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scouting and patrolling conducted by Marines from the fire team to the MCWP 3 provides all Marines with the instructional material they. (2) End State. Combined with the Marine Corps Physical Fitness . (12) The CCI or CPTR will ensure Marines order and complete MCI Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd . MCI home page at www. sppn.info . available through Marine Online Web site: sppn.info

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course you have chosen, MCI C, Terrorism Awareness for Marines, provides instruction to all Marines. This course gives an overview of. NAVMC , U.S. Marine Corps User's Guide to Counseling, provides a means to .. Marine Corps Institute (MCI) courses. This is also a time. MCI MARINE CORPS INSTITUTE. STAFF NONCOMMISSIONED MCI Course sppn.info 10 Nov

Each servicemember is provided an initial PIN for his or her first visit that must be changed to a private PIN for continued access. Specifically identifies your name, last four of your SSN, rank, and etc. B Forecasted Amounts. The amount of your earnings received on the given dates. C Split Pay. Denotes the split pay option if active and the amount. D Direct Deposit Information. The name and address of the financial institution receiving your direct deposit. E Leave Information. Accumulated leave you have earned from the beginning of the fiscal year 1 October and leave you have used, cashed in, or lost as a result of exceeding the maximum balance.

F Aviation Pay Information. Flight pay information including base date and accumulated flight time. G Tax Information. Number of exemptions, amount you are paying in state and federal tax and year to date totals. H Indebtedness Rights.

Indicates your rights if you owe money to the government. The zip code for the area in which you are drawing housing allowance. J Career Sea Pay. The thief uses your Social Security number SSN and other identifying information to open new accounts in your name. May take months for you to realize as the statements go to another address. They are listed below:. Theft Armed with your personal identification or account numbers, the criminals Protection proceed to charge goods or open new accounts.

So how do you protect Guidelines yourself and your family? To increase your protection, follow the guidelines listed below:. Do not carry your Social Security card, birth certificate, and passport in your wallet or purse, except when needed. Mix upper and lower case letters and include numbers. Change them periodically. Instead, just put the last four numbers so anyone who might be handling your check will not have access to it as it passes through all the check processing channels.

If you are robbed, you will have quick access to the toll-free numbers you need to report the theft. Repairing the If you are the victim of identity theft, you should follow the steps listed Damage below:.

Request a credit report, which is free to identity theft victims. Ask that your file be flagged with a fraud alert, and find out how long that alert will remain on your report. Get replacement credit cards with new account numbers. Make sure the police list the accounts affected by the fraud. Make sure there is a police report! Make a note of your time and expenses.

Do not pay any bill resulting from identity theft.


Do not cover any of the checks. Your permanent credit rating will not be permanently affected and no legal action will be taken against you. If any one suggests otherwise, report them immediately to the Federal Trade Commission. Stolen Checks If you have had checks stolen or fraudulent bank account s opened, notify the institution and put stop payments on any outstanding checks.

Cancel the account s and open new ones. Report the theft to a check verification company. Via the telephone, they will speak with you and verify several pieces of information. The following table lists the various check verification companies and their phone numbers. Credit Record It is smart to monitor your credit report at least annually, even if your identity has not been stolen and essential if you are a victim. The three major credit bureaus are. It is a good idea to order a copy from all three for comparison and to determine what is being reported.

Credit There are also a number of companies that will monitor your credit for you Monitoring for a yearly fee. If something abnormal appears on your report, they will alert you. The fees and services vary according to the company used. Depending on your situation, this may be a good source of additional protection. Online Another source of personal information for thieves is the Internet.

Shopping Guidelines online is becoming more and more prevalent, which can be tapped into by the right computer hacker. Protect yourself using the guidelines listed below:. Look for the little padlock in the bottom corner of your computer screen. Never use a debit card. It is easier to challenge a fraudulent download with a credit card.

Opt Out Another method of protecting your identity is by lowering your profile. Unopened junk mail or pre-approved credit card offers that are thrown away can become a gold mine for the smart thief. Your name will be removed from the lists provided by the major credit agencies for 2 years.

You can have your name, e-mail address, and telephone number removed from snail mail and e-mail lists, as well as telemarketing lists.

Discarding If you become the victim of identity theft, it will help to have all your Documents paperwork is some semblance of order. Organizing your documents will save Guidelines you time and frustration. The following are some guidelines for discarding documents that contain confidential information:.

