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(available as an audio book and a lecture) How to Get What You Really, Really, Really, Really Want I AM Wishes Fulfilled Meditation (with James Twyman). Read ebook Ebook download Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting For Android Download file Download now. The Wayne Dyer Audio Collection/CD Collection. Wishes Fulfilled (unabridged audio book). Your Journey to Enlightenment (6-tape program). DVDS. Change.

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[download: KB] Free Pdf Wishes Fulfilled Mastering The Art Of Manifesting By Dr Wayne W Dyer Dr Mp3 Download | Stafa Band. Lisez Wishes Fulfilled de Dr. Wayne W. Dyer avec Kobo. By using your imagination and practicing the art of assuming the feeling of your wishes being fulfilled. Finally [PDF] Dr Wayne Dyer Wishes Fulfilled PDF is available at our online library. With our complete resources, you could find.

I gave my appointment to Nicollette, and what follows are two descriptions of the event that transpired. She is a university student consumed with classes, assignments, work, and parties and has never been to his lectures or read his books. She still knows very little of him other than she is now reading The Power of Intention. Nicollette called me from Victoria, B. She said she had experienced a weird headache the night before, and now her face was going numb on the left side.

She was having difficulty smiling on one side and was worried. She sent a picture of herself from her phone and we told her to go to the emergency room now and get it looked at, for it may be a stroke or something! I insisted we needed a professional assessment. She went and was triaged immediately through and given a battery of tests.

She was given prophylactic antiviral medication and high doses of prednisone. Nicollette was beside herself with grief. She called us and was so-o-o upset. She spent the next two days seeing different physicians making sure she could travel. She arrived in Hawaii on Tuesday. We could see that her paralysis was worse when she arrived—it was definitely progressing.

It worsened for several days thereafter. I was in contact with our doctor at home and sent him another picture of Nicollette in full paralysis.

Wishes Fulfilled Wayne Dyer Pdf

He told me that based on what he saw in the photo, it was a severe case. A week or so passed, paralysis continued, no movement, nor any taste sensation on her left side of her tongue.

She was having difficulty chewing. Nicollette was in a state of stress, distress, and shooting pain.

The universe intervenes—we meet Dr. Wayne Dyer on the promenade. We spent about an hour with Wayne in his condo. Wayne put his hands on her face and spoke to her over and over again, the same words until she got it—I am paralysis-free! My girlfriends in the background were crying, my mother awestruck … as we were leaving his condo, Wayne insisted that Nicollette must, simply must, have a session with his CST therapist the next day.

Since time was an issue, he gave his appointment to Nicollette. He made the arrangements. Nicollette came into the therapy session with much gratitude and the new thinking that she will be healed.

You asked her as Wayne had asked her, too what was going on in her life before this had happened. I was studying for my final exams in economics and computer science, and at the same time I needed to create a painting for my art class and write an essay on it. Lots on my plate, but I am handling it. That is a lot of something.

We see here how the mind and mind- filled stress can affect the body. To translate, by his expression and from what he had told me over the phone in Hawaii, it was actually severe. Nicollette knew what he meant. Our family doctor then went on to provide statistics of different levels of recovery and to prepare us that this type of paralysis can take two years or more to come back from, if you do come back.

We were to schedule another appointment in four weeks where Nicollette would be referred to a neurologist. She went back with the confidence of simply moving forward. I was surprised that she was leaving us and getting right back into her university life after what our family doctor had said, and given that she was still paralyzed. I am healed and paralysis-free.


Namaste, Linda The words I am healed and I am paralysis-free that Nicollette spoke, even though the physical evidence strongly indicated otherwise, may sound strange or even absurd to you as you read this. But I assure you they will make sense as you read Wishes Fulfilled.

Hi Kate, Thank you so much for letting my mom know about Dr. My family and I listened to it this evening, and I am so grateful that you made it possible for all of us to hear those wonderful things. This is truly, and has been, an amazing experience. I could see my paralysis getting worse every day no matter how much I thought it would get better.

I was told that I might not ever recover from this, and if I do it could take years. I became miserable. I felt broken. I was suffering. I met Dr. Dyer the day before I was leaving Maui. After Dr. Dyer learned of my condition, he put his hand over my face and introduced the idea that I have the power to heal myself. All I have to do is think about how I feel when I am paralysis-free. I thought about a friend taking a picture of me a year ago and me having no paralysis—I was smiling.

It was then explained that the physical is a representation of what starts out in the mind, in my imagination, of what I want to be physically.

Manifestation and healing begin here. I began to think that if I changed my thought process and thought only of connecting myself with the knowing that I am paralysis-free, eventually, the physical will reflect my new mind-set.

Dyer then said that he highly recommended I have a session with you, and he gave me your number. I called you, and with the generosity and kindness of Dr. Dyer, I had a session with you the next day. Right after meeting Dr. Dyer, I had difficulty trying to connect to the thought of being paralysis-free because it was so prominent to me in everything I did. My eye was always dry during the day, and at night I had to tape it shut after putting this lube in it.

