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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Photobook Symbian App, download to your mobile for free. PhotoBook v Full Symbian App, download to your mobile for free. Get free downloadable PhotoBook Symbian S60 3rd, 5th Edition & Symbian^3 Apps for your Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and other mobile phones.

Symbian Photo Book

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LCG PhotoBook for Symbian - LCG PhotoBook is handy photo viewer to display digital photo images taken with your mobile camera cell phone or downloaded. Are you an amateur photographer? This mobile Photo Book has been designed for you! PhotoBook is an easy-to-use program to display digital photo collections . Symbian Anna-style big digital clock screensaver for Nokia Belle. Target devices .. photo viewer. Easy create photo gallery and photo albums in your mobile.

Nokia has its the database is located on 40x30 pixels rectangular area. In this respect, a simple client-server content- based image indexing and retrieval CBIR application is implemented on Nokia , where the server and the client run on the same device. Nokia is one of the latest 3G mobile phones using Series 60 2. The implemented application works only on Jpeg com- pressed images. DCT-based downscaling is applied during Jpeg decoding before feature extraction processes for reduc- ing processor and memory usage.

As presented in [15], DCT- based downscaling does not affect colour-based retrieval performance significantly. HSV and RGB colour histogram feature extraction modules are implemented for using in in- dexing and retrieval experiments. The indexing and the re- trieval modules are combined into unit client, which incorpo- rates the capturing module using onboard camera. It does not include the feature extraction sub-framework. Since the server and the client reside on the same device, IPC and Figure 4: The menu options of the implemented application shared memory are used during the client-server communica- on its user interface tion.

The underlying indexing and retrieval methods of the 4. The image database and feature data Using Nokia camera, 50 images are captured with formats are similar to the MUVIS defined formats. The que- x pixels resolution and high quality options. These rying scheme also contains similar multiple feature-based images are indexed by extracting their HSV and RGB colour querying, weighted distance mean, and feature weight ad- histograms on the implemented CBIR application.

Figure 3 displays the result of a query from the experimental database on the application. As shown in both figures, expected results are observed on the image queries. The numbers in the table reveals that Jpeg decoding is the most time consuming process affecting the whole performance. Kiranyaz, K. Caglar, O. Guldogan, and E. Chang, W.

Chen, J. Meng, H.

Sundaram, and D. ACM Multime- dia, Seattle, Pentland, R. Picard, and S. Iftikhar, F. Alaya Cheikh, B.

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Cramariuc, and M. Iftikhar, S.

Abdullah, S. Kiranyaz, and M. Gabbouj, 0. Guldogan, E. Guldogan, S. It can also be ported to other distributed platforms if the mily. Guldogan, O. Guldogan, and M. Gabbouj, "DCT- tations.

Although the implemented applica- Image Retrieval" in Proc. DCT-based downscaling. Media Technology, London, U. The application is used for indexing and retrieval experi- ments on a Jpeg image database, and the results verify that such a system is feasible on mobile platform.

The proposed framework provides the indexing and retrieval modules in- tegrated for distributed Symbian-based systems. It will be improved further by incorporating more optimisations in its modules and other multimedia capabilities of Symbian OS.

The implemented application may also be developed further by implementing the remaining parts of the framework. Once the entire framework is implemented, it will be util- ized for extensive experiments for mobile CBMIR. The openness of this OS creates the opportunity for third-party developers to come up with more advanced and enhanced application for expanding the capability of Smartphones powered with the Symbian OS.

The productivity of your smartphone can be increased with these powerful applications. QuickOffice Premier Symbian-based smartphones normally don't have a very advanced office application. This negates the whole point of a smartphone which was intended as a smart companion to enhance productivity. But all is not lost yet; you can turn your phone into a very powerful mobile office with the help of QuickOffice -- a suite of the essential office apps word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation with comprehensive features.

It has complete support for MS Office documents and it has advanced editing capabilities that is missing in most of the in-built office suites. Almost all the features that come with MS Office are available here.

There is also a file manager to organize files and folders in your smartphone. SBSH Papyrus Managing your time and schedule in your Symbian smartphone may not be a pleasant experience because of the very limited built-in time management tool. If you don't want to spend all your time trying to schedule your day, SBSH Papyrus is just the right solution for you.

It is a very capable tool for easily and efficiently scheduling and viewing your daily schedule. The various views Daily, List, Grid, Monthly, and Tasks helps you easily view and manage your daily schedule and tasks without much hassles. You can create multi-purpose reminders for important activities.

Importing from Outlook is also possible. WidSets Widgets web based mini-applications allow you to access useful net applications from the Net quickly and effortlessly from the comfort of your desktop. Now you can get the power of thousands of widgets for your Smartphone with WidSets. You need to register at their website to be able to use all the widgets available. There are a vast number of widgets catering to useful services such as news weather, utilities, chatting, Wikipedia, games, etc.

It even has a news service from Times of India. Mobiledit With smartphones packing in a vast number of features to enhance the usefulness of the device, it is sometimes hard to manage all the features from the phone itself. So a good alternative would be to manage it via your PC. Mobiledit, a powerful all-in-one mobile phone management tool, lets you do that efficiently and easily.

Download Quick Recipes On Symbian Os Mastering C Smartphone Development

The treasure trove of features include option for sending and managing SMS directly from your PC, organizing and synchronizing the phone book, ability to manage multiple phones at the same time, full phone and SIM card status information, etc. It also includes a very handy phonebook editor for advanced editing of all the information stored in the phone memory and SIM card. There is even an option for handling incoming phone calls directly from your PC and support for MS Outlook is also included.

Other notable features include a ringtone editor, YouTube Video Downloader, powerful backup utility, and a media converter. Handy Safe Handy Safe is an impressive tool for securely managing your personal and sensitive data easily.

It has over 35 unique information forms to store almost everything and you can also create custom forms to store specific information using the existing templates or modify the existing information forms according to your needs. It provides password protection and bit data encryption for keeping your information safe.

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It also comes with a desktop companion for synchronization of information on your Smartphone and your PC. It helps you do almost everything on your computer from a remote location. It offers the same user interface on your desktop and it also has strong security architecture for securely logging into your computer.

WorldMate If you are a globe-trotter then you can have all the information you want about the world right from the comfort of your Smartphone. WorldMate is a travel soft ware which provides you with important travel information.

A version for Windows Mobile is also available. The in-built multimedia tools in Symbian OS are nothing much to talk about. But as with Windows Mobile, you can enhance your multimedia experience with the vast number of third-party software available.

SmartMovie As the name of the video player suggests, SmartMovie is a very smart movie player which also has options to convert almost any video file to a phone-friendly files format.


An easy to navigate interface, high quality video and audio playback, and a huge set of features are the main attractions of this impressive video player.

When converting, it can split video files into multiple segments and allows you to easily transfer it to your PC for managing and editing your video files.Index- network and communication interfaces that do not depend ing and retrieval clients can be combined into one module if directly on hardware implementations.

Keep up with the latest news, sports, and entertainment on the Smart Page. Backgammon Pro V v5. It supports downloading multiple torrents at the same time and can save the status of your unfinished torrents, so you can resume the downloads after restarting the application. With these simple controls you are able to create special effects such as changing the image mood warm, cold, etc.