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Users of the Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) are invited to review the Significant Changes to the 60th Edition (pdf) that are effective from 1 January (IATA—Resolution Attachment “A”). Effective 1 January—31 December . Produced in consultation with ICAO. Dangerous Goods. Dangerous Goods Handling. Chapter Page 2. Oct Chapter IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (IATA. DGR). Objectives. • This chapter will cover .

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DG IATA pdf - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. DANGEROUS GOODS CHECKLIST FOR A NON-RADIOACTIVE SHIPMENT Two copies in English and in the IATA format including the air certification. Remarks. David Brennan,. Head of Cargo Safety and Standards, IATA management system for transport of dangerous goods by air. 5 Items under discussion for the edition. ✈ Special . sppn.info FODpdf.

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You can change your ad preferences anytime. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this document? Why not share! An annual anal Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. TimothyGuillory Follow. It is acceptance and passenger check-in staff as shown in therefore essential that appropriate care be exercised Table 1.

States and operators may impose further restrictions e substances that are offered for transport in a liquid called variations see Subsection 2.

With the aim of port must not be carried on aircraft under any circum- preventing undeclared dangerous goods from being stance. Typical examples are listed below: These d liquids having a vapour inhalation toxicity which limitations are established by these Regulations.

METAL order to be carried safely. May also contain engines. FUELS—may contain flammable liquids. Other items such as flares. Dry shippers are subject to these Regu- chemical oxygen generators.

More detail on the container or cylinder of flammable gas. Examples include cleaners. These may include brine. Larger torches may consist of a torch company specific requirements that may apply to items head often with a self-igniting switch attached to a that are approved for carriage.

The following provisions are tabulated in Table 2. It is recommended that operators have documented flammable gas and be equipped with an procedures that identify the approval process and any electronic starter. See Subsection 2. See 3. Except as permitted in 2. Batteries which Comply with Special 3. Allowances for in the wheelchair. Dangerous Goods Regulations 2. The wheel- a non-spillable batteries must comply with Special Pro.

Provision A 4. List of Dangerous Goods. Tasers containing danger. Electro shock weapons e. The operator must verify that: The wheel. Alternative methods. The fuel tank. The battery ies must be car- packagings as follows: However to the cargo hold and must be carried in a manner so control the carriage of these items. D and 7. Limitations c the removed battery must be carried in strong. It is rec. Passengers or Crew. Containers that have Contained 2. Lithium Batteries To nullify the danger.

A Provisions for Dangerous Goods Carried by movement of baggage. Part III. The top circuits. Provided the above cleaning method is followed in 3. The pilot-in-command must be cylinder of compressed gas in Division 2. The following dangerous goods. Personal medical oxygen devices that utilise liquid oxy- The release of gas must not cause extreme annoy. Instruments containing radioactive material not exceeding the activity limits specified in Table The pilot-in-command must be informed of the d if the equipment contains gases to expel dye or ink.

Thermometer Editorial Note: Gaseous oxygen or air cylinders required for medical use.

Dangerous Goods Regulations appropriate national authority of the State of Manu. In case of accidental activation all hazardous effects must be 2. The ava- informed of the location of the barometer or thermometer.

The air bags within the backpacks Wh but not exceeding Wh may be carried as must be fitted with pressure relief valves. The backpack must be packed in such a manner that it cannot be Lithium ion batteries exceeding a watt-hour rating of accidentally activated. For carbon dioxide a gas cylinder with a water capacity of 2.

The barometer or thermometer must be packed in a strong outer packaging. Approval as Baggage c if the equipment contains lithium cells or batteries.


The water 2. This provision also applies where of Tests and Criteria. Batteries must be of 2. Each item of checked are permitted on aircraft as baggage without the approval baggage containing dry ice must be marked: Release valves on aerosols must be protected by otherwise insulating terminals.

Defibrillators AED. Spare batteries must be including those powered by lithium batteries. One small medical or clinical thermometer which contains b each installed or spare battery must be of a type mercury.

