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marketing canadian 10th edition by crane kerin hartley and rudelius multiple marketing 9th edition by kerin hartley and sppn.info free pdf. marketing 9th edition by kerin hartley and rudelius is available in our book The Seventh Canadian Edition of Marketing by Crane et al has been Edition by Frederick Crane, Roger A. Kerin, Steven W. Hartley, William Rudelius test bank pdf. Marketing Canadian 10th Edition by Crane Kerin Hartley and Crane has authored Marketing, 9th Canadian edition Hartley and Rudelius pdf. Reviews.

Marketing 9th Canadian Edition Crane Pdf

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Marketing, 9th Canadian edition Author(s): Crane, Kerin, Hartley, Rudelius So it is in Hartley, William Rudelius Solution Manual pdf docx epub after payment. marketing crane kerin hartley rudelius hartley rudelius PDF ePub . marketing 9th [PDF]. Crane Marketing 9th. Canadian. Edition. marketing 8th canadian edition crane is available in our book collection an you can read or download marketing 9th canadian edition crane pdf in PDF format.

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Hard copy in great condition. Marketing 9th Canadian edition by Crane. Very good condition if you do not mind some highlights and underlines. Marketing, 9th Canadian edition Author s: Crane, Kerin, Hartley, Rudelius So it is in good condition, our teacher did not cover all chapters, I can give you a list of the chapters covered in class. None of the chapters are highlighted. Did all problems with help from textbook solutions. You can get them too for Principles of Marketing, 9th Canadian Edition.

It is in very good condition. No marking and highlight in the text. Marketing 9th canadian edition for Marketing Management. B FairFranchise. C FairTrade.

D B-Corp Certification. A 4 In today's global competition, it is important to recognize the kinds of organizations that exist. Organizations can basically be divided into two categories: A privately owned and publically owned. B business and non-profit. C regulated and unregulated. D domestic and multi-national. B 5 Plan Canada, a nongovernmental organization that serves its customers but does not have profit as an organizational goal is considered a A nonprofit organization B public university C government agency D business firm Answer: A 6 Ford, GM, and Toyota, all develop automobiles.

Test Bank for Marketing 9th Canadian Edition by Crane

This group create a n: B product market. C cartel. D industry. D 7 John's Auto Wreckers is a privately owned organization that serves its customers in order to earn a profit is called a: A nonprofit organization. B business firm. C community action program.

D manufacturing agent. The contrast between these two is: A George's Computer Repairs is considered a business, while Plan Canada is considered a nonprofit organization B Both serve customers, so there is no contrast between the two C George's Computer Repairs is a nonprofit, while Plan Canada is a for profit company.

A 9 While undertaking risk to offer the iPhone, Apple Computers is rewarded by receiving the following reward: B 10 At Apple Computers, the financial department considers the profit earned at the end of the day as: A the goodwill earned from implementing the societal marketing concept. B the money left over after a firm's total expenses are subtracted from its total revenues.

Marketing 9th Canadian Edition Crane Pdf Download

C the money earned as long as the economic order quantity is maintained. D the point at which company assets equal company liabilities. B 11 A legal entity of people who share a common mission is referred to as a n: A organization.

B lobby group. C industry. D special interest group. A 12 Telus offers several mobile phone plans, which of the following best describes what constitutes their potential offerings?

A products only. B products, services, ideas and experiences. C physical goods and services. D products and services. B 13 Telus' goal in offering a specific phone that is not offered by any of the other mobile phone carriers in Canada is focused on achieving a long term advantage to deliver a unique customer experience. This is known as: A customer relationship management. B corporate planning. C strategy. D market development.

They usually consist of organizational level s whose strategy is linked to marketing: A three. B four. C five. D two. A Reference: A CEO. B Board of Directors. C corporate-level strategy level. D functional-level strategy level. B functional-level strategy level. D departments. C 17 In Figure , "C" represents the A corporate-level strategy level.

C business-unit strategy level. D corporate-level strategy level. B departments. C Board of Directors. A has marketing and other specialized activities. B markets a set of related products to a clearly defined group of customers. C directs overall strategy for the organization. D also has a comparable non-business unit.

B 21 In a new marketing role, your manager says: A service business unit. B strategic business unit. C standard business unit. D strategic benefit of usage. B 22 The overall strategy for the entire organization is decided at which level in a complex organization.

