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The Dresden Files. R O L E P L A Y I N G • G A M E. Volume One: Your Story. Hell's Bells, Billy — this printout looks like you dropped it in the mud. I sorta did. Dresden Files RPG preview; Harry Dresden's character sheet. All 39 pages of it : PDF Download (Approx 13MB) — you can save us a little bandwidth by. Evil Hat Productions Online Store Dresden Files RPG: Your Story [Book+PDF] [ EHP] - Tell Us Your Story Beneath the “normal” surface of.

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their characters by adding the missing details. Page numbers in DFRPG books are referred to as follows: YS means page in. The Dresden Files RPG. 's three-volume Dresden Files RPG. It is based on the newest, most streamlined edition of the Fate system, Fate Accelerated Edition. Fate. Accelerated was. A rich text system reference document, and the PDF version of the game, are available in our downloads section From Dresden Files RPG Publisher's website: .

How I sometimes feel explaining the novel series to people. Always fun. The changes can be summed up as follows: Characters are given Mantles upon being created, which grant them specific stunts and other Conditions injuries and the like for free. This also defines what characters are generally capable of; a Changeling has abilities that a White Court Vampire cannot acquire, obviously. No mantle gives a bonus to riding an undead T-Rex, though.

The snark is strong with this one. As I mentioned above, there are some great rules additions and expansions in this book. Basically, Dresden Files is to Fate as Dresden Files Accelerated is to Fate Accelerated: a bit more complicated, but the rules are necessary to properly flesh out the setting. Even though these characters were severely limited in capabilities when compared to a full-blown wizard, having the extra points cleared up meant they could dump more points in focusing on that trick, making them immensely powerful.

But nothing compared to these goons. Want to be able to talk to ghosts? Before, if you were a Changeling and made your Choice human or fae , you could lose your character in the process by choosing the fae side as the fae and other similar creatues have Nature, not Free Will. Now, you can play a True Fae as a playable character and still hold a degree of choice as we see more and more Free Will being utilized by the fae.

Yes, the Knights of the Cross are still bad-asses. No, you cannot play a Denarian. Yes, Sanya is totally a playable character. Before, if you cast a spell, you had to spend Stress based on how strong it was, then roll with a difficulty based on how strong of a spell you were casting.

Finally, one of the best parts of this game is the usual love I have for Evil Hat: the support. Any time I have a question about the rules or ways to modify the rules, all I have to do is tag a few people on Twitter and I almost always get a response and a short conversation.

This is done by firstly choosing three themes or threats in any combination, that will have an effect on the overall tone and dangers that the players will face.

Old Books and historical legacies lost in one of the many storerooms owned by the university whose campus covers a majority of the city means that there will be a strong and well established theme of information hunting and rarely some of those things actually being right, and very dangerous. The theaters in Cambridge have been around a long time, with one of the most famous and established theaters the Cambridge Arts Theater, having exactly seats the incorrect number of the beast and is host to the universities triennial Cambridge Greek Play, which is preformed in ancient Greek, more than enough to build something off.

However a lot of theater groups face struggles in the city despite its close connections to the arts. Mostly due to their hidden WCV master's who keep the theaters failing and desperate so as to maximize the Despair they can feed upon. Cambridge folk, Cambridge Art, and Cambridge Beer Festivals being the most famous examples, although another long-running festival to take note of would be "The Midsummer Fair" itself chartered by King John himself.

These festivals could potentially generate a lot of arcane power which is normally fed into the Summer court, allowing them their influence on this part of the mortal plane, but they are also open easy attack, whether bureaucratic or violent as something else attempts to subsume this power from Summer.

So in this city the PC's can clearly expect to deal with ancient, and forgotten knowledge coming back into the world of the living, festivals that are an easy source of metaphysical power to anyone powerful or moronic enough to stand up to Summer, and something, something to do with the failing, and decrepit theaters that seem to face struggle after struggle. As a good guideline, unless it's in a particularly law-abiding city, the cops should be slap bang in the middle, with maybe a little bit more towards awareness of the supernatural.

