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Common KnowledgeSeriesShadowrun Novels Shadowrun Beyond the Pale (The Dragon Heart Saga - Book Three) by Jak Koke — not in English. Catalyst Game Labs is releasing brand new fiction, while also starting to make available all previously published novels in epub format: Legends. Shadowrun - Novel > , K. Shadowrun - Novel > , M. Shadowrun - Novel > , M.

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Vignell's name showed up in two separate missing person's cases in the last year. Danielle Alcene-Davies, the wife of a VP at Saeder-Krupp dropped off the face of the earth about six months ago, and Kyra Shon, supervising director of marketing for the Seattle News-Intelligencer, vanished about four months back.

Both are still missing. Nothing more than that? She paused briefly at a nearby table and tried to interest two burly customers in some soykaf. They declined, attempting to took as inconspicuous as possible. Cross grinned. If you've got a command post, you've got a pair of shadows. Word came down from Detroit following the After Hours fiasco.

Our ballistic boys and Lone Star's both confirmed it. The sniper's target was a guy named James Yoshima, an exec at the Natural Vat corporation. Eric just happened to be walking out of the club at the same time. Figures, though. He had, what, two years before he got out? They tagged the triggers. Lone Star took them down hard; I saw the bags myself. Pair of punks. For their sake, I hope there's a hell. Something smells, though.

The boys can't finger it yet, but. Cross nodded and waited until the waitress had moved on and the muscle had gone back to staring at her. Martin sighed. I trust your judgement, always have. I don't like being asked to yank data from the company that pays my bills, especially since you are one level above persona non grata in certain circles.

And I appreciate it. Before I tell you what I turned up, you got to promise me something. The second you asked me to run the data, it had everything to do with Errant. That and the fact that a certain ranking lady of our mutual acquaintance is in Vignell's mystery group is reason enough- I'm in the security chain, Brandon.

It's my job to be paranoid. If it becomes relevant, I'll bring you in. I ran the names you gave me. No connection indicated. Poor Kristen. Was Worthly her real name? You expected something to be there and there wasn't.

There'd been a thin fog hanging over Seattle when he'd left Martin at the bar and decided to wander. He finally stopped and bussed for home when he'd walked so much his legs began to throb. Adaptation to Seattle's hills wasn't something that came with one lifetime. There were two messages waiting: one was text-only, with an attached file.

The text-only was tagged as coming from Barbara Tyier. He accessed that one first. Cross: Per your request, here are the two photos. One of the servants scanned them for transfer, so I hope they are acceptable.

Both are in the same file attached to this letter. The first is the most recent photo I have of my daughter. It is about one year old. I hope it's what you need. I should point out that her hair is probably blond now, not the brunette in the picture. The second is the Marriane Hills graduating class photo. I still don't know why this is significant, but since you insisted. Please contact me with any results you have obtained thus far.

Ellen TyIer-Rand was an attractive woman, but in the picture showed none of me attitude her mother displayed. He guessed that the image had been grabbed at some outdoor social event.

The young woman had a round face and full lips, but smaller eyes than Hollywood would have demanded of her. She was laughing, her face a quarter-turn from fullon and one hand was holding a white-trimmed hat onto her head.

As the letter suggested, she was brunette. Cross selected a sample of the tones from her hair and instructed the system to adjust them to a typical blond. As it did, he called up the second image. Tyier's servant, whoever he was, had done a good job converting the image. The copy was nearly as crisp as the original.

Activating the magnifying tool, he began to inspect the faces of the girls in the photo. But because it was only a copy, the detail disintegrated quickly under his scrutiny. He selected a few faces and set the system to enhancing the detail. He guessed it would take hours. Ellen TyIer-Rand's image was done and he routed it out to the printer at a convenient size for carrying.

That done, he routed the second message to the flat's trideo projection system. Having read the sender note on the message, he dreaded watching it. Because sound is only half the picture. The send-point was, as he'd expected, Matchsticks. The red channel on the image itself was off a few pixels, further confirming the point of origin.

The sender was turning back toward the camera as the image resolved itself. She blinked once, looked him right in the eyes and spoke.