I also had so much on my mind. In addition, I had to figure out living accommodations in three weeks. I had so much to think about, and I felt so uncomfortable in everything I did because of my paralysis. The next day I had a session with you. You asked what was going on in my life before this happened. Everything was fine.

My roommate was moving out, and I was also. I was anxiously waiting to find out if I was going to be accepted to McGill University. I even remember thinking that I should feel more stressed out than I did. We see here how stress hurts the body. You started by putting your hands on my ankles. You were asking my mom some questions about where we are from, etc.

It made me feel more comfortable, as this was something I had never heard of or even imagined I would be doing. So I started thinking about how I could make this session as beneficial as possible. I thought about what Dr. I remember hearing the calming sound of the waves and looking up at the white ceiling.

Looking at the ceiling, it was almost as if my body was now numb and I could no longer feel your hands, which were now touching my legs. When you got to my rib cage on my left side, you asked me if I had stomach pains. However, I finished my medication a week ago, and I am still having pain there. You focused around my stomach and rib cage. I was looking up at the ceiling. I began to feel pressure right underneath my rib cage, but was unsure if I should say something.

I was staring at the ceiling and it began to change colors. You asked me if the pain was a shape what shape would it be, and what color. I said it would be an oval and yellow. You asked if this oval had a name. Nothing came to me. Therefore, you said we can call it yellow oval, and asked me if this oval is working with me. I felt like it was working against me and said that. You told me to talk to this yellow oval and ask if we can work together. So I did just that. Then, seconds later, I felt it gone.

Almost as if the oval had burst into a million pieces floating all over my body and I became one with it. I felt a state of complete relaxation.

After that experience I would say that you helped me realize this control I have over my body. You helped me jump-start the communication between my mind and my body. I was introduced to the notion of how my mind and my body are one. I felt your fingers right at the top of my spine, at the top of my neck. You kept your hands there for a while it seemed.

Then, I felt my lower back touch the surface of what I was lying on. I felt as if what was making me feel so uncomfortable all this time had left my body. I felt connected to my body as I could feel the air going in and out so freely. You then focused on the left side of my mouth and kept your fingers on the bottom of my upper left molars for a few minutes. Then you touched the left side of my face.

I felt relaxed, and I had the picture of me smiling in my mind. I opened myself up to the notion that you are going to be the catalyst in my healing process. You asked me for a word that will help me heal, and what color it would need. You asked me to feel your hand on my face, and imagine my face as a sponge absorbing your energy. I pictured this light blue sponge contracting. I did feel your hand on my face.

I felt one with my body, that I had control of my body, and that I was smiling paralysis-free. You had your hand on my face for what seemed to be about five minutes. However, my concept of time during that session could be incorrect. Then you lifted your hand off my face and I opened my eyes. You were looking down at me and asked me how I felt. I remember you telling me that I grind my teeth on my left side of my mouth, and asked me if something happened to my forehead which I banged on the roof of my car the day before coming to Hawaii, as I told you later.

I remember you telling me that whatever it is I would normally do to relax I need to do more of because that is when the healing takes place. The session overall is a blur other than those feelings I described above. Then within a matter of minutes after that thought of disappointment had entered my mind, other thoughts poured in—healing thoughts. After putting on the shoes I took off before the session, I noticed a weird feeling in my body—a physical feeling —something had definitely changed.

I felt a sense of peace. I knew my suffering was over. I physically was no longer uncomfortable. I felt excited and filled with energy. I knew I was healing—I knew it. Over the next few weeks, I continued to think about what you had said about how the healing takes place in relaxation. Every time I think of that sponge I am brought back to that place of total relaxation, with the suffering and uncomfortable feelings suddenly lifted from my body.

I hear the sound of the waves overpower what my senses tell me, and all that is left in my mind is that picture of me smiling. When I left Maui I had an overwhelming feeling and image of healing. I am paralysis-free, I am paralysis-free, I am paralysis-free!

Nicollette I was scheduled to give an evening lecture in Canada at the Jubilee Auditorium in Calgary, Alberta, some ten weeks after my first and only encounter with Nicollette. Linda had called me to report that her daughter was completely paralysis-free, and that this experience had completely turned her entire life mission around.

I called Nicollette, and she excitedly told me how great she felt to have learned at the age of 20 that she had this amazing I am presence within her and that she wanted to tell everyone she encountered about this profound discovery.

I invited her and her mom to come to Calgary and share her experience with the several thousand people I would be speaking to. And indeed she did. In only a few moments Nicollette transfixed the audience, giving real-world, 3-D evidence of all that I was lecturing about that evening. As she left the stage to a standing ovation, she handed me a card with two photos imprinted on it. In the photo of the three of us in Hawaii Nicollette, Linda, and me , the left side of her face is paralyzed.