The cops don't want things to always remain the same; they want things to get better, people to stop disappearing, bodies to stop showing up on the streets, corruption to stop being untouchable; but neither do they want things to cange so far that there is chaos on the streets, looting, rioting, cats and dogs living together, MASS HYSTERIA!

While the official sheet may only have nine slots open, these are your repeating main locales for the entire city, don't feel forced into having exactly nine locations for your city and only ever using using those nine locations. Each location has several parts consisting of a Name no duh , a basic description no duh , whether it is part of a theme or a threat, the core idea behind the location, the Location Aspect, and the face behind the Location and their basic concept, so to continue on the Cambridge example an example Location could be However not every locale needs to have a NPC face.

It is completely possible for a PC to be the face of a Location provided they have a significant investment in that particular location, an example would be a True Believer PC being the face of a local place of worship where NPC's come for spiritual advice which tips the PC's into something new happening. Other options for the face could also be an actual mythical figure slightly rare in the Dresden Files, most mythical figures have some form of existence , a murder victim, or an organisation that the PC's may have to contend with authorities, criminal gangs, cults, etc.

So long as the PC's are capable of interacting with them anything within reason could make a decent face, although a murder victim may make for a rather impermanent one. Faces[ edit ] Once you have all the locations you need, and you and your players have agreed upon what exactly they are, what they represent, and what Faces they have, you and your group then need to detail each Face to go with each location, this includes the Face's Name, what Location they represent, their High Concept, Motivations and any relationships they might have with other important NPC's in the city.

Don't worry about putting every single detail on the city Face sheets, each face should have its own separate character sheet eventually.

So to continue the Cambridge example We'll break from Hinton Cherry Hall because not only are the motivations of the Sidhe strange and inhuman, but she's a female Sidhe so who knows what the fuck is going on behind those eyes, let's instead go to the made up Mill Street Market Cambridge has a lot of the general markets in real life we're just solidifying one of these to actual buildings.

Mill Street is one of Cambridge's most famous markets, and one of the most famous in the UK itself. Not for being a regular local produce, farmers market full of organic produce and environmental sensibilities which are all the rage today, but because it's one of the largest multi-national markets, you want to find something from some dinky little province in China, a legitimate African Shaman Mask, or even something stranger?

You're going to be hard pressed, but you'll find it somewhere on Mill Street. This makes Mill Street Market a solid location, rife with potential, and problems, but players can't just interact with each store owner when looking for every single little thing, you're going to end up with a bunch of remarkably similar NPC's with the distinction "yeah, but he sells Russian stuff, rather than Jamaican stuff", which will only increase your book-keeping exponentially, and for not a lot of payoff.

This is where the Face comes in, you need to make a single NPC who the players can interact with, while still representing the entire streets interests. For this Example we'll roll with a shop owner who has been well established thanks in part to his supernatural contacts, his minor talent that allows him to drive really good bargains, and the fact that he regularly represents the street against the city council, because of its connections to multiple parts of the Nevernever, including the Bizarre Bazaar, a Fae market where anything is for sale.

I'll try to summarize them without spoiling them, if it seems that i'm putting in the most exciting bits, I'm not, they're just that great. Storm Front: Not the author's best work but not terrible. Involves curses, a drug ring, and naked battles with a demon it's less kinky than it sounds. Fool Moon: Widely regarded as the worst book in the series but still pretty passable.

Has werewolves out the wazoo totally not furries, trust me. Its got badass Dark Eldar-type Faeries, slightly less badass Craftworld-type Faeries, and everything in between. Also, the sobering after-effects of losing a loved one and emotional crap like that. Also, don't call them faeries to their faces its like a racial slur.

Death Masks: To sum it up, atheist warriors of heaven, conquistador vampires, Fallen Angels, and a villain so evil that he makes Honsou look like Sanguinius. Seriously, he's so evil, that a Fallen Angel literally older than the concept of time thinks that he's one of the most evil things ever. Also it got a Samurai Paladin. Blood Rites: A pretty good read despite the ridiculous premise. Two different flavors of vampire and porn stars.

Manages to be pretty awesome. Dead Beat: One of the best if not the best book in the series. Dresden fights necromancers and rides a zombie T-rex,if that does not sound awesome you are very clearly disturbed.

