of the website. Same pattern and things work here your content of answer play a vital role for your marks. Often long, essay type questions are answered without properly planning the order in which various points are to be covered. The answers should be relevant to the questions and depending upon word limit, proper points and the most important to the valuable content.

Guidelines of the answer and suggested answer of student can give you a path about your writing styles. If you really want to check you and your answer than you must be try once before the exam.

Just write down your answer and compare that with the suggested answer or by module or any best company secretary book which one you referring for self-study. If the students regularly analyze the content of their answers by keeping in mind the value points given in the marking scheme as well as compare their answers.

Every recognized stock exchange and its members to maintain and preserve the specified books of account and documents for a period ranging from two years to five years. SAI shall incorporate all statutory information on Mutual Fund. In case of close ended schemes, the statement of accounts or issue units in demat form for accepted applications WITHIN 5 working days of closure of offer period. The issue and listing of non-convertible debt securities, whether issued to the public or privately placed, is to be done in accordance with the provisions of the Securities and Exchange Board of India Issue and Listing of Debt Securities-ILDS Regulations, The aid for a particular legal proceedings shall be: www.

ICDR contains regulations divided into 11 chapters with 20 schedules. What now? Its a mere change of name. Whatsoever, as applicable in the erstwhile DIP guidelines still applies. So, all your readings still holds good. Now, update with few more concepts.

It is now applicable to all types of issues incluing public, rights and mutual fund issues. Further, it is also applicable to all types of investors irrespective of whether retail investors or not.

Thus, a day listing is possible.

Note: The public issue shall be kept open for a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 10 days, irrespective of whether there is revision in pricing or not.

Shares reserved for QIB's in case of bookbuilding cannot be undewritten.

Contents of Only This Much for Company Secretary Professional Program all Module book

Further, such reservation shall not exceed Rs. Alternate method of book building: It may be partly inspired from French Auction where allotments made at bid price — to QIB's unlike the dutch auction method of existing book building process.

It is applicable only for FPO's. In some cases, even upto Rs. Fast track issues cannot be made under this Chapter.

Minimum Application size shall be atleast Rs. Market Maker shall not download from promoter or persons belonging to promoter group.

For Company Secretary

Now, there are three types of delisting: 1. Compulsory Delisting — Chapter V [Regulations ].

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Any request by such corporates for ECB will be examined under the Approval route. Currently e-forms 1 regarding Incorporation, e-form 5 regarding Authorised capital and e-form 44 regarding documents delivered by Foreign company.You can utilize this valuable time for other questions.

Minimum Application size shall be atleast Rs. Many time we heard and many people suggest us about the presentation of the answer but no one knows the perfect framework of the answer. While writing the paper, students should observed the word limit and time limit of the question and they must give importance as per the value of question for attempting.

A final word: Those are in trouble and struggling for the pass in company secretary exam of cs executive and cs professional please once re-evaluate you once. Even various departments of Government like Department of Public Enterprisers, Department of Telecom and Insurance has come out with various guidelines on these aspects.