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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Cyber Crime Seminar and PPT with pdf report: Cyber crime can be defined as an illegal activity that is related to a computer and any other network operated device. You often heard about the identity theft and fraud because it is the most common type of cyber crime. Seminar report. On. Cyber Crime. Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of degree. Of Computer Science. SUBMITTED TO: SUBMITTED. Cyber Crime A Seminar Report Submission by: Name: Arindam Sarkar WBUT Roll: Abstract The Computers have unleashed an.

Seminar Report On Cybercrime Pdf

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Download Seminar Report on Cyber sppn.info is the major crime that is taking place in most part of the world. This crime is done by sitting at. Explore Cyber Crime with Free Download of Seminar Report and PPT in PDF and DOC Format. Also Explore the Seminar Topics Paper on. My Seminar Report - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

They merely make functional copies of themselves and do this repeatedly till they eat up all the available space on a They usually affect the data on a computer. The electricity board faced similar problem of data diddling while the department was being computerised. An important feature of this type of offence is that the alteration is so small that it would normally go unnoticed.

Almost brought development of Internet to a complete halt. The cyber criminal through the web cam installed in the computer obtained her nude photographs. The most common form of installing a Trojan is through e-mail. This implies that these programs are created to do something only when a certain event known as a trigger event occurs.

However this case made the police infamous as to their lack of understanding of the nature of cyber crime.

The world's most famous worm was the Internet worm let loose on the Internet by Robert Morris sometime in He further harassed this lady. This is done by gaining access to the login ID and the password. This was perhaps one of the first reported cases related to cyber crime in India. In these kinds of offences the hacker gains access and control over the web site In software field this means an unauthorized programme. The subject of cyber crime may be broadly classified under the following three groups.

Further the site of Bombay crime branch was also web jacked.

He may even mutilate or change the information on the site. Thus web jacking is a process where by control over the site of another is made backed by some consideration for it. This may be done for fulfilling political objectives or for money. In this case the site was hacked and the information pertaining to gold fish was changed.

Transmitting virus.

Pornography basically child pornography. Polluting the youth through indecent exposure. Distribution of pirated software etc.

Intellectual Property crimes v. Indecent exposure vii. Cyber terrorism against the government organization. Online gambling vii.

Trafficking iv. Dissemination of obscene material. Internet time thefts 5. Possession of unauthorized information. Sale of illegal articles vi.

Seminar Report on Cyber Crime

Financial crimes v. Email spoofing viii. Computer vandalism. Harassment via e-mails. Forgery The above mentioned offences may discussed in brief as follows: Downloading through the Internet. Use of computers for producing these obscene materials. The Mumbai police later arrested them.


Cyber stalking involves following a person's movements across the Internet by posting messages sometimes threatening on the bulletin boards frequented by the victim. Two known cases of pornography are the Delhi Bal Bharati case and the Bombay case wherein two Swiss couple used to force the slum children for obscene photographs. This is a very common type of harassment via e-mails. Recently I had received a mail from a lady wherein she complained about the same. It may include the hosting of web site containing these prohibited materials.

Her former boy friend was sending her mails constantly sometimes emotionally blackmailing her and also threatening her.

These obscene matters may cause harm to the mind of the adolescent and tend to deprave or corrupt their mind. It is very similar to harassing through letters. It is an act of imputing any person with intent to lower the person in the estimation of the right-thinking members of society generally or to cause him to be shunned or avoided or to expose him to hatred.

Thus computer vandalism may include within its purview any kind of physical harm done to the computer of any person. Recently spoofed mails were sent on the name of Mr. Vijayashankar naavi. However the mail was traced to be sent from the account of Rajesh Manyar. The alleged e. These acts may take the form of the theft of a computer.

The Indian law has however given a different connotation to the term hacking. Cyber defamation is not different from conventional defamation except the involvement of a virtual medium. It shows it's origin to be different from which actually it originates. Rajesh Manyar. However there is a compelling need to distinguish between both these crimes. The common form of IPR violation may be said to be software piracy. The Hyderabad Court has in a land mark judgement has convicted three people and sentenced them to six months imprisonment and fine of Technology savvy terrorists are using bit encryption.

The common form of these terrorist attacks on the Internet is by distributed denial of service attacks.

Another definition may be attempted to cover within its ambit every act of cyber terrorism. Both are criminal acts. Any unlawful act by which the owner is deprived completely or partially of his rights is an offence.

A cyber crime is generally a domestic issue. The recent example may be cited of — Osama Bin Laden. These forms of trafficking are going unchecked because they are carried on under pseudonyms.

