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Set Sail! 1 Pupils Book [Elizabeth Gray, Virginia Evans] on sppn.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Russian Book. Publisher: Express Publishing. Set Sail!: Pupil's Book Level 1 [Elizabeth Gray, Virginia Evans] on sppn.info * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Educational: English language & literacy. Set Sail 1 AB - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Set sail 1 activity book 6pages.

Set Sail 1 Pupils Book

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Set Sail - 1 - Teachers Book - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Two captivating characters, Larry and Lulu, along with their pet, Chuckles the chimp, take young learners to a world of fun and adventure! Set Sail! 1 promotes . Sail Away! has been designed for pupils learning English at primary level. In this series, we are reunited with the characters introduced in the Set Sail! series.

Her best friend is Missy. What else has Amy-Leigh Hickman been in? She has had a rough start in life, having to look after her own mum who struggles with addiction and her tumultuous love life. Missy is not academic and struggles at school, but she is talented at drama. What else has Poppy Lee Friar been in? The mother of Nas, and also the school dinner lady.

She arrived in England at the age of 16 and is now a prominent voice in the community, raising her family practically single-handedly. In series two we discovered that her husband Iqbal, who supposedly worked abroad, was actually two-timing her and had another whole family. What else has Sunetra Sarker been in?

The actress starred in Casualty, playing the role of Zoe Hanna for more than a decade. Sunetra Sarker competed in Strictly Come Dancing in What else has Robert James-Collier been in? Megan Parkinson plays Sam Who is Sam? Sam Murgatroyd arrived halfway through series two. She is a pupil at Ackley Bridge, and is out and proud as a lesbian. What else has Megan Parkinson been in? This had ended in tragedy when the family had wandered into the woods and encountered the Hidebehind. Unfamiliar with the creature and taking it for a common or garden Boggart, Mr Boot had attempted to ridicule it, with the awful consequences that Isolt and William had witnessed.

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The boys were so seriously ill for the first couple of weeks that Isolt did not dare leave them. To her surprise, when she arrived in the clearing she found a young man by the name of James Steward. He, too, was from the Plymouth settlement.

Having missed the family he had befriended on his journey to America, he had gone into the forest to search for them. As Isolt watched, James finished marking the graves he had dug by hand, then picked up the two broken wands that had lain beside the Boot parents.

As invariably happens when a No-Maj waves a wand, it rebelled. James was sent flying backwards across the clearing, hit a tree and was knocked out cold. He woke in a small shelter of branches and animal skins to find himself being nursed by Isolt. Isolt intended to Obliviate James once he was over his concussion and to send him back to the colony at Plymouth. In the meantime, it was wonderful to have another adult to talk to, especially an adult who was already fond of the Boot boys and helped entertain them while they recovered from their magical injuries.

James even helped Isolt construct a stone house on the top of Greylock, providing a workable design, having been a stonemason in England, which Isolt made a reality in the space of an afternoon.

Every day, Isolt vowed to Obliviate James, and every day, his fear of magic wore off a little more, until finally it seemed simplest to admit that they were in love, marry and have done with it.

Four Houses Isolt and James considered the Boot boys their adopted sons. Isolt told them the second-hand stories of Hogwarts she had learned from Gormlaith. Both boys yearned to attend the school, frequently asking why they could not all return to Ireland where they could wait for their letters.

Isolt did not want to frighten the boys with the story of Gormlaith. For Chadwick, an intelligent but often temperamental boy, it was the Thunderbird that can create storms as it flies. For argumentative but fiercely loyal Webster, it was the Wampus, a magical panther-like creature that was fast, strong and almost impossible to kill. For Isolt, it was, of course, the Horned Serpent that she still visited and with which she felt a strange sense of kinship.

When asked what his favourite creature was, James was at a loss. The only No-Maj in the family was unable to consort with the magical creatures the others had begun to know well. Finally, he named the Pukwudgie, because the stories his wife told of curmudgeonly William always made him laugh. Thus were the four houses of Ilvermorny created, and while the four originators did not yet know it, much of their own characters leaked into the houses they had so light-heartedly named.

As far as she knew, the wand she had stolen from Gormlaith was the only one in America. On the eve of his birthday, she had a dream that she went down to the creek to find the Horned Serpent, which rose up out of the water and bowed its head to her while she shaved a long shard from its horn.

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Waking in the darkness, she proceeded down to the creek. The Horned Serpent was waiting there for her. It raised its head exactly as it had done in her dream, she took part of its horn, thanked it, then returned to the house and woke James, whose skill with stone and wood had already beautified the family cottage.

When Chadwick woke next day, it was to find a finely carved wand of prickly ash enclosing the horn of the serpent. Isolt and James had succeeded in creating a wand of exceptional power.

Two more magical boys from the Wampanoag tribe had been joined by a mother and two daughters from the Narragansett, all interested in learning the techniques of wandwork in exchange for sharing their own magical learning. Some protective instinct told Isolt to save the Horned Serpent cores only for her two adoptive sons and she and James learned to use a variety of other cores, including Wampus hair, Snallygaster heartstring and Jackalope antlers.

The house expanded with every passing year. News had reached the old country that a new magical school had been set up in Massachusetts. Gormlaith had downloadd a wand at the despised Ollivanders to replace the precious family wand that had been handed down through generations before Isolt stole it.

