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Oprah Biography Book

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Oprah book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Oprah: A Biography. In her #1 bestselling biographies, she has exposed truths and exploded myths to There is a case to be made, and it is certainly made in this book, that Oprah. Oprah Winfrey was born in in Kosciusko, Mississippi. At the age of 19, Winfrey landed her first broadcasting job as a reporter for radio station WVOL in.

In her 1 bestselling biographies, she has exposed truths and exploded myths to uncover the real human beings that exist behind their manufactured facades. Turning her reportorial sights on Oprah, Kelley has now given us an unvarnished look at the stories Oprah's told and the life she's led. Kelley has talked to Oprah's closest family members and business associates. She has obtained court records, birth certificates, financial and tax records, and even copies of Oprah's legendary and punishing confidentiality agreements.

She has probed every aspect of Oprah Winfrey's life, and it is as if she's written the most extraordinary segment of The Oprah Winfrey Show ever filmed-one in which Oprah herself is finally and fully revealed.

There is a case to be made, and it is certainly made in this book, that Oprah Winfrey is an important, and even great, figure of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

But there is also a case to be made that even greatness needs to be examined and put under a microscope. Fact must be separated from myth, truth from hype.

Kitty Kelley has made that separation, showing both sides of Oprah as they have never been shown before. In doing so she has written a psychologically perceptive and meticulously researched book that will surprise and thrill everyone who reads it.

I always anxiously await Ms. Kelley's biographies because I can always depend on them to be meticulously researched and a good read. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It only reinforced my original opinion that Oprah is a narcissistic demigoddess! I used to wonder why she had to be constantly in the spotlight but eventually grew to believe that she has to be, that is the love of her narcissist ego. She has taken it now to a level where she truly believes that her God wants her to be who she is and bring pleasure to the masses.

It is sad that this is the only true love of her life. Power is a need to some people, to Oprah it is a lifeforce.

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Jun 12, Anita rated it liked it Shelves: I don't want Kitty Kelley writing about me. She will find childhood friends that tell how I lost all the birdies out of the badminton set, forgot to touch second on one of the ball games in Lee's front yard, and who knows what exaggerations I make when I tell my stories.

That being said, you have to admire her for taking on Oprah. Of course Oprah tells stories that put herself in the best life; she is driven beyond all reason, and she has stepped on toes.

I understand that.

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What is fascinating a I don't want Kitty Kelley writing about me. What is fascinating about this book is the documentation of her professional life. I kind of realized how much her show has changed: She does make me uncomfortable in her self-appointed "I know how to help you live your best life" and her rampant consumption--money and food. Her power is frightening when documented like this.

This snarky book was fun, and did give me insights about how much she has done and given up to achieve her dreams. I won't spoil the surprises, but there were several that I didn't know.

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Yes, I have always been aware of "my best friend Gail". Kitty has documented everything, so she won't be sued, but I'm sure she will suffer for calling out the emperor's wardrobe. It's always fun to read something dishy once in a while. May 12, Hydee Davis rated it liked it. While I thought this book was an interesting read, I struggled with the fact that most of the people who were interviewed for this unauthorized biography were those who felt they had been slighted by Oprah at some point.

I thought the author made an attempt to be unbiased but, it was evident that she didn't have many 'pro-Oprah' interviewees during her research process. Perhaps the most annoying part of the book was that the author tried to write somewhat chronologically but used examples that we While I thought this book was an interesting read, I struggled with the fact that most of the people who were interviewed for this unauthorized biography were those who felt they had been slighted by Oprah at some point.

Perhaps the most annoying part of the book was that the author tried to write somewhat chronologically but used examples that were out of order to confirm the point she was trying to make. She would later re-introduce the story that she had previously mentioned where it would fit chronologically.

I found the repetition to be unnecessary. This book provided me with enough 'Oprah stories' to last a lifetime.