In the other photo, Nicollette is smiling in a beautiful dress, paralysis-free—with a distinct orb at her left shoulder! The caption on the card says: As you continue reading this book, which has been such a miraculous journey for me, know that I take no credit for any of it. Only the I am presence is so equipped. I give full credit to that presence and urge you to know that it is yours to access as well.

Do it—from scratch! At this higher plane of existence, which you and every human being who has ever lived can access at will, the fulfillment of wishes is not only probable—it is guaranteed. This chapter is simply a preparation for entering into that realm wherein you have much more say over what comes into your life than you might have envisioned.

My emphasis throughout this book is that manifestation is real and that it occurs when you make a specific decision to change your mind about who you are and what is possible for you to achieve within these parentheses in eternity called your life. I am saying as clearly as I know how to say it in these opening pages: It begins with changing your concept of yourself.

I would like to offer a few words on these two concepts of ordinary and extraordinary. Ordinary is, well, so ordinary. It means that you do all of the things that your culture and your family have programmed you to do.

It implies that you fit in, study hard, follow the rules, take care of your obligations, fill out the forms, pay your taxes, get a job, and do what every law-abiding citizen does; and then you retire, play with your grandchildren, and ultimately die. Extraordinary encompasses most of ordinary, since we all live in the same physical world. There will be forms to fill out, rules that demand our obedience, bills to pay, and family obligations to attend to. But extraordinary consciousness is associated with your soul, that invisible, boundaryless energy that looks out from behind your eyeballs and has very different interests than your ordinary self does.

The ideal of your soul, the thing that it yearns for, is not more knowledge. It is not interested in comparison, nor winning, nor light, nor ownership, nor even happiness. The ideal of your soul is space, expansion, and immensity, and the one thing it needs more than anything else is to be free to expand, to reach out and to embrace the infinite. Because your soul is infinity itself.

It has no restrictions or limitations—it resists being fenced in—and when you attempt to contain it with rules and obligations, it is miserable. Your invisible self is extraordinary because it is a fragment of the universal soul, which is infinite. The part of you that knows you have greatness, and is stirred by the idea of you expanding and removing any and all limitations, is what I am addressing here in Wishes Fulfilled. This is your new self-concept, one that is inspired by your soul.

What Is Your Self-Concept? Simply put, your concept of yourself is everything that you believe to be true. Your beliefs about yourself are like the ingredients in a recipe that you use to create your self-concept.

Those ingredients or beliefs fall into two specific categories: Your Outer Self-Concept These ingredients include everything you accept as truth concerning what the physical you is capable of. Smart, perhaps, but not really a genius—more capable in some areas than others, such as technological knowledge. Maybe you add a measure of writing ability, but detect more fluency with numbers and mathematical problem solving than your ability to write prose.

Your beliefs about your outer self may be well seasoned and strong in some areas and almost hopelessly incapacitated or weak in others. You very likely have a conceptual framework of just how smart you are and have carried that belief with you since you were a youngster in elementary school.

Your outer concept of yourself includes everything you believe about your innate and learned talents and abilities. Your beliefs about your clumsiness, coordination, athleticism, and musical and artistic talents are a partial list of the ingredients that comprise the recipe of you. These descriptors also apply to everything else about your outer self.

Your outer self-concept includes how you view yourself in relationship to health: You know if you are prone to being overweight or addicted to various substances such as sugar, caffeine, fat, meat, dairy, and the like. You define yourself as prone to catching colds or immune to such things, likely to gain weight, inclined toward skin rashes, or predisposed to low energy or high sleep requirements. The point is that your outer self-concept comprises essentially everything that you believe your body is capable or incapable of.

They are the beliefs—the ingredients—that you use to create you. In addition to your intellect, talents, and physical body traits, you spice up your outer self-conception with your personality traits. These individual qualities are interpreted as truisms defining yourself and how you function socially. Your Inner Self-Concept This category can be pretty difficult to achieve in optimal proportions in our culture.

Your inner self-concept involves your beliefs about the invisible energy and intelligence that is the most significant portion of your being. The tissue, bones, rivers of fluids, organs, teeth, brain, and everything else are all the machine. And within this machine is an invisible I that you call mind or spirit comprised of thoughts that direct the machine. You have a conceptualization of yourself that involves this formless invisible portion of your being, and you have a pretty specific idea about just how far this inner portion of yourself can take you.

You may believe that your thinking apparatus is pretty phenomenal, though not understanding exactly what it is—inside or surrounding you—that allows you to scratch your forehead, or pick up a pencil, or move your feet on a dance floor, or any of the infinite commands that your mind is capable of directing all day, every day, and for as long as you are alive. You also have a self-concept about what your inner energetic ghost cannot do. Is it capable of thinking itself out of a serious disease, or is that just a lot of nonsense?

Can your invisible intelligence, your imagination, perform feats of alchemy? Does your self-concept contain the power to perform great—or even magical—acts of transformation? Your self-concept is a blend of your beliefs regarding your connection to a higher power.