DefenseLINK is the single, unified starting point for finding military information on-line. Credit Contact information pertaining to the three national credit reporting agencies Reporting are listed in the table below: Box Report Fraud: Actions on the After completing this lesson, you should do the following on your own: Directions Complete items 1 through 14 by completing the action required. Check your answers against those listed at the end of this lesson.

Item 1 Corporal Beltbuckle and his wife are having marital issues and then she asks for a divorce. Can she receive a divorce? No, there must be some fault committed. Does he need to pay child support? Yes, the Marine Corps will enforce child support without a paternity test.

Yes, his wife became pregnant while they were married. No, if he believes she has had an affair. No, unless substantiated by a paternity test.

Born out of wedlock and without a paternity test. Item 4 Corporal Beltbuckle downloadd a brand new car. The contract stipulated that if the loan was not paid as agreed the financial institution could repossess the car since it was the collateral. What type of clause is this?

Item 5 Corporal Beltbuckle and his family have just arrived at Camp Lejeune to join his new unit. They find that on-base housing is not immediately available, so they rent a house, signing a 1-year lease, which contained a military clause. Two months later, they received a phone call informing them that their house is available the orders can be picked up at the Housing Office. Can he break his lease?

Yes, with orders to move into government housing. Yes, military personnel can break leases for any reason. No, only if he had received PCS orders. No, only if being discharged from the Marine Corps.

Item 6 Corporal Beltbuckle has just downloadd a new stove. If it breaks down tomorrow, there is nothing the store will do. Does Corporal Beltbuckle need to download the service contract?

Yes, the salesperson will know what they are talking about. Yes, he will spend money on a warranty now or pay for repairs later. No, the stove comes with a warranty—if it is written or not. No, most new things run perfectly anyway; he would be wasting money.

Federal student loans b. Exemption from paying State income taxes on military pay earned in states that are not your legal residence c. Exemption from paying your Federal real estate taxes, with the exception of your spouse if applicable d. A reduction of interest rates in excess of 10 percent on contracts entered into after joining the Armed Forces.

Item 9 Which Act gives you the right to notify a debt collector in writing to have no further contact with you? Item 11 Corporal Beltbuckle believes he should file for bankruptcy due to mounting credit problem. How long can a bankruptcy stay on his credit report? Your signature b. Leave blank d. Item 14 Corporal Beltbuckle believes he is the victim of identity theft. What should he do next?

Pay the bills as they come in and report them. Photocopy the contents of his wallet. Contact all creditors. Alert his command to the theft.

Account takeover b. Application fraud 13 b 14 c Scope In the last study unit, you learned about some of the various types of pay and legal issues that you may have to deal with. In this study unit, you will take your first steps on the road of financial planning. You have been dealing with your finances for most of your adult life, but do you have a financial plan?

Commandant's Professional Reading List

Do not get nervous, it is easier than it sounds. The following lessons will start you on the right path. You will learn how to select the best financial institution for your needs and how to effectively manage your checkbook.

Then you will learn how to develop a custom made spending plan based on your wants and needs. Finally, you will be introduced to the world of credit and how it can help you to achieve your financial goals and to avoid the painful lessons of using credit unwisely. The days of putting your money under the mattress are long gone.

Your money belongs in a financial institution. But how do you choose which one will be right for you? As a member of the Marine Corps, you have special needs that your civilian counterparts do not.

This lesson will help you understand the variety of institutions available and which services you should look for. It will also discuss how to effectively manage a checking account, from writing a check correctly to keeping track of what money is coming in and going out. Overview This lesson provides suggestions on what to look for when selecting your bank. There are four main types of financial institutions that provide banking and checking services:.

Credit Unions A credit union is a non-profit organization that is owned by its members. Because of the non-profit status, interest rates on loans tend to be lower and interest rates on savings accounts tend to be higher. Defense credit unions are also available to military members. They generally have branches near military installations, including overseas. Banks A bank is a for-profit organization owned by shareholders. Because of their for-profit status, interest rates on loans tend to be higher and interest rates on savings accounts tend to be lower.

They offer many other financial services as well. Savings and Often called thrifts, these institutions provide loans and offer interest-bearing Loan checking accounts.

