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2 Some of the items included in the SOR issued by the E-in-C, PWD/C.E. National Highway were not based on the Standard Data Book issued by the MORT&H. Item 14 - 26 PWD Schedule of Rates - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File Book of Specification and Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC). Data logging engineer at hydraulic pile driver Tk. 1, per day. PWD Manual has been revised considering the relevant . They are also responsible for the revision of Schedule of Rates and the Data Book.

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kerala pwd data book Date added: GMT Author: Malune ISBN Format: pdf pictures of characters in kids books, kids. EASILY DOWNLOAD TAMILNADU PWD DATA BOOK USING THIS LINK www. sppn.info Download handbook of Civil engineering standard data values. which helps students in knowing standard values and specifications to be.

With the fast emerging urbanization and urban centers, and intensification of activity to launch drinking water and sewerage schemes and with the avowed policy of the Government to provide safe drinking water to all the villages, a separate Public Health and Municipal Works Department was constituted in In the year , the then Government of Tamil Nadu carried out a re-organization of the entire Department particularly to shape administrative structure and to have territorial jurisdiction coinciding with the revenue administration units like the districts, rather than to continue the functional divisions.

The re-organization was implemented by This in course of time, further underwent some changes where special divisions under the control of Superintending Engineers were formed to execute large projects. For a long time till recently both buildings and irrigation activities continued to be under the same Department in Tamil Nadu, unlike in most other States, where the Irrigation Departments are functioning separately with the Buildings and Roads forming a separate unit.

In February , the Public Works Department was formally bifurcated by carving out Water Resources Department to attend exclusively to irrigation works. Public Works Department will continue to attend to construction of public buildings and their maintenance.

The objective of this bifurcation is to enable the Departments gain specialization and expertise to in the respective fields. Presently there are four territorial regions each headed by one Chief Engineer, four specialty functional units i. This apart the Institute of Water Studies headed by a Chief Engineer will help the Department in carrying out water balance studies.

The Irrigation Management Institute at Tiruchirappalli established in for running regular training programmes for the farmers as well as serving Engineers and others, will also be under the administrative control of the Water Resources Department.

The Public Works Department in charge of construction of Public Buildings and their maintenance in the State is headed by one Chief Engineer under whom the Electrical Wing and Architecture Wing will continue to function.

The Public Works Department through its long innings of years has created invaluable capital assets including irrigation infrastructure in the form of dams, reservoirs, tanks canals etc. The monuments and public buildings constructed are priceless. Some of these stand as a lasting testimony to the technical expertise, professional competence, devotion and commitment of the Department. The irrigation infrastructure comprising mainly 75 Dams, Tanks, km length of Canals etc, that has been created helps meet the crop water requirement of nearly 33 lakh hectares of gross irrigated area in the State.

The Water Resources Organization of the Public Works Department has proved to be the lifeline of the farming community by constantly upgrading and maintaining the vast irrigation infrastructure and ensuring the efficient use of water to the last drop. Apart from this, the services rendered by the Department in times of natural calamities like monsoon rains and floods and cyclones are remarkable.

As one of the main objectives of this Department has been to improve irrigation service delivery, this is planned mainly through adoption of participatory irrigation management. A 5th KM stone each Dismantling of CI Water Pipe Line Dismantling of CI water pipe line mm dia including disposal with all lifts and lead upto metres and stacking of serviceable 2.

Unit Rate Removal of Cement Concrete Pipe of Sewer Gutter Removal of cement concrete pipe of sewer gutter mm dia under the supervision of concerned department 2.

Excavation in ordinary rock by Manual Means Excavation in ordinary rock including 3. Excavation for roadwork in soil with hydraulic excavator of0. Excavation for roadway in ordinary rock with hydraulic excavator of 0.

Maharashtra government couldn't fill all potholes before Ganeshotsav: PWD data

Excavation in Hard Rock blasting prohibited Excavation for roadway in hard rock blasting prohibited with rock breakers including breaking rock, loading in tippers and 3. Excavation in Hard Rock controlled blasting with disposal upto metres Excavation for roadway in hard rock with controlled blasting by drilling, blasting and 3. Removal of Unserviceable Soil with Disposal upto metres Removal of unserviceable soil including excavation, loading and disposal upto metres lead but 3.

Scarifying existing bituminous surface to a depth of 50 mm by mechanical means 3. Embankment Construction with Material Obtained from Borrow Pits Construction of embankment with approved material obtained from borrow pits with all lifts and leads, 3.

Unit Rate Construction of Embankment with Material Deposited from Roadway Cutting Construction of embankment with approved materials deposited at site from roadway 3.

Excavated material to be utilised in roadway at site Aggregate Sub- Surface Drains Construction of aggregate sub surface drain mm 3. Excavation in hilly area in ordinary rock not requiring ballasting by mechanical 3.

Construction of embankment with fly ash conforming to table 1 of IRC: Cement Treated Crushed Rock or combination as per clause Unit Rate Making 50 mm x 50 mm Furrows Making 50 mm x 50 mm furrows, 25mm deep, to the center line of the road and at one metre interval in the existing thin bituminous 4.