Also, theres's a Warhammer Fantasy easter egg that rhymes with Shmeinrich Shmemmler. Proven Guilty: Tracking down monsters that feed on fear at a horror movie convention. Its a bit slow at the start, but ends really well.

Good book for Molly fans. White Night: Most of the details are spoilery, but basically, something's hunting magic users and framing Harry. A number of long-running sub-plots culminate. Includes dolphins, a hostage situation, and a quest for a fresh donut, don't worry, it'll make sense.

Turn Coat: This one's bad guy might second closest thing to pure evil since that guy from Death Masks, it may be even more evil than him. Also, there's a magic cop who was framed for a murder he didn't commit and now he's on the run from his former allies while he tries to clear his name.

Will he find out who's responsible? Will he get revenge? Will I stop trying to make this sound like an 80's television show? Changes: A whole bunch of spoilers, like paradigm shift, next level spoilers. It's a bit more of a thriller than a mystery but this is where shit gets real in the series.

Do NOT start with this book, or any one that comes after it. They're amazing but they'll ruin the whole series for you and they usually require some prior knowledge of the series to fully appreciate.

Ghost Story: Pure unadulterated spoiler, sorry. But it recaptures some of the noir atmosphere from the earlier books and sets you up for the next story arc. Lovecraft references, followed by more investigation. And insane Faeries throughout the entire books. Also, Santa's there, which is awesome, except when you learn that Santa is inspired by Odin, who also happened to be the inspiration for Khorne which might actually make it even more awesome.

Skin Game: Tied with Dead Beat for the best book. Imagine Ocean's Eleven, but replace breaking into a casino with breaking into the Underworld yes, the one where Hades lives , and replace a buttload of money with the Holy Grail. A welcome chance to let the new status quo finally sink in for a bit, after three books of dramatically shattering it forever, as well as a sweet-ass thriller.

A mad gorilla has killed a security guard, only problem is how did it get out of its enclosure, kill him as the guard emptied a full clip into it, partially clean up after its viscous assault, get back into enclosure, and lock up after itself.

Graphic novel remakes of Storm Front and Fool Moon, with a certain amount of artistic turnover. Harry is called out to small town of "Boone Mill" after the singularly unlucky Talbot family starts to have its members dying off in unnatural ways. Lots of spoilery details, but with a house full of scholars hiding a secret, and a besieging army of vampires Harry is in for the fight of his life.

Something is hunting down shopowners that pay protection to Marcone. Something magical is killing shopowners in Harry's city. Time for wacky buddy-cop movie style shenanigans. Only with more visceral horror, death, homeless people, and absurdly spacious sewers. When a mysterious fairy begins ripping a trail of carnage across Chicago, Dresden gets involved trying to track it down, but this Fairy isn't just the "normal" fairy serial killer Features flirting with Ghouls, Harry's best Doomguy grin, and the first canon confirmation of a government bureau that deals with the supernatural.

Short Stories[ edit ] In no particular order for now Vignette: extremely short, not much to say other than Harry and Bob having a relatively meaningless conversation Free online, Side Jobs Restoration of Faith: Harry before he became an independent P. Dangerous Women Last Call: beer and has-been "demigoddesses" washed up hedonism spirit from ancient greece, nowhere near modern demigod levels trying to tamper with it Side Jobs Love Hurts: wherein Harry once again learns that love does indeed hurt Side Jobs Aftermath: SPOILERS that's what Side Jobs B is for Bigfoot: turns out, being half-Sasquatch gets you bullied in elementary school, especially the bullies are spoiled rotten half-dwarf little shits.

Working for Bigfoot Bigfoot on Campus: our little bigfoot has grown up and gotten himself a football scholarship plus a smokin' hot GF, no dark secrets here, no siree, completely normal unrealistically attractive girlfriend and her insanely wealthy father who definitely doesn't want her to fuck him to death, whether she's on board with that part or not Working for Bigfoot Even Hand: a day in the life of the most successful mobster in the american midwest Dark and Stormy Knights.