It may be trafficking in drugs. It may assume different forms. Some of the cases of online fraud and cheating that have come to light are those pertaining to credit card crimes.

A racket was busted in Chennai where drugs were being sold under the pseudonym of honey. A terrorist means a person who indulges in wanton killing of persons or in violence or in disruption of services or means of communications essential to the community or in damaging property with the view to — 1 Putting the public or any section of the public in fear.

Every act done in pursuance thereof is an act of cyber terrorism. Most banks are guilt of not doing this.

The call center employees are checked when they go in and out so they can not copy down numbers and therefore they could not have noted these down. It is a case of sourcing engineering. In this case preliminary investigations do not reveal that the criminals had any crime history. Highest security prevails in the call centers in India as they know that they will lose their business. We must still ensure such checks when a person is hired. They must have remembered these numbers. Police has been able to prove the honesty of the call center and has frozen the accounts where the money was transferred.

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There is need for a strict background check of the call center executives. Such cases happen all over the world but when it happens in India it is a serious matter and we can not ignore it.

They got these under the guise of helping the customers out of difficult situations. This will give a lot of ammunition to those lobbying against outsourcing in US. Parliament Attack Case- Some employees gained the confidence of the customer and obtained their PIN numbers to commit fraud. There is need for a national ID and a national data base where a name can be referred to.

Customer education is very important so customers do not get taken for a ride. There was not as much of breach of security but of sourcing engineering. But careful detection proved that it was all forged and made on the laptop.

The accused person submitted 6. The emblems of the three lions were carefully scanned and the seal was also craftily made along with residential address of Jammu and Kashmir. The owner of a plastics firm was arrested and Rs 22 crore cash was recovered from his house by sleuths of the Vigilance Department.

Bureau of Police Research and Development at Hyderabad had handled some of the top cyber cases. Andhra Pradesh Tax Case- Dubious tactics of a prominent businessman from Andhra Pradesh was exposed after officials of the department got hold of computers used by the accused person.

The laptop which was seized from the two terrorists. It later revealed that the accused was running five businesses under the guise of one company and used fake and computerized vouchers to show sales records and save tax.

They sought an explanation from him regarding the unaccounted cash within 10 days. The U.

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The distributors of P2P software claim that file-sharing falls within the private use exception to copyright. The CEO was later released on bail. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds.

No notes for slide. Seminar on Cyber Crime 1. Introduction History of cyber crime Definition Categories of cyber crime Types of cyber crime Cyber criminals Prevention conclusion 3. It has given rise to new opportunities in every field we can think of — be it entertainment, business, sports or education. There are two sides to a coin. Internet also has its own disadvantages. One of the major disadvantages is Cyber crime — illegal activity committed on the internet.

History of Cyber Crime The first recorded cyber crime took place in the year ! In , Joseph-Marie Jacquard, a textile manufacturer in France, produced the loom. This device allowed the repetition of a series of steps in the weaving of special fabrics. This resulted in a fear amongst Jacquard's employees that their traditional employment and livelihood were being threatened. They committed acts of sabotage to discourage Jacquard from further use of the new technology.

This is the first recorded cyber crime! Acts that are punishable by the Information Technology Act. Cyber space is a virtual space that has become as important as real space for business, politics, and communities.

Cyber crimes can be basically divided into 3 major categories: Cyber crimes against persons. Cyber crimes against property. Cyber crimes against government 7. Various kinds of harassment can and do occur in cyberspace, or through the use of cyberspace. Harassment can be sexual, racial, religious, or other. The growth of internet has shown that the medium of Cyberspace is being used by individuals and groups to threaten the international governments as also to terrorize the citizens of a country.

Types Of Cyber Crime Modification of a conventional crime by using computers. Frequently Used Cyber Crimes. Modification of a conventional crime by using computers.

Cyber Criminals Kids age group etc. Organized hacktivists Disgruntled employees Professional hackers corporate espionage Disable and log off a group of user accounts which access a particular service that is being attacked.

Disable and dismount specific network devices, for instance disk devices that are being swamped. Disable specific applications, for example, an e-mail system subjected to a SPAM attack. Close down an entire system, and divert processing to an alternative or backup service on a secondary network.Cyber crimes can be done in four ways like against anyone, or against property or organization or society.

There is need for a national ID and a national data base where a name can be referred to. Haralambos, Holborn and Heald , P. This implies that these programs are created to do something only when a certain event known as a trigger event occurs. Enmanuel Martinez. Dhruv Jain.