Interest rates may be slightly higher than banks. Mutual Savings A mutual savings bank is a State-chartered institution available in certain Banks states only. Depositors are the owners of the institution and share in the earnings. Factors To Banking services and costs vary widely. Advertisements do not offer Consider information that you can use to comparison shop for banking services.

A word to the wise is: Before selecting your financial institution, consider the following factors listed in the table below:. Factor Description Availability Are there any restrictions on withdrawal? Checking Is the interest rate on checking or share draft accounts competitive? Is there a minimum balance requirement?

Are there charges for writing checks? downloading checks? Can you get an automatic line of credit with a checking account? Continuity Will you be eligible for any preferential treatment if you bank there for a long period of time? Convenience Does the bank have a branch or automated teller machine ATM near your home or workplace?

Are late evening and weekend services provided? Is the service friendly and personal? How frequently do you receive statements?

What are the requirements and terms? Do they offer a share check card? Electronic Does the bank offer automatic transfer from one account to Services another? Are automatic bill payer and direct deposit services provided? Are there ATM charges?

Is information available via phone or the Internet? Financial Are financial planning services available? What life Planning insurance or investment products are offered?

Loans Is it fairly easy to get a line of credit? Are interest rates and loan terms competitive? Does the bank provide preferential rates if you borrow against savings?

Is there a prepayment penalty if you pay off your loan early? Online Does this institution offer online banking? If so, how much Banking will it cost and how is it charged? Flat fee or per transaction? Think About It Take a moment and write down the top five services or things that you want your financial institution to have or do. Now, take another moment and ask yourself if your current financial institution has the services or things that you noted above.

If it does not, it may be worth the time it takes to find one that does fit your needs. Overview There are a variety of ways to pay for the goods and services you need on a daily basis. Cash is not always the best method. For larger downloads, and for security, a checking account is a smart move.

But a checking account is not the only option either. Checking A check is a promise to pay, a guarantee that there is enough money in your Account account to cover the amount of the check. Checks are a widely accepted method of payment, and are more convenient and safer than cash. A check is a legal document.

Writing a check without enough money in the bank to back it up is illegal. A cancelled check is also proof of payment if there is a dispute with the vendor. There are two types of checking accounts:.

Individual With an individual checking account, only one person is responsible for the Accounts account.

Joint Accounts With a joint checking account, more than one person is responsible for the account. It is best if one person establishes primary responsibility, but each party involved needs to know the status of the account at all times. Any person on the account can sign the check, but no matter who signs, both people are responsible for payment.

Survivorship With a joint account, you must also decide about the future disposition of the account in case of the death of one of the owners. You can choose joint tenancy:. The funds automatically transfer to the other joint owner. The money goes to your estate, not the joint owner. Interest and Some checking accounts pay interest and some do not. Interest earning Non-Interest accounts usually require that you maintain a specific minimum balance, and Bearing pay a minimal rate of interest.

Check-Cashing A check-cashing card is tied to your checking account. All transactions are Card deducted from your checking account at the time you use it. It may look like a credit card, but is used instead of writing a check. A PIN based or direct debit card removes the money from your checking account immediately.

It will have a Visa or MasterCard logo on the front. With a signature card, you can sign the slip and the money will be removed from your account in a few days. Challenge In a joint account with right of survivorship, who receives the money in the account if you die?

Overview There are a variety of factors to consider when deciding where to open your checking account. Some of these factors may be more important to you than others. Like any other type of financial decision, shop around and find the best deal for your particular circumstances.

When choosing a checking account, examine the following factors:. Branch Hours The Marine Corps is rarely a 9-to-5 job. Also if you travel or are transferred overseas, you need to know about locations and ease of transferring money.

Statements You should receive statements monthly; however, financial institutions are required by law to send at least one a quarter.

Ask how often you should expect to receive yours. Always read your monthly statement. This is where all transactions that have occurred during the month will be summarized. If you require further assistance, seek a customer service representative from the bank. Truncating You may have the option of receiving your canceled checks with your statement or the financial institution may retain them. If retained, they will be stored on microfiche. A customer can usually receive up to three free copies of checks a month, but there may be a fee, so always ask.

Minimum Your financial institution may require you to have a minimum amount of Requirements money to open an account or in the account at all times:. Make sure you ask if this is the policy, what is the minimum balance required, and what is the fee if this should occur.