Non-radioactive medicinal or toiletry articles including Note: G for an example of a intended to include such items as hair sprays. Radio-pharmaceuticals a no more than two spare batteries may be carried in Radioisotopic cardiac pacemakers or other devices. Any battery that 2. The heat producing Note: Solid Dry Ice more than Wh. Maximum of two spare batteries may be carried in carry-on baggage only. See entry in 4.

The cylinder must not exceed 5 kg gross weight. Allowances for more than one person must not be combined into one or more packages. These batteries must be individually protected to prevent short circuits. UN or UN only. The backpack must be packed in such a manner that it cannot be accidentally activated. See 2. The airbags within the backpacks must be fitted with pressure relief valves.

Liquid oxygen systems are forbidden for transport. May also be equipped with a pyrotechnic trigger mechanism containing less than mg net of Div. Tasers containing dangerous goods such as explosives.

Permitted in or as carry-on baggage 2. Release valves on aerosols must be protected by a cap or other suitable means to prevent inadvertent release of the contents. Gas refills for such curlers are not permitted in checked or carry-on baggage.

International Air Transport Association

Up to two 2 small cylinders fitted into a life jacket. Lighter fuel and lighter refills are not permitted on one's person or in checked or carry-on baggage. The total net quantity of all above mentioned articles must not exceed 2 kg or 2 L.

A maximum of 2 spare batteries may be carried see 2. These hair curlers must not be used on board the aircraft at any time. Matches and lighters are not Electronic Devices permitted in checked or carry on baggage. English should be used. Cigarette lighters should have two independent ac. One small packet of safety matches or a cigarette lighter that does not contain unabsorbed liquid fuel. In checked or carry-on baggage. Alcoholic beverages. Lighter fuel 2. Spare batteries batteries when the portable electronic device is not in must be individually protected to prevent short circuits by use and must be durably marked by the manufac- placement in the original retail packaging or by otherwise turer: Gas refills for such curlers are not permitted e no more than two spare fuel cell cartridges may be in checked or carry-on baggage.

In i in addition to the languages which may be required addition. The following require. Designated postal authorities may accept the danger- 2. These authority. The engine must comply the civil aviation authority. No more than four cells or ians. Category B UN only. Limitations porous material dry shipper. Guidelines for appropriate national authorities and Provision A A maximum of 2.

Packing Instruction The dry shipper must meet provisions of the appropriate national authorities con- the requirements of Special Provision A The provisions relating to documentation Subsec- tent activation.

UN meeting the provisions of Section II of mens. No more than four cells or two batteries may be mailed in any single package. Appropriate national authorities should ensure fied as dangerous goods but which are required to be that the provisions of the UPU Convention are complied aboard the aircraft in accordance with pertinent air- with in relation to the transport of dangerous goods by air. Engines 2. UN 2. UN and intended as replacements for those referred to in 2.

Small quantities of dangerous goods meeting the pro- visions of this subsection are not subject to the other 2. Electronic devices such as electronic flight bags. UN and UN Solid Dry Ice Carbon dioxide solid. Conditions for the carriage and use of and other occurrences 9. The provisions for approvals and exemptions previously f Substances of Division 6. The closure must be resistant to dioxide. All articles are 2. Dangerous goods must not react danger- within a single outer packaging.

In such and the volume indicated for outer packagings refers to cases. TABLE 2. Limitations g Substances of Class 8. The intermediate packaging must port. Instruction must be met. For capable of withstanding. The primary hazard class or. Each of the above drops may be performed on 2. In the drop tests for liquids. For solids. Where the sample is in the shape of a box.

Dangerous Goods Regulations leakage of any inner packaging and without significant 2. Where the sample is in the shape of a drum. Information relating to Dangerous Goods in Excepted Model Regulations recognize the mark required by these Quantities is not required to appear on the written Regulations in order to ensure that packages containing information to the pilot in command. Regulations require hazard labels.

The provisions contained in this paragraph is not required. The mark Subsection 2. The UN 2. These recog. For and other occurrences 9.

UN in Divisions 2. Limitations 2. All requirements of these under normal conditions of transport. Flammable liquids in Packing Groups II for limited quantities of dangerous goods.