Its a descent into compulsive madness and the loss of innocence and identity forever. Day One: it appears that the Almighty is familiar with standard MMORPG quest-giving mechanics Factions, Races, and Supernatural Nations[ edit ] If all this seems excessively expansive and convoluted as shit, keep in mind that on this page there's lore from 15 books, 7 comics, and a couple dozen short stories, not to mention a healthy dose of meta and speculation.

This article contains spoilers! You have been warned. Entry could be seen as the equivalent of getting a Master's degree or earning your blackbelt in magic.

Is extremely powerful but is ridiculed by the other factions for being obsessed with tradition and inflexible which it is, to an extent. What most of these other factions don't seem to appreciate is that without the Council acting as an Inquisition for magic users by upholding the Laws of Magic, the rest of them would be forced to contend with insane black magic users breaking reality left and right, shattering the Masquerade and burning them alive from the inside out for shits and giggles.

Also, the Council would have even more phenomenal political and destructive power if it weren't constrained by the very Laws it upholds and if it weren't run by conservative geezers obsessed with the status quo. If a human breaks the Laws of Magic, the Council's grey cloaked Wardens drag them to a random black site and execute them, no exceptions, no second chances mostly.

The Dresden Files Volume 2: Our World + complimentary PDF

Since mortal magic users exude a murphyonic field around themselves, complex mechanical and electrical devices short out around them shit breaks when they're nearby. This isn't that much of a handicap, since they only short out stuff built after WWII roughly, it isn't a hard cutoff and even then only if its complex like a computer, and even then it mostly happens when they actually use their magic.

Most of them have found magical workarounds to compensate for this. For some reason no wizard has ever created magical computers, despite the fact that basic binary computing is actually very simple, and we've seen wizards use much more complex magic throughout the series. The EMP effect is actually relatively recent, wizards have a probability effect that changes from time period to time period, it used to give them warts or cause fires to burn weird colors.

Harry, on the job Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden: Our titular character, a wizard and private investigator. A very tall and profoundly un lucky man, Harry Dresden is almost the perfect archetypal noire detective, but with a heavy dose of modern snark and humor.

Born to an actual witch and a stage magician and orphaned at a young age, Harry Dresden is adopted by a friend of his mother and trained in the ways of magic. Sounding pretty generic, right?

His adoptive father, Justin DuMorne is actually a Warlock black magic user and was training Harry to be a loyal enforcer.

When his adoptive father tries to put him in a psychic headlock of forced loyalty, Dresden ends up burning him to death in an impromptu wizard's duel. Naturally, the Wardens show up and arrest Harry for killing with magic, a violation of the Laws of Magic that Harry was never told about.

He barely avoids getting beheaded, due to the fact that he was acting in self defense against Black Magic, and because Ebenezar McCoy speaks on his behalf and agrees to foster him.

He's then placed under parole, with the penalty for violation being death, for the majority of his young adulthood. Being by far the most powerful mage of his generation and an openly practicing wizard mortals see him as a charlatan or a looney, much of the wizard community sees him as a loose cannon at best, although a good chunk of White Council's the younger generation look up to him as someone who is not afraid to call the senior council out.

Because of this he's become something of a loner, though he does have a few close friends. He's been in several relationships, but most ended in blood, tears, or flames. An honest man, he tries to do the right thing, but often, the right thing gets you put on the shit lists of vampire lords and the like. He's chivalrous to a fault, causing him no shortage of pain. It might be fair to call him honorable in that he prefers not to lie and will do his best to help the helpless, but he's not above fighting dirty or weaseling his way out of a deal, especially where his Godmother is concerned.

Despite being a generally good person, he sees his own power as something he needs to carefully hold in check. He's well aware of the fact that with all his power he's one moment of careless rage away from burning down a building or blowing up a gas station, so he sees the careful and righteous use of power as being very important, though he never hesitates to use his power where he feels it's needed read: burn down any building that looks at him funny.

Harry has a bad habit of focusing a little bit too much on the features of attractive women, if this seems a little sexist, know that this is an intentional and acknowledged character flaw that is a result of Harry's messed-up upbringing; his sexual development was intentionally manipulated to make him easier to control, he gradually loses this flaw over time only to have it replaced with paranoia, self-loathing, and more loneliness and he himself constantly works to control his libido.