Unless, of course, Oprah decides to publish her own autobiography. I would be interested to compare notes from the two. Oct 08, Mlleelizabeth rated it it was ok. This is a book. For a full review, please go to: Therefore my reviews will be posted at BookLikes going forward.

Thank you for following my reviews here. I hope to continue discussing books with you on BookLikes. Aug 08, Shan rated it did not like it Shelves: K is for Killing with Kindness This little saying I just now made up based off of the sentence V is for Vendetta, obviously could possibly describe Oprah. It was not, however, accomplished by Kitty Kelley in this book, though it should've been because, umm, her initials are K. I think for her, what would be more fitting is KKK.

Bad joke? Okay, sorry. In my mind it was clever, but maybe it's just distasteful. Lem K is for Killing with Kindness This little saying I just now made up based off of the sentence V is for Vendetta, obviously could possibly describe Oprah.

Lemme 'splain. It seems like Kelley was out to get Oprah for no apparent reason. I think someone has a chip on her shoulder, and it's not Oprah--that would be in her mouth, Kelley would probably say.

Yes, I did find this book to be entertaining just because of how stupid Kelley's arguments were to try to portray Oprah as an awful human being. That is why I categorized it under "humorous" but I'm sure no one noticed that, anyway.

But I didn't end up finishing this book because it was too stupid. Can things be stupid and funny at the same time? Sure, just watch Dumb and Dumber. But I actually finished Dumb and Dumber, and in fact have watched it multiple times. Maybe Kelley should strive to be more like Lloyd Christmas, then she'd have more of a positive presence or presents Anyways, to the point: Examples used in the book to make Oprah look terrible, but that I found to be so stupid that they made me chuckle: Okay, okay.

Maybe she may have told him that she was worried for him in the afterlife because she was raised in a religion that believed homosexual acts were a sin. I'm sure she didn't visit him on his deathbed and say, "You're going to Hell, sucka!! But this is how Kelley seems to portray Oprah's personality. I think the more likely scenario is that Oprah visited her brother, had a long, heartfelt discussion with him and mentioned that maybe he wouldn't make it to the highest degree of glory, or something along those lines.

I can imagine her sitting by his bedside, patting his hand and telling him she loves him and that she's worried for him but that she knows he's a good person. But I don't know Oprah personally. And neither does Kelley.

So which one seems more Oprah-esque to you? What, as if that's not a legitimate question? Well, guess what, it is. I mean, if these women had been married to men for over a few years and all of a sudden they reveal to him that they're attracted to other women, you can see how we straight folks could be confused. And some of us believe our sexual identities are not necessarily nature, but could be nurture, or a combination of nurture and nature. I don't want to have debates over this, but let me just say that Kelley made herself look stupid by trying to make Oprah seem stupid by asking this question.

It was in the '80s and this hadn't really been talked about on day TV and the women and men who watched the show were probably wondering the same thing. When Oprah was still a host on the show before she had her own show, she interviewed women who, I guess, figured out they were lesbians after having been roommates.

To this, Oprah jokes, "Well, I'll never have a roommate then! I use that line by Oprah to show how Oprah has a personality. One that may even be good for TV, no? I should be ashamed that I read this. Not only did I read it, but I stayed up until 4 a.

I should be deeply, deeply ashamed to admit that I read this. But I'm not. Why you ask? Because I'm just that much of a bookworm. I have no shame. I will literally, as this has now been established, read anything. It doesn't even have to be great. A few notable things about the book 1. I swear I wouldn't read this book, because I find it exploitative - using Oprah's name to write a biography t I should be ashamed that I read this. I swear I wouldn't read this book, because I find it exploitative - using Oprah's name to write a biography that she has not asked to be written.

I read it see paragraph on shame above because it was loaned to me. Overall I don't think that Kelley really revealed much that wasn't known - i. Oprah's drug use, love affairs, and adolesence. What Kelley does do is put it more into context: I'm not sure if people would find Oprah so narcissistic is she were a white male instead of a Black womyn. Kelley covers many things that I found less than interesting Oprah had a bad love affair, the Angel Network , and skated over things that I would have found far more interesting Oprah's coverage of Katrina, how often statistically really does Oprah mention herself when doing an interview, does Oprah mentor people, how is it that she has built an LGBT following when she constantly as embedded homophobia in her shows 5.