A functional B tactical C corporate D board Answer: C 23 Research Development Manager, Marketing Manager, and Audit Manager are specialist roles likely found at which business unit level? A business unit B functional C corporate D top management Answer: A market products and hire people B manage their direct reports C sell products and fire people D create value for the organization Answer: C 25 Business unit managers at Bell Canada decide on the direction for their residential products and markets every six months.

This decision making occurs at which unit level in the organization. A corporate level B board of directors C strategic business unit D functional unit level Answer: A marketing and research and development.

B strategic business-unit level and functional-level. C corporate-level and business unit-level. D corporate-level and strategic business unit-level. D 27 Craig Conway is CEO of a software design company named PeopleSoft, a company that has automated many human resource functions such as tracking vacation time. Conway operates at the level of his organization. A corporate B strategic C business unit D functional Answer: A 28 The marketing leadership group at Rogers Wireless that identifies value-creating opportunities is known as the: A strategic business unit level.

B functional unit level. C board level. D corporate unit level. A 29 In a large corporation with multiple business units, the marketing department may be called upon to: A set the overall mission of the company. B allocate shareholder dividends through a large financial institution. C allocate financial resources across business units. D assist managers at higher levels to assess environmental trends or aid in their strategic planning efforts.

Marketing 10th canadian edition crane kerin hartley rudelius

SAP is a company that sells extremely expensive enterprise resource planning software to large and mid-sized companies. McDermott operates at the level of his organization. A corporate B functional C strategic D business unit Answer: A 31 In the marketing department of Pepsi, the entry-level staff, such as Business Analysts, are responsible for doing most of the organization's work. Their level in the organization is known as? A strategic B product C business unit D functional Answer: D 32 In recent years, many large firms have changed the title of the head of marketing from vice president of marketing to A corporate marketing officer.

B chief marketing officer. C commercial executive officer. D corporate marketing official. A department B team C system D organization Answer: B 34 John is from the marketing department, Stephen is from the finance department, Jo is from the product department, and Janelle is from the customer service department. Together they are responsible for developing a new product to reach a company performance goal.

These individuals are referred to as a n: A cross-functional team B inter-disciplinarygroup C multi-disciplinaryteam D matrix group Answer: A 35 In terms of an organization's vision, Kodak Eastman may have lost business because they: A are too slow and cumbersome. B defined their business too broadly. C priced their services too high. D defined their business too narrowly. D 36 Sometimes cross-functional teams will have representatives from outside the organization such as: A competitors.

B consultants and retired CEOs. C suppliers and customers. D opinion leaders. C 37 Which of the following statements regarding the strategic business unit level is most accurate? A The overall strategy for the organization is directed at the strategic business unit level. B The strategic direction is more specific at the strategic business unit level than at the corporate level.

C The strategic business unit level is the level that works most directly with the targeted customers. D In more complex organizations the corporate level and the strategic business unit level may merge.

B 38 Determining the target market and designing marketing programs to reach this target market is a specialized marketing function. This is accomplished by the marketing: A partnership. B department. C group. D team. Company's Global Innovation Center. Here Wrigley can create new products—a joint effort by some full-time food scientists, researchers, and marketers.

The people who work in this center are most likely members of A a business consortium.

B cross-functional teams. C multiple strategic directional teams. D strategic implementation teams. B 40 Which of the following statements would most likely be heard at the functional level of an organization?

A "We need to be aware of what our competitors are doing. B 41 In terms of an organization's vision, railroads may have lost business because they: B priced their services too high. C defined their business too narrowly. D defined their business too broadly. C 42 Railroads may have let other forms of transportation take business away from them because their definition included only the railroad business, rather than the broader definition of: A retailing.

B entertainment. C transportation. D aerospace. C Reference: This is referred to as A organizational direction. B organizational foundation. C organizational tactics. D organizational mission. This is referred to as A organizational mission. B organizational tactics. C organizational foundation. D organizational direction. D 45 In Figure , section "C" represents the "how" element of visionary organization. This is referred to as A organizational foundation.

C organizational mission. B 46 Today's visionary organization uses key elements to 1 and 2 set a direction using 3 its strategies that enable it to develop and market its offerings successfully. A assign job responsibilities B establish a foundation C establish detailed marketing tactics D set financial goals Answer: B 47 One of the key differences between a vision statement and a mission statement is that the mission statement: A describes the profit goals B has an inspirational theme C describes the company's societal marketing concept D has a long-term focus Answer: A functional philosophy B business portfolio C mission D benefit statement Answer: C 49 "Holiday Inn Burlington is dedicated to providing quality hospitality product and service.

