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Aryeh Kaplan - - Meditation and Kabbalah - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. In this volume published by the OU and NCSY, Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan asks hard questions about Judaism and its commandments, and he gives compelling. The Age of the Universe: A Torah True Perspective by. Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan. Introduction and footnotes by Reuven Meir Caplan.

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May be downloaded for free as a PDF from sppn.info This edition is printed with permission as told to Aryeh Kaplan. JEWS FOR JUDAISM. Students of mediation are usually surprised to discover that a Jewish mediation tradition exists and that it was an authentic and integral part of mainstream. MEDITATION AND THE BIBLE BY ARYEH KAPLAN SAMUEL DOWNLOAD FULL PDF EBOOK here { sppn.info }.

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This is the meaning of the verse, "He makes peace in His high places. How do we know that Chaos is in Evil?

Evil is from Chaos, while Peace is from Desolation. He thus created Chaos and placed it in Evil, [as it is written "He makes peace and creates evil. Rabbi Bun also sat and expounded: Therefore, the term "formation" is used with regard to it. Darkness has no substance, and therefore, with regard to it, the term "creation" is used.

It is similarly written Amos 4: Light was actually brought into existence, as it is written Genesis 1: The term "formation" is therefore used.

In the case of darkness, however, there was no making, only separation and setting aside. It is for this reason that the term "created" Bara is used. It has the same sense as in the expression, "That person became well hi-Bria. Why is the letter Bet closed on all sides and open in the front? This teaches us that it is the House Bayit of the world. God is the place of the world, and the world is not His place. Do not read Bet, but Bayit house. It is thus written Proverbs What does the Bet resemble?

It is like a man, formed by God with wisdom. He is closed on all sides, but open in front. The Aleph, however, is open from behind. This teaches us that the tail of the Bet is open from behind. If not for this, man could not exist. Likewise, if not for the Bet on the tail of the Aleph, the world could not exist. Rabbi Rahumai said: Illumination preceeded the world, since it is written Psalm A king yearned for a son.

One day he found a beautiful, precious crown, and he said, "This is fitting for my son's head. This is what arises in thought. Why is the letter Aleph at the beginning? Because it was before everything, even the Torah. Why does Bet follow it? Because it was first. Why does it have a tail? To point to the place from which it came.

Some say, from there the world is sustained. Why is Gimel third? It has three parts, teaching us that it bestows gomel kindness. But did Rabbi Akiba not say that Gimel has three parts because it bestows, grows, and sustains.

It is thus written Genesis He says the same as I do. He grew and bestowed kindness to his neighbours and to those entrusted to him. And why is there a tail at the bottom of the Gimel? He said: The Gimel has a head on top, and is like a pipe. Just like a pipe, the Gimel draws from above through its head, and disperses through its tail. This is the Gimel. Rabbi Yochanan said: The angels were created on the second day.

It is therefore written Psalm The angels were created on the fifth day, as it is written Genesis 1: All agree, even Rabbi Yochanan, that the water already existed [on the first day]. But it was on the second day that "He raftered His upper chambers with water. All agree that none were created on the first day.

It should therefore not be said that Michael drew out the heaven at the south, and Gabriel drew it out at the north, while God arranged things in the middle. And in it, I spread All. I called it All because all depend upon it, all emanate from it, and all need it.

To it they look, for it they wait, and from it, souls fly in joy. Let no angel rise above it and say, "I was before you.

I made them rejoice together, and I rejoiced in them. From your words we could conclude that the needs of this world were created before the heavens.

He answered yes. A king wanted to plant a tree in his garden. He searched the entire garden to find a spring flowing with water that would nourish the tree, but could not find any. He then said, "I will dig for water, and will bring forth a spring to nourish the tree.

He then planted the tree, and it stood, giving forth fruit. It was successfully rooted, since it was always watered from the well. Rabbi Yanai said: The earth was created first, as it is written Genesis 2: Is it not written Genesis 1: He replied: What is this like? A king bought a beautiful object, but since it was not complete, he did not give it a name. He said, "I will complete it, I will prepare its pedestal and attachment, and then I will give it a name.

It is therefore written, "that it not be moved. And [the name of] its pedestal is "World" Olam. It is therefore written, "for the World And Forever. What is the meaning of the verse Genesis 1: Why does the verse not say, "And it was so"?

A king had a beautiful object.