Earthen Shoulders A. Earthen Shoulders The rate as applicable for sub-grade construction may be adopted. Hard Shoulders Rate as applicable for sub-base and or base may be adopted as per approved design. Paved shoulders The rate may be adopted as applicable for different layers of pavement depending upon approved design of paved shoulders.

Crusher Run Macadam Base Providing crushed stone aggregate, depositing on a prepared surface by hauling vehicles, spreading and mixing with a motor grader, 4.

Providing and applying tack coat with bitumen emulsion using emulsion pressure 5. Dense Graded Bituminous Macadam Providing and laying dense bituminous macadam using crushed aggregates of specified grading, premixed with bituminous binder 4.

Persons with Disabilities

Unit Rate Surface Dressing Providing and laying surface dressing as wearing course in single coat using crushed stone aggregates of specified size on a layer of bituminous binder 5.

Case -1 19 mm nominal chipping size sqm Case - I: Providing, laying and rolling of close-graded premix surfacing material of 20 mm thickness composed of Type A sqm Mastic Asphalt Providing and laying 25 mm thick mastic asphalt wearing course with paving grade bitumen meeting the requirements given in table , prepared by using mastic cooker and laid to required level and slope after cleaning the surface, including providing antiskid surface with bitumen precoated fine-grained hard stone chipping of 5.

Slurry Seal Providing and laying slurry seal consisting of a mixture of fine aggregates, portland cement filler, bituminous emulsion and water on a road surface including 5. Sand Asphalt Base Course Providing, laying and rolling sand-asphalt base course composed of sand, mineral filler and bituminous binder on a prepared sub-grade or sub- 5. Stress Absorbing Membrane SAM crack width less than 6 mm Providing and laying of a stress absorbing membrane over a cracked road surface, with crack width below 6 mm after cleaning with a mechanical broom, using modified binder complying with clause i sqm Stress Absorbing Membrane SAM with crack width 6 mm to 9 mm Providing and laying of a stress absorbing membrane over a cracked road surface, with crack width 6 to 9 mm after cleaning with a mechanical broom, using modified binder complying with clause ii sqm Case - IV: Bitumen Impregnated Geotextile Providing and laying a bitumen impregnated geotextile layer after cleaning the road surface, geotextile conforming to iv sqm Providing, laying and rolling of open - graded premix surfacing of 20 mm thickness composed of Cement Concrete Pavement Construction of un-reinforced, dowel jointed, plain cement concrete pavement over a prepared sub base with 43 grade cement kg per cum, coarse and fine aggregate conforming to IS , maximum size of coarse aggregate not exceeding 25 mm, mixed in a batching and mixing plant as per approved mix design, transported to site, laid with a fixed form or slip form paver, spread, 6.

Rolled Cement Concrete Base Construction of rolled cement concrete base course with coarse and fine aggregate conforming to IS: Cement - Fly ash concrete pavement. Unit Rate 6. Reinforced Earth Retaining Wall Reinforced earth retaining walls have four main components as under: Type 1 1.

Galvanised carbon steel strips metre Copper Strips metre Aluminium Strips metre Stainless steel strips metre Providing and erecting direction and place identification retro-reflectorised sign asper IRC: Unit Rate Direction and Place Identification signs with size more than 0.

Providing and erecting direction and place identification retro- reflectorised sign asper IRC: Painting on Steel Surfaces Providing and applying two coats of ready mix paint of 8.

The finished surface to be level, uniform and free from streaks and holes. Kilo Metre Stone Reinforced cement concrete M15grade kilometre stone of standard 8. Boundary pillar Reinforced cement concrete M15 grade boundary pillars of standard 8.

Unit Rate G. I Barbed wire Fencing 1. Tubular Steel Railing on Medium Weight steel channel ISMC series mm x 50 mm Providing, fixing and erecting 50 mm dia steel pipe railing in 3 rows duly painted on 8. Terminal post to be embedded in M 15 metre Cable Duct Across the Road Providing and laying of a reinforced cement concrete pipe duct, mm dia, across the road new construction , extending from drain to drain in cuts and toe of slope to toe of slope in fills, constructing head walls at both ends, providing a minimum fill of granular material over top and sides of RCC pipe as per 8.

Portable Barricade in Construction Zone Installation of a steel portable barricade with horizontal rail mm wide, 2. Unit Rate With Wooden Components Construction of a permanent type barricade made of wooden components, 1. Providing and fixing guard stones xxmm made of hammer dressed stones and fixed mm into the ground in moorum and broken aggregates 8.

A mm dia metre Removal of all failed material, trimming of completed excavation to provide firm vertical faces, cleaning of surface, painting of tack coat on the sides and base of excavation as Land Slide Clearance in soil Clearance of land slides in soil and ordinary rock by a Providing painting, figuring and numbering as per IRC specifications complete with Each Stones or Boundary Stones.