Anyway, I'm going to have my say, whether you listen or not. Go ahead, turn me off if you want. I'm going to blather on either way. Her left hand toyed absently with the zipper, playing with it near her collar. She still rapped at light-speed but there was a stillness in her body that was wrong. He almost hit the Stop button. You think we all haven't punched a few walls over what happened? You and me, we've got about the same amount of flesh left.

You think it doesn't hurt me, too? Right then it didn't matter that her eyes weren't real. I wouldn't be hanging anywhere near you if you didn't feel something. It was your call on the scene, Brandon. Deaver passed it to you and we all slotted off. Brandon was in the car, it was his action to call, he said. There was no way we were going to pull Steubans out. Your call. Deaver and me, we assumed you saw on out-slot for yourself, so we hung. Maybe running was getting to her.


You saw it, we all did. Deaver thinks she might have gone back to BTLs in the last year. She was a chiphead. Did you know that? Rich parents, bad home, she even went to one of those California prep schools. Can you believe it? She wouldn't tell me much more, but I wrestled that much out other. Spirits, what a waste. Worthly, he thought. Her real name was Worthly and no one knew. Not even Janey.

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Her decision. Her call. Her job. Her life. Drek, we don't even know for sure that she was going in after you, chummer. She may have been tighter with Gait Steubens than she'd said- Kristen had set the run up after all, remember? She looked up. You, you're going out with a pitiful wimper.

I've hooked up with some new people. Call me if you ever decide to live again. A few hours later he placed some calls, and the next mom- ing it came together.

His friends were quiet while he explained what had been going on and what he had learned. Together, they went to work.

Two days later they'd learned enough of Candace VigneH's schedule that Cross was confident enough to make a moveThe seven women were rarely together, but when they were, they chose times when the personal and security traffic through VigneH's building was too dense for anyone to try anything against them. Cross picked a time when at least four of them would be together and when there would be the least interference, until he wanted it.

His friends insisted on backing him, and he told them no again. This time, any deaths would not be on his head. The Omnipark Condoplex boasted a large, sixty-meter-tall atrium whose concept and execution were most interesting. Among the multistory hanging banners and scalloped terraces, a fiock of gull-shaped gliders coasted the natural thermals the space produced.

Assisted by a featherweight computer, the gulls banked and dove high above, oblivious to the events below them. When the four women came off the elevator, he was there waiting for them.

The group paused a moment, then approached to within a few steps from him. He knew two of them from photos and one of them personally. Candace Vignell smiled. I'd been wondering when you'd finally get around to dropping by. I didn't think you'd know me that well, considering you are only, what, eight months old? Your clues? Vignell glanced back at her.

Cross would like that. Much more public here. Besides, Rachel, you've told me just how efficient Knight Errant Security is.

I don't think they would allow anyone to get hurt in one of their buildings. Do you? His right arm flashed into motion as he quickly drew his Predator and pointed its thick barrel at the ground.

The women moved instantly, and near blindingly, surrounding him within a few heartbeats. He kept his eyes on Vignell, who had ceased smiling"That was a very foolish action, Mr.

You've undoubtedly alerted security. New company policy. While I was upstairs with the group, I left them down here. More than likely they've seen what's happening.

Morelle is their number one priority, but I'm not threatening her. She's also an officer, so they've probably called in for orders. You couch an irrational action in the most logical of terms, thinking it will somehow justify the action. It stilt makes little sense. They've undoubtedly moved into position, armed with weapons from the building's armory and right now have BraMr. Crosslined up in their sights. Then it will be a race between his arm and the sniper's bullet.

Cross, this makes less and less sense. Perhaps you are suicidal. Do you really think that murdering me will make a difference? You are a thing, an insect spirit inhabiting a body that was once alive. People are murdered. Bugs are killed.

Shadowrun - Novel - 00 - Into the Shadows

How is that? Our hosts welcome us, willingly. How do you think we are able to maintain these forms and not become deformed? I believe you have seen some of the half-forms the others produce? I can't imagine you wanting to be in anything but my true form. Cross," she told him. While in this world we honor their forms.

Your race and ours. We Mantids, using your word, are not your enemy. Cross, I've told you that those of your kind willingly share their bodies with us. They do so because we reveal to them our greater vision for this planet. We are in a unique position to understand the forces that shape this world. Cross, your past experiences have clouded your judgement. We are not of the Brotherhood. Bugs, if you will. Now there's a world view I could throw my heart into. The comparisons are equally irrelevant.