He puts it away until he had a place for it, and then he put it there. It is therefore written, "Let there be light, and there was light.

Rabbi Amorai said: What is the meaning of the verse Exodus Mar Rahumai said to him: Great master, do not ask about something that is so simple. Listen to me and I will advise you. He said to him: A king had a number of beautiful dwellings, and he gave each one a name.

One was better than the other. He said, "I will give my son this dwelling whose name is Aleph. This one whose name is Yod is also good, as is this one whose name is Shin. How long will you continue to conceal your meaning? The other replied: My son, Aleph is the head. Yod is second to it. Shin includes all the world. Why does Shin include all the world?

Because with it one writes an answer T'shuvah. The students asked him: What is the letter Daleth? Ten kings were in a certain place. All of them were wealthy, but one was not quite as wealthy as the others. Even though he is still very wealthy, he is poor Dal in relation to the others. They said to him: What is the letter Heh? He grew angry and said: Did I not teach you not to ask about a later thing and then about an earlier thing?

They said: But Heh comes after [Daleth]. The order should be Gimel Heh. Why is it Gimel Daleth? Because it must be Daleth Heh. And why is the order Gimel Daleth? He said to them: Gimel is in the place of Daleth, on its head it is in the place of Heh.

Daleth with its tail is in place of the Heh. What is the letter Vav? There is an upper Heh and a lower Heh. But what is Vav?

The world was sealed with six directions. Is not Vav a single letter? Rabbi Amorai asked: Where is the Garden of Eden? It is on earth. Rabbi Ishmael expounded to Rabbi Akiba: By the Divine Service! You may have reached out for the true meaning, but you have not sorted out, and therefore you speak in this manner.

But [in the case of "heaven"] the word et comes to include the sun, moon, stars and constellations, while [in the case of "earth"] it comes to add trees, plants, and the Garden of Eden.

It is written Lamentations 2: If you have read, you did not review, and if you reviewed, you did not go over it a third time. What does it resemble? A king had a beautiful crown on his head and a beautiful cloak on his shoulders. They asked him: Why is the letter Cheth open?

And why is its vowel point a small Patach? Because all directions Ruach-ot are closed, except for the North, which is opened for good and for evil. How can you say that it is for good? It is not written Ezekiel 1: There is no difficulty. One case is speaking of when Israel does the will of God, while the other is speaking of when they do not do His will. When Israel does not do His will, then the fire comes close [to destroy and punish].

But when they do God's will, then the Attribute of Mercy encompasses and surrounds it, as it is written Micah 7: A king wanted to punish and whip his slaves. One of his governors stood up and asked the reason for this punishment. When the king described the offence, the governor said, "Your slaves never did such a thing.

I will be their bondsman until you investigate it more thoroughly. His students asked: Why is the letter Daleth thick on the side?

Because of the Segol which is in the small Patach. It is for this reason that it is thick. What is the Patach? It is an opening Petach. What is meant by an opening? This is the direction of north, which is open to all the world. It is the gate from which good and evil emerge. And what is good?

He mocked them and said: Did I not tell you that it is a small Patach opening? We have forgotten, teach us again. He reviewed it and said: A king had a throne. Sometimes he carried it on his arm, and sometimes on his head. They asked why, and he replied: Because it is beautiful and it is a pity to sit on it.

They asked: Where did he place it on his head? In the open Mem. What is the meaning of the verse Psalm We thus say, "Open for us the gates of mercy. I love the "gates of Zion" when they are open. Because they are on the side of evil. But when Israel does good before God and are worthy that good be opened for them, then God loves them -- "more than all the dwellings of Jacob.

This is like two men, one who is inclined to do evil and does good, and the other who is inclined to do good and does evil. Who is more praiseworthy? The one who is inclined to do evil and does good, for he may do good again. What is Cholem? It is the soul -- and its name is Cholem. If you listen to it, your body will be vigorous Chalam in the Ultimate Future.

Aryeh Kaplan - - Meditation and Kabbalah

But if you rebel against it, there will be sickness Choleh on your head, and diseases Cholim on its head. They also said: Every dream Chalom is in the Cholem. Every white precious stone is in the Cholem. It is thus written [with regard to the High Priest's breastplate] Exodus Come and hear the fine points regarding the vowel points found in the Torah of Moses. He sat and expounded: Chirek hates evildoers and punishes them. Its side includes jealousy, hatred and competition.

