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Downloadable Costa Rica Guide for Travelling in this beautiful country. Each guide is in a friendly PDF readable format. So what are you waiting for Just Go. Environment and Energy (Minae) and the Costa Rica Tourism Board. (ICT) – who .. fauna in this enchanting memoir and natural history guide. ▫ Around the. Costa RiCa. Panama & niCaRagua travel guides. Planning your trip tailor-made holidays small group holidays touring holidays. Wildlife experiences selfdrive.

Costa Rica Travel Guide Pdf

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Enjoy our free online Costa Rica travel guide. Full of information and tips on when to travel where to go & what to see when you travel to Costa Rica. During your vacation the Costa Rica Dream Makers team is here to assist you . t This book is available in PDF format Rican salaries are low and guides truly. Create your own Costa Rica travel guide! All you have to do is select the type of places you'd like to include (restaurants, museums, etc.). When you're done, you .

Costa Rica Travel Guide

History[ edit ] While Costa Rica shares much of its history well into the 19th century with the other central American states and in fact gained independence on the same day as Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala which is still visible in the blue white blue basic flag of all these countries Costa Rica simply added a red stripe in the middle of the white one , there are some notable differences.

The most visible today is that in Costa Rica European settlement mostly occurred in the Central Valley, which led to it becoming the economic and political heart of the country and the ancestry decidedly European. One reason for this is that Figueres upon taking over abolished the military and Costa Rica is still one of only a handful of countries without one, leading to fewer coups and more money for education and social programs.

This however has led to Costa Rica being hugely influenced by the USA and being one of America's closest allies in the region. In the s almost all of Central America was embroiled in civil wars and shaky unpopular governments.

Costa Rican President Oscar Arias Sanchez made a peace proposal that got almost all sides in war-torn Nicaragua to sit together and talk and achieved a lasting peaceful solution and democratic elections in However Nicaragua-Costa Rica relations have deteriorated in recent years and dominated the political agenda of Arias Sanchez' second term in the s.

Rio San Juan, which belongs to Nicaragua but is situated at the border, became a hot button issue. One point of contention were Nicaraguan drainage operations on the river which Nicaragua claims was to ensure safe shipping, but Costa Rica claims illegally entered their territory Nicaragua pointed to google maps in their defense.

Another point of contention is whether Costa Rica has to pay a fee for tourist excursions on the river - Costa Rica claims an old treaty guarantees both countries free navigation of the river, whereas Nicaragua maintains the only thing the treaty says is that Costa Rican ships may transport "goods" without paying a fee and people are not, in fact, goods. The whole situation was made worse by Arias Sanchez' successor Laura Chinchilla who insisted on building a controversial highway right next to the river over Nicaraguan protests, which Nicaragua claims not only harms Costa Rican nature reserves but might also overload the river with sediment.

Deforestation , illegal pet-trading, and hunting are the main reasons for its threatened status. The park is recognized for the annual nesting of the endangered green turtle , and is the most important nesting site for the species.

Giant leatherback , hawksbill , and loggerhead turtles also nest there. The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is home to about 2, plant species, [73] including numerous orchids.

Over types of birds and more than species of mammals can be found there. The country's abundant fruit trees, many of which bear fruit year round, are hugely important to the birds, some of whom survive on diets that consist only of one or two types of fruit.

Costa Rica

Some of the country's most notable avian species include the resplendent quetzal , scarlet macaw , three-wattled bellbird , bare-necked umbrellabird , and the keel-billed toucan. Costa Rica is a center of biological diversity for reptiles and amphibians , including the world's fastest running lizard, the spiny-tailed iguana Ctenosaura similis.

That's why you work your hardest for them. Well, shouldn't you give them the best places to relax and have fun as well? Come where the wild things are.

See the amazing animals of Costa Rica. Check out the free Costa Rica Guide on Nature.

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Are you into relaxation and tranquility. Lounging on the beach or just sipping on a fresh cocktail. Costa Rica gives you all that and so much more. Wellness, Yoga, and Relaxation all help you getaway to your meditation bliss.

Our Private Week in Costa Rica

And here's the Costa Rica Guide to help. A romantic getaway is only a plane ride away. Experience the love of your life in the country of your dreams.

Come and experience the wealth of Tortuguero. This region is filled with so much Flora and Fauna you will love every Minute of it.

Where to Go? When to Visit?

What to Do?All adventures are accompanied by your own private naturalist! We had some of the best sushi of our lives at a Japanese restaurant in Santa Teresa and delectable gnocchi from an Italian restaurant in Samara three nights in a row. Locals drench the dish in Salsa Lizano, a slightly spicy sauce.

When to Visit? Things to Do Costa Rica boasts a vast smorgasbord of things to do, promising something for everyone.