Span complete with Linear water- Complete with Synthetic Enamal Paint. Edging with 2nd class Bricks, laid dry lengthwise Edging with 2nd class bricks, laid dry lengthwise, including excavation, refilling, consolidation, with a hand I Ordinary soil A Manual Means i upto 3 m depth cum Rate may be taken as per items Brick masonry work in cement mortar 1: Depth of sinking is reckoned from bed level.

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Unit Rate A Sandy soil i Depth below bed level upto 3. B Clayey soil 6m dia.

Well i Depth below bed level upto 3. C Soft rock 6m dia well i Depth of soft rock strata upto 3m metre A Sandy soil i Depth below bed level upto 3.

B Clayey soil 7m dia. Well I Depth below bed level upto 3. C Soft rock 7m dia well i Depth of soft rock strata upto 3m metre B Clayey soil 8m dia. Well i Depth upto 3. C Soft rock 8m dia well i Depth in soft rock strata upto 3m metre B Clayey soil 9m dia. C Soft rock 9m dia well i Depth upto 3m metre B Clayey soil 10m dia. C Soft rock 10m dia well i Depth of soft rock strata upto 3m metre Unit Rate Sinking of 11 m external diameter well other than pneumatic method of sinking through all types of strata namely sandy soil, clayey soil and rock as shown A Sandy soil i Depth from bed level upto 3.

B Clayey soil 11 m dia. Well i Depth from bed level upto 3.

C Soft rock 11m dia well i Depth of soft rock strata upto 3m metre A Sandy soil i I Depth below bed level upto 3. Unit Rate iv Beyond 20m upto 30 m Add 7. B Clayey soil 12 m dia. C Soft rock 12m dia well i Depth of soft rock strata upto 3m metre Pile diameter mm Bored cast-in-situ M35 grade R.

Pile diameter mm Driven cast-in-place vertical M35 grade R.

Driven cast-in-place vertical M35 grade R. Driven precast vertical M35 grade R. Unit Rate Driven precast vertical M35 grade R. Supplying, fitting and placing un-coated HYSD bar reinforcement in foundation Complete as per each Supplying, fitting and fixing in position true to line and level sliding plate bearing with PTFE surface sliding on stainless steel complete including all accessories as tonne Unit Rate Supplying, fitting and fixing in position true to line and level elastomeric bearing conforming to IRC: Supplying, fitting and fixing in position true to line and level POT-PTFE bearing consisting of a metal piston supported by a disc or unreinforced elastomer confined within a metal cylinder, sealing rings, dust seals, PTFE surface sliding against stainless steel mating surface, completre assembly to be of cast tonne Providing and fixing in position bituminous paper bearing for slabs as per Unit Rate q Height 5m to 10m cum Providing and laying Cement concrete wearing coat M grade including C, protruding 1 mm to 4 mm over mastic surface, all complete as per clause Construction of RCC railing of M30 Grade in-situ with 20 mm nominal size aggregate, true to line and grade, tolurence of vertical RCC post not to exceed 1 Providing, fitting and fixing mild steel railing complete as per drawing and Precast - pretensioned Girders Providing, precasting, transportation and placing in Burried Joint Providing and laying a burried expansion joint, expansion gap being 20 mm, covered with 12 mm thick, mm wide galvanised wieldable structural steel plate as per IS: Providing and fixing in position 20 mm thick premoulded joint filler in expansion joint for fixed ends of simply supported spans not exceeding 10 m to cater for a iii horizontal movement upto 20 mm, covered with sealant complete as per metre Providing and filling joint sealing compound as per drawings and technical iv metre Unit Rate Elastomeric Slab Steel Expansion Joint Providing and laying of an elastomeric slab steel expansion joint, catering to right or skew less than 20 deg.

Central Public Works Department

Compression Seal Joint Providing and laying of compression seal joint consisting of steel armoured nosing at two edges of the joint gap suitably anchored to the deck Strip Seal Expansion Joint Providing and laying of a strip seal expansion joint catering to maximum horizontal movement upto 70 mm, complete as per approved Testing of span of bridge for deflection due to live load with platforms for loading Providing and fixing in position structural steel work for the superstructure of bridges including cutting, rivetting, bolting or welding as per the approved design Providing and fixing in position Marble Plates of size 0.

A Boulder laid dry without wire crates. Cement concrete blocks size 0. Providing and laying Pitching on slopes laid over prepared filter media including Toe protection A toe wall for toe protection can either be in dry rubble masonry in case of dry rubble pitching or pitching with stones in wire crates or it can be in PCC M15 nominal mix if cement concrete block have been used for pitching.

Rates for toe wall can The rate for excavation for foundation, dry rubble masonry and PCC M15 have been analysed and given in respective chapters. Providing and laying Flooring complete as per drawing and Technical New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai.

No extra for stacking lead, lift and transportation shall be payable. I pipe wall thickness 2. Rate is excluding the cost of protective cover. Related titles. Rate is excluding the cost of reinforcement and its fabrication, binding, welding, placing and admixture approx doses to ml per bag of cement which is to be fixed upon consultation with design office.

The rates also include provision of coir rope being used for premix carpet and surface dressings for providing supports to edges.