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Ally and Jake put true love to the test in this "funny and sensitive" conclusion to the He's So/She's So trilogy that's filled "with depth and wit" (Kirkus Reviews). This Is So Not Happening august. So Jake Graydon and Ally Ryan are officially together? Bummer. Oh, please. I bet he cheats on her before. This Is So Not Happening book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. After their long summer apart, Ally and Jake were hoping. .

This Is So Not Happening Kieran Scott Pdf

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Search. He's So Not Worth It ePub (Adobe DRM) download by Pretty Fierce ePub (Adobe DRM) download by Kieran Scott. Pretty Fierce. Kieran Scott Format: ePub, PDF. List Price: $ Our This Is So Not Happening. Kieran Scott. This Is So Not Happening ePub (Adobe DRM) download by Kieran Scott · This Is So Not Happening. Kieran Scott. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers. Kieran Scott is the author of the True Love series, including Only Everything, Complete Everything, and Something True; and the Non-Blonde Cheerleader.

First, Jake is an ass. And Aly is a masochist. The last installment in the SSDTU series is filled with drama, intrigue and so much surprise that will knock you off your feet. It's a whirlwind of events that will make you crazy with drama, anger, frustration, giddyness and all your emotions will be flying off.

Despite all that, I didn't like it. Here is a thorough explanation. It's not that it After reading the whole trilogy, I could probably sum up my whole conclusion in two sentences.

It's not that it was bad. Infact, the writing was good enough to keep your eyes glued to the pages. Sad to say though, the series has gone downhill. It had a premise of an absolutely great twist to their story, where all the tension and drama just oozes. Unfortunately though, it was not executed well. The characters have gone from slightly annoying to absolutely annoying that they need a suckerpunch. He doesn't even consider Aly's feelings. I would have considered this and the ending if he would have proven himself worthy of her.

But no, how he made up for everything wasn't enough. There was something lacking. An explanation as to why he was an ass the whole time, maybe? I did not even consider the making up part a real one, and the apology didn't seem genuine. It's like he thinks all the hurt and pain he'd caused her would be forgotten through a simple surprise. And yes, she was indeed more than willing to let it. That was when all my hopes were crushed. I honestly hoped Aly would finally leave him and find a better guy because she honestly deserves one.

As my reading progressed, my reasons for him being so wrong for her just gradually increased. I'll vent. In this book, Jake "impregnantes" another girl. I honestly hate guys who a Okay, so I was reading some of the other people's 'reviews,' which are mostly all just rants. I honestly hate guys who are like that: Its very big of Jake to try and help her out. Yeah, it was totally messed up of him to sleep with her in the first place but it really should not be a shock to everyone that he did.

Scott basically implied that that's what happened- was she supposed to spell it out? And the review I'm assuming everyone's already read that said Ally was still going to try and make it work with Jake.

On the other hand, though Everything about her just grated on my nerves. Scott made it seem like she was the sweetest girl out of all of them and then suddenly she's sleeping with Will who knows how many times and then Jake too?

O Jeez, girl: I have no clue how you got the 'innocent' appearance.

This Is So Not Happening

Anyways, I can not wait for this book for come out. I love this series- heck, even the covers are so amazing and they all flow nicely together. So whatever happens, at least Kieran Scott will be able to say she wrote a series that had perfect cover pictures! Jun 27, Theresa rated it liked it. And it was true, I realised suddenly. I would marry her. I would take care of her. I would do whatever to protect her. Now I've just finished This is So Not Happening - which is the final book to the series, I find that it's a really bitter sweet moment for me.

Even though I only started this series a few days ago and I kind of don't want it to end - but at the same time, I'm glad the author ended it here because I don't think she could have taken the series any further.

Ally's stick and tired of trying to stay away from Jake so she makes the decision to support him, however this is harder than it sounds because soon Jake starts blowing Ally off to Chloe and the baby. Can Ally and Jake's relationship survive this drama? Or will one of them mess it up forever? Drama, drama, drama! This book is full of it but luckily enough it's not as frustrating as the last book.

I actually really enjoyed this book, it rekindled my love for this series and made me see why I liked it to start with. There was so much happening with this book too that it was a like a emotional roller coaster.