Repel rachek these traits from yourself, and repel yourself from evil. Good will then certainly attach itself to you. Whatever the Chirek touches becomes ice. It is thus written Exodus What is the indication that Chirek has the connotation of burning? This is because it is fire that burns all fire. It is thus written 1 Kings He Rabbi Amorai said: It draws out the power of the fire and prevents it from evaporating the water.

It also prevents [the water] from extinguishing it. In each of them the Master of the universe revealed Himself to them, and they saw Him. One verse states 2 Samuel The other voices were in heaven. It is thus written Deuteronomy 4: And on the earth He showed you His great fire, and His words you heard from the fire. What is the meaning of the verse Deuteronomy 4: A king stands before his servants wrapped in a white robe. Even though he is far away, they can still hear his voice.

This is true even though they cannot see his throat when he speaks.

Aryeh Kaplan - - Meditation and Kabbalah

One verse Exodus At first they saw the voices. What did the see? The seven voices mentioned by David. But in the end they heard the word that emanated from them all. But we have learned that there were ten. Our sages taught that they were all said with a single word. But we have said that there were seven. There were seven voices. Regarding three of them it is written Deuteronomy 4: It might have been one of the angels. But His voice alone could not be so powerful.

Another explanation: It was so that the world should not say that since there were ten sayings for ten kings, it might be that He could not speak for them all through one. He therefore said Exodus What are the ten kings?

They are the seven voices and three sayings Amarim. What are the sayings? What is the third one? Where you have authority, seek to understand, but you have nothing to do with mysteries. We have learned Proverbs That of which it is written Psalm That of which it is written Proverbs Once, however, he did give them permission, but he did so to test them, to see if they would now pay good attention.

Rabbi Chama thus taught: Because of the merit of deeds of kindness, a person can study the Torah. Let him come to God, for He has silver. It is thus written Haggai 2: A king had two treasuries, one of silver, and one of gold. He placed that of silver to his right, and that of gold to his left. He is attached to the poor and directs them calmly.

If not, then Exodus This is referring to the gold. Why is [gold] called Zahav? Because it includes three attributes, [alluded to in its three letters, Zayin, Heh, Beth]. This is the Zayin. This is the Heh. Nephesh, Ruach, Neshamah, Chiah, Yechidah. What is the purpose the Heh? It is a throne for the Zayin. It is thus written Ecclesiastes 5: What is its function here?

A king once had a daughter who was good, pleasant, beautiful and perfect. He married her to a royal prince, and clothed, crowned and bejewelled her, giving her much money. Is it possible for the king to ever leave his daughter? You will agree that it is not. Is it ever possible for him to be with her constantly? You will also agree that it is not. He can place a window between the two, and whenever the father needs the daughter, or the daughter needs the father, they can come together through the window.

What is the Beth at the end? In the future God will build and decorate it, thousands of times more than it was. It is as we have said: Why does the Torah begin with a Beth?

As it is written Proverbs 8: But the scripture says seven, as it is written Isaiah Up until now there are five. What comes next? First I will explain gold. What is gold? We learn that it is where justice emanates. If you bend your words to the right or left, you will be punished. What is the meaning of the verse Isaiah What are they?

Yes, as it is written ibid. It is therefore written that it souled. This teaches us that it is from there that souls fly forth. He cut a covenant between the ten fingers of his hands and the ten toes of his feet. Abraham was ashamed. God then said to him Genesis Why is heaven called Shamayim?

Jewish Meditation

This teaches that God kneaded fire and water, and combined them together. This is the meaning of the verse Job May He also place peace and love among us. We also say Psalm Be precise and you will find them. Tzaddi is a Nun and a Yod.

Its mate is also a Nun and a Yod. What is the meaning of the verse [with regard to Balak and Balaam] Numbers As it is written Song of Songs 7: What is this carriage?

It will not constantly sit in one place. What is his heart? If so, Ben Zoma is out side, and you are with him. The heart Lev [in numerical value] is thirty-two. These are concealed, and with them the world was created. What these 32? These are the 32 Paths. This is like a king who was in the innermost of many chambers. The number of such chambers was 32, and to each one there was a path.

Should the king the bring everyone to his chamber through these paths? You will agree that he should not.