Kelley mentions the ways in which race impact Oprah's career, but she seems to gloss over the fact that much of the criticism and fascination with Oprah is precisely because of her identity.

Kelley was more balanced that I expected her to be, but she also glaringly endorsed racist perceptions i. Also Kelley constantly seems to assert that Oprah is not an attractive womyn.

I disagree. Look, no she' snot Naomi Campbell but she's not unattractive. Nobody expected this to be classy, and it isn't. It is trashy, gossipy, salacious and scandalous. And for what it is, it is very very good. Kelley delivers the goods and she circumvents biographer etiquette in the most clever way; she uses interviews Oprah has given to magazines and newspapers throughout her career to deliver statements in Oprah's "own words" to back up or contradict the research and interviews Kelley did herself for the book.

Is it believable? Not always. It is entertaining? Ve Nobody expected this to be classy, and it isn't. Very much so. I must admit, I feel slightly dirty for reading this, as if the taint of Kitty Kelley's questionable tactics as an author has rubbed off on me as a reader. But I do feel differently about Oprah now.

I can't help it. It can't all be circumstantial and subjective. The book represents an impressive amount of research at the very least, and it is a fascinating portrait of an important and much-admired figure in American popular culture. But it still isn't classy. So, I've never read a Kitty Kelly tell-all unauthorized biography before. For obvious reasons.

But, I'm always amazed by those who start out with nothing and achieve so much, so I thought it would be interesting to read about the most powerful woman in television. The beginning about Oprah's growing up , was pretty interesting. I couldn't even finish it I skimmed to the end. I never want to know that much about anyone, ever again. Usually I love biography and memoir, but where I feel this was lacking was in making a point.

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Usually people who are telling their own story have a reason to tell it: This book, however, is mostly just a time line, an account of every little pitfall and promotion in the life of Ms.

And, in the end, there really didn't seem to be a purpose in any of it. Anyway, I think I'll skip the other Kitty Kelly books Writer has been very negative with her writing about Oprah. Because of her tone I have decided to put it on my did-not-finish shelf. Perhaps one day I will read the rest of it. Jun 15, Brittany rated it liked it Recommends it for: People who just want to learn a thing or two about Oprah, or at least, the Oprah behind the curtain.

After all the buzz out there, I put my name on the library waiting list and the rest is history. The Plot: This may sound like a weird way to structure the book but it actually makes a lot of sense.

I have barely watched her show over the years, and had basically just heard the whispers about her weight, her relationship with Stedman, her iron clad hush-up contracts, her legal battles in Texas, and so on and so on. I learnt a lot of new stuff about Oprah that I never knew before, but I still feel like this book is a pasted together compendium of those same whispers and dubious claims versus a true look at this American icon. As I was reading the book I could easily pick out the problems people would have with it.

That being said? I imagine that Kelley took the material she was given and that shaped the book more than anything. The main thing this book did, and did quite well, was break down the myth of Oprah enough to allow you to form your own opinions of this woman.

The Bottom Line: The book also made me realize I much, much, much prefer autobiographies. Anything Memorable?: This book kind of made me want to watch an episode of Oprah. Book 34 in May 27, Michelle rated it liked it. A lot of it is either public knowledge or common sense. Even in moments where Kitty brings up negative things, a smart reader can see the other view point.

It was her foundation, ran by all her own money. The biggest theme of the book is that Oprah is a control freak: But again, it makes logical sense if you think it over. Are Oprah followers really thinkers? Are they really the type to read between the lines or form their own opinions? Was Oprah afraid they would read it and turn against her? Who knows, but I think that was the problem. She pulled her own autobiography in the 90s. Maybe its all part of her struggle between her private and public life.