If you thought the characters were going to get it easy this time, then you're wrong. If anything it's all that much worse because not only do they have relationship problems but they have to worry about getting into to college too and of course, there's the baby problem. I really enjoyed this storyline, it was heart-breaking, suspenseful and intriguing - you just didn't know where the author would take the story next and I loved that.

Now the characters; Ally: She was defiantly a more enjoyable character this time around but my heart went out for the situation she was put it. I had a lot of respect for her sticking by Jake during this time because I can't imagine how many people would have. Not only that she really grows as a person especially when it comes to her mother's new relationship, where as before she was bitter and childish, she really sees the relationship as it is and accepts it.

Good on her! Oh boy, I think he needed a wake up call. However he does do the right thing to stick behind Chloe and the baby, however he does the wrong thing to Ally He doesn't learn I'm surprised by how many chances Ally gives him and at times, he doesn't deserve them but he does redeem himself by the end.

One thing I was hoping for with this book was an epilogue. I love them at the end of a series, so it gives the readers the closure they need but there wasn't one. I would have loved it so we could have seen what the characters were up to in the future.

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Overall, This is So Not Happening was a great end to a good series - one that has loud-out-load scenes but one that has emotional scenes too. I'd definitely recommend this series to YA contemporary romance fans and I'll definitely keep an eye out for this authors work in the future.

Jun 17, Belle rated it it was amazing. So sad the trilogy is over, gotta love this series.. I am really liking the whole see it from the others perspective, I always feel like I get to see more from a book when it is seen from two sides, and I must say that this is becoming a trend with the recently published YA books. Anyways back to the book, you cannot imagine how badly the last book left me in absolute turmoil.

The shocking twist well we all kind of saw it coming, but we were in denial at the very end, just when I thought it was happily ever after for Jake and Ally.. Excuse my English I am just trying to write and think a million things at one time right now.. But back to the plot, the book follows the lives of Jake and Ally, the dream team, who overcame a million obstacles in the last two books - from Ally being outcasted thanks to her dad taking away the riches of the wealthy "cresties" to Jake first choosing his reputation and friends over her, to Jake choosing Ally over them to them breaking up to Jake sleeping with her best friend, well it just keeps going..

Kieran Scott eBooks

Anyways in this book, it starts off at the end of the last book with Jake just learning that Chloe, Ally's former best friend, revealing she is pregnant and that he is the dad.

Throughout the book, we see Jake struggling to come to terms with being a teen dad, and realising the importance of being there for Chloe through the pregnancy. However, as he begins to take responsibility for his actions, he begins to neglect the love of his life Ally in the process, taking her for granted. Understandably, but some times, I really wanted to knock him in the head and say notice her as well!

Ally surprisingly sticks with Jake throughout through thick and thin, even when some her friends are telling her to ditch him. It doesn't help when the guy in the play she is in, is incredibly sweet, cute and there when Jake isn't.. Will their relationship survive their final year of high school or will it all come crumbling down? But that may be because I just finished reading it, and I am still in the hype stage of thinking "wow it's really over. Not because the book was anything but awesome, but because I can't really give a book perfect score, without being completely in love with it.

Close but not quite there with this one. I absolutely loved the writing in this book, a perfect YA read. I mean we all saw it coming The book left me immensely satisfied, but at the same time, I felt like I wanted a bit more of a fight from Ally throughout the book I mean it was amazing she was willing to be with him throughout it all, but if it was me, i wouldn't be able to stand by and let him take me for granted so much.

I get Chloe is pregnant, but sometimes I just wanted her to have the guts to tell him how she really felt! Definitely worth the money. May 09, Megan rated it did not like it. I would like to start off by admitting that these cheesy melodramatic froufrou books are my secret obsession.

I gobble them up like fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and then end up feeling the urge to puke afterwards. So when I noticed the whole series lined up in a neat little row at my library I grabbed them up in a hurry, rushed home and ended up devouring them in a matter of hours. And as I continued to read I got sicker and sicker and sicker until I was red in the face with frustration.