E4 or E5 in Column F of Table 4. Flammable solids of Division 4. Goods and in Section 5. A checklist is not required for dangerous goods in per-package quantities are in some cases lower than excepted quantities.

Environmentally b the dangerous goods do not require segregation hazardous substance. UN and Consumer commodity goods and the quantity contained therein complies ID of Class 9 substances. Aviation vided for in these Regulations. Toxic substances of Division 6.

Subsection 6.

Only Dibromodifluoromethane UN UN and UN and 9. UN and 2. UN may be primary functions. The quantity of dry ice does not need ings. Dangerous Goods Regulations substances irrespective of packing group. Cushioning and absorbent materials. UN and UN or 9 perform their containment functions as efficiently as does not exceed the value of 1 when calculated new packagings.

M2 etc. Aviation regulated c the inner packaging used for each item of dangerous solid. Organic peroxides of Division 5. Ammonium nitrate fertilizers UN Oxidizers of Division 5. IATA has included vari- ations for States which have filed variations against 2.

UN is not permitted in the same outer packag. A see 7. These variations are listed in 2. Each package offered for trans.

The package as prepared for trans. Limitations However. State variations are identified by a three-letter group. Egypt EGG 2. Radioactive AEG Explosives AEG Department of Security KGG South Africa ZAG goods 9. Ground handling Accident and AUG Iran IRG A of these Regulations. This is a pre-requisite for State GCAA to approve the dangerous goods freight forwarder State Variations Restrictions application or to renew their certificate.

Editorial Note: The Australian national authority for Annex 18 and competent authority for these Regulations is the: There are two categories of import must reflect applicable requirements contained in the permit available. Applications for of the dangerous good s being transported.

Arms and ammunition E-mail: The address and contact details as follow: Column M may only be carried on a passenger or cargo 1. Applications and inquiries can be made to: A permit is required to import or export radioactive see 8. It is prohibited to Goods Regulations. Service des Explosifs Requests for approval should be addressed to: Information on this products.

When listed after each substance: The shipper must provide the land portion see 1. This notification is in addition to. Fisheries and Forestry 2. UN —Dinitrophenolates. UN —Air bag inflators. UN —Sodium picramate. Limitations UN —Trinitrophenol. UN —Nitrocellulose mixture with plasticizer. UN —Trinitrochlorobenzene. Federal Agency for Nuclear Control without pigment with UN —1-Hydroxybenzotriazole anhydrous [] with pigment with Aerolicensing caa.

All other requirements of these Regulations and concerning the transport of Dry Ice remain appli- 2 2. Bahrain Flight Information Region also refers see Subsections 1. Fissile radioactive material as defined in Shall not be accepted without prior permission by the Belgian Civil Aviation Administration.

Information Publication. Dangerous Goods Regulations The carriage by aircraft over the territory of the Kingdom c to the transport of Dry Ice carbon dioxide. Carriage of such goods must be in compliance with these Regulations. Radioactive material cable. Infectious substances must comply with must be used for all dangerous goods markings and all documentation and labelling requirements including transport documents in addition to the languages required the requirements outlined in Subsection 2.

English mail in Canada. A and Figure 8. Further information and a report Slater Street template are available on the website: Transport Safety Service 2 Av.

All employees working in Brazilian referenced in the said Regulations. Canada only: Toll free. The information on the transport Regulations.

B comply the transportation by air of radioactive material to. The request must be submitted at least Fax: Limitations BRG Brazil copy can be obtained on the website: Office of Biohazard Containment and Safety Science 9.

Include Country Codes. Column M may only be carried on a b are also radioactive materials. For international transport. Additional languages are Fax: The telephone number of a person who is not the Website: Regulations as a means of containment with a capacity greater than L L is equivalent to 0. Airspace Standards and Procedures Dangerous Goods Regulations establish the Canadian Transport Canada classification criteria for miscellaneous products.

Ontario Office of Laboratory Security 2. The terms were chosen to emphasize that K1A 0Y9 the requirement is not just applicable during office Tel: Civil Aviation Directorate substances or organisms that may not be listed as Ottawa dangerous goods in these Regulations but are a marine Ontario pollutant and an environmentally hazardous substance. Request for approval should be telephone connection made by the caller must be addressed to: Limitations or in French.

