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4. Course Prerequisites. 5. PADI. 6. Open Water Diver Course Structure. 8. How to Use This Manual and Succeed in the Course. One. The Underwater World. PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today we have 78,, eBooks for Open Water Diver Manual. PADI Open Water Diver Course - C. Open Water Diver Manual sppn.info 1. Welcome to your PDA Open Water diver course. Over two thirds of our planet's surface is covered by water.

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new PDF PADI: Open Water Diver Manual Full Online, new PDF PADI : Open Water Diver Manual Full Page, new PDF PADI. Issue Cover Open Water Diver Manual 7 November Open Water Diver. Open Water Diver Manual 7 November Open Water Diver eLearning integrates the PADI Open Water Diver Manual with the Download a Start Diving Guide (pdf); Browse the scuba certification FAQs.

Of the five training dives you must complete, the Deep Dive and Underwater Navigation Dive are both mandatory.


None of these are hard to deal with, as long as you know how to manage them. On your Deep Dive, you will learn how to deal with these effects, learn about color changes at depth, pressure changes, and test how susceptible you are to nitrogen narcosis. Some describe it as feeling drunk, or inhaling laughing gas.

Often, it gives you a false sense of security and inappropriate euphoria. Though for reasons not entirely understood, the severity of the narcosis varies greatly from diver to diver, and even from dive to dive.

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Symptoms of nitrogen narcosis can be dizziness, lightheadedness, elation, euphoria, anxiety, poor judgement or decreased coordination. However, it is important to be able to recognize and manage nitrogen narcosis, as simple errors can quickly become big problems for divers. Ascent reverses the symptoms of nitrogen narcosis and often, an ascent of only 10 or 20 feet will clear the fogged feeling in your brain.

On your deep dive, most instructors will play a little game to test how nitrogen narcosis may affect you. An example would be completing a simple task, such as writing your name backwards, or solving a simple equation, and timing how long it takes you to complete at the surface.

Once you get down to depth, they will ask you to complete the same task, and again time how long it takes. The simple task may no longer be as simple as it was at the surface! It will likely take longer to complete, with some people not being able to complete it at all.

These exercises are a good demonstration of the physical effects that deep diving has on your body. Tips: An easy test you can do with your dive buddy to determine if one of you is experiencing Nitrogen Narcosis, is the finger test. One of you holds up a number of fingers, say 5, and the other must reply, holding up the same amount of fingers, plus one, 6.

If they reply with any number other than 6, you should ascend to a shallower depth. Underwater Navigation Adventure Dive: While some people are natural navigators, many of us struggle with this skill, making the navigation dive one of the less popular specialties. However, it is a mandatory dive, because it is an important skill to learn. The priority of underwater navigation is to bring you back to the boat, shore or proper exit point safely. download your own compass , which is a good piece of equipment to own, or download a compass app on your phone.

There are plenty of free options for both Android and IOS. Tips: When possible, take a heading towards the land before you drop down, and another in the direction of the dive site.

What optional adventure dives are there? If there is a dive speciality that you have your heart set on, research destinations and dive shops that offer it. The Girls that Scuba Facebook Group is a great place to look for recommendations! What are the recommended optional dives? By far, the top choice that instructors will recommend is Peak Performance Buoyancy.

Night and Drift Diving are also often recommended, because they are a lot of fun and help you learn to deal with more challenging dives.

Peak Performance Buoyancy: Ask any diver, and they will tell you that buoyancy is one of the most important skills to master in scuba diving.

Peak Performance Buoyancy will help you further understand how buoyancy affects you, and how to master it. It's one of the most helpful, and fun training dives.

Hoops, rings, and other obstacles are often set up in a course-like style for divers to navigate through. On a night dive, you can spot sea creatures that are active at night, and hard to find during the day.

In many places, you can also experience bioluminescence. These are tiny plankton type organisms in the water that glow when set in motion. A chemical reaction that takes place inside the plankton causes them to light up, like fireflies. They are beautiful and fascinating to experience. Imagine diving in Avatar, it really is an experience like no other. Read all about UV night diving here!

Tips: If you're nervous try diving the same place during the day time, so you feel more familiar with the dive site. Stay close to your dive buddies and instructor. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website.

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How to become a PADI Open Water Diver

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Read all about UV night diving here! Write a customer review. Picture by Alfred Minnaar The Advanced Open Water Course is the next step on your scuba journey after Open Water and a course you should do some research on before you jump in!

After you have completed all the sections you will then complete an exam online as well. PillPack Pharmacy Simplified.