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Saturday, March 16, 2019

download The Best of Speaking Tree Volume Read 1 Books Reviews - sppn.info . download The Best of Speaking Tree - Volume 7: Read Books Reviews - sppn.info 'The Best of Speaking Tree' presents a selection of articles from the column, 'The Speaking Tree', that appears daily on the edit page of The Times of India.

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Islamic preachers who travelled to Kashmir four centuries ago from Central Asia and Persia also revered the tree. The tree grew to be Two major shrines in Kashmir — Sultan-ul-Arifeen and Hazratbal — have neatly-placed majestic Chinar trees for the devotees. Hindu worshippers equally revere the Chinar tree.

The trees can be found in the goddess Bhavani temples in Kashmir, including the Khir Bhawani temple in Ganderbal. Officially, there were 42, Chinar trees in Kashmir during the s. However, the number had fallen to around 5, by the turn of the century.

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But the horticulture department is making up for the lost numbers again by planting around 14, more trees. Ridden with political uncertainties, raging militancy and omnipresent security personnel across the Valley, Kashmiri residents seek solace under the Chinar, before winter arrives and its colours fade. Chinar-gazers assemble under the tree in villages, towns and the capital city of Srinagar to gaze in awe at the changing hues and swirling leaves, which are burnt to keep the traditional Kangri earthen fire-pot alive when snowfall takes over the landscape.

The Chinar has served as an inspiration for politicians too. The centrality of the Chinar in people's lives can be gauged from the fact that the first Kashmiri Muslim fashion designer Zubair Kirmani, who made it big in the fashion industry in India, named his brand Boune Paen leaves of Chinar.

To capture the political turmoil and insurgency years of Kashmir, Bollywood directors Vishal Bhardwaj in Haider, Shoojit Sircar in Yahaan and Aamir Bashir in Harud chose the autumn and Chinars to depict the troubled times the Valley has gone through. In s, when militancy raged across the State, the militants used the Chinar as bunkers and arms hideouts.

Given the girth of the trunk, the hollow spaces in between could accommodate both men and armed machinery. Thus does Vedanta rehabilitate, regenerate humanity with human nature. Yet its great blessing is misconstrued and denied to many on account of lack of awareness.

People wrongly tend to believe that a person imbued with Vedanta is devoid of emotion.

However, Vedanta only cautions humanity against the onslaught of emotions. The flood of emotion can overpower you.

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Too much emotion can victimise you. It can literally destroy you.

You must therefore keep your emotions well under the control of your discerning intellect. Be a master, not slave of your passion. You may entertain passion and not turn passionate. Harbour emotion and not become emotional.

Have sentiment and not be sentimental. Emotionalism upsets your intellectual balance and poise.

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Passive subservience to emotion ruins your material and even spiritual well-being. Your intellect, rather than the impulse of your mind, should guide your lifes activities. Do not fall prey to your likes and dislikes. Nor yield to your feeling and emotion. Learn to become self-sufficient.

It is the prerogative of the human race.

Oliver Goldsmith portrays an ideal human being in his poem The Village Preacher. The poet describes the village preacher as one whose intellect reigns over the minds feeling and emotion. His heart is replete with chaste emotions for his fellow-beings.

But never does he let his emotions disturb his intellectual poise. His head rules his heart. Goldsmith uses a striking metaphor to describe the grandeur of the preachers personality. Compares him to a tall cliff that rises well above the level of the clouds. The clouds gather around the breast of the mountain but do not disturb the serenity of the peak.

The clouds represent the emotions of the mind. The peak, the intellect.

2. How to Get More From Life

The emotions of the preacher never unsettle his intellectual awareness. To have emotions therefore is a virtue. But it would be a grievous error to let them interfere with your intellectual awareness and judgment. That would be tantamount to spiritual weakness.

Nevertheless, history reveals that humans have let their emotions overthrow discretion and judgment. In the Bhagwad Gita, the great warrior Arjuna was overwhelmed by his emotions. Completely deluded, he lost his intellect. He could not carry out his obligatory duty as a warrior.

He laid down his bow and arrow and refused to fight a righteous war.The good news is that we do not have to adopt or create these qualities, since they are already potentially there in all of us.

Indeed, for many TOI readers, the Speaking Tree has grown to become a place of retreat and contemplation amidst the death, deceit and destruction that populates the rest of the newspaper. Being able to let go will unlock a whole new level of peace in your life. You must therefore keep your emotions well under the control of your discerning intellect. Not Enabled Word Wise: Get to Know Us.

What would you regret if you passed away right now? Though i never went to school myself as the head of a lineage, i had a special type of education , i had the good fortune to learn about all this from my parents.