You believe something about the existence or nonexistence of God. You have various points of view about how far faith can carry you.

Whether or not there is anything within you that you can or cannot rely on to perform mystical or miraculous things is seasoned by your beliefs. You have acquired specific beliefs concerning the power of your mind. But what do your beliefs cook up about your ability to create miracles? Is healing your body, or manifesting a long-desired soul mate, an ingredient in your self-concept?

Take a moment to examine that unseen list stored away in your mind. Ask yourself, Where is it? How did I put it there? What powers am I using to recall it? Where do these powers come from? This is the list of ingredients that you use to create your inner self-concept. You might then want to open up to there being other beliefs or ingredients that you want to include, and contemplate other ways to season your life. The fact is that an invisible list involves a catalog of inexplicable miracles that you take for granted every day.

You know your mind, that invisible ghost in the machine, is unfathomable. But you also know that there are certain limits to what it can do.

If it seems interesting to consider some changes, read on. Changing Your Concept of Yourself If you would like to become a person who has the capacity to have all of your wishes fulfilled, it will be necessary for you to move to that higher plane of existence where you are a co-creator of your life.

Recall that your concept of yourself is everything that you believe to be true about your inner and outer self. This can be a laborious project and an undertaking that, in my experience, few people are eager or willing to take on. I am writing this book to give you some very specific guidance and help in doing just that.

Neville writes in a style that many might find strenuous to interpret, yet I find his teaching congruent with much of my earlier writing on manifestation and co-creation. After giving each of my eight children a copy of The Power of Awareness , they individually expressed a variation of this: I feel as a kindred spirit to Neville, since I too have had the same policy during my entire speaking career, and have been immersed in the same kinds of spiritual inquiry as this great teacher who preceded me by a single generation.

Here is what Neville had to say regarding changing your self-concept in order to elevate your life: A higher concept of yourself involves taking on new truths and shedding your old views of what you can achieve. This is the only way you can achieve your desires.

You must begin by replacing your old set of truths with a belief in the existence of a higher self within you. This is something that you may not have contemplated at an earlier time in your life. Your concept of yourself that includes any limitations can be revised by you, and only by you. Nothing I say or write will do that for you. I have done it for myself and can assist you along this path, but it is your decision to change that creates the possibility of change within you.

A new and higher concept of yourself may be shocking and perhaps even be rejected by you, depending on the amount of conditioning you have absorbed throughout your life. That is for you to ponder and contemplate in the next two chapters. At this point, simply allow yourself to imagine that you can create a new and higher concept of yourself. Resistance is what will almost immediately appear for most people, and I encourage you to recognize the resistance within yourself.

Overcoming Resistance Making the transition from the level of ordinary consciousness to the level of superconsciousness involves a fundamental renewal—a dramatic change of personality. Very few are prepared to commit to this fulfillment of their Divine purpose.

You have the ability to enter higher regions so as to consciously fulfill your highest desires here, now, for the greater benefit of all.

This is akin to doing a somersault and landing in a new reality—a reality in which all things are possible, a reality where you no longer identify yourself with all of those cultural memes and mind viruses that were programmed into you as a young person, preparing you for an ordinary life. You begin this exciting adventure of changing your concept of yourself by being willing to die to your present self.

It is that these unique and rare individuals have a burning desire to succeed. Now, a burning desire is much different from a regular wish or desire because it burns inside—once ignited, it never goes out, regardless of what transpires.

This is a quality that I know well. Often it feels like an obsession … and I have been labeled obsessive many times in my lifetime. I often think of it as an inner candle flame that never even flickers, though the worst goes before me.

All transformation begins with an intense burning desire to be transformed. But your thoughts cannot change unless you have new ideas, for you think from your ideas.

Start by saying and writing an affirmation that appeals to you. Create your unique heartfelt affirmation, such as: I have a burning desire —an inner flame that will not be extinguished by outer forces—to know and live from higher regions, to be transformed so that my new concept of myself will no longer include any limitations. I am willing to challenge and change any thoughts that impede my having a higher vision of myself.

Before closing this introductory chapter, it will be helpful to explore your beliefs about the nature of those things we call thoughts, and how to change them. Do You Really Think? No one has ever been able to say from whence a thought comes, or what that thought is made up of.

To be perfectly honest, for a large portion of my life, I held these same views on thoughts originating with each individual.

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But at this juncture I tend to see the entire process as more of an act of observation, contemplation, and choice. I enjoy noticing that I have a continuous stream of thoughts that come from … who knows where? They have no boundaries or forms to examine, and apparently are unlimited in number and permutation!

I think of the stock market ticker that runs along the bottom of a screen, with each stock price representing a simple thought. You are capable of thinking many opposing thoughts in just a few moments, jumping helter-skelter from one idea to another—exhilaration, frustration, fear, ecstasy, worry, and so forth.

