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To ask other readers questions about Talk Back and You're Dead! . and Sam lalo na ngayon magkasama na sila ulit after 2 years (based on the book ;)) hehe!!. To ask other readers questions about Talk Back and You're Dead!, please sign up. .. Falling in love to the point im already looking forward for the book 2. 2nd Half, Never Talk Back to a Gangster, Never Talk Back To A Gangster 2, and Book 2. Talk Back and You're Dead! 2nd Half. by Alesana Marie. · 2,

Talk Back And Youre Dead Book 2

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Read 25, [sppn.info2]: Never Talk Back To A Gangster! by: alesana_marie from the story Complete Stories You Must Read! by shiela_gerodiaz (lonelyrubii). Talk Back and You're Dead Book 1 and 2 [Alesana Marie] on sppn.info * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Talk Back And Youre Dead - Movie Cover (Book 2) by Alesana Marie.

Samantha asks him to leave, with her ending up their relationship because no one can do anything. Samantha was told by her parents that they will be leaving for France together with Red. At St.

Celestine, the Lucky 13 gang tells Samantha that Top is waiting outside before playing a live song performance. She goes outside and sees Top at his car apologizing that she can't do anything about the marriage but she still loves him promising that she will be back for him and Top replied to her that he is willing to wait for the day she returns and they kiss under the fireworks.

Two years later, Samantha receives a call from Audrey that Top got into an accident after he mysteriously vanished without anyone knowing.

Samantha and Red return home and Samantha realizes that Top could be at his beach house. She goes to the beach house and she watches a video footage of a boy and a girl making promises to each other that they will be getting married someday as seen in the beginning of the film.

Talk Back and You're Dead!

Meanwhile, Red admits to Audrey that he has fallen in love with Samantha. As Samantha remembers the lost memories of her past that she and Top made promise to each other when they were just kids, a dog walks through and lead her to Top at the beach.

After the first part of the credits, a scene was featured where Samantha and Red kisses each other as they saw Top watching them unhappy of what he just saw, and a sequel Never Talk Back To A Gangster is then confirmed that will be released soon. Deleted scene The scene where Samantha lost her other shoe after TOP fights the gang members who chased her. Jared carries her home.

The clip wasn't featured in the actual movie but can be seen in the trailer. Another scene that features Jared invites Samantha to a date. Soundtrack The film's soundtrack has been one of the most played OPM songs in national radio. Most specifically, the song 'Bahala Na' Eng.

Critical response Philbert Ortiz-Dy of Click the City gave a mixed review in the film, he stated that "The film just feels hastily assembled, its only real purpose to provide another platform for the onscreen pairing of Nadine Lustre and James Reid [ What starts out as a weird little tale of animosity growing into affection turns into a monster of melodramatic convolutions reliant on information that's mostly hidden from the audience.

It's fascinatingly grotesque, watching a serpent devour itself from the outside. It slowly works towards its delicate innards, oblivious to its own demise.

The snake eventually dies from its own gastric juices, and all you're left with is a reptilian corpse that is just too eager but too consumed to tell its tail from its meal.

Talk Back and You're Dead doesn't have a horrible story, it simply doesn't have a story. But if a film like Talk Back and You're Dead can be produced and released without a need for story, who needs writers?. There has been no official release of the box office gross from either Skylight or Viva films.

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That night, Top breaks up with Samantha because she was too perfect for him, but Samantha has already fallen in love with him. Samantha is badly hurt that Top broke up with her, then Audrey told her that Top was an ex-convict.

After school, Samantha was abducted by Piggy's gang in order to avenge.

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Top and his gang arrives at Piggy's hideout and start fighting where they overpower Piggy's gang. Samantha calls Top an ex-convict and he was stunned of what he heard, as Red takes Samantha home telling her that Top is not really a bad guy and it was the second time that Top saves her as the first was a mistaken identity caused by Samantha. Samantha invites Top to a date to make peace of what she has said. At Pendleton High, Top humiliates Samantha in front of everyone for being present at their basketball game.

Top apologizes to Samantha for humiliating her at his school then Top confesses his true feelings for Samantha and they become officially lovers. At a theme park, Top gives Samantha a teddy bear which he got from Audrey's date after the guy verbally harassed Samantha which angered Top and knocks down the guy unconscious.

Samantha and Audrey finally make peace of their dislike toward each other. Top went to the guy who stole Samantha's teddy bear to bring it back to her and beats the guy.

Talk Back and You're Dead!

Top and Red went to Samantha's house to give back the teddy bear but Top was surprised when he saw Lee, Samantha's cousin. Upset on what he discovered, Top breaks up again with her but Samantha wanted Top to fight for them. With no other options left, Top and Samantha decide to live-in, far away from their families.

They stay in Top's beach house for several days. Red and the rest of the gang arrives at the beach house as Red had a plan. Red told Samantha that her parents knows where she is and they intend to sue Top of kidnapping and rape since Samantha is still a minor that will cause a huge issue between the Perez and the Pendleton Group of Companies.

Samantha decides to go home in order to save Top from being jailed. Back at home, Samantha's parents was so upset for what she has done and her parents told her that Top was ex-convicted for kidnapping.

Shocked of what she discovered, Samantha confronts Top about it but she was surprised when he admits it.

That is so common! I love how the characters were created. I love how crazy and weird the Crazy Trios were. I love how cool the Lucky 13 were.

I love how annoying the attitude of Audrey. I love how Red behaved whenever Samantha and Top are acting sweet in his front. I love how Samantha fights for their love. But most of all, I love the whole Timothy Odelle Pendleton a.

I love the way he hides his weaknesses to Samantha and to the people around him. I love how he fights in other gangs.I read albeit briefly about a girl, a really pretty, popular, ballsy girl and a guy supposedly in a "gang" or whatever that says "bitch", "retard", "fuck" and "you wanna die? What I dislike about this book is the manner it was written. Samantha agrees to be his girlfriend, then Top admits he will not die.

And the crazy trios, which is actually one of the reasons why I was laughing my heart out.

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What an interesting twist and this book didn't failed me. There's a certain art in writing hot-but-mean characters that you still love 'em even though they are arrogant and annoying. Please don't read this if you like the book, this is my opinion only. Top goes to the party with blonde hair hears that Samantha and Red are getting married.

Top apologizes to Samantha for humiliating her at his school then Top confesses his true feelings for Samantha and they become officially lovers.