Should he reveal his jewels, his tapestries, his hidden and concealed secrets? You will again agree that he should not. What then does he do? He touches the Daughter, and includes all the paths in her and in her garments. One who wants to go inside should gaze there. He married her to a king, and also gave her to him as a gift. Sometimes he calls her his daughter, since she is actually his daughter. Furthermore, if there is no wisdom, then there is no justice.

It is thus written 1 Kings 5: And what wisdom did God give to Solomon? We have thus said that whenever Solomon is mentioned in the Song of Songs, it is a holy name, except in one case.

Let us say that He gave her to him as a gift. Where then is it explained? When the scripture states 1 Kings 3: This is what helps him and draws him near. If not, it repels him, and not only that, but it also punishes him. It is thus written Leviticus And Rabbi Rahumai said: What is the meaning of the verse Leviticus Not only will I render judgement, but I will also chastise you. What is the meaning of Leviticus The Congregation of Israel said: Also us seven.

Even though among us is the one who reverses itself, the one who oversees good and merit, we too will reverse ourselves and chastise. Because of your sins. But if you return to Me, then I will return to you. It is thus written Malachi 3: We will all seek mercy from the King.

What does the King say? Come back and ask those Seven to return with you. The disciples asked Rabbi Rahumai: What is the meaning of the verse Habakkuk 3: As it is written [regarding wisdom] Proverbs 5: The Works of the Chariot, as it is written Habbakuk 3: It is the place where they listen to reports. Because the ear looks like the letter Aleph. The Aleph is the first of all letters.

Besides this, the Aleph causes all the letters to endure. The Aleph looks like the brain. When you mention the Aleph you open your mouth. The same is true of thought, when you extend your thoughts to the Infinite and Boundless. From Aleph emanate all letters.

Do we not see that it is first? It is thus written Micah 2: This is the Holy Palace. Where is the Holy Palace?

We would say that it is in thought and in the Aleph. Habakkuk therefore said: I know that my prayer is accepted with delight. A king who was talented, hidden and concealed went into his house and commanded that no one seek him.

A king had a beautiful pearl, and it was the treasure of his kingdom. When he is happy, he embraces it, kisses it, places it on his head, and loves it. Habakkuk said: Even though Kings are with You, the beloved pearl is in Your world. But it is written Isaiah And it is written Psalm Regarding this it is written Isaiah It is thus written Deuteronomy If not, then it will judge you, and it will be fulfilled, even against your will. Because the scripture continues Psalm This is the Divine Presence [i.

It is thus written Isaiah 1: This is the righteousness that frightens the righteous. Is this righteousness charity Tzadakah or not? He said that it is not. Because it is written Isaiah It is thus written [that King Hezekiah said] Isaiah But this is what Hezekiah said: The attribute that You gave to David my ancestor is half of my days, and peace and truth are half of my days.

It is therefore written 2 Kings Regarding this, it is written Psalm I know that You are the holy God, as it is written Exodus It is thus written Exodus 2: A king had a beautiful wife, and had children from her. He loved them and raised them, but they went out to bad ways.

He then hated both them and their mother. Why do you do this: Why do you make your father hate both you and me? When the king saw this, he loved them as much as he did in the beginning.

He then also remembered their mother.

That regarding which it is written Psalm He recalled his son whom he inherited, and whom You gave to him. It is thus written I Kings 5: Where do we see that Abraham had a daughter? It is written Genesis Yes, it was his daughter.

A king had a slave who was complete and perfect before him. The king tested the slave in many ways, but the slave withstood all temptation. What should I do for him? I can do nothing but command my older brother to advise him, watch over him and honour him. The brother loved him very much, and called him his friend.

What can I do for him? Behold I have made a beautiful vessel, and in it are beautiful jewels. There is nothing like it in the treasuries of kings. I will give it to him, and he will be worthy in his place. Even [human] though has no end, for man can think, and descend to the end of the world. The ear also has no end and is not satiated. It is thus written Ecclesiastes 1: Because the ear is in the shape of an Aleph. We have said that everything that the Blessed Holy One brought into His world has a name emanating form its concept.

It is thus written Genesis 2: It is written Proverbs Take the word for root — Shoresh Shin — Resh — Shin. The letter Shin looks like the roots of a tree. And what is the function of the final Shin?

This teaches us that if you take a branch and plant it, it will root again. What is its function of the Zayin [in Ozen — ear]? This teaches us that each day has its own power. And what is its function [in the word Ozen]?