This book made me like Oprah more. I want her to write a career guide book. She got where she is through hard work, smarts, intuition and luck. I did go and download an O Magazine in response to this book. The content itself is not Oprah heavy. It really is smart, deep and fluffly at times. In the end, I think Oprah has many good intentions. She may think less of her audience and I stress the may but she certaintly thinks they can be more.

I have to admire her for that. Jan 23, Annie rated it liked it. Oprah is an American icon. Kitty Kelly has produced an impressive book presenting an enormous amount of information, concerning the queen of daytime TV, Oprah Winfrey, in all her greatness along with all her contradictions. Kelley poured over interviews and video clips to give Oprah a distinct voice.

She also interviewed those who had Oprah is an American icon. She also interviewed those who had interactions with Oprah and those not under her restrictive gag orders. My impression reading this biography was that Kelley certainly presented Oprah in a fair, albeit a different one than perhaps Oprah wanted.

Oprah is a fascinating woman. This book absolutely changed how I viewed her. I now see her as a complex individual, instead of a remote television personality. I listened to this as an audio book. No favorite quotes. May 01, Ellen Puccinelli rated it it was ok. No real surprises here. Kitty Kelley is a pretty decent writer and a pretty thorough researcher.

I doubt it was a real challenge to find a lot of people who were willing to criticize one of the wealthiest and most powerful women in the world, but I found it sad that the most bitter words seemed to come from Oprah's own relatives.

It was also sad to me that it's likely that Oprah isn't the down-to-earth unselfish philanthropist we all like to think she is It's also notable to mention that you can state the exact same fact to support two contrasting theses and have it work equally well in both cases if you know what you're doing. Kelley does - she's had a lot of practice. I would rather NOT have read this bio and been able to think of Oprah as being like the best part of the image she presents.

Overall, I would use the word "depressing" to describe my experience with Kitty Kelley's book. This is the first book I read on my new "Nook" - the electronic book reader I received as an amazingly generous b-day present.

I read most of -Oprah- on the train on my way to and from work. Once, as I was reading, two women clearly huge Oprah fans across from me were discussing this very work and an interview with Ms. Kelley that they had heard on TV. So basically, depending on this woman's aim and strength, I risked my life to read this book.

Bottom line - it was interesting, but not worth getting smacked silly on public transportation for. This book was a guilty pleasure for me. I usually can't be bothered to read celebrity biographies; I like to think that's beneath me. I've never seen a single episode of Oprah's TV program, but I love her magazine and I admire her generosity and her message of empowerment and self-improvement for women.

Nevertheless, I knew she had to have a dark side - everyone does - and I was curious about it. This book gave due attention to the good things that Oprah has done and acknowledges her amazing ris This book was a guilty pleasure for me.

This book gave due attention to the good things that Oprah has done and acknowledges her amazing rise from a difficult childhood, but definitely portrayed her as often hypocritical, cold-hearted, and obsessed with ratings and money.

It also portrayed her as paranoid, out of touch and very much the diva. None of that is really surprising. It would take ruthless ambition and a pretty cold heart to get from where she started to where she is today, and it's not surprising, either, that a billionaire would be a demanding diva.

It was interesting to get a more complete picture of this admired woman. I'll still download her magazine, and I honestly think she means well.

I'm really glad, though, to hear that other people thought The Secret was a terrible choice of books for her to promote. What an idiotic idea: Easy to believe when you're a billionaire!!! Jul 17, Aide Acuna rated it it was amazing. This is a biography on Oprah's life. Although we think we know her from TV you will get to know her even better after reading this book. Kelley did an amazing job on researching Oprah's life and the type of evidence she uses just goes to show her dedication to writing such a real life story of a woman many people don't exactly know.

Oprah is famous for all the talk shows she's had with famous celebrities and people in the world. She always seems to get the biggest secrets out during her show and This is a biography on Oprah's life.

She always seems to get the biggest secrets out during her show and she's even told stories about herself.