His immense magical power is severely hampered by the lack of control and refinement resulting a very low cost-effectiveness with "quick and dirty" field magic - his fire evocations are huge explodey fireballs, his shields are direct force absorbers and his telekinesis can throw a carl but cannot hit a button across a room - for this reason some other wizards see him as kind of a brute.


Later his evocation skill grows to a respectful level only for him to often find himslef fighting without his focus tools at hand which pretty much brings him back to "wasting raw power on flashy and powerful but barely controlled spells" level. Meanwhile his thaumaturgy is way more refined and controlled as he fucking loves tinkering with rituals, artifacts and potions in his free time and the majority of his day work also revolves around using thaumaturgical rituals to find people or lost things.

Subconscious Harry: The manifestation of Harry's subconscious mind, "Id Harry" is what Harry could be if he were to stop trying to be so selfless and concerned with being a good guy. Unlike most repressed alter-egos, Id Harry is presented as neither wholly evil nor wholly good, he's nothing more than Dresden's self preservation instincts, sex drive, and untapped potential which also kind of makes him Harry's super-ego, sort of , if Harry were to stop putting himself in danger for others and let go of all the baggage that the universe heaped on him, he'd be more wealthy and confident, but he'd also be kind of a dick.

He also tends to notice and understand things that Harry doesn't consciously know, so take that as you will. Whenever Harry meets his Id he always points out that his Id is dressed darkly, black leather duster, black shirt, black dress trousers, smart black shoes, neatly trimmed goatee, tidy hair, all of which speaks to Harry's fear of his repressed desires making him evil.

Something which Id Harry calls boring and uninspired. The Original Merlin: founder of the White Council at least its current incarnation and the most powerful human magic user ever recorded. A former student of Odin, he created the Council to regulate magic use and protect mortals from black magic, as of Cold Days its implied that the stuff about regulating magic is merely secondary to the Council's true purpose, defending reality from the Outsiders.

Despite laying down the Laws of Magic, he himself is confirmed to have broken the Sixth Law, performing a single action at different points in the time stream, simultaneously try wrapping your brain around that , adding credence to the theory that Laws are a smokescreen for the 7th. According to Arthurian myth, he's not entirely human, so he might have been a Changeling or a Changeling who Chose to be human or a Scion. His surviving enchantments defy all known laws of physics and all known understanding of magic.

Margaret LeFay: Harry's mom who died shortly after giving birth to him. Harry's got a rose tinted view of her, since he believes his life wouldn't have been so shitty if she had been around. But as the series progresses, its become increasingly clear that she was involved in shady business and was practicing Black Magic, and that her unsavory connections and actions are actually the reason why his life has been so crappy.

Opinions differ as to whether she was just a misguided idealist or an irresponsible contrarian.

She was over years old when she became pregnant with Harry, though given how much time she'd spent in other parts of reality, it's entirely possible that her theoretical age was different from her practical age.

Samuel Peabody: The council's main Bureaurocromancer and the guy who takes the minutes at each of the meetings. It's stated that the council would be nowhere as efficient as it is without him.

He dislikes untidy things to a rather pathological degree and is rather poor at German as his book "Die Lied der Erlking" a collection of poems and lore about The Erlking Has a glaring mistake right in the title. Klaus has long been the running contender in the Merlin's opinion for the next open seat in the Senior council, losing it to both Ebenezar McCoy, and Gregory Cristos.

He's described as an enchanter with a reputation for skill and honesty, and what little we've heard of him has been positive.

WoJ says that Klaus's method of channeling magic is the Author's favorite, but he's never had a chance to publish the short story he wrote about it. From the interview.

The Nazis had a sorcerer operating out of an old monastery, and the White Council dispatched the Belgian wizard, Klaus the Toymaker. Klaus's magic is all based around using children's toys as focii. My favorite moment was when he killed a couple of SS-summoned demons with a windup wooden duck. While the position is usually awarded for being one of the most ancient, experienced, influential wizards on the planet, positions can be selected due to political bullshit and the Senior Council tends to be aged and crotchety because of this.