Services Financial institutions now offer a wide range of services beyond the basics of checking and savings. These services include. Insured Make sure the financial institution is federally insured. Investment accounts are not covered at all. Be sure to ask questions about the coverage. Credit unions are insured by NCUA. Interest Ask which accounts pay interest, what are the requirements to have an Bearing account like that, and what is the interest rate.

Remember—it all adds up! Service By law institutions must tell you about all applicable service charges you will Charges be charged. They can add up in a hurry—so beware! Check Order Institutions and vendors prefer you use checks with your name and address Costs printed on them.

You should inquire about the different types of checks available e. You can order checks through your financial institutions or it may be less expensive to order them from a mail-order company. Never have your social security number printed on a check. Instead of using your first name, use your initials. Never write a credit card number or phone number on your check either.

You are not required to do this by law. Such information could lead to identity theft. Costs Per Some institutions offer free checking and others allow you a limited number Check of free checks per month; thereafter, a charge per check written will be assessed. Some financial institutions charge a flat monthly fee. There are lots of free checking accounts available, why pay for them? Shop around for the best deal.

Overdraft Overdraft protection helps to ensure that if you write a check or use your Protection debit card against insufficient funds, only the bank is aware of it—not the business where you wrote the check or used the card.

The interest rate on a line of credit is normally high. Many financial institutions will still charge non-sufficient fund fees NSF to your account, in addition to any interest charges that accrue. You should inquire about availability, costs, types of overdraft protection, and repayment plans as it pertains to overdraft protection. Checking In addition to different types of costs, you must be aware of the types of fees Account Fees associated with checking accounts.

The various checking account fees are listed in the table below:. They Funds may pay the check or honor the debit and overdraw the account. However, they may not honor it at all, but will still charge you the NSF fee.

Returned Check The same as non-sufficient funds charges—these fees are Charges charged by both the bank and the business to which the check was written. These charges will vary and the business must post the charges. Be sure and find out what the minimum amount is and the charge.

Fees for If you need help with your account from a customer Research service representative, you may be charged. The charge Assistance will usually occur if your account requires extensive work. ATM Fees Always ask what they are! Some financial institutions are charging to use their own ATMs even if you are a customer. Stop Payment When you change your mind about paying, you have the Fees right to stop payment on any check you write.

You must request the stop payment before the check reaches the bank. Be sure to allow the bank reasonable time to carry out your request. There is a charge for this service. You should be prepared to defend your actions to the person or business to whom you issued the check. The stop order is usually valid for 6 months.

After that, the holder may attempt to cash the check again. Challenge The answer to this challenge question is found on page Now, does your current checking account if applicable have or offer the things you listed above?

If not, it may be worth the time spent to find and open a new checking account. Checks Writing checks may seem like an easy thing, something that is hard to do wrong. Many checks we write are not completed properly. Mistakes and incomplete information can lead to problems. They may even make it possible for someone to take the check and alter the amount. Completing the Instructional and descriptive information pertaining to the check is given in Check the table below:.

In many states, they can still be used despite the later date written. If you have an agreement to the contrary, make sure it is in writing, and signed by the party to whom you issued the check. Best advice—do not post-date a check. Never leave Order of blank unless the payee uses a stamp.

Some merchants have the ability to print their name and the amount of your check for you, requiring only your signature. If you choose this method, be sure to check for accuracy before signing. Make sure the numbers are correct and clearly written. Financial institutions pay the check according to the written amount. Line out any space not used. Account Number. Common Errors that are common when writing checks are listed in the table below: Error Description Illegibility Make sure all parts of the check are legible.

Empty Spaces Complete the entire check.

F Personal Financial Management (MCI)

It is very easy to forge a check if there are empty spaces. Only Filling in Write out the numerical amount of the check. Remember the Numbers written amount is the amount that will be paid. Not Signing If a creditor has to return a check to you for your signature, it the Check could result in late charges. Not Signing Sign your name as it appears on the check and on your Name as it signature card at the financial institution. Appears Not Lining Fill in the entire line. If handwriting is small, this is particularly through after important.

This is one of the most likely places on a check that the Dollar could be forged. Writing in Never write a check in pencil or with an erasable pen—it is Pencil very easy to forge! A check is a contract and contracts are null and void if written in pencil.

Checkbook Recording your check transactions in the register is one of the most important Register functions of checking account management. It is vital that the register be completed in full each time a check is written, a check-cashing card, or a debit card is used. Otherwise, you will have no record of usage, to whom, for what amount, nor your remaining balance.