Unguided and unguarded, you serve up an endless array of thoughts continuously from waking to falling asleep. Even while sound asleep, your mind continues observing, grabbing, and contemplating these omnipresent thoughts.

If you really believe that you are the creator of all of your thoughts and control the entire process, then simply stop. You may be able to slow the stream of thoughts down considerably, but to simply stop thinking all day and stay in a thoughtless state is quite impossible. Watch thoughts stream by from wherever they originate, and observe them rapidly transitioning and combining and appearing and disappearing. Snatch a thought from the running ribbon of thoughts and contemplate it.

As you toss it around, notice how you feel— sad, depressed, happy, frightened, and so on. Every thought going by has an imprint on your concept of yourself. First be the observer, and then the contemplator. Now become the choice maker who can consciously decide to put that thought back into the running stream and pick a different one, a thought that perhaps allows you to feel better. This is how you begin a new process to change your concept of yourself.

At this stage the essence of your being is to observe, contemplate, and then choose. This can all be done in a fraction of a nanosecond. The thoughts will keep appearing on your mental TV screen just like the stock quotations. I love Uell S. I leave you to contemplate it as you prepare to befriend that indwelling self that is desperately wishing to be fulfilled at the extraordinary level, rather than at the ordinary where you have lived for far too long: We have assured the indwelling Self that it can be anything it accepts and has faith in, and we are now about to develop in it the habit of choosing only those thoughts and ideas that will constructively add good unto it.

We are teaching ourselves to accept only good. We are deliberately compelling ourselves to reject all suffering, all sorrow, all depression, all morbidness, all inferiority, all aches and pains. We are saying nothing is true but the great and the good and the beautiful, only these will we add unto ourselves.

This is your new way of choosing thoughts that will introduce you to what I am calling your highest self—keeping uppermost in mind that if you want to accomplish something anything , you must first expect it of yourself.

I place no limits and no restrictions on all that I intend to accomplish and become from here on in. Reach out to the angels or occupants of this higher invisible plane. Spend time in meditation accessing the feelings of a plane of higher consciousness. This gave me an inner security, and, though I could never prove it to myself, it proved itself to me.

I did not have the certainty, it had me. These ancient teachings repeatedly explain that emphasizing only the needs of our physical self, and ignoring the needs of the higher self, results in the soul and spirit suffocating and dying of hunger and thirst. Perhaps it is difficult to imagine yourself so divided as to produce both a higher and a lower self.

Very likely this idea of a self within yourself, which is higher than what you think of as your real self, is foreign to your way of thinking. This idea of having a higher self that transcends the self descriptor derived from almost universal identification with the ego may be difficult to internalize. Remind yourself that your current concept of who you are has landed you right here, reading a book on how to become a more powerful person.

Are you willing to internalize radical new ideas that require a shift in your concept of yourself? Are you able to entertain the idea of an unlimited higher self that is within you?

In other words, can you approach the question of Who am I? Conceiving the idea of a higher self begins with this personal inner query. Who Am I? Who is the I that continues to leave one body behind and then enter another? You know for certain that you—the person that you call I, the one attempting to figure out who you are—started out in a little baby body weighing somewhere between five and ten pounds.

The I that is you fully entered and occupied that little baby body. Gradually you began to discard that baby body and move into a small toddler body that crawled, then walked, then ran, and took on an entirely new appearance.

You lived in this toddler body for a while and then discarded it, too, including every cell that was in your body at birth. The subsequent body you entered was a prepubescent body that bore a similarity to your toddler body but was completely different.

Because the I has remained, though it continuously sheds the body that it occupies. This strange phenomenon of you being an I that continuously enters, discards, and reenters a new body has proceeded right up until this very moment. It is gone from this physical world, as is every body that both you and I have occupied in our lifetime. The I that I use to describe myself is not so obsessed that he insists upon staying only in one body.

In fact, that I that is me finally recognizes the ancient spiritual truth spoken by Divine masters since antiquity: None of us are really doing anything, rather we our bodies are merely being done. What is your body being done by? An invisible organizing intelligence that takes the cells of your body, changes them into new cells, and discards the old cells.

The I that you think you are observes the entire process—for the most part, helplessly. The physical body that you think of as you is rearranged in a pattern designed by a formless intelligence independent of your opinions. Such is the nature of the physical world in which we all live.

The ancient philosopher Heraclitus put it this way several thousand years ago, and it is true today: That which defines a thing, therefore, is not physical in nature; it is metaphysical.

If you try to find that toddler body you once occupied, you realize that it is not real, since it no longer exists. Still, you know with all of this change taking place that there is a changeless component to who you are. The I is your higher self, changeless and real.

This higher self is who you are. When you make this discovery and consciously befriend the I you are, nothing is impossible. In Chapter One I explained the necessity of creating a new concept of yourself: As you read on, keep in mind that if it is changing, it is not real.

The I in the question Who am I? Therefore, to answer the question Who am I? Who you are, then, must be changeless, and therefore birthless as well as deathless. Who you are is a formless energy—a spirit, if you will— with the capacity to be unchanged, and at the same time occupy an infinity of bodies.