Contrary to what their name might imply, they actually have very little authority over the day to day lives of council members. Rather than a member of a ruling body, a position on the senior council could best be thought of as combining the responsibilities of Judge, Arbiter, Diplomat, Administrator, and in some cases Generals and Champions.

There is also a certain amount of delegated authority given to certain members of the senior council. For example, Ancient Mai is implied to be responsible for diplomacy, Arthur Langtree seems to be responsible for arbitration within the council, Listens to the Wind commands the medical staff, the Gatekeeper is responsible for keeping Outsiders Outside, etc.

Whether this is formal assignment of duties or simply wizards assuming the role they are best suited to is unknown, though it's strongly suggested that the Gatekeeper and The Merlin are formalized positions. The current Merlin, Arthur Langtry, is a wizard and politician who believes in keeping an image of strength and solidarity against the terrors of the world above all else. Though he and Harry find themselves at odds often, he's not implied to be directly evil or malicious, just calculating, proud, and utterly ruthless in his politicking for the council.

He's good with defensive warding magic.

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Like really, really good. As in, he once held off an entire court of vampires and outsiders with an improvised ward which had nothing to anchor itself against. As Harry points out several times, he didn't get his title by collecting bottlecaps. Until "Cold Days" that's all we know, and even after that he's almost cryptic as before. Without going into major spoilers territory, we come to find out in later books that he's one of, if not the most important council member, as far as his role is concerned.

He is also the Blackstaff, the Senior Council's secret wetworker who is exempt from the typical punishments those who broke the laws of magic would face.

There is no such position within the council, no member would dare breach the laws of magic, and to imply such is subversive misinformation spread to weaken the council from within. If you hear any such seditious falsehoods, report to Wizard McCoy for summary Debrief and Reeducation. Despite his work for the council, he doesn't get along with the Merlin, as they fought on opposite sides of the French and Indian War. He specializes in evocation, specifically Earth and Gravity magic, and is mentioned as being one of the top evocators in the world.

For example, he once pulled a derelict Russian satellite out of orbit against his enemies. Think about that. He had the magical strength to reach up into fucking ORBIT to pull down a several ton satellite, and was able to control the insane force of its meteoric descent enough to bring it down on a specific target. He is both a master of shapeshifting magic and healing biomancy, which isn't counting the fact that he goes back to medical school every few decades so he can keep up with current medical techniques.

Generally level headed and calm, but holds plenty of anger about the fact the White Council's laws forced him to sit back and watch as his nation was destroyed.

The Dresden Files Volume 2: Our World + complimentary PDF

He's also a fucking genius. Think of how complex something like brain surgery is. Now imagine doing brain surgery with a current of energy you're controlling with your mind, without disrupting the electricity within the brain you're working on.

Now imagine doing this and work like it every day for centuries. Worthy of note is that she's one of the few ancient wizards who lives with her family. Most wizards move away from their families after a century or so, to avoid the pain of seeing multiple generations of your family die.

Martha lives with some of her great great granddaughters. Ancient Mai The scariest old human woman you'll ever meet, ancient Mai lives up to her name. Despite being over over freaking years old, she's said to retain much of her beauty, being compared to the flawless emptiness of a porcelain doll.

She may or may not be the person in charge of handling contact with other supernatural powers as she sent out emissaries to both Faerie courts at the beginning of "Summer Knight", and becomes very formal and diplomatic in the presence of other supernatural powers, as we see in "Turn Coat". He leads a large multi-national bloc of wizards with is what allowed him to gain his position as he neither has seniority nor much respect from the rest of the senior council.

Harry and Ebenezar consider him to either be a member of the Black Council, or a useful patsy that they put in place. So he's either a Mole or Incompetent, jury is out as to which is more dangerous.

The Wardens[ edit ] The law enforcement and military arm of the White Council. Wizards trained in combat, investigation, and warfare.

Wardens enforce the Seven Laws of Magic with extreme prejudice. You break the laws, the Wardens cut your head off. Every Warden is given a unique nigh-indestructible sword that can cut through magic, and a grey cloak that doesn't stain.