Completing the Instructional and descriptive information pertaining to the checkbook register Checkbook is given in the table below: Number 2 Date Put the date that the check was written. Area 5 Payment Write the amount that the check was written for. This will assist you at tax time. One option to avoid forgetting to subtract check amounts from your register is: This way you automatically complete your register with each check.

Completed A checkbook register that is filled out completely and correctly is shown Checkbook below: Expensive Some of the mistakes made when filling out the register can be costly. Several Mistakes reasons why you may find it difficult to balance your checkbook while others are actually illegal and you can be prosecuted are listed in the table below:.

Post-Dating Checks This could cause problems if you ask someone to hold a check and they cash it anyway. Banks will pay the check immediately if there are sufficient funds, otherwise the check will be returned and result in lots of NSF and returned check charges.

The check may clear sooner than you expect and be returned. Financial institutions can give updates over in the Register the phone if there is a question about a check, but most have converted to automated systems and prefer that you use them. You may want to consider duplicate checks to avoid this problem. Some checkbook covers even include a calculator for this purpose. Not Subtracting If you have payments arranged on automatic deduction, Automatic Deductions be sure to know what date the payment is deducted from your account and record it in your register.

Completing the Instructional and descriptive information pertaining to the deposit ticket is Deposit Ticket given in the table below:. Place the amount of that check to the right. Place the total amount of any checks in this space. Received 7 Net Deposit Net amount being deposited in the account. Subtract the amount from block 6 from block 5 to determine net deposit.

Deposit Ticket Guidelines for completing the deposit ticket are listed below: Check Endorsements transfer ownership of a check over to the bank.

Your signature Endorsement on the back of the check authorizes the check to be turned over to a bank or another person. There are three basic check endorsement types:. If the check is lost, it can be easily cashed by anyone. Sign the check when you are at the deposit location. Restrictive Restricts future use of a check. This endorsement will protect your check if it is lost or stolen because it can only be deposited to an account you specify.

Jane Smith will then endorse the check to negotiate it. The last endorser is always responsible for the check. Continued on the next page. Business days do not include Saturday, Sunday, or federal holidays. The table below lists when money will be available after it is deposited.

Clearing A local check usually clears within 2 to 3 days; however, it can clear in as Procedures little as one day because of electronic funds transfer EFT. If a check is mailed out of the local area, it may take longer to clear depending on which Federal Reserve District the receiving business is located within.

Many businesses use a check guarantee system that automatically clears your check right at the register at the time of download. They may process your check by making an electronic copy and return the canceled check to you immediately.

Other books: MCITP PDF

It is very important to remember that because of EFT, the clearing process can happen almost instantly. Do not take a chance by writing checks if funds are not available in your account. Automated Your automated teller machine ATM card provides a convenient method to Teller make deposits and withdraw funds from your checking or savings account. Machines While you can obtain balance information with your ATM card, it is not reliable and should not be used to verify your register balance.

ATMs are very convenient to use overseas. They are usually less expensive than the fee charged to change money at other locations. Safeguard your PIN. Never place it in your wallet with your ATM card.

Your card will not work without the PIN; do not make it easy for dishonest people to steal your cash. Report loss or theft immediately.

This may deter you from taking out more than you had planned and only take out as much money as you need. Always remember to record the transaction in your account register. Do not throw away the receipt. It contains your account number. Take it home, record the information, and then shred it. Keep in mind that ATM withdrawals take the money out of your account when you withdraw it, but ATM deposits are not credited to your account until they are verified and entered by a bank employee.

If you deposit money on Friday, it may not be available until Monday. Comments and recommendations on the contents of the course are invited and will aid in subsequent course revisions. Please complete the course evaluation questionnaire at the end of the final examination. Return the questionnaire and the examination booklet to your proctor. This page intentionally left blank. Marines worldwide may call commercial or DSN You've reached the end of this preview. TERM Fall 'To begin your course of study, familiarize yourself with the structure of the course text by reading the table of contents.

Can he break his lease? Please complete the course evaluation questionnaire at the end of the final examination. This reference includes a Support Calculation Worksheet. You can access and print your LES, change federal and state tax withholdings, update direct deposit data, manage allotments, download savings bonds, and enroll in the Thrift Savings Plan TSP at www.