Determined that her niece would not know of her coming until it was too late, she unknowingly imitated Isolt by disguising herself as a man to make the crossing to America on the ship Bonaventure. Next, she uttered a single sibilant word in Parseltongue, the language of snakes. The wand that had served Isolt so faithfully for many years quivered once on the bedstand beside her as she slept, and became inactive. What Gormlaith did not know, was that there were two other occupants of the house whom she had not put to sleep, for she had never heard of sixteen-year-old Chadwick and fourteen-year-old Webster.

The other thing she did not know, was what lay at the hearts of their wands: the horn of the river serpent. These wands did not become inactive when Gormlaith spoke her word of Parseltongue. On the contrary, their magical cores vibrated to the sound of the ancient language and, sensing danger to their masters, began to emit a low musical note, exactly as the Horned Serpent sounds danger.

Both Boot boys woke and leapt out of bed.

Chadwick looked instinctively through the window. Creeping through the trees towards the house was the silhouette of Gormlaith Gaunt. Like all children, Chadwick had heard and understood more than his adoptive parents had ever imagined.

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They might have thought that they had shielded him from any knowledge of the murderous Gormlaith, but they were wrong. Now he saw his nightmare made true. Telling Webster to warn their parents, Chadwick sprinted downstairs and did the only thing that seemed to make sense to him: he ran out of the house to meet Gormlaith and prevent her entering the place where his family slept.

Gormlaith was not expecting to meet a teenage wizard and she underestimated him at first. Chadwick parried her curse expertly and they began to duel.

Within a few minutes Gormlaith, though far more powerful than Chadwick, was forced to concede that the talented boy had been well taught. Even as she sent curses at his head in an attempt to subdue him, and drove him back towards the house, she questioned him about his parentage for, she said, she would be loathe to kill a pure-blood of his talent.

Webster therefore hurtled downstairs and joined the duel now raging just outside the house.

Now the duel reached extraordinary proportions, Gormlaith still laughing and promising them mercy if they could prove their pure-blood credentials, Chadwick and Webster determined to stop her reaching their family.

The brothers were driven back inside Ilvermorny: walls cracked and windows shattered, but still Isolt and James slept, until the baby girls lying upstairs woke and screamed in fear. It was this that pierced the enchantment lying over Isolt and James.

Rage and magic could not wake them, but the terrified screams of their daughters broke the curse Gormlaith had laid upon them, which, like Gormlaith herself, took no account of the power of love. Only when she raised it to attack her hated aunt did she realise that for all the good it would do her, the sleeping wand might as well have been a stick she had found on the ground.

Gloating, Gormlaith drove Isolt, Chadwick and Webster backwards up the stairs, towards the place where she could hear her great-nieces crying. Finally she managed to blast open the doors to their bedroom, where James stood ready to die in front of the cribs of his daughters.

Sure that all was lost, Isolt cried out, hardly knowing what she said, for her murdered father. A great clatter sounded and the moonlight was blocked from the room as William the Pukwudgie appeared on the windowsill. Before Gormlaith knew what had happened, a poisoned arrow tip had pierced her through the heart. She let out an unearthly scream that was heard for miles around.

The Ollivander wand fell to the ground and burst: all that was left of Gormlaith Gaunt was a pile of smoking dust, a broken stick and a charred dragon heartstring.

In exchange for their gratitude he merely barked that he noticed Isolt had not bothered to say his name for a decade, and that he was offended that she only called him when in fear of her imminent death. Isolt was too tactful to point out that she had been calling on a different William. Isolt could not speak the language, but, in any case, she no longer wanted to touch the wand that was the last relic of her unhappy childhood. She and James buried it outside the grounds.

Within a year an unknown species of snakewood tree had grown out of the earth on the spot where the wand was buried. It resisted all attempts to prune or kill it, but after several years the leaves were found to contain powerful medicinal properties.

The very best of him seemed to have migrated to America. The granite house expanded to a castle. More teachers were recruited to meet the growing demand.

Now witch and wizard children from all over North America were being sent to learn there and it became a boarding school. By the nineteenth century, Ilvermorny had gained the international reputation it enjoys today. For many years, Isolt and James remained joint Headmaster and Headmistress, as beloved to many generations of students as members of their own families.

Webster Boot became what would now be known as an Auror for hire. While repatriating a particularly nasty Dark wizard to London, Webster met and fell in love with a young Scottish witch who was working at the Ministry of Magic.Gormlaith set herself to be the model she thought Isolt needed by forcing the child to watch, as she cursed and jinxed any Muggle or animal that strayed too near their cottage. If the Wampus wants the student, it roars. Ubungen zu neuem Lernstoff nehmen immer wieder bereits Gelerntes auf und festigen damit den gesamten Lernstoff - und das alles wie immer mit viel Spa?

The two creatures had met in the forest and the Hidebehind, which was of unusual size and strength, had not only succeeded in capturing the Pukwudgie, which was young and inexperienced, but had also been on the point of disembowelling him when Isolt cast the curse that made it flee.

Marble statues of Isolt and James flank the front doors of Ilvermorny Castle. Planet Plus. Christians must create places where the air is breathable, or simply where the Christian life is possible. A great clatter sounded and the moonlight was blocked from the room as William the Pukwudgie appeared on the windowsill. What else has Sunetra Sarker been in? You are all in your 20s, maybe early 30s.