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Hindi Book- Vrat Katha - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Hindi Book- Vrat Katha. Jivitputrika (Sanskrit: जीवित्पुत्रिका) (Hindi: जिउतिया, Jiutiya) (Nepali : जितिया Contents. 1 Description; 2 Legends. Jivitputrika Vrat Story; Jimutavahana. 3 References; 4 External links. This application contains: * About Jivitputrika Vrat in Hindi & English language. * Jivitputrika Vrat Katha in Hindi language. So download it and.

Jivitputrika Vrat Katha Pdf

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Jivitputrika Vrat is a kind of Lifestyle apps for Android, 9Apps official website provides download and walkthrough for Jivitputrika Vrat Katha in Hindi language. Jivitputrika Vrat Katha Pdf Download >>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1). Santan Saptami Vrat Katha in Hindi (Story of Santhan Saptami) PDF download is given here. Santhan Saptami is observed on Shukla Paksha.

Both of them saw some ladies performing the pooja and fasting, and wished to observe it themselves too.

During their fast, the fox became unconscious because of hunger and secretly had food. On the other hand, the eagle observed the fast with full dedication and completed it.

As a result, all children born to the fox perished a few days after birth and the eagle's offspring were blessed with long life.

Jimutavahana[ edit ] According to this story Jimutavahana was the wise and king of the Gandharva. Jimutvanhan was not satisfied with ruling and as a result he gave all the responsibilities of his kingdom to his brothers and went to the jungle to serve his father.

One day while wandering in the jungle, he finds an old woman mourning. He asked the old woman the reason of weeping, upon which she told him that she belonged to a family of snakes Nagvanshaki and had only one son.

As an oath, every day, one snake is offered to Pakshiraj Garuda as a feed and that day was her son's chance to become his food. After listening to her problem, Jimutavahana consoled her and promised that he would get back her son alive and would protect him from Garuda. He decides to lay down himself on the bed of rocks being presented to the Garuda for the feed.

Garuda comes and holds the Jimutvahana covered with red cloth with his fingers and climbs the rock. Mangalvar Vrat Katha 3 Wednesday: Budhvar-Vrat Katha 4 Thursday: Guruvar Vrat Katha 5 Friday: Shukravar Vrat Katha 6 Saturday: Shanivar Vrat Katha 7 Sunday: Ravivar Vrat Katha Sawan mahine ki vart katha, shiv ji ki vrat kath If you have any suggested features or improvements please leave a feedback in the app feedback section.

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Vrat Katha with Aarti in Hindi app has the following categories of contents: This app is a self-contained offline app with a part of the contents from public domain. We acknowledge that the respective copyright owners of the contents own the rights.


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Privacy Policy. See more.Vrat Katha app has following vrat katha's - 1 Monday: In theory, the idea of renunciation could negate the class system altogether, as it was the jnana knowledge motivated karma action of an individual and not status which determined salvation.

May 1. He decides to lay down himself on the bed of rocks being presented to the Garuda for the feed.

Garuda finds it surprising when the person he has trapped does not response. Fasts most commonly known as Upvaas or Vrat.