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Yearly Current Affair For All Competition Exam – In Hindi Language. UPPCS Prelims GS-1 Question Paper – In Hindi/English Language. UPPSC, UPPCS Preliminary Exam Question Papers & Answer Keys, UPPSC Main Exam Question Papers, UPPSC Main Answer Key pdf free download. Check UPPSC Last Years Solved Papers in Hindi & English. Download the UPPSC Last year question papers PDF for upcoming exam.

Uppcs Question Paper Pdf

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It is very important to go through last 10 years of Question Papers of UPPCS Mains Exam. For the sake convenience for the UPPCS aspirants, we are. (Papers) Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC) Exams. NEW!( Download) UPPSC: Preliminary General Studies Question Paper -1 (Hindi) . UP PCS Question Paper PDF UPPSC General Studies Question Paper PDF, UP PCS GS Paper 1 Pdf, UP PSC GS Paper 2 PDF,UPPSC.

Sargeant Plant Codes: Who among the following leaders founded the revolutionary organization - 'Abhinav Bharat Society'?

Which of the following pairs is NOT correctly matched? Rebellion Year. Vegetation is the true index of climate' This statement is associated with. In which of the following countries is the Pampas grasslands situated? Desert Country. Arrange the following coffee producing countries in descending order of their coffee production , quantity and select the correct answer from the codes given below: Colombia B. Vietnam C. Brazil D. Indonesia Codes: How much the maritime distance between India and Europe was reduced after the construction of the Suez Canal?

Arrange the following Indian Meteorological Headquarters in Chronological order of their establishment and select your correct answer from the codes given below: New Delhi B. Kolkata C.

Shimla D. Pune Codes: At the mouth of which of the following rivers the 'bird's foot' type delta is formed? Natural growth of populationis the outcome of which of the following? Crude Birth Rate B. Crude Death Rate C. Migration D. Marriages Select the correc answer from the codes given below: Which of the following is the largest rural employment programme in India? Which of the following States is ranked economically at the top but the lowest on the basis of sex-ration?

In India which of the following Five Year Plans was launched with a focus on sustainable growth? According to the India State of Forest Report, , what percentage of total geographical area of the country is under forest? Which of the following animals can live for the longest duration without drinking water? The maximum concentration of ozone is found in which of the following?

As a result of global warming the frequency and severety of which of the following are increasing due to global warming?

Which of the following is NOT an example of in-situ conservation strategy? Ultra - violet radiation from sun light causes the reaction that produce which of the following?

According to J. Narlikar which of the following has so far NOT been considered as a science? Which of the following electro magnetic radiations has the maximum energy? How many types of justice, liberty equality and fraternity in that order has been mentioned in the preamble of constitution of India?

Which of the following is the first State I India formed on the basis of languages? The recommendations of Sarkaria Commission relate to which of the following? The Parliamentary form of Government was first introduce in which country? The Council of States has exclusive powers in relations to which of the following?

In which Part of the Constitution of India we find the provisions relating to citizenzhip?

Parliament can Amend the provision on official language of India under the Constitution by. After how many days of absence from Parliament without permission can a M. P be disqualified? Who among the following Governor Generals ridiculed congress as representing only a 'microscopic minority' of people?

UPPSC Prelims General Studies Paper 1 Answer Keys: Set D

Mary Kom has recently Sept. Supreme Courts Judgement regarding homosexually is related to which of the following? Supersonic Cruise Missile Brahmos is joint venture of which of the following? On the basis of Panama Papers, the Prime Minister of which of the following countries was sentenced to 10 years in jail for corruption? As per report released by U. Palaka Code: Which of the following centres related to Indus Valley are situated in Uttar Pradesh?

Kalibanga II. Lothal III. Alamgirpur IV. Hulas Codes: Given below are two statements , one is labelled as Assertion A and the other as Reason R. The early chisti sufis were found of musical assemblies called, 'sama' Select the correct answer from the codes given below: Which of the following inscriptions gives the information about two Ashwamedha Yajnas performed by the King Pushyamitra Shung?

The term 'chakla' has been used in Medieval Indian History sources. This was. The mosque the Khayr-ul-manzil opposite to the Purana Quila in Delhi was constituted by whom?

Arrange the following into chronological order and select the correct answer from the codes given below: Muhammad Shah B. Jahandar Shah C. Alamgir II D. Ahmadshah Codes: Which of the following rivers of Uttar Pradesh has been declared a 'Biological Disaster' due to environmental pollution?

In which of the following hills the world famous temple of Lord Venkateshwar Tirupati is located? Rajasthan desert or Thar desert is the expanse of which of the following?

Which of the following countries has the maximum production of milk per cow? Which of the following districts of Uttar Pradesh has the lowest female literacy rate as per census? The Sultana , Gulabi and Kali Champa varieties in different regions of India are varierties of which of the following major fruits?

UPPSC PCS Syllabus – UP PCS Pre Mains Exam Pattern Pdf

Which of the following States is the largest producer of cardamom and pepper in India? Saramati Codes: Which of the following countries is the leading producer of iodine in the world? According to census , which of the following states has the lowest child sex ratio both in Rural and Urban areas? According to census , which of the following states has the largest rural population?

First reptiles 2. First insects 3. Shelled animals 4. Shelled animals Arrange the above events in Chronological order of their origin on the earth and select the correct answer from the codes given below: Change the given sentence into passive voice: Who killed the snake?