K I would like to start off by admitting that these cheesy melodramatic froufrou books are my secret obsession. Kieran Scott is the main reason I wanted to read this series. Her last series The Non-Blond Cheerleader one was so cheeky and fun it could be considered the marshmallow of books, all fluffy and sweet. And so I was hoping this series would be just as sweet and sassy.

Sadly I was sorely disappointed. The first book is fine. Exactly what I expected: The second book was a letdown, but I could still handle it. And then the third book. Oh gosh this book was just so completely random and messed up I wondered if she wrote it while severely intoxicated.

The first problem is the summary on the inside cover. It- A. Why Scott decided to make Chloe pregnant is beyond me. Why she thought she should ruin the surprise by putting it out there, on the front cover, is just completely incomprehensible. Way to go, you ruined the surprise. Fun sucker. No, no, and no.

He is never an actual character in the story. Beating up Jake at the beginning is his only part in the plot. No need to mention him in the front cover. Absolutely pointless and unnecessary. First why does Chloe turn into such a slut? Banging a Townie ohhhh scandalous! Frankly the book would have been more believable if Jake and Chloe had more than a one night stand.

And I would have liked it way more if Chloe got kicked out, ran away to the city, and became a prostitute. Plus Ally should have dumped his pathetic ass. To sum up: Jake is an asshole. And a slut. And a dickhead. Chloe is a whore. And also a slut. Hammond is a jackass.

Sorry about the vulgerness of this review. But this book was just tooooo frustrating not to go overboard. I'm not usually so invested with massive amount of high school blah blah, in fact I'm one of those readers who really can't be bothered re-living all the angst and pain-fest of what high school is all about which is why I tend to stick with paranormal. But after I read the first book, She Is So Dead To Us , I kinda fell in love with the way Krisen Scott can pen an absolutely consuming story-line with characters I felt compelled to be invested with right from the start.

True, the second book, was I'm not usually so invested with massive amount of high school blah blah, in fact I'm one of those readers who really can't be bothered re-living all the angst and pain-fest of what high school is all about which is why I tend to stick with paranormal. True, the second book, was slightly annoying but I still enjoyed it and had hopes that the last book would finally deliver an ending I could be happy with and be thankful that I stuck with it.

Not that I'm saying that this didn't have it's share of typical problems, cause it so did, but I'm weirdly attracted to all the bullshit that comes with these characters and I'm not even sure of the whys.

All I know is that this ended the way I wanted it too, I wish we were spared some of the eye-rolling dramatics concerning Ally and Jake, but if I really think about it was I really expecting anything less? All in all, I really enjoyed this series, angst and all. It feels like these characters have really matured with each book and while they are very much flawed, they still felt very much real and I think that's what I loved most about them and what they had to go through to get here.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Scott has in store for us next! Feb 20, Jackie rated it it was ok Shelves: The fact that Jake had slept with Chloe annoyed me and it had suddenly lost my interest and care for Jake now. Even though i don't believe Jake's the father. I still dislike him at the moment for sleeping with Chloe. He was obviously in love with Ally, but why sleep with Chloe? I know that he was jealous of Will, but why? This book better not disappoint me. What i thought - Meh.

Jake did annoyed me in the book but great storyline. Kinda predictable. Maybe its the fac The fact that Jake had slept with Chloe annoyed me and it had suddenly lost my interest and care for Jake now.

Maybe its the fact that it was also in Jake's POV that i didn't like? Other than that, OK-good book. Sep 25, Hayley G rated it it was amazing. This series needs to continue- it just has to!

Well folks let me tell you something, Jake isn't the Prince Charming you think he is. I'll post a full review on the blog next week! Sep 18, Kayla Hartnett rated it really liked it. If you are a person who likes a drama filled story This is so not happening by Kieran Scott is the book to read. In This is so not happening Ally and Jake are going into their senior year of high school but things take a turn for the worst when Chloe is pregnant and says Jake is the father.

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Hammond is mad at Jake but even more with Ally for staying with him. Ally wanted to try her best to keep everything normal and work out but it was hard when Jake started to spend more time with Chloe. It seem If you are a person who likes a drama filled story This is so not happening by Kieran Scott is the book to read. It seems everyday there was a new struggle to face for these teens. This book was interesting and captivating all at once.