Yet when reading this book my mouth dropped when I read about how much money she really has and all the difference she could be making if she wasn't to have all the things she did.

Although she is famous for her large donations to many constructed places in her hometown as well as money to improve and start foundations she has a lot more to give. I was fascinated to find out that she was once a prostitue as a young girl because I've never heard that on TV. I recommend this book to many young adults in CPS. Oprah came from an abusive family and she even had a child in high school yet she managed to become a legend. She will always be famous although if one challenges the negative sides to her maybe one can't see her as the same person as we once thought she was.

Satisfying statement: People aren't who they seem to be. Apr 05, Rebecca rated it liked it Shelves: Ahh, the unauthorized bio from Kitty Kelly! You know you are in for a good time when you pick up her shit. Oddly, I never had before and I don't really know why I picked up this one as I don't really care about Oprah all that much.

Well, whatever! I am always up for learning something new that even if I don't care about, I wonder why a lot of people do. The big topics in this book were weight and race.

I remember all shit that went down with her weight and stuff but maybe because I grew up in LA Ahh, the unauthorized bio from Kitty Kelly! I remember all shit that went down with her weight and stuff but maybe because I grew up in LA and race wasn't a big deal like it was in the South when she grew up. I liked the parts about before she was famous and stuff and then once the book started getting into the business side of things, I was like all confused with the names and times of everything.

Oprah Winfrey: A Biography

The book was very issue based as well, which chapters dedicated entirely to issues her show dealt with which was kind of interesting as a lot of it was in the 80's and 90's and that was before I really cared.

Oprah Winfrey. The Royals Kindle Edition. Kitty Kelley. The Family: Elizabeth Taylor: The Last Star Kindle Edition. Editorial Reviews From Publishers Weekly The tables are turned on Oprah Winfrey, as celebrity biographer Kelley digs deep to uncover the secrets of the talk show host and humanitarian. Kelley weaves her revelations from interviews with those who knew Oprah best--relatives, former lovers, and coworkers.

Kelley's reading is inspired and professional, and her voice brims with remarkable selfassurance, making for a convincing presentation, despite the fact that this is an unauthorized biography. Although Kelly gets a bit breathy at times, she brings things back to the ground with a steady rhythm and energy.

A compulsive if slightly guilty listen. A Random hardcover. All rights reserved. Kitty Kelley couldn't find very many people who like Oprah. Astonishingly, almost everyone she interviewed seems to have a bone to pick with the talk-show host, even Oprah's cousin and father who might not be her father, after all.

Of course, many of those people haven't seen Oprah in a long time; take the insulted woman who threw her a good-bye party when she left her first television job: As in her previous biographies, Kelley follows a predictable pattern.

She gathers lots of information via published articles, on-the-record interviews often with bit players , and anonymous quotes from those who may or may not be well connected. Moreover, even the identified quotes are difficult to track in the massive list of source material in each chapter. She then writes, in rather clunky prose, about her subject, twisting the story to prove her thesis—in this case that, yes, Oprah is a spinmeister and a controlling one at that.

Though Oprah's many achievements and her charitable work are lauded, there's usually a but following each positive statement, as Kelley attempts to show again and again that Winfrey's generosity is often self-serving. Typically, Kelley's biographies feature one juicy story that everyone seems to remember.

Laura Bush sold dope in college. Nancy Reagan and Frank Sinatra had an affair. Unfortunately, Oprah seems sadly to lack that signature take-away anecdote. She had an affair with John Tesh?

She once ate two pecan pies? No staying power there. See all Editorial Reviews. Product details File Size: Crown Archetype; 1 edition April 9, Publication Date: April 13, Sold by: English ASIN: Enabled X-Ray: Not Enabled.

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Customer images. See all customer images. Read reviews that mention kitty kelley kitty kelly oprah winfrey well researched oprah fan talk show vernon winfrey well written many people bottom line frank sinatra sexual abuse african american waste your money save your money nothing new gayle king waste your time real oprah primary source.

