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Violet Winspear was born on 28 April in England. She worked in a factory since , when in she sold her first romance novels to. Violet Winspear Collection - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. her books. Coa) Reminiscent of Gone Girl in that it's written in the alternating stegosaurus The Honeymoon has 28 ratings and 5 reviews. THE TWO SISTERS LOOKED.

Violet Winspear Pdf

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The Unwilling Bride. Home · The Unwilling Bride Author: Violet Winspear. 43 downloads Views KB Size Report. DOWNLOAD MOBI. 0 Comments. Seicul Violet Winspear. December 4, | Author: florentina | Category: N/A. DOWNLOAD PDF - MB. Share Embed Donate. Report this link. Download R Violet Winspear - Castelul DOWNLOAD PDF - MB. Share Embed Donate. Report this link. Short Description. Download R Violet .

Lorne finds out that her grandfather had offered her up to Razul al Kebir for some land. It got a bit tedious, her fighting him as he seemed to be a pretty romantic hero. There is the requisite pot stir Lorne finds out that her grandfather had offered her up to Razul al Kebir for some land. There is the requisite pot stirrer in this book, but no satisfying ending for that particular spoon either.

If there was, we the readers, are not privy to that information. Lorne decided to accept what was on offer and leave things where they stood.

I suppose it was just a plot device to make Lorne realize where her feelings were going and more acceptable to Razul in the end. But Razul still had a bit of the chauvinistic attitude that permeates the earlier works of HP, yet he was excused because of the sitting of the story. He did get what he came to the desert to gain though and anything else is left to your interpretation: May 24, Anuradha rated it liked it.

Fair enough, I'd say the girl's demand is. After all, if you get abducted by a Sheikh in the middle of a desert, romance is obviously not the first thing on your mind.

Even if he seems quite keen on it!


But he has had a head start with her. Her grandpa has promised her as a reward for waiving of some money to him, the desert state leader. And he is taken in by her virginal looks and chaste upbringing.

Just to make the hero more palatable to western audiences, he gets a French mother! Eastern men can be stylized and elegant and drool worthy too you know. Writers do not have to cloak them in part western colors to make them more acceptable!!

Getting back to the story, the abductor feeds the girl, clothes her and takes care of her more like a guardian, post the death of her grand father. Just that he also imparts lessons in sensuality and sex from time to time. She slowly converts from a hating, screaming virago to a yielding, loving sex buddy.

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No mention of eternal love, marriage, getting crowned as queen of sheikh land etc. Just a very simple acceptance of the hero as her lover, done consciously and joyfully.

Quite an adult, realistic approach to romantic fiction, would u say? Was a good read. Feb 28, Trenchologist rated it did not like it. It was pretty racist in broad strokes. It wasn't terrible with every character. This isn't really a pass. Under all his very subtle lack of doing much of anything, there seemed hinted he harbored noble intentions.

Also he didn't set upon the heroine immediately or ever force her lol why is this a plus. But he w -1 Given the date written, the hero, the plot trope, I had some expectation for content and theme and how it'd be handled. But he was dismissive and arrogant and superior in a chauvinistic Eastern Man! And half-European for good measure--the product of an unhappy union. The half-antecedent happens a lot in desert sheik books so far as I can tell not a trope I gravitate to, tho.

Thank god he's got some white in him!

The heroine can be attracted to and love him after all! The heroine's assigned maid informs there's no other woman in the palace! And it's like that whenever he has a woman which is rare. This guy is a serial monogamist, what a relief. This after the heroine is set up as being an excellent rider and great shot, which comes to nothing. The whole book comes to nothing. The leads barely interact.

The Unwilling Bride

The conflicts breeze in and out of the desert palace. No one seems to make any actual decisions and there's zero future for them laid out. To be frank I have no idea why this book, as-is, was pubbed. I also don't know any reason why the couple will stay together in HEA. That's not necessarily a fault for a book, but it's a major flaw for a Romance.

No one is in love in this book, and that's a big problem.