Think about this—it is truly a bewildering phenomenon. You are changeless and therefore real. You were convinced by some well-intentioned relatives, teachers, and cultural influences that you were really this ego of yours, when in fact everything that the ego uses to define you is disappearing as fast as you can assess it.

Your possessions, achievements, reputations, trophies, bank accounts—even your family members, including your children—are all aspects of a world that is changing, dissolving to nothingness … all unreal. Here is how a brilliant scribe described this phenomenon poetically: In this poem, Emily Dickinson reminds you with her dazzling honesty that all ceases and turns to dust—everything you may have believed was the real you, including the body and all of its accomplishments, and even its laughing and sighing.

But the real I that is you can smile at all of those lower-self, ego-identified proceedings. Your higher self exists beyond that lower, false self.

It is in fact higher than all of your earthbound identities. You have a self that can look down from a more exalted position upon that lower, ego-dominated self. So begin to know yourself as something far greater than the ever-changing, ever-dying aspects that have dominated your picture of who you are.

Who am I? Your Connection to Source We have all been created from the same Source, and it is my conclusion that we must be like what we came from. It matters not what we call this Source. The Tao that can be named, is not the eternal Tao is the message in the opening lines of the Tao Te Ching. Call it Tao, call it God, call it Jehovah, call it Divine mind—it matters not. You are merely interested in recognizing that you originated from the Source of all life in a form you know as your constantly changing physical body, which obviously contains the creative energy that you came from.

The creator has planted within every creature a fragment of himself, a spark, a spirit of the same nature as himself and, thanks to this spirit, every creature can become a creator. This is why the teaching I bring you is of the spirit, of the creator and not of matter … I love this quote because it speaks to a part of you that has been largely ignored throughout all of your educational pursuits and accomplishments.

This is a great image for you to begin to understand the greatness of your higher self. It is that which you cannot grasp with the senses—it beats your heart, grows your hair, and keeps your lungs breathing in and breathing out. My objective in this chapter and the next is to inspire you to recognize that a spark—a tiny fragment of the creative source of the universe—is located within you, and to help you increase the power of that spark so it becomes the primary force in your everyday life.

Review the first chapter and affirm your willingness to change your concept of yourself to help you recognize and increase that spark. Your higher self is that spark, but a spark is an infinitesimal portion of your physical being.

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Imagine it growing to double its size, then a tenfold spark, then maybe a shred, then a segment, then a chunk, then a lump, then a piece or a section … and just perceive that spark of God as the real you becoming visible through your loving and inviting attentiveness, until you feel the sacred presence of your higher self as the guiding light of your life.

That former speck of a spark will be the foundation of your life. You might conceptualize this former spark as a sacred light inside of your head that is the same size as your brain. This new brain is comprised exclusively of infinite God energy. Yet I ask you to study this ancient spiritual teaching, which is designed to familiarize you with a radical idea about the powers you possess just by the fact that you are a living, breathing human being. If you are committed to accessing your higher consciousness, then you must be willing to do what is required in order to integrate what this great initiatic teacher is offering.

In order to accomplish becoming an almighty being, your higher self God must be enlarged from a spark to a more meaningful portion of your essence. There is nothing that this higher self that I am cannot accomplish. All things are possible leaves nothing out.

As my teachers in the initiatic sciences frequently reminded me, this higher self— that portion of God that is us—only begins to notice us and give us the attention we crave when we enlarge it from a tiny spark and invite the energy into our life.

You can tell yourself with genuine knowing, I am perfect. All forms of I am have tremendous significance, as you will learn when you delve into the next chapter on your highest self. In this chapter you are discovering your higher self. God no longer resides outside of you, and no longer plays favorites.

A god who knows how to heal yet withholds healing from some and offers it to others who are presumed to have paid some kind of dues? A god who is angry? A god who demands to be paid for services, with fancy temples and gold-lined costumes for his highest representatives? This is a god of the ego. Your higher self is a piece of an all-loving, all-embracing creative Source.

All you need do is accept that this is not something external to yourself. This is the true essence of living a life in which your wishes are fulfilled.

Give your Divine nature a chance. The second part of this book provides a step-by-step plan for allowing your higher self to take over the process of fulfilling your desires. In these opening chapters, I hope to jar you into an awareness of how powerful a being you really are when you get past so much of the nonsensical conditioning that has dominated your enculturation. Toss out any self-limiting ideas about your Divine nature and what it is capable of achieving.

Befriend that spark, consult it frequently, nurture it, pay close attention to it, believe in it, and practice describing yourself first as a spiritual being—one who lives as frequently as possible from this all-loving, all-giving, all-joyful place called your higher self.

Your higher self is just what it says: It is the part of you that is aligned with your very Source of being. Not only do you have a lower ego-based false self, as well as a spiritually based higher self that is a piece of God, but you have a highest self.

