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After a threat from the tiger Shere Khan forces him to flee the jungle, Watch Now . The Jungle Book () Lupita Nyong'o in The Jungle Book () Idris .. On IMDb Freedive, you can catch Hollywood hits and popular TV series at no . As lovely to behold as it is engrossing to watch, The Jungle Book is the .. Although I will say right now that I have not seen the Disney movie. The Jungle Book () (Plus Bonus Features) .. very comical moments that you just can't pass up and could watch days on end and not get tired of it i think it.

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The Jungle Book is a American fantasy adventure film directed and co- produced by Jon . “I just couldn't say no to playing Baloo,” says Murray. “Jon [ Favreau] is . Favreau as a child used to watch Disney's animated film. He felt the. Disney's The Jungle Book review: Deadline's Pete Hammond says director Jon Favreau's live-action/CGI take is a cinematic achievement like no other. April 11, pm. 9Comments. Facebook · Twitter; Print; Email; Show more sharing. Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle - the latest adaption of the Jungle Book story - is released on Netflix this week. WATCH: Naz speaks to the young star of Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle then you might be disappointed, because there's not a single sing-a-long track in the whole film. 2. Mowgli in Disney adaptation .

The bear — voiced by Bill Murray — promptly puts Mowgli to work climbing cliffs to steal honey to fatten him up for hibernation.

But do jungle bears hibernate? Murray is an irresistible sleazy hipster, an ursine Peter Venkman.

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So he wails in time — he tries to do it bluesy — and kills the great melody. The rest of the music is terrific. Little kids might be shaken up. Some grown-ups, too. But I was weaned on his Jungle Book stories. The Just So stories were just so. I wanted a mongoose after Rikki Tikki Tavi. I mean interpersonal politics — or, in this case, inter-species. His animals do cooperate and, in some cases, risk their lives for humans.

Kaa the python is so much more interesting than in the movie! He knows the real law of the jungle. But what does it say when even a myopic colonialist has a deeper vision of how the world works? It was funny.

It was scary. It was tear-jerking at times. The entire family enjoyed it. This title contains: Positive Messages. Positive role models. This review Helped me decide 1. Had useful details 1. Read my mind. Report this review. Adult Written by amyh14 April 19, The movie was beautiful. While very realistic the animals and intense it on par with what my 5 and 7 year old could understand.

It was amazing movie. Adult Written by nonya b. December 12, Violent garbage that makes you want to jump off a bridge I took my kids to see this because they loved the original, but we had to leave because of the shocking violence and death. My kids screamed and started bawling, once we left it took forever to calm them down.

They aren't even very small kids! Why would you add this trash and violence to a kids movie! DO NOT support this junk!

Aside from the depressing tone, there was no emotion, no laughs, no nothing. This movie is dark, depressing and violent. If you want to actually feel good after watching a movie watch the original instead of this trash!

The only upside to this mess was that the animals looked really good which just made it worse when they were "offed" in the movie. Everything is beautiful but nothing else positive at all. Helped me decide. Parent Written by Heather R.

September 10, Had useful details. Read my mind 1. Parent of a 6 year old Written by nadinemorgan May 31, Disappointing and far removed from the fun and warming original!!

‘The Jungle Book’ Review: Disney’s New Version Is A Stunning Visual Marvel

I was expecting a fun, jolly and upbeat movie with much of the music and songs that we know and love - a real feel good movie but was disappointed to view this dark and scary version of the same movie with incorrect references to species where many of them were not even native to India!! One reference was to the grizzly bear as a sloth bear?!!!! Any wonder children are confused today, with so many incorrect references in this movie!!

The orangutang was made to look really big and scary, which was completely unnecessary! They then did try to add in a song or two which did not work with this dark version. Too many fast flicking images, blurry, out of focus and completely unrealistic chain of events.

Oh and what happened to the ending where Mowgli met the young girl from the village?!!

The Jungle Book ()

Do NOT rate this movie at all, and it is another typical example of Disney taking a movie and spoiling it!! I would recommend other mums to check it out before taking their children to see it, as one mother beside me took her child out because they were scared, and I was cringing for my daughter who kept squeezing my hand at the scary bits - Says it all!!!

Parent Written by Melanlee April 16, Amazing animals, intense scenes, not for little ones My husband and I decided to check out this new twist on the Disney classic. Overall we enjoyed the movie, it was entertaining.

Not super exciting. We most definitely will not be bringing our 5 year olds as the animals are so realistic and some scenes would be too intense for them. I wish Disney would come out with a G rated film - this is definitely not it!

Otherwise we enjoyed it! Adult Written by MommaG3 April 16, A fantastic movie! I took my 7 yr old, 11 and 12 yr old kids yesterday to see this. It was superb! The animals seem sooooo realistic.

It was pretty action packed but nothing was too intense. Sensitive children under 5 "might" be a little overwhelmed but probably not.

My newly 7 yr old loved it. This will definitely be one to own.

Have fun and enjoy a great movie for the entire family: Adult Written by Stevie April 15, The Jungle Book is another Disney film trying to appeal to too many audiences The Jungle Book has the classic songs and decent messages, but also has violence and dark themes. It isn't okay for young kids, but adults may also notice some flaws. The effects aren't amazing and I didn't find it that well made overall, which is hard for me to say being a big Jon Favreau fan.

The action scenes are okay, but way too much for kids.

I wouldn't really recommend the film, but if you're going to watch it, screen it first for younger kids. Although I didn't like the film or find it to be very well made, it isn't too bad.

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Give it a shot if you have slightly older kids or are okay with some intense violence. Adult Written by Joes31 April 14, Adult Written by TwoDaughters February 17, One fight or chase or disaster scene after another. Some Disney features do a good job of developing the cute side characters, but this one forgets about that after about fifteen minutes. There's lot of menace, cruelty, and a ridiculous collapsing building occupied by a monster monkey.

Good grief.Frequently Asked Questions Q: Parents Guide.

The Huntsman could double that opening, but it won't have the same legs. James Berardinelli. Jon Favreau. Season 4. Any wonder children are confused today, with so many incorrect references in this movie!! The film initially became Disney's second highest-grossing animated film in the United States and Canada. Movie Info Mowgli, a man-cub raised in the jungle by a family of wolves, embarks on a captivating journey of self-discovery when he's forced to abandon the only home he's ever known.