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NEET Sample Paper – Medical UG aspirants can boost up their preparation with the help of NEET sample papers. Solving the sample papers of. While preparing for a medical entrance examination like NEET, AIIMS or JIPMER, it’s very important to solve past years papers of the respective medical entrance examination. Previous years papers of NEET also test the candidates preparation level for the upcoming NEET exam. Download section of this website armed you with latest study materials and previous question papers. In this section you can download latest study material .

Pmt Sample Paper Pdf

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Manipal PMT Question Papers Answers Previous Year Old Papers Manipal Pre Medical test (ENAT) Answer Keys Free Download pdf. MPPMT-Paperpdf - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read UPMT Sample Papers 4 Uttarakhand Pmt Physics Solved Paper All Mock Paper is available with Hints and Solution. Just Click below on Download button to download NEET PAPER in pdf for free.

NEET Previous Year Question Paper with Answer Keys

Double hydrogen bonds occur in DNA between: Amino acid binding site of tRNA is: Operon contains: Indian Sugarcane Breeding Research Institute was established: Restriction endonucleases are used as: Bhopal gas tragedy is due to the release of: Asthmatic attacks increase in certain seasons due to: A Inhalation of seasonal pollen grains B Ingesting of seasonal vegetables C Low temperature of the winter season D Low temperature and humidity of the winter season Minamata and itai-itai 'ouchouch' diseases, respectively are caused due the metal pollution of: Jhum cultivation refers to: A Tribal people cultivating jamun trees B Tribal people cultivating medicinal plants C Tribal people of north-east following slash burn agriculture D Tribal people of north-east rearing erisilk worms using castor plant leaves The association of ants and the members of the family Rubiacease is known as: LdsYiy ds: Mksa dks tksMus ds fy, vkf.

Mu esa Mh ifRr;ksa dk mi;ksx dj js'kedhV dk ikyu Which one is not a product of root? In most of the dicot stems, axillary buds develop A Endogenously from plerome B Endogenously from pericycle C Exogenously from outer cortex D Exogenously from epidermis Stem modified for photosynthetic function by appearing like leaves are known as: Adaptive heterophylly is found in: The glumes are modified: Andromonoecious guggal Commiphora wightii plants population are those that: A Produce more male flower bearing plants and a few female flower bearing plants in a population B Produce more female flower bearing plants and a few male flower bearing plants in a population C Produce male flowers bearing plants and female flowers bearing plants in equal number in a population D Produce both male and bisexual flower bearing individual in a population Coleoptile represents: Seed dispersal by parachute type mechanism is found in: Limnophila heterophylla Alysicarpus heterophyllus Eucalyptus Jack fruit tree A T;knk uj iq"i ;qDr ikni rFkk dqN eknk iq"i.

A ewykadqj dk vkoj. Polygonum type of embryo sac is: Nucellar embryo is: In callus culture, roots can be induced by the supply of A Auxin and no cytokinin B Higher amounts of auxin and lower amounts of cytokinin C Higher amounts of cytokinin and lower amounts of auxin D Auxin and cytokinin in equal amounts Cytologically vascular cambium lateral meristem differs from apical meristem by A Presence of vacuoles, storage materials, and thin cell wall, isodiametric cells B Presence of vacuoles, storage materials, and thick cell wall, isodiametric as well as radially elongated cells C Presence of vacuoles, storage materials, and thick radial cell wall, isodiametric as well as radially elongated cells.

D Presence of vacuoles, storage materials, and thin protoplasm, isodiametric cells. Chromosomes consist of: Glucose is: Polygonum dkj ds Hkz.

Free Download - Last 10 Years Papers of NEET and AIPMT

A ,dfctk. A vlaxtfud vxqf. Glucose gS: The most abundant substance of middle lamella is: In active lead cells, the double membrane is absent in: Plane cell wall consists of: Mobile sperms are absent in: The archegonia of funaria is distinguished from that of pinus by the structure of: Agar-agar used to solidify the culture media is obtained from: The young meristematic cells of leaves and stem of gymnosperm has 16 chromosomes, the number of chromosomes in the endosperm of the same gymnosperm shall be A 16 B 32 C 24 D 8 Proportion of young individuals is highest in: Higher plants obtain nitrogen from soil that has: A Primary autotrophic succession B Primary heterotrophic succession C Secondary autotrophic succession D Secondary heterotrophic succession Taiga refers to: A Temperature deciduous forest of northern hemisphere B Temperature semi-deciduous forest of northern hemisphere C Temperature tall grass lands of northern hemisphere D Temperate coniferous forest of northern hemisphere Sal Shorea robusta dominant forest in India is known as: A Iron C Cobalt.

A kFkfed Loiks"kh vuqe. Arbuscular ekbdksjkbtk dod dk vU; ikniksa ds. Hkkjr ds lky 'kksfj;k jkscLVk ckgqy; ou dgykrs gS:. A sedimentary biogeochemical cycle having gas- Green House gases include: Green House xSl gS: If the soil composition is as under, then which of Monera posess A Membrane bound nucleoproteins lying free in the cytyoplasm.

B Gene containing nucleoproteins condensed together in compact masses. C Nucleoproteins in direct contact with the rest of the cell substance.

D Only free nucleic acid aggregates. In Bryophyte's life cycle is characterized: A By sporophyte completing the cycle independently and gametophyte restricted to antheridia and archegonia. B By independent gametophyte and sporophyte C By independent gametophyte and depedent sporophyte D By independent sporophyte and dependent gametophyte Pteridophytes differ from bryophytes in having: The cell organelle that has highest oxidative catabolic enzymes is: Bryophyte dk thou p dh fof'k"Vrk gksrh gS: A chtk.

Pteridophytes, bryophyte ls fHkUu gS: Mammals drink water and also obtain it from: Cretinism is caused by: Tasar silk worm is: Lacteals are associated with: Chordae tendinae are found in: Melanin is secreted by: Calcitonin regulates: Which of the following endocrine organs is involved in fighting emergency situations by their active secretion?

Which of the following statements is correct?

A Tse-Tse fly spreads kala-azar. B Sand fly spreads sleeping sickness. C Trichonympha a symbiotic protozoan is found in the gut of termite.

D Pediculus humanus corporis is an endoparasite. The most dangerous metal pollutant from the automobile exhaust is: Zonary placenta is found in: How many spermatids are formed from a secondary spermatocyte?

Kaziranga Wildlife sanctuary is famous for: In which state of India is Chandraprabha sanctuary situated? Which one of the following is a bio-degradable pollutant? The technique of Amniocentesis is used for the analysis of: In sympathetic nerve terminals neurotransmitters are The basis of Lamarkism is: The eggs of ovoviviparous species are: Mammals first appeared in The innervation of heart is primarily meant for:.

Solenocytes are associated with: A Nutrition. Class 11th. Class 10th. Class 9th. Class 8th.

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Last ten years question papers of PMT for Medical joint entrance?

Case study: Obsessive difficult temperament and its response to serotonergic medication. Google Scholar Gerard, A.

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