Fill in the blank with the correct option: Instruction for Question Nos 23 to Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow: Speech is a great blessing but it can also be a great curse; for while it helps usp to make our Intentions and desires known to our fellows.

It can alos, if we use it carelessly, make our attitude completely misunderstood. A slip of the tongue, the use of an unusual word, or of an ambiguous word, and so on, may create an enemy where we had hoped to win a friend. Again different classes of people use different vocabularies and the ordinary speech of an educated man may strike an uneducated listener as pompous.

Thus speech is not a gift to use lightly without thought, but one which demands careful handling. Only a fool will express himself alike to all kinds and conditions of men. The best way to win a friend is to avoid. Change the following sentence into complex sentence: Identify the part of speech of the underlined word: The boys ran round the tree. Change the following sentence into indirect form: The teacher said, "Be quiet, boys". Complete the sentence with suitable alternative: The son asked his mother if he.

Fill in the blank with the appropriate word: The area of the given circle is 35p. It has been divided into six equal parts. A right angled triangle having hypotenuse 25 cm and sides are in the ratio 3: The volume of the double cone so formed is.

If x, y, z are positive integers such that x: Which of the following characteristics is most important for taking appropriate decisions for socially diadvantages persons? The biggest advantage of regular interaction between officer and sub-ordinates in an organization is.

Marked price of the watch is. He gets only 50 marks and falls by 4 marks. The maximum marks is. How many days will 5 women and 10 children take to complete the work? Explain the biochemical events during senescence 10 7 a.

What is ecosystem? Explain Abiotic and Biotic components of ecosystem. Write a short note on conservation of natural resources. Write a short note on Plant succession. Describe any two essential oil yielding plants. Write a short note on biofertilizers. Point out the genetic recombination method. Discuss its importance in bacteria. Draw a diagram of ultra-structure of Bacteriophage. Point out the main differences between lytic cycle and lysogenic cycle related to the replication of viruses.

What do you understand by epidemiology? Discuss the factors related to Plant and pathogen involved in disease development. Give an account of plant disease management with particular reference to biological control of plant disease. Write a note on the disease given below, with reference to causal organism, symptomatology and harmful effects- Late blight of paddy, Rust of Tea, Rusts of Wheat 10 3 a.

Draw diagram of mature sporophyte of Marchantia and Funaria in longitudinal section. Point out the mains differences observed amongst them. Write a characteristic feature of Psilopsida. Describe the silent features of sporophyte of Psilotum. Point out the affinity of this with Rhynia.

Write a detailed note on economic uses of gymnosperms. Explain the ultra structural developmental stages of pollen walls. Draw diagrams in tubular form showing gametogenesis and sporogenesis stages of various tetrasporic embryo sac. Explain the various theories regarding the development and differentiation of various organs from root and shoot apices.

What do you understand by ICBN? Give an outline of two modern systems of classification of angiosperms. Give an account of salient taxonomic characters of Cucurbitaceae and Apiaceae families with particular reference to the androecium and gynoecium. Write a detailed note on economic importance of the family Asteraceae.

Explain the principles and methodology in Plant Tissue Culture. Why genetic engineering constitutes one of the basic foundations of modern biotechnology? Write a short note on cell membrane. Describe the function of mitochondria. What is genetic code? Explain the differences between mitosis and meiosis.

Download UPPCS previous year solved question paper

Write a short note on interaction of genes. What do you mean by regulation of gene expression? Write a short note on oncogenes. What do you mean by restriction enzymes? Discuss the mechanism of sex determination. What is mutation? Describe the process of biological N2 fixation. Write a short note on chemistry and classification of carbohydrates. Describe the mechanism of enzyme action. Write a short note on Photo-phosphorylation. What do you understand by photorespiration? What is C4 Carbon cycle?

Describe the functions of secondary metabolites. Describe in detail about plant succession. Write a short note on Petro-crops. Describe the structure of Auxin and its role in agriculture. Explain flow of energy in ecosystem.

Describe any two fibre yielding plants. Section-A 1. Answer any four of the following 4X10 i. Role of microbes in agriculture ii.

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Defense system of body iii. Antigen iv. Components of Disease cycle vi.

Give a brief answer of all parts: 10X4 i. What types of Nucleic acid is present in TMV? Write three hosts of this virus. Can tobacco product also spread TMV infection? What is bolting? Name the plant diseases caused by Puccinia recondita, P. Write two symptoms of club root of crucifers. Which plant disease is caused by the vector white fly Bemisia tabaci?

Name the disease caused by Cephaleuros parasiticus Karst. Name the organism causing bacterial blight of paddy. Which group of microorganism causes leaf curl of papaya? What is the relation between plasmid and bacteria?

Download CSAT Paper II of UP PCS Exam

What is the use of plasmids? Answer any two of the following 2X20 i. Describe two management techniques for late blight of potato or red rot of sugarcane. Discuss the four essential components for biotic disease development. Answer all of the following 4X10 i. What is callus? Write the process of differentiation from callus.

How tissue culture can be used to produce virus free plants?

Differentiate between hybrids and cybrids.With the help of neat and labelled diagram describe the development and structure of Male Gametophyte of Gnetum.

If x, y, z are positive integers such that x: What can be the maximum representation from the Union Territories to the Lok Sabha? The Previous Year Question Papers given here are only for reference purpose. Saramati Codes: If you want to qualify the exam, it is important to know about the exam pattern so that you can stay prepared in the right way.

According to J.