We are among the eldest of beings, Mr. Those who welcome us share in that greatness. Together we become an even greater being. Nothing is lost and everything is gained," Vignell replied"They why hasn't Morelle drawn her gun? She obviously has the drop on me. Why is Captain Morelle hosing up? You four have also been paying so much attention to me that you haven't noticed what else has been going on.

That's enough to set off most of the local26 Tom Dowd level alarm bells. Have you seen any Knight Errant guards around here, anywhere? Probably Ellen TyIer-Rand.

Vignell looked toward her. Been there most of the time. I didn't think it was a problem. We are sufficiently masked. Why do this?

You've destroyed two of my friends. How confused you are. Kristen killed herself trying to rescue you. Is that the mark of the callous, inhuman creatures you paint us to be? I don't know, and I don't care, what its motives were.

I also believe there are some other spirits nearby. Elementals, by their scent. Vignell turned back toward him. Her face taut, she began to speak, but Cross cut her off. The mages will witness my proof. It may even be impossible. I and some friends of mine discovered the only sure way.

Danforth The fat man rocked from foot to foot, and Wili Grey felt a perceptible sway in the elevator's slow upward motion.

I never wanted to do this, Wili. I keep telling you that, but you won't listen to me. You never listen. Porky- You're the one not listening. I keep telling you that you'll do fine. He avoided looking at the hugely fat man beside him, put off less by his inhuman bulk than the short, spiked mohawk and the rivers of sweat the man produced even when standing still.

The fat man continued whimpering. Graverobbing is Meg's thing. I don't even wanna do it, 'cause it's creepy. Taking a dead man's computer time off his own terminal.

Don't you think it's creepy? We have a use for it. He adjusted the satchel of rollers and brushes, and kicked at the knee-high stack of paint-spattered dropcloths. You jack in, adjust the accounts, and you're done.

You have to. She boosted us the work order to paint Yoshimura's office, and headed off south at midnight. It's up to you and me, and I'm no decker at all. You rode sidecar on her last run, so you know the way. I run in the Matrix, sure, but not like this' The real deckers, they'll eat me alive'" Wili turned to Pryne, a mischievous grin stretching his lips.

It's not nice. You know it's not my fault!

It's glands, and I'm saving to have it all fixed. I don't need razors and chrome, just a little tinkering.

It's not nice to pick on me when it's not my fault. He gave up and settled for another shrug. Porky Pryne's bulk went far beyond what anyone else called "fat. His belly overhung not just his belt, but thoroughly hid his thighs, and had recently made forays into the territory of his knees. His upper arms swelled to the breadth of a young boy's back, tapering down to what, in proportion, seemed to be tiny infant's hands with wriggling whiteworm fingers.

To make matters worse, the man stood nearly two meters tall. Wili closed his eyes, gazing inward to the spin of his spiritwheel.

It confirmed that Porky Pryne was the proper choice for this job. The earth reds and sunset golds of the medicine wheel swirled, an animated sandpamting, a magician's mandala.

In the center of it, a porcupine quilled with fiberwire and datalines jacked into the Matrix on Meg Motley's hot deck, with the walls of Natural Vat spinning around him like a cogwheel. Wiii Grey wondered again if Old Man Coyote might be playing another elaborate prank by urging this run upon him. Wili smiled, his gold canine tooth flashing. Danforth nervous dampness of the man's shirt. I keep saying that. You did come along, and you know why.

This is the perfect revenge on St. He picked at the paint peeling from the steel wall beside him, sliding his fingernail into a ragged scratch. He pulled off a thick flake banded with a decade's worth of institutional gray overlaying sewage-scum brown, chemical-dump yellow, and a thin, probably briefly used strip, of pill-powder white.

He tossed the flake to the dirty floor and sniffed at his fingers. It's a way at St. She defended the people everyone else considers ciphers, nulls. Bart and his gillettes to fire the street, and when it was over, the Weaver was gone, and Molly and Magda, and old Mrs.

Roberts, and the Eng twins. Yoshimura's terminal slides us past NatVat's ice. Then Aztech thinks we're coming in like little cousins. You screw around with St. Bart's payoff records, and his own razorboys will pull the bastard apart for holding out on them.

