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So you want to be a wizard by Diane Duane; 7 editions; First Borrow · DAISY for print-disabled Download ebook for print-disabled (DAISY). Editorial Reviews. sppn.info Review. Ages 10 & up. In the spirit of Madeleine L'Engle's So You Want to Be a Wizard (Young Wizards Series Book 1) by [. The first volume of Diane Duane's classic Young Wizards series, in its revised and expanded New Millennium Edition.

So You Want To Be A Wizard Ebook

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The New Millennium Edition of the first Young Wizards novel, So You Want to Be a Wizard, is now available in ebook format from the online Ebooks Direct store. Listen to "So You Want to Be a Wizard" by Diane Duane available from Rakuten Kobo. Narrated by Christina Moore by Diane Duane. Also available as: eBook . This month's OSW Readalong pick is So You Want to Be A Wizard by Diane Duane. For every readalong Format (e- or p-): Ebook. REVIEW &.

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The next day at school Fred and Nita attempt to retrieve Nita's pen from her bullies, but Fred miscalculates the gravity required to lift the pen from the bullies' possession, and instead accidentally swallows it.

This makes Fred hiccup objects, including a television, a blue Mercedes , and a Learjet. After school, they seek help from the local Advisory Wizards. Fred's problem is fixed, but Nita's pen is not recovered. In order to retrieve it, they must link Fred to a worldgate in Grand Central Station and pull the pen out of Fred. Fred also has some alarming news: Called the Naming of Lights , it is a compendium of information that describes the true nature of everything that has or will exist. It is also known as The Book of Night with Moon because it can only be read by moonlight.

Its shadow, The Book Which is Not Named , contains descriptions that are twisted out of their true patterns. If the Lone Power - the being of desire and hate sensed by Nita and Kit - were to read the shadow Book without the bright Book being read, the cosmos would be irreparably skewed.

In Grand Central, Nita and Kit find that the worldgate has been knocked out of place and is hovering above the station. Nita invokes the air to solidify into a walkway between the roof of the Pan Am Building and the gate, but before Nita can retrieve her pen, a pack of werewolf -analogues attack, causing Nita, Kit, and Fred to plunge through the worldgate.

On the other side, Nita's pen is lying on the floor of a building in an alternate New York City. The landscape is cold, dark and lifeless, populated by predators. Many resemble automobiles, but there are also glowing-eyed dun mice, batlike skinwings, and dragonlike fireworms. This world belongs to the Lone Power, a thing far worse than any devil and more ancient than the earth. Nita, Kit, and Fred learn that the two Books are here, and that to get home they will have to read from the bright Book.

To find the bright Book, they decide to steal the dark Book from the Lone Power, because they need the Bright Book's power to find the worldgate, which has been hidden in the darkness that the Lone Power has created. On their way to the Lone Power's office, Kit finds a racing car, a Lotus Esprit , beside its prey, a "dead" sedan, injured by a piece of metal lodged in its axle.

Kit cuts this piece away, and the Lotus roars off, free. Michael suspects his brother stole the bright Book, while the Lone Power suspects him of sending Nita and Kit to steal it back. Nita and Kit have not previously considered this, but it begins to make sense.

Nita steals the dark Book, and uses it to locate the bright Book in the tunnels under City Hall. Aided by the Lotus Esprit, who has returned to show its gratitude, they proceed to the tunnels, where they discover the Book is guarded by the Eldest of the fireworms. The Eldest - a dragon -like fire-breathing lizard - lies on a vast hoard of stolen gold, gems, silver plate, plastic toys, coins, and bones.

The wizards bargain with the Eldest, giving it the dark Book in exchange for the bright Book, in addition to securing the hoard with a magical barrier.

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The enraged Lone Power comes after them on the back of an eight-legged, skull-faced beast. They flee through the worldgate, and re-enter their homeworld with the Lone Power on their heels. To stop the Lone Power from destroying their Universe, Kit and Nita quickly enlist a wall of magically animated trees and statues around a refuge in Central Park , and begin to read from the bright Book by moonlight, to undo the changes that the Lone Power has been making during the pursuit.

The Lone Power then puts out the Sun, extinguishing the moonlight that is necessary to read from the Book. Fred sacrifices himself by "blowing his quanta", releasing all his mass as energy in the form of visible light, which, reflected by the moon, becomes moonlight by which the Wizards can continue reading. Thea reading this novel for the first time with fresh eyes, I probably would have been much more likely to love the series.

In your opinion, is this blend successful or unsuccessful? Ana: This is probably where I am most torn about the novel. I think the blend of Science Fiction and Fantasy and of physics and magic is successful for the most part.

Fred — the white hole — adds an interesting scientist side as does the magic background that involves all the living things being connected, etc. I am also a sucker for parallel dimensions and different worlds and surprise!

Those elements were blended successfully for me. Thea: Conversely, I actually really loved this aspect of the book.

I also very much enjoyed certain fantasy angles to the novel, particularly the power of words and mathematically balanced equations to magic-working. How cool is that?!

Out now: the New Millennium Edition of "So You Want To Be A Wizard"

This novel also focuses on dichotomies in symbolism and theme — bright and dark, right and wrong, positive and negative. Does this work in your opinion?

Why or why not?

Ana: Yes, because I feel those were explored without a lot of didacticism and came down more as a matter of choice and of allowing people to choose between those? Like those were not innate, natural, intrinsic qualities but something you have to choose to be? In that sense, I loved the eventual showdown between Nita and the Bad Guys both the magical enemy and the immediate enemy i.Read reviews that mention harry potter want to be a wizard diane duane white hole nita and kit lone power kit and nita new york nita callahan ever read local library called so you want science fiction wizards series york city young adult meets kit children section wizard oath diana wynne.

She takes the pledge and becomes a wizard.


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The new editions, therefore, are starting with the events of SYW… being placed in Close Report a review At Kobo, we try to ensure that published reviews do not contain rude or profane language, spoilers, or any of our reviewer's personal information. I loved Nita: