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This free e-book has been downloaded from sppn.info: · http://www. sppn.info Download the PDF e-book Autobiography of a Yogi here: Having studied Paramahansa Yogananda's work for many years. The orange cover. of Paramahansa Yogananda, wrote: “The system is ideal for training and harmonizing .. ing this book comes at a propitious time told with delightful wit and.

Paramahansa Yogananda Books Pdf

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Paramahansa Yogananda writing Autobiography of a Yogi, SRF Hermitage, These include not only the final editions of all the books he published during his. books, he has introduced millions of readers to the timeless truths Paramahansa Yogananda founded Self-Realization Fellowship in Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda This free e-book has been downloaded from sppn.info: Mother's Death and the Amulet.

One in a thousand devotees appears to become a liberated man, during his lifetime.

Why worry? And there is only One thing.. But we dont come under that probablity , we are kriyabans. I think problem is not kriya, but our attitude. At night i am practising Kriya but in day i cant stop thinking about girls.

I think generally speaking, we can find god in a few incarnations with Kriya. Even in this lifetime.

Thats not a big deal. It is never jealous.

Love is never boastful or conceited. These glimpses of the past, by some dimensionless link, also afforded me a glimpse of the future.

The helpless humiliations of infancy are not banished from my mind. I was resentfully conscious of not being able to walk or express myself freely. Prayerful surges arose within me as I realized my bodily impotence.

My strong emotional life took silent form as words in many languages. Among the inward confusion of tongues, my ear gradually accustomed itself to the circumambient Bengali syllables of my people. The beguiling scope of an infant's mind!

Psychological ferment and my unresponsive body brought me to many obstinate crying-spells. I recall the general family bewilderment at my distress.

Happier memories, too, crowd in on me: my mother's caresses, and my first attempts at lisping phrase and toddling step.


These early triumphs, usually forgotten quickly, are yet a natural basis of self-confidence. My far-reaching memories are not unique. Many yogis are known to have retained their self-consciousness without interruption by the dramatic transition to and from "life" and "death. But if prophets down the millenniums spake with truth, man is essentially of incorporeal nature.

The persistent core of human egoity is only temporarily allied with sense perception. Although odd, clear memories of infancy are not extremely rare.

Paramhansa Yogananda in PDF Download

During travels in numerous lands, I have listened to early recollections from the lips of veracious men and women. I was born in the last decade of the nineteenth century, and passed my first eight years at Gorakhpur.

This was my birthplace in the United Provinces of northeastern India.

We were eight children: four boys and four girls. I, Mukunda Lal Ghosh , was the second son and the fourth child. Father and Mother were Bengalis, of the kshatriya caste. Both were blessed with saintly nature. Their mutual love, tranquil and dignified, never expressed itself frivolously.

Autobiography Of Yogi Books

A perfect parental harmony was the calm center for the revolving tumult of eight young lives. Father, Bhagabati Charan Ghosh, was kind, grave, at times stern.

Loving him dearly, we children yet observed a certain reverential distance. An outstanding mathematician and logician, he was guided principally by his intellect.Nevertheless, in he received Kriya Yoga initiation in Benares and acknowledged Lahiri Mahasaya as his guru.

Father was a strict disciplinarian to his children in their early years. Then I mentioned another matter. Am I losing my mind?

He engaged me in a lengthy philosophic discourse. She took for granted the notion of electromagnetism and its ethereal substratum, and went the extra step—which was not an unreasonable one, given that the unity of all forces had been proposed by minds far more scientiically inclined than her own—of declaring them to be identical to the operations of gravitation. Bodies oppositely electriied attract each other; simi- larly electriied, repulse each other. No mortal foes these. This was my birthplace in the United Provinces of northeastern India.