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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Teori akuntansi: accounting theory. Buku 2, Volume 2. Front Cover. Ahmed Riahi- Belkaoui. Thomson Bibliographic information. QR code for Teori akuntansi. Teori Akuntansi book. Read 9 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Tidak seperti buku-buku akuntansi pada umumnya, buku ini memberikan. Code: HEN t. Author: Hendriksen, Eldon S. Publisher: Jakarta: Erlangga. Year: Stock: 1 eks. Indeks Page: eks. Information: xi, hlm.

Ebook Teori Akuntansi

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Publisher: Jakarta: RajaGrafindo Persada. Year: Stock: 5 eks. Indeks Page: eks. Information: xx, hlm.: il. ; 21 cm eks. 1. AKUNTANSI. I. Judul. Get this from a library! Menuju perumusan teori akuntansi Islam. [Sofyan Syafri Harahap]. Menuju perumusan teori akuntansi Islam by Sofyan Syafri Harahap. Menuju perumusan teori akuntansi Islam. by Sofyan Syafri Harahap. eBook: Document.

The securities legislation can then be regarded as a movement away from a potential competition rationale for disclosure toward the supplying of better-quality information to investors as a way control manipulative financial practices. Thus, if the question is one of regulation versus deregulation, Merino and Neimarks depiction of events seems to support regulation. If so, we may expect that regulation will be with us for the foreseeable future. However, given the complexity of information, the extent of regulation, that is, the number and content of accounting standards, must be determined by a political process rather than by rigorous economic calculation.

In effect, the measure of the success of a new standard is not whether it is correct in some abstract, theoretical sense but whether different interest groups are willing to support it. As we shall see, the structure of standard-setting bodies such as the.

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FASB is designed to facilitate the attainment of the consensus which is necessary for such support. However, this book also recognizes an obligation to convince you that the theory is relevant to accounting practice. This is accomplished in two main ways.

First, the various theories and research underlying financial accounting are described and explained in plain language, and their relevances is demonstrated by means of numerous references to accounting practice. For example, Chapter 3 describes how investors may make rational investment decisions, and then goes on to demonstrate that this decision theory underlies the Conceptual Framework of the FASB.

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Also the book contains numerous instances where accounting standards are described and critically evaluated. In addition to enabling you to learn the contents of these standards, you can better understand and apply them when you have a grounding in the underlying reasoning on which they are based.

The second approach to demonstrating relevance is through review and assignment problems. A real attempt has been made to select relevant problem material to illustrate and motivate the concepts.

Recent years have been challenging, even exciting, times for financial accounting theory.

We have learned a tremendous amount about the important role of financial accounting in our economy from the information economics research outlined earlier. If this book enables you to better understand and appreciate this role, it will have attained its objective. Actually, Merino and Neimark pose a much deeper question.

Widespread share ownership had long been seen as a way of reconciling increasingly large and powerful corporations with the popular belief in individualism, property rights, and democracy, whereby the little gut could take part in the corporate governance process.

With the crash and subsequent revelation of manipulative abuses, a new approach was required which would both restore public confidence in securities markets and be acceptable to powerful corporate interest groups. Merino and Neimark suggest that the creation of the SEC was an embodiment of such a new approach.

Teori Akuntansi Chapter 1 Scott Uploaded by listiyanuraini. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. The term hardness was introduced by Ijiri , who defined it as, difficulty of manipulation of financial reports by persons with a vested interest in those reports.

Dani Ordinary.

Book 1. Its EPUB copy surely sits on my phone for freakin ever!

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