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SVH Senior Year # 1: Can't Stay Away by Francine Pascal; 4 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Sweet Valley (Calif.) (Imaginary place), Accessible book. Sweet Valley High Senior Year Series. 48 primary works • 48 total works. For other books involving Sweet Valley and its characters, see: * Sweet Valley Kids. Sweet Valley High Senior Year is part of the Sweet Valley High franchise and the last spin-off .. Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version .

Sweet Valley High Senior Year Pdf

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The Sweet Valley High Senior Year book series by Francine Pascal includes books Can't Stay Away, Say It to My Face, So Cool (Sweet Valley High Sr. The complete series list for - Sweet Valley High: Senior Year Francine Pascal. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing. All I can say is that Sweet Valley Jr. High and SVH: Senior Year pages are up, linked and complete:) Am pleased with that. May be looking for somewhere else .

Devon tells Winston that he might as well not bother calling the fire brigade, as all his friends inside the Wakefields' house would probably have been killed. Devon is so charming. I can certainly see why Liz fell for him! When he's told that Todd is trapped inside the house as well, Devon is even more adamant not to help search for survivors. He's obnoxious to Winston, and eventually Winston just gives up and goes off to call the fire-brigade. Devon just wants to go home. Liz looks at her watch and sees that it's midnight: In my mind, they can be seven, twelve, sixteen, or eighteen.

No in-betweensies. Liz shouts and shouts, but no one comes over to help rescue Enid.


I can't decide if this is tragic or hilarious. She runs over to Devon and he's like, "Bitch, you crazy. I can't say that your stance is unsympathetic, but you're being such an ass about it that I can't be bothered to side with you. I don't even want to recap you. There's actually a lot more of Devon in this book which I haven't included because every time I read a scene in which he features, I want to put the book down and go back to the literary magazine.

Anyway, Devon runs away, calling himself a survivor. Good riddance. Liz shouts after him angrily, then trips on the earthquake-dented patio and falls into the pool. It's a pool-push from Mother Nature herself! Liz struggles out of the pool I have to admit, I laughed out loud when I read that.

This is just not Liz's day. Liz grapples with it for a minute or so before flipping it into the pool. Incidentally, it's been pages since Liz first realised that Enid was in danger. Admittedly the other storylines have been going on at the same time, but still.

Liz is lucky that Enid hasn't fried to death by now. Seriously, Enid's just on the other side of the yard, but from reading this book you'd think that Liz is trapped in the opening scene of Indiana Jones. As if to prove my point, Liz now has to jump through a ring of fire.

She succeeds and finally she gets to Enid - but she won't wake up and Liz has to drag her away from the flames lapping at her ankles. Once Enid is finally safe, away from fire, flood, famine, live wires, ROUS's, and any other possible calamity that could befall her, Liz faints. Some guy carries her to safety, but we're not told who he is. I think we're meant to think that it's Devon, but I've read the next book and it totally isn't.

Uh, I can't remember who it actually is, though. Randy Mason, maybe? He had the whole guardian angel thing with Jessica in college, after all. C plot Ken and Olivia are trapped in the Wakefields' kitchen. Ken is safe from harm but Olivia has been crushed under the fridge, and he can't see her anymore. She's unconscious as well - or at least, she's not replying to his frantic shouts - which is obviously bad.

Ken thinks about her and how when he last saw her "her lips shone softly from his last kiss". Ken, dude. Control that tongue. Winston Egbert and Maria Santelli work their way into the kitchen. They help Ken to move the rubble away from the area where Olivia last was, and they see that she's been crushed. Also, Winston has freckles! Can you believe it? Did anyone else know about this? Olivia regains some consciousness - her eyes are wide open but "she didn't seem to see him at all" - and appears to be in a lot of pain.

Olivia comes to her senses. She sees Ken, and she thinks about how handsome he is. These kids and their priorities. She feels cold and her head is spinning. Her body starts to feel numb and she slowly realises that she's going to be paralysed, assuming she manages to get out alive. She accepts that she's dying in about half a paragraph. Ken holds her hand and they reminisce about how they met on an online chatroom.

Then we get this: Is this really the time? Olivia slips into unconsciousness and Ken takes a good look at her. She's in pretty bad shape.

