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Patient Zero book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. When you have to kill the same terrorist twice in one week there's. Patient Zero is a novel by American writer Jonathan Maberry and the first book in the Joe Ledger series. It was first published on March 3, through St. Patient Zero: A Joe Ledger Novel and millions of other books are available for instant access. Patient Zero: A Joe Ledger Novel Mass Market Paperback – January 28, Monday, Hours: Joe Ledger kills terrorist Javad Mustapha, aka Patient Zero, with two point-blank shots from.

Patient Zero Book

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Editorial Reviews. Review. "I had a fine old time reading PATIENT ZERO. Jonathan Maberry . It's not even the best zombie book titled Patient Zero. Read the. US cover for Patient Zero - first book in the Joe Ledger series. Patient Zero is the first novel in the Joe Ledger series written by American author Jonathan. Patient Zero -. Book 1 in the Series. When you have to kill the same terrorist twice in one week there's either something wrong with your world or something.

Joe is then put into a room with five other candidates to decide who the leader of the new team will be, big and tough looking guys from Marines, Force Recon, and the like. Joe knocks them all into submission within seconds, and takes the title of Captain of Echo Team, with the men he just pummeled as his crew.

She and Mr.

Michaels, where their first zombie outbreak got out of control. We learn this is generation three of the pathogen.

With how terrible things went down, Echo team is called to move out immediately, before they can even start their first bit of training, to hit the newly found site of another cell with potential zombies. Echo Team witnesses horror at the meatpacking plant, scientists pushing walkers towards screaming children, and in a moment of rage, Echo team runs in guns blazing to take down the enemy and save as many kids as they can.

Joe meets the DMS scientists and Dr.

Hu, who explains the science of this disease happening. Suddenly, the zombies being held for study by the DMS get out of the lab and attack the staff.

Patient Zero: A Joe Ledger Novel

Joe, Bunny, and Top respond first on site to put down the threat with minimal losses. Church starts an investigation with team leaders about the incident.

With the knowledge of at least one traitor in the facility and a bitten soldier, Echo team is sent out to hit the second site immediately. At the crab plant, Echo team is on a look-and-see mission only, with Alpha and Bravo on back-up.

Information is the most important thing they need now. But after their successful infiltration, they stumble into what turns out to be a huge ambush.

Upon being debriefed by Mr. Church on this threat, Ledger quickly realizes why he was recruited for the DMS assignment. Just prior to the events that brought him to the DMS, Ledger participated in a Homeland Security mission as part of the Baltimore PD involving a warehouse raid of alleged terrorists. Taking out this team of terrorists, Ledger comes up against a fierce and resilient opponent whom he assumes is drug-addicted.

Ledger puts this extremely aggressive enemy down, only to find out from Mr.

A Joe Ledger Novel

This individual, labeled Patient Zero, reanimated and attacked several members of the hospital staff where he was taken. This hushed-up incident leads to the DMS being called in to contain the situation by razing the entire hospital and its inhabitants.

A terrorist known as El Mujahid is behind the threat. There may be a different agenda involving multi-billion dollar big business in the form of global pharmaceuticals. Any of them could be someone you know.

Well, that is if you know people who work for top secret government agencies that deal with undead on a regular basis. But most importantly, Maberry treats his people with humanity. He acknowledges the fact that violence leaves an emotional mark, no matter how Charlie Bronson you think you might be.

What makes Joe Ledger stand out is the fact that he has to switch from being a caring, loving person to a cold blooded killer with the ability to destroy with the pull of his trigger or the flick of his wrist.

And he does not take that lightly.


It gets to him, even though he knows the people he is killing will kill innocent people if given the chance.He was funding El Mujahid and his wife Amirah to just threaten the USA with this horrible disease so they would make billions developing the cure, but was betrayed when they wanted to actually release the plague to kill the western world. Patient Zero - November 8 Dec 02, Can't totally recommend it because of the pricing, but keep an eye out for it at the used book store or the library.

Patient Zero - November Oct 06, Shannon leaninglights rated it it was amazing Shelves: They're real writers and they know what real writing is. Terrorism is also good business.