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This is our Magazines section that we have developed very recently. We encourage and request the editors/proprietors of Odia magazines to make their. Kadambini Media Pvt. Ltd. was founded in July by the eminent educationist & noted social entrepreneur Dr. Achyuta Samanta, the Founder, KIIT group of. It is the first monthly family magazine of Orissa, published by Kadambinee Media Pvt Ltd. It is the monthly internet based online Oriya magazine of Orissa. It promotes odia literature which includes History of Odisha, Scientific views on Hindu epics, Odia Short Stories, Odia.

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Katha is the Online Odia/Oriya Magazine promoting Odia Literature which includes History of Odisha, Scientific views on Hindu epics, Odia Short Stories, Odia. List of Oriya magazines featuring fashion, movies, sports, entertainments, music, education, travel, and events. A monthly magazine for the young Odia readers. Broad contents and eye catching layouts in the magazine are designed to inform and educate.

Happy reading! It graduated to offset printing in The paper found its real mojo in late 80s and early 90s of the last century under the guidance of present Editor Tathagata Satpathy.


Soon, it became the mouthpiece of the subaltern, in sharp contrast to contemporary dailies that lived off political patronage. As the only impartial Odia newspaper of the state, Dharitri could fast endear itself to vast multitudes of youth, and was the first newspaper to launch special pages and features keeping in mind nuanced interests of its subscribers.

Riding on a potpourri of content starting with mint fresh news, infotainment, business features to sports tid-bits, literature and literary critiques, it became number one paper in the capital city, both in terms of numbers and quality of its reportage.

From day one, the paper has strived to enrich Odia language and literature. It has also given space to new political and economic thoughts that have helped the paper to consistently keep a step ahead of competitors.

Spiritual Books

The spirit of Urja is retained in the pages of the publication even today. Dharitri has been carrying on its campaign to ensure that women get their voice heard. Odisha has a largely agrarian economy.

Here, the progress of farmers is tantamount to the progress of the state. Swearing by this maxim, Dharitri devotes a significant chunk of its space to news and features on farming. It carries write-ups, drawings and paintings by children together with their photographs. The supplement, rich with degree information for children, has been a major hit with kids.

The paper has been endeavouring to drive awareness on science and healthcare. It carries features about works of Odia scientists and interesting updates on science and health technology.

It also puts a premium on environment and its protection. Poetry, short story, essay, literary critiques, informational tit bits were its main features.

Kishori Charan Das: “Sarama’s Romance” (Oriya)

Some were using ficticious names also. Bina Started publication in as the only magazine from the Odia-speaking areas lying outside Odisha.

With Madhusudan Deb as its editor, it featured, besides the usual story, poem, essay, biography etc. The magazine aimed to encourage disscusion on the ways to develop Odia literature and broaden its reach and outlook.

Odia Current Affairs -

Kunkuma This magazine was published in and Deba Mahapatra was the editor. The magazine was handwritten and lithographed supplemented with a lot of illustrations.

The most importantly it was published from Bombay, now Mumbai. It had short stories, articles on cinema, jokes, comments, book review etc.

Manoj Das and Nandini Satpathy used to write in this magazine during their student days. Harekrushna Mahatab was its founder-editor.

It filled a large void in the field of Odia magazine publishing at the time and continued to be influential in Odia literary sphere for the next half-century.

It is still in publication.

Books Magazines-5 Index — Chronological.Upendra Bhanja was the pioneer in this form of pictorial poetry. Dharitri has opened a new chapter on the issue of elephant protection in the country and has been diligently carrying regular news and features on this theme.


Many of its young writers were to become famous literary names names later on. Choose your subscription to Our Magazines. Because of this, when a proposal was mooted to replace Oriya with Hindi in the government offices of Sambalpur, then a part of Chhota Nagpur Division of the Central Provinces, from January 1, , there was a rather vocal protest against it.

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The magazine carried several pages of advertisements for financial support. In order to combat this inhibition of the upper-class Oriyas and to bring them to the fold of Western education, reformative activities and programmes were undertaken mainly by the Brahmos and a few other progressive Oriya intellectuals. The Bengali language was used in all these places until the Government schools were established. Jagadish Mohanty introduced existentialism to Odia literature.