A splinter of bone is poking out of one of her legs, she has a gash on her head, her body is twisted, her arm is broken, and "bright bursts of blood stained the front of her print dress like a sick parody of the tie-dye fashions she used to wear". Also, she started coughing up blood a few minutes ago. Man, I feel so bad for Olivia. She wakes up for a few moments but she keeps slipping in and out of consciousness.

Ken tells her stories about the good times they spent together because he doesn't know what else to do. Olivia's vision starts to flicker and she quotes William Blake's Tyger, Tyger. Because I know that when I'm dying of horrible, paralysis-via-fridge related injuries, I'm totally going to be talking about the Romantic poets, rather than screaming, "Oh, shit, oh, fuck, oh, fuck, oh, Jesus, get it off me!

She coughs up blood. She tells Ken once more to go for help and, reluctantly, he agrees at last. On his way, he thinks about how free-spirited Olivia is: I like how that's the edgiest thing that the ghost-writer can think of for a nonconformist girl to do. Stumbling outside, he trips over a bookcase that he recognises from Liz's room, which I guess implies that half the wall has been ripped out. That's pretty awesome. But aw, man, this must mean that the Hershey Bar is a total disaster area as well!

The question is, will anyone be able to tell the difference. The EMT guys manage to dig past the rubble to get into the Wakefields' kitchen. They're too late, though. Olivia is dead. For now!

But seriously, she dies off-page? Secretly I think that it's kind of sad that Olivia dies. Sadder even than Heroically Deaf Regina being ded from coke. She's classic Sweet Valley, you know? Ken cries and refuses to believe it at first. Then the fire-fighters find a random picture of Ken that Olivia painted.


Why is it in the kitchen? Did she bring it to the party? Was it a present for Liz and Jessica? That would be hilariously bitchy of her if it was, considering that both twins have dated Ken.

Why wasn't it destroyed by the earthquake or the fire or the live wires? Alas, these questions are not answered, so let us move on to D plot Todd and Lila are stuck in the Wakefields' bathroom together. I grin goofily because this is the best sitcom set-up ever. Apparently Todd barged in while Lila was applying her makeup, and it's implied that he did this before the start of the earthquake.

I'm sure there's a good explanation but it's not given in this book, and it's more amusing to imagine that Todd is just too nouveau riche to understand that normal people don't do that sort of thing.

Lila pulls out a book of matches from her purse - this is continuity from the Inferno miniseries, where it's established that she always steals books of matches whenever she goes to restaurants - and lights a decorative candle so that they can see each other remember: Neither of them are too impressed with what they see. Todd remembers staring at Liz's pretty, pretty hair earlier at the party and thinking about how he's loved her his entire life - before Devon came along and stole her away from him.

I've just noticed that Todd sometimes has a sort of Fitzgeraldian, poor-boy-works-hard-to-become-rich semi-innocent quality about him. I hope in Sweet Valley Heights Todd ends up being shot through the head in the Wakefields' pool by way of a metaphor for the American Dream.

I mean, I love Todd, but that would just be awesome. Also, it's just occurred to me: I'm not saying that you can't be friends with your ex, but if I'd had a messy break-up with someone in the recent past - especially if she'd been cheating on me with some guy, and even more especially if that guy was Devon Whitelaw - I can't say I'd be too enthusiastic about wishing her birthday cheer.

Then again, the twins invited a guy who tried to rape Liz one time, so I guess their party is just a free-for-all. The power goes and apparently the light fixture is busted.

I thought it was busted already. Isn't that why they're sitting in candlelight? Am I the only person paying attention to what's going on? Todd and Lila bitch about the circumstances and say mean things to each other. Todd says, "Like I'd spend my summer vacation with you. I'd rather eat ground glass," and Lila scoops up some shards of glass from the floor and says, " Bon appetit.

I want to quote them all. But I won't because this recap is a million pages long already. Anyway, Todd worries about the structural damage that has been done to the house and Lila sasses him some more. Apparently it's Friday the thirteenth. I want to make a joke about that regarding the twins' birthday, but I'm too tired.

Trivia buffs, note that if the twins are Gemini , their birthday is officially the thirteenth of June. And if you know that one grain of information, you'll never be at a loss for food, shelter, or gainful employment, so it's worth remembering.

Lila tells Todd to find a way out of the room, and threatens to sue him if he doesn't. Todd punches the wall - and nothing happens! Todd sinks to his knees, shaking his fists. Not really.