It took about two chapters for me to finally be taken into the book, but once I was hooked I couldn't put the book down. I was surprised at how fast more complications arose in the book and it definitely met my expectations by this.

Throughout the book there was never a moment where everything was perfect, always some issue had occurred whether everything worked out in the end or not something was going on. Once you were reading you couldn't put the book down because you didn't know what to expect next.

The book was definitely a great read and the drama throughout was enough to keep me reading. At some points in the book I would be completely shocked by what had just happened and the Scott kept your attention with the craziness of this group of teens senior year.

I liked Ally a lot more in this one. I always enjoy h 3. I always enjoy her writing. I didn't remember Jake changing so much after he finds out view spoiler [he is not the father hide spoiler ] and it was a bit scary, I'm not going to lie.

I mean, he was always a spoiled, little brat but mostly in a cute way. But after finding out, he was really mean and spiteful. Not that he didn't have a reason to be. Chloe almost got away with murder and Jake got isolated and blamed for a 1st re-read TISNH, the last book of the series, was a bit glum, depressing and kind of uncomfortably dark.

Chloe almost got away with murder and Jake got isolated and blamed for acting out and holding a grudge. He was immature about it sure, but he is supposed to be immature, he is 17! Again, this book portrays girls who are entitled, spoiled and were never said 'no' in their lives, to easily judge others for acting the same, and get away with it. I know it was probably done in an effort to give a little power to the girls and show that most guys are jerks, but that was just a bit overkill.

Also, what happened to David??? Poor guy, he was such a big part of Book 1 and he was completely forgotten in the next ones: Especially book 2, which I absolutely loved on my first read.

Go figure. It's been 2 years but it feels like yesterday when I first read about Jake and Ally. For those of you who are still trying to pick your jaw off the floor after the last book's explosive ending, This Is So Not Happening will kill you! The answer to the question on everyone's lips comes after the first half of the book, so I can see a lot of bit nails in your future. Scott's writing makes it all worthwhile, though. Alternating POVs between Jake and Ally, she captures the mind of a girl who's dealing with so much crap but tries not to lose it, and a guy who is going through so many changes in a short amount of time, that he feels like he's losing his marbles.

The way these two teenagers, with apparently a very different view of things, handle a very serious situation is heartbreaking, awkward, funny, aggravating and admirable, everything it should be. The thought alone of everything one stands to lose but also gain from this experience, is overwhelming for adults, much less teenagers. Scott did an excellent job writing these two, kudos.

I have a tiny insy bit objection, though. I mean yeah, maybe he was a little obnoxious at times, but come on! The guy is 17, he finds out that after one night of protected sex he left Chloe pregnant. He had to keep his grades up, his girlfriend and also his mind. And after 5 months he finds out that Chloe had lied to him about the baby?? And for what? So she could be more respected by the other Cresties instead of them finding out she had sex with a Norm. Pffff the guy flushed his life in the toilet for her and the baby and everyone was against HIM!

Not fair at all. Chloe was way too pampered and spoiled, in my opinion. No more Jake and Ally. Unless Scott decides to write another trilogy with them in college.

Could happen. Just throwing it out there. Whatever she decides to write next, I know it will be amazing. The Private series is one of my favorite series ever I swallowed those books up like nobody's business , so her future books are automatically on my to-read list. Thank you, Mrs. Scott for yet another awesome series: It perfectly depicted what the story is all about. It could not be happening. Not to me.

Not to us. Not here. Not now. Not ever. It was really wrong timing because Jake and Allie just went back together, starting fresh.

But how can they start if Jake has now a responsibil 3. But how can they start if Jake has now a responsibility?

A huge responsibility. She decided to support Jake in this predicament. She is still with him even though his priority is Chloe. Wow, Allie, girls like you deserve a medal. I do understand his situation. But his actions really a test of patience and understanding. If I were Allie I would have let him go. But at the same time I kinda admire him because he accepted the responsibility. Even though he was so scared. Once again, I understand his reaction.