A self that you have been trained to believe is not something that you should ever claim.

Your highest self awaits you in Chapter Three. Three Suggestions — Set aside multiple times during your day to stop and ask yourself this key question: Right now in what I am about to say or do, do my desires stem from my lower or my higher self?

The ego is all about self-serving, ownership, winning, judging, and so on. The higher self is about serving, loving, and being in a nonjudgmental state of peace. Ask yourself this question, and create the opportunity to align yourself more fully with God. You then have access to the same powers of manifestation as your Source of being.

This question, when honestly explored, helps you align with the power to fulfill your wishes and desires. Give your Divine nature a chance by asking yourself this question. Practice seeing this God-portion of yourself expanding its glow within your mind. See it growing into a personally satisfying size. You will begin acting from this inner God-realized image. I am all-knowing, I am all-powerful, I am unlimited. This helps you banish doubt and refer to this portion of yourself that lives in a spiritual world of no restrictions.

You are ridding yourself of ego-dominated mental messages that continue to want to convince you that you are primarily your body and its five senses. This spark is your spiritual essence—your higher self.

As your awareness increases that you are a God-realized being, you will welcome it as the central focus of your life. The concept of your higher self will gradually evolve into your highest self, which is truly omniscient, almighty, and capable of producing miracles. Here you will see a new reality—a majestic idea of yourself that previously seemed inconceivable. Your highest self is described in the pronouncement in the display quote at the beginning of this chapter, written by Saint Paul in his letters to the Philippians in the New Testament.

Not even close! I am speaking here of the creative Source of all being, a God Who is responsible for creating the miraculous movement from nonbeing to being, a God Who is formless—Who does nothing yet leaves nothing undone—a God Who is everywhere. This idea is at the basis of all great spiritual teaching throughout all time.

Much of organized religious teaching proclaims that God is an all-powerful being outside of you. That idea has been thrown at you since you were old enough to process this absurd notion.

God, you were told, watches you and punishes you if you misbehave, but listens to your prayers and helps you resolve your conflicts if you do the right thing and please Him. You may find it difficult at first to be able to assert to yourself that I am God. But when you put it into the context of God as love and pure love allows you to be almighty, all-knowing, and God-realized , you will, I assure you, begin to regain the omnipotence that is your essence from the moment of your transition from nonbeing spirit to being human.

I emphasize these teachings of Jesus to show that the declaration of I am God is not only not in opposition to the teachings of Christianity or other spiritual practices, but is fully aligned with these earlier teachings. One of them is Uell S. Andersen, and the book of his that I read, studied, meditated upon, and am now living and teaching is titled Three Magic Words.

The book is pages long, and it was not until the last chapter—after many specific meditations and exercises; after many enlightening words on consciousness, intuition, faith, love, success, immortality, and more; and after investing time and energy in what is being taught by the author—that I discovered what the three magic words actually are.

This is the ineffable secret, the ultimate illumination, the key to peace and power: You are God. If you will accept this towering truth, dare to stand atop this magnificent pinnacle, universal consciousness will be revealed to you from within. God is there. It is He who peers from behind your eyes, who is your own consciousness, who is your very Self. You are not just a part of God; you are altogether God, and God is altogether you.

This is your highest self.

After all, with God as you, and you as God, all things are possible. This is not an assertion limited to Western teachings or the Christian faith.

Before we go any further, I want to share with you some words from my other great spiritual teacher, Neville, regarding this notion of you and me actually being God. As I mentioned earlier, I devoted a year to studying, meditating on, practicing, and ultimately writing essays on how to apply the wisdom of that tiny little book of 81 verses. Living the Wisdom of the Tao. I have lectured throughout the world on the idea of having our wishes fulfilled via the avenue of assuming the power of God that is not only our birthright, but our very essence.

As I finished the first 26 chapters in my seventh reading of Neville, I heard once again the same holy refrain that U. Andersen offered in his conclusion of Three Magic Words. In all creation, in all eternity, in all the realms of your infinite being the most wonderful fact is that which is stressed in the first chapter of this book.

You are the creator. This is the mystery, this is the great secret known by the seers, prophets, and mystics throughout the ages.

This is the truth that you can never know intellectually. It manifests as a feeling of love that is ineffable, and incapable of being known intellectually. The knowledge that your creator is the very self of yourself and never would have made you had he not loved you must fill your heart with devotion, yes, with adoration. When you realize this preeminent assertion, you regain the power of your Source because you no longer live as if you were estranged from your Source.

You see that God manifests in a countless array of forms, and yes, you are one of those sublime forms. They will be extremely helpful in getting you over the hurdle of truly knowing that you are God. Strangers send me a variety of media to listen to or to read that awakens something within me. This was true as I was preparing myself or possibly being prepared for examining this idea of spiritual wish fulfillment.

The work of Neville kept knocking at my door in a myriad of ways, as did initiatic science and U. How was my council of angelic immortals going to get this information to me, this ancient teaching that I had been almost totally removed from for my entire life? Obviously, we are all in this thing together.