This teaches us that just like there is infinite wisdom in the ear, so is there power in all parts of the body. It is written Genesis 9: But we have said: What does the letter Vav resemble? It is alluded to in the verse Psalm His is two hands then make three, his head and body, five, and his two legs make seven. Paralleling all these are their powers in heaven. It is thus written Ecclesiastes 7: This teaches us that the brain is the main part of the spinal cord.

It constantly draws from there, and if not for the spinal cord, the brain could not endure. And without the brain, the body could not endure. The entire body exists only in order to provide for the needs of the brain. And if the body did not endure, then the brain would also not endure. The spinal cord is the channel from the brain to the entire body. It is represented by the bent Nun. But [in the word Ozen] the Nun is a straight one. This teaches us that the straight Nun includes both the bent one and the straight one.

But the bent Nun is the Foundation. This teaches us that the straight Nun includes both male and female. The open Mem. What is the open Mem? It includes both male and female. What is the closed Mem? It is made like a belly from above.

But Rabbi Rahumai said that the belly is like the letter Teth. He said it is like a Teth on the inside, while I say that it is like a Mem on the outside. Do not read Mem, but Mayim water. Just like water is wet, so is the belly always wet. Why does the open Mem include both male and female, while the closed Mem is male? This teaches us that the Mem is primarily male. The opening was then added to it for the sake of the female. Just like the male cannot give birth, so the closed Mem cannot give birth.

And just like the female has an opening with which to give birth, so can the open Mem give birth. The Mem is therefore open and closed. Why should the Mem have two forms, open and closed? Because we said: Do not read Mem, but Mayim Water. The woman is cold, and therefore, must be warmed by the male. Why should the Nun have two forms, bent and straight? Because it is written Psalm It is written Ecclesiastes 1: What is thought? It is a king that is needed by all things that were created in the world, both above and below.

It is also written Isaiah For thought does not include any vision, and has no ending whatsoever. And anything that has no end or limit does not have any descent. What is the meaning of the Segol? Its name is Segulah treasure. It comes after the Zarka. What is the meaning of Zarka?

It is like its name — something that is thrown ni Zrak. It is like something that is thrown, and after it comes Ecclesiastes 2: What is the reason that it is called Zarka? It is written Ezekiel 3: It is thus written [regarding God] Genesis Following it is treasure Segulah. It is at the head of all letters. Why is [this accent] at the end of a word, and not at the beginning? This teaches us that this Crown rises higher and higher. It is included and crowned, as it is written Psalm He also said: What is the reason that we place blue wool in the Tzitzit?

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And why are there 32 [threads]? A king had a beautiful garden, and in it were 32 paths. He placed a watchman over them to show that all these paths belong to him alone.

As long as you walk these paths, you will have peace. He appointed other watchmen [as his assistants to watch] over them. Besides that, people may say that I am the king. These are the 32 paths. What is the reason for the blue?

It is the sign of the king, indicating that the garden belongs to him. He is the one who made these paths, and they are not mine. This is his deal. A king and his daughter had slaves, and they wanted to travel abroad. But [the slaves] were afraid, being in terror of the king. He therefore gave them his sign. They were also afraid of the daughter, and she [also] gave them a sign.

What is the meaning of the verse 1 Kings 8: This teaches us that the Blessed Holy One has 72 names. All of them were placed in the Tribes [of Israel]. These parallel the 72 names of the Blessed Holy One. Why do they begin with twelve? This teaches us that God has twelve Directors. Each of these has six Powers [making a total of 72]. They are the 72 languages. The Blessed Holy One has a single Tree, and it has twelve diagonal boundaries: The northeast boundary, the southeast boundary; The upper east boundary, the lower east boundary; The southwest boundary, the northwest boundary; The upper west boundary, the lower west boundary; The upper south boundary, the lower south boundary; The upper north boundary, the lower north boundary; They continually spread forever and ever; They are the arms of the world.

On the inside of them is the Tree. Paralleling these diagonals there are twelve Functionaries. Inside the Sphere there are also twelve Functionaries.Here I found six men, and I also brought a seventh along with me. How can you say that it is for good? Because the holiness on high is three by three. The opposition to this , especially where it involved teaching these methods to the masses , was very strong.

How do we know that Chaos is in Evil? The case resembles branches of a tree.

Since most of these methods are no longer practiced, the vocabulary associated with them has also been forgotten.