He's So Not Worth It

After all, he invested a lot of things for the baby: He almost sacrificed his future for her and the baby. Of course things will hit the fan. It kinda loses my respect for him. Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. It just, I find him, I dunno…still wrong for her?

He probably learned a thing or two with happened to him. The drama, the neglect, not really worth it. Books like these are my guilty pleasure. Even though I eyerolled a lot I still find it all hilarious. And although for me, the story kinda fizzled out when it reached the third book, it was still a nice read and I sort of liked the happy feel, the all's-well-that-ends-well ending of this trilogy.

And you know what? I hadn't even realized all these books were by her until after I read them and fell in love with them.

So basically, what I'm saying is that Kieran Scott is freaking amazing. And this book was too. He's SO Not Worth It ended with a character claiming she was pregnant with Jake's baby, and this book starts right back up where that one left off. Couldn't get any crazier, right? So much happens in this book that I couldn't put it down until I was finished seriously, i read this baby in one day. The characters are entering their senior year in high school, a year that's supposed to be awesome, amazing, and all about making memories with the ones they love.

That is far from what ends up happening to them! Ally has to worry about her mom's wedding, playing basketball for who knows what college, and her boyfriend possibly being the father of another girl's baby. Between all of this stuff going on, there's seriously no possible way this book could be boring.

And talk about emotional! I went from loving Jake, to hating him, to loving him, to hating him, and well, you get the picture. I would gasp, cover my mouth in shock, and run to my sister's room to tell her about something shocking happened, only to run in 2 minuted later with another shocking piece of news.

And the end was so freaking good.

See a Problem?

I was so so so sad that it had to end. Can Kieran Scott write more? Well, if I don't get another book, everyone else has to at least read this series. I want others to be able to experience the intense attachment to characters and addiction to an amazing story.

So find a copy of this trilogy now! You won't be able to put it down until you've read the very last page. Jan 12, Andrea rated it liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. So this was good for a trilogy ending. It wasn't as good as the other two books, though, but I really enjoyed it. I didn't like the way the Lincoln thing was treated, giving it so much importance at first and it falling out just like that in the middle of the book.

But alright. When I read in the plot "when Ally joins the school play and meets a cute boy" I expected something else. Anyway, Lincoln's name is not one I'm used to so every time it came up I giggled. I liked Shannen and Annie lots in t So this was good for a trilogy ending. I liked Shannen and Annie lots in this book. They were great. Faith was good too, and annoying, of course. David and Marshall turned irrelevant, they were there to remind us Ally had friends, hardly anything else. But let's go for the good stuff.

Ally, Jake, Chloe, Will. Ally really had a hard time, but I'm glad to say I didn't find her that annoying, or terrible or stupid. She actually managed to be a good main character and act like most people would do, I think.

I loved that about her because I could understand perfectly what she did and not ask myself every five seconds "why is she so stupid? Jake had his ups and downs. He was extraordinary about Chloe at first and I loved how he reacted to seeing the baby at the doctor's the first time. And it was understandable he was so caught up he kind of forgot about Ally. But not asking more about the possibility of Will being the father and his reaction after knowing, how he acted not only towards Chloe but towards Ally, was too much.

I get he was pissed, it's totally normal, he could've hated her forever, but he was just childish. And Chloe, I love her character when she's normal, she's so cute and adorable, but what she did to Jake sucked so much I can't understand how she did that.

And Will, oh he's cute. I love him. Anyway, for me the worst part surprise! Too cheesy. We didn't see that coming, hu? As if. Ally getting back with Jake was way too obvious, and I expected something more original for them to make up. But it wasn't all bad. It was too much right when the after graduation scene started. Then, it got way too cheesy. And the moral of the story? If you're rich and good at sports you'll get into college.

No worries about studying or getting any good grades. And that's how society rolls, folks. I was blown away with what was happening that I couldn't put this book down! It is one of those books you cannot forget because of all the things that are going on from both Ally and Jake's POV. I love Ally and Jake soo much and because this book had so many twists and turns that every decision that was made were both in a good way.