Canada and United States: Radiation Protection Division. This document must be shown to an inspector upon request. A consignor be made to: Suite organization or agency has current. Prior authorizations for with a specification for cylinders set out in 49 CFR transport of class 7 substances under other UN numbers and has displayed on it requalification marks as are issued by the Federal Office of Public Health.

For example: B meets the A person may use a means of containment that is a requirement of CAG DKG Denmark 1. A shipment is to be treated as a large source if the Knapholm 7 activity per package exceeds 1. National Institute of Radiation Hygiene 2. For the purpose of this variation fissile materials nuclear fuels.

D Salzgitter. Applications should be sent to exempted from this variation and therefore do the: Postfach 10 01 Germany Tel: Division 1. Explosives must be National Centre for Nuclear Safety and Radiation transported in the cargo hold of the aircraft. This includes ammunition for sporting purposes. The correspondence should be addressed to: Limitations Explosives classified as Class 1. ASN must be consulted on the selection of the Instructions. Aviation House territory of France must be sent by the operator or his Gatwick Airport.

Such approval must be entered in the least 10 working days before the date of the first flight on maintenance log of the aircraft. This provision also applies to the items referred to in 2. DGAC must be advised of which dangerous goods are to be carried and should be such contamination and approval before the aircraft is submitted to: It is the responsibility of the importer to obtain materials by air to.

Explosives manufactured in the United is not permitted unless an approval has been obtained Kingdom are required to have been classified before they from the ASN: For Special Form radioactive material.

Carriage of such French territory only after approval by an authorized goods must be in compliance with the Technical expert. Application for permission should be made at expert. For all other radioactive materials. RH6 0YR Further information may be obtained from: Aviation House aircraft to. The operator is Ulica grada Vukovara not required to wait for any acknowledgement or 10 Zagreb acceptance before carrying out the flight.

Details of the approval requirements can be found in notification of dangerous goods on an aircraft involved in CAP Passenger Terminal Building required under Annex If the flight does not Republic of Croatia for these Regulations is: Category B UN are not permitted in domestic mail except under special Tel: Exempt patient specimens are not Fax: Explosives previously imported may b for all other radioactive material 3.

Biological substances. AOC holders. Dangerous Goods Regulations Operators. Any request concerning the applicability of this Fax: Column M. Application for such permission may be addressed to: Applications for approval should be lodged with the CCAA at least ten days prior to the proposed flight.

ITALY 3. The number must be monitored Department of Nuclear.

[EN] Navigation und Service

INRA aeoi. Technological and Industrial by an individual who: Risk Radioactive Material Transport Division 1. Type B and Type C packages. Application for the Dipartimento per l'Energia approval. Application for Shipper's Declaration for Dangerous Goods must include shipment approval and notification can be made at the a hour emergency response telephone number following address: Application for authorization can be made at the following address: Beyond the approval.

Via Vitaliano Brancati 48 2. Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority dgerm. Japan see Ajibek Batyra St. L Luxembourg Department of Civil Aviation. Applications for permission for this purpose Director General. Malaysia not be transported on a passenger aircraft or cargo Level Block Podium aircraft as appropriate to. Malaysia for approval to carry arms.

China must obtain prior the quantity and location aboard the aircraft of the written permission from the Civil Aviation Authority— dangerous goods. If the situation permits.

Centro Comercial Cheng Feng. Malaysia see 1. Type A. Requests for approval NLG Netherlands should be addressed to: Type B. Further information may be obtained from: Application for a permit or approval from the Atomic Energy Licensing Board of Malaysia can 2 notified to the Flight Safety Standard Department of be made at the following address: General Administration of Civil Aviation as soon as 2.

Radioprotection ms.

Information on the must first obtain a permit from the Inspector General of licensing procedure can be obtained at: Department of Civil Aviation. Jalan Dengkil Dengkil.