Considering the amount of blood involved in cutting off heads this last one is important. When the Council goes to war with the Red Court they had to increase recruitment, so a lot of the Wardens are really young, some even in their late teens.

This creates a dynamic of the conservative old guard disapproving of the young upstarts' willingness to use more aggressive and unorthodox methods, while the new Wardens disagree with the old geezers' excessive caution and overly rigid interpretation of the First Law. Harry is liked by many of the younger wardens, and most of the old guard hold him in a mix of suspicion and wary respect.

Anastasia Luccio Currently the Captain of the Wardens, formerly field commander, she is responsible for the organization, logistics, and training of the Wardens, due to necromantic body-switching psychic fuckery that ripped her out of her original body and into the much younger, magically weaker body of a grad student.

She is still on of the scary members of the white council, as this switch did nothing to diminish her years of experience or masterful control, though it did weaken her magically, so she's no longer capable of forging the warden's swords as she once did though goodness knows why she doesn't forge the enchantment while someone else does the magical heavy lifting, something the series has firmly established can be done.

She's so good at fire evocation that some of her "fire" spells are more comparable to cutting lasers than anything else. Morgan is fanatical in his service to the White Council, and especially the Merlin and Luccio. He's down paranoid and stern after years of seeing the horrors of black magic. He specializes in Earth Magic, and was said to be one of the best evocators alive, capable of doing quick and dirty like no one else. In a singular moment of unrivalled badassery he once lured a nigh-unkillable evil shapeshifter called a skinwalker Naagloshii onto a nuclear testing site, and escaped to through a portal seconds before the nuke went off.

Witty, skilled, courageous, and something of a womanizer though he may or may not actually be a virgin. He specializes in Water magic, specifically entropy magic, and is more than capable of hurling disintegration beams around in combat. Yoshimo: Japanese Warden known to use biomancy and wind magic, carries around a silver katana, distant relative of Shiro Yoshimo see: Knights of the Cross Justin DuMorne: Harry's abusive adoptive father and first magic mentor.

When Harry got lucky and stumbled onto his mentor's plans before he could impliment them, DuMorne tried to mentally enslave him. Harry began his long and illustrious career using Nike-Jutsu and ran the fuck away. Harry escaped into the "care" of his godmother, the Leanansidhe, after a brief stint of robbery and Outsider-Slaying. Lea then offered to make a faustian pact with him: she would give Harry the power required to defeat DuMorne.

In exchange, he would belong to her. Harry then killed DuMorne in a magic duel, and did everything he could to snub his godmother on the deal. He may or may not have been a member of the Black Council. Thou Shalt not Kill no murdering Black Magic twists and corrupts the user, eroding their self control and making them more likely to use Black Magic in the future.

The Sixth and Seventh Laws are there because violating them is a Bad Idea, as mucking with time or summoning outsiders tends to fuck reality to a larger or greater extent. It's theorized that messing with time or summoning the wrong outsider could destroy time and space, but considering that time and space still exist, many beings question this.

The laws are also really, really nebulous sometimes.View Avg. Web Links. WoD 20th Anniversary Edition Sale. Information for Dresden Files novels is updated through the novel Changes, with hints of Ghost Story. I'll try to summarize them without spoiling them, if it seems that i'm putting in the most exciting bits, I'm not, they're just that great. Madeline Raith: Madrigal's sister not that they actually care about each other and a vacuous, short sighted, immature bitch who Lara would have offed long ago if it weren't for her inherited fortune, good looks, and political standing in the White Court.

Customers Who Bought this Title also downloadd. These festivals could potentially generate a lot of arcane power which is normally fed into the Summer court, allowing them their influence on this part of the mortal plane, but they are also open easy attack, whether bureaucratic or violent as something else attempts to subsume this power from Summer. Notify me of new posts by email.

This is supported by the fact that the Knights only rarely demonstrate physical power beyond that which is possible by people in absolute peak condition, and the increase in testosterone would explain their increasingly dickish attitudes although there is evidence that it does actually increase strength in addition to the removing inhibitors.