There is romance, lying, gossip and anything you would think high school does. We also got to know Chloe better as well as Ally other best friends. Chloe played a big role in this part of the series because of what had happened between Jake and her during the summer. As the novel went on their relationship is bumpy because of Jake's dedication of helping Chloe with the pregnancy. We also get the insight of where they are getting scholarships and academics. I am sad this is coming to an end because I love this series and it would be very interesting to continue with these characters into a college atmosphere because we all change through school.

I love Kieran Scott's writing because its addictive, fun and full of surprises! Be sure to start this series!! I loved the writing style and the point of views because we got to see what was happening in both their heads during this time and their relationship. I felt like crying during some of the scenes. The plot really wrapped up beautifully at the end and I am sad that its the end: I am looking forward to the many more books by Kieran in the near future!!

Thank YOU Kieran for creating such an amazing series!! May 31, Paulene rated it really liked it Shelves: I learned a lot from this. I got frustrated at Jake, felt sympathy for Ally and got totally infuriated at Chloe. This is a relationship that's been tested. I'm surprised that Ally didn't broke up with Jake. She fought til the end for their relationship because she wants it to work. Jake on the other hand is an ass. Sorry for the word but that's how i feel about him.

He's good because he didn't walk away when he thought he is the Father of Chloe's child. God I hate her I learned a lot from this. God I hate her. Ally was the one being affected by all of this. She was fine with it when she found out what happened between Jake and Chloe because she and Jake where not together yet when that happened. She tried to understand Jake's obligation to help Chloe with her pregnancy but this affects her relationship with Jake. They seldom see each other and she puts on that brave face of hers to let anybody know that she's alright when she is not.

Let's face it, it's not that easy to accept that your boyfriend knocked up some girl in your school. What a Shame. She meets a decent boy she can have fun with. From then on she forgets all the stress that's been killing her. It didn't work out though because she loves Jake despite of everything.

Good God! Ally found out that Jake isn't the father of Chloe's child. Apparently, Chloe has been sleeping with a bunch of guys through the summer and chose Jake to take that obligation for the reason that he's responsible enough and they are friends. What a total Biatch! In the end, Ally coaxed Chloe to fess up and Jake got mad at her and Chloe. Because he sees Ally helping Chloe despite everything that Chloe bitch has done to mess up his life.

Ally is too kind to help Chloe get through her pregnancy. And Chloe sure doesn't deserve ally's help. Ally accused Jake of being an asshole because he is teasing Chloe a cow and mocking her.

They got through every challenge and their relationship has been saved by means of a heart-to-heart talk. Thank God! Jan 17, Micheala George rated it liked it. I started this book with absolute certainty that I would hate it, and in a way- I do, because the ending actually redeemed the book enough to make me like it. That might not make a lot of sense because I have a lot of mixed emotions about this book.

Basically- What I liked about this book: Because everyone knew Jake was a "player", but no one cared; but Chloe hooks up with just TWO guys and suddenly everyon I started this book with absolute certainty that I would hate it, and in a way- I do, because the ending actually redeemed the book enough to make me like it.

Because everyone knew Jake was a "player", but no one cared; but Chloe hooks up with just TWO guys and suddenly everyone thinks it's okay to call her a "slut". Yet, they let Jake off-the-hook. I like that Chloe went back to school and faced all of the awful people making up rumors and judging her.

She was actually really strong. What I didn't like about this book: Seriously, He will never win a book-boyfriend award. He should never have put Chloe before Ally when Ally was so good to him.

He should have spent an equal amount of time with each of them if anything. He was a crappy boyfriend. I also hated how he kept saying he would "start being the best boyfriend ever from here on out" then he'd go back to being a douche-bag not long after. He really didn't deserve Ally, and I was kinda rooting for Lincoln at one point. However, I did like the ending.

Do you really think any girl in her right mind would be able to refrain from strangling Chloe when finding out she had lied about Jake being the father of her baby?!But I just feel so bad for Ally after all the stuff she had to go through by dating that tool and it all just goes to waste because of Chloe. All they cared about was popularity and they were willing to do anything for it. Back to home page. But I don't care. He deserved it. And Aly is a masochist. You have no precedent on which to base your hypothesis.

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