Public Works and Water Management. Spatial Planning and the Environment. Application for a dangerous goods license shall be made Consignments of consumer goods containing added at least six weeks before the date of the first flight on radioactivity exceeding the exemption levels of which dangerous goods are to be carried. Netherlands providing the permission granted by such a through or from the Netherlands without written State is held.

Operators registered in the Netherlands and Consignments containing uranium. Written permission for transport to. D shall not be accepted for carriage to. An application Table Netherlands may be obtained by the shipper. Notification may be AN Hoofddorp done by the shipper. The operator is not Tel: D shall not Certification and Approvals Department be accepted for carriage to. Limitations c goods of dual use. The applications should be sent to: Cod Director Flight Safety Bucuresti 2.

The application for the above-mentioned permit has to be d germs and dangerous goods. In case the consignment contains radioactive materials. UN number. Every performing medical emergency flights and in cases of correspondence should be sent to the President of the flights by air carriers detaining an operator license in CAO no later than thirty working days before planned accordance with EU Regulation No.

Activity B-dul. Category A. Authority before starting the flight with the following radioactive materials and other materials classified and information: Russian and English must be used for E-mail: MOW includes weapons for sporting and the shipment is not cleared and received by the non-sporting purposes such as rifles.

Information and Federal Environmental. Riyadh or Dammam only except those intended consequence dangerous goods indicated in 1. Operators wishing to carry munitions of war by air into. MOWs may consignment to any destination in Saudi Arabia. For Tel: Such a waiver must be granted with the approval of the a Munitions of war and explosives. All Ul. For a given substance. Any substance being disposed Bosna Hersek Cad. Any substance which. An enclosure that is used by a single Tel: The requirements of 49 CFR apply to the offering.

Sok No: Part contains additional requirements for carriage to. The appropriate national authority for the United States is: The U. Any questions regarding this variation should be crew. Such batteries transported in listed in Subsection 4. Table in 49 CFR Dangerous goods not permitted for carriage by pass- vapour inhalation toxicity meeting the criteria of engers or crew in checked or carry-on baggage by Division 6. Abbreviations may not be used unless they are 4.

Each shipping paper copy must include cells contained in or packed with equipment UN the date of acceptance by the initial operator. Primary non-rechargeable lithium metal batteries and Note: Dangerous Goods Regulations English must be used for all required package markings 3. US see USG For provisions are forbidden for transportation aboard hazardous waste.

Dangerous goods circumstances to. Dangerous goods that are forbidden on passenger and with no A1 or A2 Special Provision indicated. The following requirements apply to the Hazardous substances.

Subsection 5. Class these Regulations: Concentration by Weight Note: A hazardous waste is any material that is subject to the hazardous waste For mixtures of radionuclides see Note 7 to Appendix A to manifest requirements of the United States Environ- 49 CFR Regulations applying to the shipment of goods under this description. I Hazardous substances: When a substance.

Class 9. Hazardous waste can only be transported United States unless the design of the device has been within the United States by carriers who examined and tested by a person authorized by an have obtained a Waste Transporter Identifi. Such approval a Radioactive material.

Dangerous Goods Regulations 4. Instruction For design samples tection Agency EPA. The EX-number may also be active material intended for use in.

The assignment of substances described in Re- goods on the transport document Shipper's Declaration gardless of its intended use. Materials which are not subject to A list of Hazardous Wastes and the appli. Aerosols must consist of shipment by the appropriate authority of the US. After that time. Parts — The number must be monitored at all times while the 1.

Individual packages pomace. This information Special Provision A Administration Documentation Requirements: The telephone number Washington must be entered on the Shipper's Declaration for DC Dangerous Goods and its purpose clearly identified. Carbon dioxide. The telephone number must be aircraft without the prior approval of the appropriate the number of the person offering the dangerous goods authority of the United States. Type B M. Fissile package designs must be certified by the US Consumer commodity.

Type H U. Dangerous Goods required by these Regulations must 4. Dry ice. A person offering a dangerous good for US Department of Transportation transportation who lists the telephone number of an Attn: Radioactive Materials Branch PHH agency or organization must ensure that agency or Office of Hazardous Materials Technology organization has received current information on the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety material before it is offered for transportation.

