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Terjemah Al-Hikam. byIbnu Attailah. Topics Al-Hikam. Collectionopensource. LanguageMalay. terjemah oleh H. Salim Bahreisy. All the best free terjemah syarah kitab al hikam you want on your android phone terjemah manaqib syekh abdul qodir jaelani pdf terjemah tafsir jalalain pdf. Ibn Athaillah AsSakandari, Al Hikam - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. "A feeling of discouragement when you slip up is a.

Tafsir Al Hikam Pdf

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Ibn `Abbad's Sharh al-Hikam al-`Ata'iyyah - And Useful Appendices. 2 Living Who Does Not Die) as has come in the tafsir of His Most High's statement in the. TINDAK TUTUR KIAI MENGENAI SYARAH (PENJELASAN) KITAB AL-HIKAM DAN TAFSIR Al-QUR'AN DALAM 1/sppn.info [13 Mei ]. Goddard . KIAI MENGENAI SYARAH (PENJELASAN) KITAB AL-HIKAM DAN TAFSIR The PDF file you selected should load here if your Web browser has a PDF.

Tafsir Ibn Abi Hatim: A few minor errors in the copy until I get a chance to re-type a new one. English and Arabic edition.


I hope to be able to translate this work into English. Sunan al-Darimi: Despite its title as a Musnad , it is not arranged by narrator in the manner of other musnads , such as that of Tayalisi or Ibn Hanbal.

It is arranged by subject matter in the manner of a book of Sunan , like the Sunan Ibn Majah. I wrote a small piece about it here. Download the 10 parts here: Abi Zayd al-Qayrawani was a scholar devoted to the education of the youth. His scholarship still remains in a prominent position as one of the earliest proponents of education in history. The book is a summary of the main aspects of Aqidah Faith , Fiqh Jurisprudence and Akhlaq character , and explains the essences of education in terms of these three principles.

It was divided into 45 small, easy to read and understand chapters. Mushaf al-Sahabah: Sahih Ibn Hibban [two parts]: His collection of hadith were compiled as Sahih Ibn Hibban.

The hadiths in his book are arranged neither as in a musannaf nor as in a musnad. When the aspiration of the wayfarer desires to halt at what has been unveiled to him.

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We captivate and tempt you! Do not disbelieve! If you seek Him, you are absent from Him.

If you seek other-than-Him, you are shameless before Him. If you make demands on other-than-Him, you are distant from Him.

Every breath you breathe emerges according to a preordained decree. Don't look forward to being quit of others - that will cut you off from watchful awareness of Him in the place where He has put you. Don't think that worry and sorrow are out of place as long as you are in this world. It only brings forth what its attribute and quality demand. A goal you seek by your Lord: A goal you seek by yourself: A sign of success in the end: A radiant beginning: Everything that is stored away in the warehouse of invisible secrets has to appear in the visible world of outward manifestation.

What a difference! This one is guided by Him. That one seeks information about Him.

The one guided by Him gains direct knowledge of the Real and verifies the matter from its actual Source. Seeking information about Him comes from not having reached Him.

This must be the case because when was He absent so as to make it necessary for you to seek information about Him? When was He distant so that you would need tracks to lead you to Him? As for those who have reached Him: Those who have arrived have the lights of face-to-face encounter.

The former belong to lights, but the lights belong to the latter because they belong to Allah, and are His alone. Better to look at the defects hidden within you than to look for the unseen worlds that are veiled from you.

A feeling of discouragement when you slip up

The Real is not veiled - it is you that are veiled from seeing Him. If there was anything veiling Him what veiled Him would cover Him.

If he was covered, His existence would be contained. If something contains something else, it overpowers it. But He is the Conqueror, overcoming His slaves. Among the qualities of humanness, get rid of every quality incompatible with your slavehood so you can answer when Allah calls and be near His presence. The root of every act of rebellion, every appetite and every moment of heedlessness is satisfaction with one's self.

The root of every act of obedience, every restraint and every moment of wakefulness is lack of satisfaction with one's self. Better to keep the company of an ignorant man who is not satisfied with himself than a man of knowledge who is satisfied with himself.

What knowledge does the self-satisifed scholar have? What ignorance does the ignorant man who is not self-satisfied have? The light of the inner eye lets you see His nearness to you.

The source of the inner eye lets you see your non-existence by your existence. The truth of the inner eye lets you see His existence, not your own non-existence or existence. He is now as He was. Do not let the intention of your aspiration veer to other-than-Him.

Hopes can go no further than the Ever-Generous. Do not ask other-than-Him for what you need since He is the One who will bring it to you. How can other than the One who put it there relieve it? How can someone who is unable to relieve his own need relieve someone else's? If you do not think well of Him because His qualities are beautiful then think well of Him because of the way He treats you.

Has He made you used to anything but good?

Has He bestowed on you anything but favours? How utterly amazing is someone who flees from something he cannot escape to seek something that will not last! You will be like the donkey going around at the mill. It travels to what it set out from. Travel from phenomenal beings to the Maker of Being. Whoever emigrates to something of this world or a woman to marry, his emigration is to what he emigrates to. If someone's state does not lift you up, and his words do not lead you to Allah - then do not keep his company!

It may well be that you are in a bad state - but to keep company with someone worse than you would allow you to see good in yourself. No action from a heart without attachment is insignificant.

No action from a heart full of desires is great. Good actions are the results of good states. Good states come from grasping the reality of the stations where you alight. Do not give up invocation of Allah because you are not present with Allah in it. It is worse to forget to invoke Him than to be inattentive while invoking Him. Mushaf al-Sahabah: Sahih Ibn Hibban [two parts]: His collection of hadith were compiled as Sahih Ibn Hibban.

The hadiths in his book are arranged neither as in a musannaf nor as in a musnad. Ali b. Abi Bakr al-Haythami.

Musannaf Ibn Abi Shaybah [in 3 parts]: Volume 1 , 2 , and 3 in PDF format. Sahih al-Bukhari [in 12 parts]: All are Microsoft Word documents [. This files will only work on a PC to my knowledge, as the font is formatted for the PC. However, if you have a dual-book Mac with a PC side, it should work.

All are PDF documents. These files are best if your machine [Mac, for example] cannot read the Arabic font from a PC.English and Arabic edition. Ibn Teymiyye You say, I am a slave of God and I love Him. He only opened the way for you because He desired to make Himself known to you.

A feeling of discouragement when you slip up

Volume 1 , 2 , and 3 in PDF format. It was divided into 45 small, easy to read and understand chapters. There is no major wrong action when you experience His bounty. Many respectable and learned men attend such rituals and not only that they did not forbid them, but they also enjoyed themselves in listening to music and in being attracted by the divine attraction. First published in by Otto Harrassowitz in Wiesbaden, Germany. He sent a warid to you to release you from the prison of your existence and to bring you to the open space of inner witnessing.