Showing of reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified download. This was an interesting book, and I am sure with several truths in it. I think sometimes the way Kitty dismantled Oprah with relish actually hurt the book's credibility.

She does state facts,and even though she praises Oprah from time to time for her accomplishments, Kitty herself still comes across as a catty woman. I don't know what her intentions were, and I am not sure going behind Oprah's back to hear relatives bad mouth her is so ethical, but I do think everyone should read this, not so that we can expose the real Oprah or to humiliate her, but so that we don't run the risk of worshiping people and becoming envious of who we think they are.

Oprah is still an amazing woman, and her last show has been informative, fun, off the beaten path and something to look forward to watching when it was on. Her envy of beautiful white girls is something I think all of us share. Maybe just for a few minutes in our life would we like to experience that lightness and ability to be liked just for how we looked. Most of us also think these beautiful girls aren't bitter or depressed, so yes, I think it is a normal thing, and Kitty should not have pointed it out as being important and central to Oprah's motivation as a person.

Oprah is my age, and disappointingly, I have not accomplished anything I thought I would, and I came from a very decent home, not wealthy, not "Little House on the Prairie" type, but one of values, and fights, and real people who made efforts to be faithful and keep loving.

Oprah's accomplishments could make me feel worthless, but I don't and am quite grateful for what I do have: My complaints about my parents, may they rest in peace, totally disappear, because I see that not everyone had what I had, a mother who really cared and was ready to fight for what she thought was best for us, a father who adored all of us, despite his flaws, and siblings who have a conscience and have never been complacent about their place int he world.

So Kitty's biography put my own life in perspective, and maybe she can do that for you. Mass Market Paperback Verified download. Felt like taking a bath after every page. Kitty Kelley makes anything a person do look like there are ulterior motives. This is an endless scandal sheet with every Oprah detractor's gossip and sour grapes opinion exhaustively documented.

I burned it when I was done. I'd hate to pass along this piece of bad news to anyone else. If you feel compelled as I was to read this to refute somebody else's arguments, download it used so Kitty does not get a penny from this piece of garbage.

Yes Oprah has been in the news a long time. Yes, she is an easy target for detractors, as a public figure. Oprah is still the most successful black woman in the world, role model to millions of women and men everywhere, if you are looking for inspiration and a model of the good work ethic.

Kitty Kelley is just looking for the quick buck, riding on Oprah's coattails. Don't waste your time on this fishwrap. Not worth it. Wish I could give it a minus five rating. It was a quick read. This "tell all" was really no surprise to me. So you want to nitpick on her weight, on her confidential agreements, on her threats to sue if people talk bad about her, on her past-what may or may not be true, etc.

From her being accessible to not. In reality you cannot fault her.

I mean even if she didn't play it off like she was the poorest of the poor in the south-she was still poor. Or are we disagreeing with that? Then she grew up, made a name for herself, and made millions and billions of dollars.

All the while not only being female but a black female regardless of what shade of black. I give credit where credit is due. She has earned every penny and even confidential agreement she has infront of her.

Does she use the cameras at the right time to promote her good deeds? Probably But who doesn't and does that mean she gets marks against her good will?

I'm far from an Oprah fanatic but give her more positives than negatives. As far as Ms.But I do feel differently about Oprah now. Preview — Oprah by Kitty Kelley. On what is arguably the most influential show in television history, she has gotten her guests-often the biggest celebrities in the world-to bare their love lives, explore their painful pasts, admit their transgressions, reveal their pleasures, and explore their demons.

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English Choose a language for shopping. Though many of her books have topped the best sellers list, Kelley's credibility and sources have been called into question multiple times. Be the first to review this item site Best Sellers Rank: I have felt for at least 5 yrs, that Oprah has lost the very people who used to watch her everyday. A Rags To Riches Story: There is a case to be made, and it is certainly made in this book, that Oprah Winfrey is an important, and even great, figure of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.