Wili's eyes shuttered down like a blown terminal. Bart, and Nullstreeters throughout the city's backside will be better for it. That's a bet. With a scream like ripping steel, the doors split open onto the back entrance to Natural Vat's executive floor. In small cubicles and dimly lit offices, the look was much the same. Men with narrow shoulders and women with narrow waists worked the corporate net, letting their fingers fly without apparent attention across smudged keyboards. They stared intently into flat vidscreens, and mumbled halfconversations into the wiremikes every one of them wore.

Gray-green terminal tights reflected in the whites of their eyes, giving them all an unholy, orkish glare. Only one man, a dark-haired exec, glanced directly at Wili as they stopped in front of Yoshimura's office.

The secman unkeyed the door, pushing it open slightly. Now listen, you two. Your visitors' passes" he flicked Wili's with a well-chewed fingernail"wilt get you around the building.

But don't wander. We got a hungry Barghest what patrols at night, and it wouldn't mind gettin' a bellyful o' fatboy, here. He flipped his chin back the way they'd come. The fat man supported his bulk against a wall, breathing stertorously. He swayed from side to side, shifting his weight as if neither leg would support him for very long. Sweat ran down from one temple, a rivulet gathering speed before plunging wildly into the crevasse that looped under the man's jowls.

The collar of his khaki jumpsuit was black with moisture. Wili grabbed the fat man's arm and tugged until he moved, unprotesting, through the door.

He smiled, businesslike, at the dark-haired suit still watching intently from across the way, and shut the door firmly against the watcher's scrutiny.

Catalyst did /something/ wonderful. :) [Shadowrun/Battletech Legends]

He turned to Porky again. Sit down a minute, take a deep breath, and I'll take care of setting things up here. Dfmfonh the folds of his jowls and looted at the office chair, too small by far. He lifted one ham onto the edge of the chromesteel desk and concentrated on breathing evenly. Wili jammed his hands onto his hips, studying the room. The dead man had more taste and grace, it seemed, than his erstwhile colleagues outside, but only enough yen to pay for the occasional touch of high-style.

A JBL-Takashi vidscreen filled the north wall, and behind the desk, banks of software docs loaded down shelves as heavily as Porky weighed down the desk. Cool lights, faintly greenish, sparkled on the crystal and chrome mobile that hung just above Porky's head.

Etched with NatVat's corporate logo, it gave evidence that Yoshimura had been a good and proper sarariman in his time. It suited Grey's purpose perfectly.

Wili Grey leaped lightly onto the desk, dropcloth in hand. Having securely fastened one end, Wili unrolled the other half of the dropcloth in a broad fan, obscuring half the room behind the desk.

Dropping softly back to the floor, he fluffed out the cloth like some dragon-lady's train. So the Winterhawk you see in these stories is a version of the one in the official Canon, but not the same guy.

Just wanted to clear that up in case anybody's confused. There's a new player on the Seattle scene. Where did he come from, and what's he after? Winterhawk, Ocelot, and the rest of the team had better find out soon if they don't want to become collateral damage in a long-running feud between two powerful adversaries. Part Two It's been six months since the team aided Gabriel and Kestrel in preventing an ancient evil from making an appearance in the Sixth World.

They all thought it was over. But then, Gabriel starts having vivid nightmares, and the others aren't far behind. As the team is plunged slowly into insanity, Gabriel is forced to make a decision that might end up costing him far more than his life Part Three Kestrel, Ocelot, and Gabriel struggle to deal with a shocking discovery that will have far-reaching implications for all three of them.

Part Four Ever since he was a small child growing up in the Connecticut 'burbs, seventeen-year-old Sean Hunter has known there was something different about him. After a tragic event turns his comfortable life upside down, he uncovers a terrible secret and sets off to find out the truth about his life. What he doesn't know is that the knowledge could mean his death, and sometimes stirring up the past can get you far more than you bargained for Part Five You can find the original Magespace website in its entirety here.You, you're going out with a pitiful wimper.

Sign in for more lists. Cross," he said, taking the scanner back. Now, after many years of work by Topps Company, Inc. None of the keyword or image searches I ran turned up more than a few references to the standard charitable donations don't worry, no Brotherhood. A good rule of thumb is that series have a conventional name and are intentional creations , on the part of the author or publisher.

While in this world we honor their forms.