The ending is ambiguous, nothing is resolved, she gives in to her attraction to him and he? He desired her already and maybe will be nice to her until he's done with her. Even his gifts given along the way were offhand; not the offhand of a man desperately trying to hide his feelings but simply rote operation wrt someone who arouses him he's keeping around.

I interpreted the events leading to the end as him knowing she couldn't stay as his wife, and that she didn't want to--best case he treats her kindly and gently and teaches her more about the world and then bestows riches upon her and she goes to England and makes a good life for herself--but that's just not what I want out of a romance novel.

28 April - January

Not even an old skool racist trope desert sheik romance novel. So far I liked one of them. I have a few others in the big box of old skools so I might keep trying.

She's definitely got some overwrought appeal, and there's some esoteric ideas going on between the lines. But when she misses for me, it's a big miss.

This heroine was also raised in a convent, as was the heroine in the Winspear I finished right before. Is this some kind of thing for her? It figures; she likes a totally innocent, otherworldly heroine, and sticking them in a convent gives her that aplenty without having to explain further.

Dec 15, Roub rated it did not like it. Aug 08, Sapphira rated it really liked it. Como todo este tipo de novelas, es de lectura rapida y para pasar el rato pero esta me ha gustado.

Apr 10, Calatasde rated it did not like it Shelves: Apr 02, Trina added it. Feb 10, Finn rated it did not like it Shelves: She was stupid. He was ordinary. Gimaria rated it really liked it May 20, FeliciaKaren rated it did not like it Mar 30, Sara rated it it was amazing Nov 11, You're not going to talk me out of it or maybe, like, call a cab prompto and run screaming back to the airport to return to England?

Heroine: Nope. Hero: You sure? You don't even want to defend yourself like, for example, explain how my brother is actually the one t Hero: You are an English slut who caused my brother to become wheelchair bound after a car accident. You don't even want to defend yourself like, for example, explain how my brother is actually the one to cause the accident because he was molesting you while you were driving and you lost control of the car? It'll take, like, two seconds. I'm good. OW: You English whore!

Heroine: Uh? Oh yeah. Whatever you say.

Violet Winspear 38

OW: Really? You just gonna sit there and take every humiliating, slanderous B. I throw your way and not defend yourself or hightail it out of here? In need of love but, when roused, capable of breathtaking passion and potency.

Seicul Violet Winspear

Most of my heroes, well all of them really, are like that. They frighten but fascinate. They must be the sort of men who are capable of rape: men it's dangerous to be alone in the room with. Violet Winspear died at January after a long battle with cancer. Book Notes[ edit ] Violet Winspear's novels take the readers around the world. Even though many of her storylines are uninspiring, she excels at boldly using the written words to vividly bring to life the surroundings of her plots.

For example, The Palace of the Peacocks Many established Harlequin novelists such as Robyn Donald and Kay Thorpe , employ sexual antagonism in developing conflict in their stories.

These devices are popular with modern readers. For instance, Robyn Donald creates leaping sexual awareness between men and women. Since men are quick to acknowledge this vital force, Robyn casts them into the role of hunter and as women label it as a weakness to despise and overcome, she makes them the prey. This is the adversarial set up that drives her plots forward.

Employing the same motif of sexual antagonism, critics say that Winspear, contrasts her hero and heroine in such extremes that the heroine lacks awareness of her own sexuality against the hero who is fully aware of his.

This lends her stories an acute imbalance in character development where the heroine is left bemused with an alpha male hero who exerts overwhelming control over every situation. For example, The Time of the Temptress Modern day critics will say that Winspear reinforces a non-entity driven personality of the heroine against a larger than life hero.

It is not that the heroine lacks intelligence or initiative.Submit Search.

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Edited by Clean Up Bot. The Plot is clear and very well organized. Iszy rated it liked it Nov 10, She was a singer at a hotel. Add to this a dour housekeeper, sexy distant relative and an ancient mansion. Another classic Court of the Veils also stands out for this reason because the hero spells out his attraction for the heroine for being a 'deep girl' compared to her foil who preferred much dancing and friovolous gaiety.

Despite Wade's ceaseless taunts and jeers, in a case of Stockholm syndrome , where Eve finds herself totally dependent on Wade for her rescue, she falls in love with him.