I don't like this book very much, so I have to make my own fun, like pretending that Todd is Captain of the Enterprise. Things go from bad to worse when they notice that the building is on fire.

Poor Lila freaks out about it: Todd just kind of stands there, thinking about how much he hates Devon. And Lila. And Khan. Lila, recovered from her tears, glumly thinks about how she'll never get to gamble in Monte Carlo. Then we get the gloriously bitchy, "Dying with Todd was worse than dying alone.

Why no love for the Toddster, Lila? Then Lila thinks about Jessica and how much she cares about her.

It's a really cool moment in the book, and it lasts for nearly two pages! I'm glad the ghost-writer decided to acknowledge their friendship.

Lila thinks that Jessica is the only person in the world that she'd count as a close friend, and now she's going to die all alone. Except for stupid Todd. She starts to cry again. Poor, poor Lila. Todd hugs her again, though, and she feels better. They get into the bathtub, as far away from the flames as they possibly can.

Still hugging, Lila tells Todd that she never liked him but she wishes she'd been nicer to him. Todd thanks her. What else could he say, really? It's not easy for Maria to be so sure that her fa… More.

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Maria Who? (Sweet Valley High Senior Year No. 8) by Francine Pascal epub pdf fb2

Shelve Nothing Is Forever. The It Guy by Francine Pascal. What Ken had before: What Ken has now: The… More. Shelve The It Guy. So Not Me by Francine Pascal. Jade never wanted a boyfriend.

She's all about fr… More. Shelve So Not Me. Falling Apart by Francine Pascal. He also owns the newspaper where the twins are interning, and has been suppressing stories about the murders because he believes that Robert is the werewolf. Luke is shot, his werewolf mask falls off, and he dies. There are bite marks in his neck, and his body has been drained of blood. The next Monday, a new guy starts at school: tall, dark, and handsome Jonathan Cain.

Jessica decides that she wants to date Jonathan, but he ignores her. Jessica usually gets what she wants, though, and she's incredibly persistent: She gets a ride home from him, then later shows up at his house. He kisses her, and tells her she should have left him alone. Jonathan decides he cares too much about Jessica to hurt her, so he invites Enid over instead.

Jessica continues to see Jonathan, who Liz has figured out is a vampire based on some books she found at his house. She tells all the SVH kids, and they believe her.

When Jonathan takes Jessica to his lair—a cave on the beach—Liz and Todd come to save the day, an angry mob on their heels. Jonathan turns into a bird and flies away. Vampires are real. The end. Why anyone would enter a contest to do this is a mystery. While hanging out near a mine shaft, one student turns on her portable TV and learns about some convicts who have escaped a prison. The group decides to hunt for the rest of the treasure, and are all soon carrying around their own bags of gold nuggets.

She thinks Heather did it, but it was actually the three escaped convicts, who capture the kids, tie them up, and steal their gold. The kids manage to escape, but then they notice that one of the convicts is being swept away by a flash flood, so they rescue him.

He turns out to be not so bad, but his buddies are pretty awful: They drag the kids into a cave, where they decide to kill them. The nice convict gets shot and dies; his killer leaves the cave, telling the other convict to kill the kids.

They take a path that goes deeper into the cave, and eventually they begin to walk through rapidly-rising water. They realize that the cave walls are shale, so they kick and punch the walls away until they come out near the rendezvous point and head back to Sweet Valley. The kids are disappointed to learn the gold was pyrite, and the map and diary were fakes from a movie set.

They travel to France for a month to be nannies for the de Saint-Maries. When Jessica wears an emerald he gave her—which was stolen from the countess whose daughter is promised to Prince Laurent—to a ball, the twins are thrown in a dungeon. The twins run into the woods and hide out there.

Meanwhile, Jacques finds the twins, and they convince him to confess to being the jewel thief. Jacques and his father go free, Elizabeth turns Laurent down, and the twins head back to Sweet Valley, where Liz reunites with Todd.

The Books: Cover Girls No.At the beginning of the series, Conner's friends constantly remarked that he never stayed with a girl for long. Nora gets arrested, and all returns to normal. Other The following characters from the original series appear in minor capacity. She expressed a romantic interest in Andy and they date briefly until Andy realizes that he is gay.

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