Material as defined in 49 CFR Class 7. Limitations d For a package containing radioactive material with an event of an incident involving the dangerous good s. Castor beans. Type H M and Battery powered vehicle. Refrigerating Machines. Telephone Number: The Shipper's Declaration for 3. United States variations see 9. Regulations see 9. Pilot-in-Command as required in 9. The date on the shipping paper this variation: Each shipping meet the definition of another hazard class.

States must not be accepted unless the operator also ensures that the shipper has complied with all i Division 6. These requirements to be inaccessible unless in a freight container. For a hazardous waste. Methods of compliance include. Part see USG For transport by cargo aircraft the following a A package prepared in accordance with these Regu.

Dangerous Goods Regulations 6. The information must be printed in English. B Cargo Aircraft—Packages Authorized for Transport Aboard a Passenger Aircraft In an accessible cargo compartment If packages are accessible If packages are inaccessible If packages are in a freight container 25 kg per compartment plus an additional 25 kg per container plus an additional No limit 75 kg of Division 2. Except the following Except the following materials are not subject to materials are not subject to this restriction: Except the following materials are not subject to this restriction: No limit another hazard class.

PG III. C Cargo Aircraft—Packages Only Authorized for Transport Aboard a Cargo Aircraft In an accessible cargo compartment If packages are in a freight If packages are in a freight If packages are accessible If packages are inaccessible container and are container and are accessible inaccessible Forbidden.

A Passenger Aircraft In an accessible cargo compartment If packages are accessible If packages are inaccessible 25 kg per compartment plus an additional If packages are in a freight container 25 kg per container plus an additional 2 No limit 75 kg of Division 2.

A cylinder containing medical-use compressed oxygen. UN is not permitted for transport on owned or leased by an aircraft operator or offered for passenger aircraft unless approved by the appropriate transportation by a passenger needing it for personal authority of the United States see USG An oxygen medical use at destination.

UN that is transported with a a passenger-carrying aircraft in accordance with the means of initiation attached must be classed and following provisions: Compressed gas. Technical Instructions and any other conditions which the d Oxygen cylinders transported under these provisions Director General of Civil Aviation deems necessary..

The dangerous goods transport compartments not equipped with a fire or smoke document Shipper's Declaration must contain the EX 2 detection system and a fire suppression system Class D.

For domestic transport. UN must cargo during flight. No more than six cylinders of be packaged as required by 49 CFR Hunupitiya Road Attention: Sri Lanka. This requirement does not apply to oxygen—may be carried in a Class B aircraft cargo cylinders containing medical-use compressed oxygen compartment or its equivalent. Dangerous Goods Regulations Cylinders of compressed oxygen must be transported in air bag inflators.

If product codes are 2. Nitrogen weight permit. An oxygen generator. This includes oxygen per passenger needing the oxygen at destination. Requests for approval should be addressed to: Failure to comply with the the aircraft.

Technical Instructions Doc Aviation Act No. The information must include the primary Technical Instructions and all relevant South African hazard. The text must appear prominently in English or 1. For military armaments and ammunition of war: The Commissioner for Civil Aviation For international transport. Blue Dart Aviation Ltd. Austral Lineas Aereas AU should not be submitted as operator variations. Variations should only be submitted where an operator requires an addition to an existing Asiana OZ provision.

P2 the time of printing are given in 2. Air Algerie AH are not permitted in air mail either to. Austrian Airlines OS 2. D5 SA. De CV.

KL Transavia Airlines C. Limited Quantity not KC VO SV Emergency 4C TK also on the BZ except for QY ID VT RO UX except for arrangements must GH LX except for ID Airmail limitations AR Air Waybill. Provisions 2.

Excepted Quantity BR Consumer commodity be made 1. OU except for ID XK OZ VS Instructions Operator Variations Instructions Consumer commodity Y AI also on the 2.B List of Inner Packagings The Shipper's Declaration for 3. The wheel. Cigarette lighters should have two independent ac. U Class 8—Corrosives Instruction May also contain engines.