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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

This handbook does not constitute an employment contract or binding policy and is Either Valve or an employee can terminate the employment relationship. Valve's Handbook for New Employees. A fearless adventure in knowing what to do when no one's there telling you what to do. Download PDF. Originally uploaded to sppn.info This handbook does not constitute an employment contract or binding policy and is Either Valve or an employee can terminate the employment relationship.

Valve Employee Handbook Pdf

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Employee handbook for Valve Corporation, a maker of videogames. On Friday, a user on the Flamehaus forums uploaded a very convincing pdf, complete with accompanying photo, of a new book called Valve. So Valve is definitely idealized by people outside (and inside) the game industry, but definitely much less so by people who have worked there.

Each list on the Trello board represents what would be a different section in the handbook, such as benefits, vacation, travel and miscellaneous items. Then, under each list, are all the policies and procedures relating to that topic.

The board is mostly public except for a few links that redirect the employee to a private board containing the specifics on sick leave policy, vacation policy and sexual harassment policy. Several cards include funny photos of staff and animals, and they stick to light, easy reading by using mostly short bullet points.

Their goal was to create a document people would not only read, but enjoy reading.

The comic book theme carries through from the superhero on the cover to the ads on each page that explain the different company departments. This prioritization of cultural fit is evident throughout the employee handbook with photos of staff, quotes and real testimonials. The document covers lighter topics using things like images, memes, colors and graphs. For example, the Disqus at a Glance page uses a map to show office locations as well as an easy-to-read graph to illustrate employee growth over time.

In addition to the fun layout, the text is written in a light and conversational way making it relatable and much easier to read. Created on airmason. The document also communicates how modern and fresh Sterling is by using iMessage chats to answer FAQs.

Valve's new employee handbook is chock-full of awesome, read it now

The document portrays the fun company culture with jokes, puns and lighthearted text. And, they manage to do this without sacrificing humor.

The handbook finishes by checking one of the most important legal boxes: a quick note stating that the rules are not a part of an employment contract and are subject to change without notice.

Employees who are looking for something specific can find it instantly. The most important part of a good employee handbook is that it accurately represents the company to which it belongs.

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6 Inspiring Employee Handbook Examples

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