Your being in possession of this book and studying the messages herein may be just as mysterious to you as how the teachings came to me.

I had been away from my writing space on Maui for several months, speaking and spending time with my family. When I returned, I received a call from my yoga teacher telling me that someone had dropped off a package at the studio for me. When I picked it up it was like a gift from King Midas—wrapped in gold paper with a beautiful ribbon tied in a bow. I brought it home and set the gift next to my eating space and looked at it every day for three weeks, each time thinking it was just one more package to open amongst the mountain of mail that had accumulated over the previous months in my absence.

As I undid the bow, I discovered a note attached to the box, written to me by a Ms. Carol Ann Jacobs, whom I did not know, nor had I even met. She had heard through the grapevine that I practiced yoga at the Lahaina studio and simply left it there to be given to me when I returned. The note said: This gift of gold is a pearl of the highest wisdom on the planet, handed down through the ethers from the Octave of Light. If taken up, used, and made as a living flame within oneself—it will lead them into their ascension at the close of this embodiment.

Because of the volume of such material that perpetually shows up at my doorstep, I always have a large number of books that I donate to charities. But this little package seemed to have an energy all of its own.

Yet it remained next to me for several weeks. One day while I was holding it, I felt a shaft of energy course through me. I had goose bumps all over my body. And thus began a new chapter in my life. I decided right there and then that I would read the entire pages. The contents of this book led me to further inquiry, which culminated in my? In my daily reading of the material, I began to see clearly the message of you and I and everyone else being God. Guy Ballard was the man present for these dictations, and he published them under his pseudonym Godfre Ray King.

He writes: The thirty-three Discourses contained in this book were dictated over a visible Light and Sound Ray in our home during by the Ascended Master Saint Germain and those other Ascended Masters directly concerned with this Activity. The sound of His Voice was physically audible to everyone in the room. It is of no concern to me to delve into the veracity or authenticity of channeled material—to me, everything is channeled from God.

What I am concerned with is the magnificence of these messages and my awareness that our world could be a world of love, peace, and joy; and we have the power to access unlimited fulfillment of wishes that are aligned with our source of being. The essence is quite simply that I am is the full activity of God, and that each and every one of us can realign ourselves so that our I ams reflect the God that we are, rather than the ego that most of us have become.

Here is one more very important observation from the First Discourse offered by Saint Germain: Every time you think of the expression I Am, you initiate God in action. Why not continually remind yourself that I live, move, and have my being as God, the I am that I am? These five words—I am that I am— contain a message that has been encoded in your soul. According to ancient spiritual teachings dating back 1, years before the birth of Christ, the words I am align you with the Divine, and at the same time remind you that you are the Divine, possessing the same power to create as God.

God Speaks as I Am The infant Moses, you may recall, was put in a basket and left in the reeds by the Nile River because he was the son of an Israelite slave. The pharaoh had ordered every male child born to Israelite slaves to be drowned in the river. As a young man, Moses witnesses an Egyptian soldier abusing an Israelite slave and responds by killing the soldier and hiding the body.

But his adoptive grandfather the pharaoh discovers his misdeed and orders him put to death. Moses escapes to the land of Midian and finds refuge with Jethro, a local priest, whose daughter Zipporah he marries. Moses lives primarily as a shepherd and husband for some 40 years. Moses, then, the ancient scriptures tell us, hears God speaking: And the Angel of the Lord appeared to him in a flame of fire from the midst of a bush.

So he looked, and behold, the bush was burning with fire, but the bush was not consumed. Take your sandals off your feet, for the place where you stand is holy ground. This is also a memorial to you and me in this generation. The name of God, which is you and me, is I am. Still having trouble seeing yourself as God? Try this: Imagine God as the ocean. If you take a bucket of water out of the ocean, is the water in the bucket the ocean?

Yes, indeed, it is altogether ocean—and the ocean, even though it is larger, is still altogether the whole of the ocean in the bucket. Now think of yourself as a bucket of God. Altogether God; and God is altogether you. It is only when you stay separated from the ocean that the water dries up.

This is your task in grasping your highest self—staying aligned and not separated from your Source, and remembering what God says in Psalms The Torah is presumed to have been written some 1, years before the birth of Christ.

The holy place where God first manifests and tells Moses to remove his shoes is where Moses discovers who he truly is by his very first words to God: See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Published on Jun 5, Read ebook Ebook download Wishes Fulfilled: SlideShare Explore Search You. Submit Search. Successfully reported this slideshow.

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I spent the entire year of communing with Lao-tzu, gazing at his portrait and watching how his eyes seemed to follow me as I moved about my writing space, and most significantly, listening and letting the words flow through my heart and onto the page. Kali overpowers and beheads Chanda and Munda, and when she delivers their severed heads to Devi, she is dubbed Chamunda. You had your hand on my face for what seemed to be about five minutes.

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