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Monday, September 16, 2019

Projects are unique. Projects are temporary in nature and have a definite beginning and end date. Projects are completed when the project goals are achieved. In this tutorial, we will try to discuss the most commonly used project management methodologies. A methodology is a model, which project managers employ for. Tutorials on Project Management Concepts - Learn Project Management Concepts using simple and precise free downloadable tutorials. Prepare for PMI .

Project Management Tutorial Point Pdf

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Introduction to Project Management. OVERVIEW. The purpose of presentation is to provide leaders and team members of projects, committees or task forces. Importance: Project scheduling and understanding/handling risk is crucial to success in Project management is the art of matching a project's goals, tasks, and. Mark Plesko: Project Management Tutorial. 2. Project Management in . A significant decision point, for example, abort the project. – Completion of a project .

Likewise, you can also create a story for agile scrum. Plan Mode in Agile: Plan mode displays all the user stories created for the project.

Software Project

You can use the left-hand side menu to decide the basis on which the issues need to be displayed. While on the right-hand side menu clicking on the issue, you can create subtasks, logwork, etc.

Work Mode in Agile It will display the active sprint information. All the issues or users stories will be displayed into three categories as shown in the screen shot below To do, In Progress and Done to show the progress of the project or issues.

Like here we have set sprint for 1 day and it will run sprint for that specific time period as shown in the screenshot below. If you are working with scrum, and want to prioritize the issue or rank the issue then you just have to simply drag and drop the issue into the backlog. Apart from this there are multiple task that you can do, for instance if you click on the right side corner of the window a list of function will pop up which you can use it as per your need.

A typical burndown chart will look somewhat like this, where the red line indicates the actual task remaining while the blue line indicates ideal task remaining during the scrum cycle. You can also use different chart option to represent the progress of your project.

Like here in the screen shot above, we have selected a pie chart for issue priorities. It will generate a Pie Chart representing the priorities and severity of the issues in percentage for the whole project as shown below.

You can view the pie chart from different perspectives like Assignee, Components, Issue Type, Priority, Resolution, and Status and so on. You can also configure how you want to see the scrum board. Scrum board gives various options through which you can make changes into your board appearance. Various features you can configure using scrum are Columns, Swimlanes, Quick Filters, Card colors and so on.

Here we have selected column management, and selected the options Issue count, and it will show the total number of issue in progress, to do or done.

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In column management, we can add an additional column as per our requirement likewise there are different features that you can configure in board. Filters You can also set filters other than default filters to filter the issues.

The filters that you can use are date, component, priority, resolution and so on.

Kanban board is useful for the team that managing and constraining their work in progress. In this step, the change request is submitted to software configuration manager. Activities during this process: Control ad-hoc change to build stable software development environment. Changes are committed to the repository The request will be checked based on the technical merit, possible side effects and overall impact on other configuration objects.

It manages changes and making configuration items available during the software lifecycle Configuration Status Accounting: Configuration status accounting tracks each release during the SCM process. This stage involves tracking what each version has and the changes that lead to this version.

It ensures that what is built is what is delivered. Activities during this process: Configuration auditing is conducted by auditors by checking that defined processes are being followed and ensuring that the SCM goals are satisfied.

To verify compliance with configuration control standards.

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Ensures that changes made to a baseline comply with the configuration status reports Validation of completeness and consistency Participant of SCM process: Following are the key participants in SCM 1. Configuration Manager Configuration Manager is the head who is Responsible for identifying configuration items.

Developer The developer needs to change the code as per standard development activities or change requests. He is responsible for maintaining configuration of code. The developer should check the changes and resolves conflicts 3.

Auditor The auditor is responsible for SCM audits and reviews. Need to ensure the consistency and completeness of release. Project Manager: Ensure that the product is developed within a certain time frame Monitors the progress of development and recognizes issues in the SCM process Generate reports about the status of the software system Make sure that processes and policies are followed for creating, changing, and testing 5.

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The outcome of the planning phase is the SCM plan which might be stretched or revised during the project.

Software Configuration Management Tools Any Change management software should have the following 3 Key features: Concurrency Management: When two or more tasks are happening at the same time, it is known as concurrent operation.

Concurrency in context to SCM means that the same file being edited by multiple persons at the same time. If concurrency is not managed correctly with SCM tools, then it may create many pressing issues.

Version Control: SCM uses archiving method or saves every change made to file. With the help of archiving or save feature, it is possible to roll back to the previous version in case of issues.Embeds 0 No embeds.

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Inspect everything. The technologyelement moving from LOC mentally to component-based mentally is necessary to reduce theamount of human-generated source code and custom development. It is one of the critical problems in software cost estimation. The success ratio in conventionalsoftware development is