Although we try to anticipate guest concerns before they arise, we understand that every customer is an individual who requires special attention.

A mission B benefit statement C business portfolio D functional philosophy Answer: A 50 All of the following are often contained in a company's mission statement except: A customers B beliefs C markets D technology Answer: D Regulatory agencies Answer: D 52 Which of the following statements about stakeholders is true? A There are only three types of external stakeholders - customers, suppliers, and distributors. B Stakeholders have a stake in how well a company performs. C All stakeholders are external to the organization.

D Employees are typically not classified as a stakeholder group. A the television critics that review the shows it produces B the actors that star in the television shows it produces C the electronics firms that make hi-definition televisions D the people that provide the sets and the props used in the television shows it produces Answer: C 54 Lululemon is known for having a youthful, energetic, health-focused, and sustainable system of shared attitudes and behaviours held by the employees that distinguish it from other organizations.

This is known as their A working environment B benefits statement C corporate philosophy D culture Answer: D 55 PeopleSoft designs, produces, and markets software that enables companies to automate basic human-resources functions such as payroll.

At its inception, the company's leaders encouraged employees to get in touch with their feelings. The work environment was laid back, employees' dogs roamed the halls, and sunny days found employees playing Frisbee on the corporate lawns.

A corporate philosophy B organizational culture C environment D corporate profile Answer: B 56 Which of the following statements about organizational goals is NOT true? A The terms goal and objective can be used interchangeably. B All lower-level goals should contribute to the achievement of higher-level goals. C Goals are clear, broad descriptions of an organization's offering s.

D In an organization, goals exist at the corporate, business, and functional levels. This is an example of a n: A procedures. B plans. C bureaucracies. D goals or objectives. D 58 Kodak wanting to be the top seller of digital cameras by is an example of an organizational: A procedure. B plan. C bureaucracy. D goal or objective.

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D 59 Medtronic, a world leader in heart pacemakers, is not in the medical device business but is in the business of: This conscious effort of Medtronic defining their business shows they are paying attention to: A corporate culture B marketing strategy C how narrow or broad their business is D the marketing mix Answer: C 60 Some corporations choose unit sales rather than sales revenue as an organizational goal.

Sales revenues can be deceiving because of: A poor sales databases. B inflation. C fluctuations in inventory. D unpredictable sales expenses.

B 61 Which aspect of a firm, assuming classic economic theory, are shareholders most concerned about? A quality B sales revenue C profit D market share Answer: C 62 Brittany read on the second page of the stockholder's report for a manufacturer of automobile parts, "Our goal for the next five year period is to double our return on investment.

A unit sales B market share C profit D sales revenue Answer: C 63 Telus accepts their current profit level and focuses on increasing their market share, even though profitabilitymay not be maximized. They are attempting to do what: A decrease social responsibility B decrease employee loyalty C maintain or increase sales D abandon green marketing Answer: A profit B market share C social responsibility D sales revenue Answer: D 65 Bell Canada issued a statement to their shareholders that said: The main reason why shareholders were concerned was because Bell Canada implicitly said: B increases sales levels and strives for a constant level of profits.

C maintains or increases sales levels even though profitability may not be at the maximum. D decreases sales levels but increases profit margins. C 66 When the Federal Government places Carbon Tax Caps on oil sand producers in Alberta, they are trying to balance the profit goals of businesses with their goals. A return on investment B unit sales C social responsibility D market share Answer: C 67 Facebook has a stated goal that they provide free, onsite day care for employee's children, and free, healthy lunches for employees.

Facebook is concerned with: A sales revenue B return on investment C employee welfare D market share Answer: C 68 Pfizer Canada offering day-care facilities to its employees; and BC Biomedical offering flex-work opportunities illustrates what type of goals?

A employee welfare B sales revenue C return on investment D market share Answer: A 69 Corporate executives and world leaders of each country need to find an ideal balance between protecting its environment and providing its citizens with the additional goods and services necessaryto maintain and improve their standard of living.

This demonstrates a concern for: A corporate culture B strategic direction C profit margin D sustainable development Answer: The ratio they are calculating is known as: A market share. B industry potential. C sales quality.

D contribution margin. A 71 Market share is: A the ratio of the profit of the firm to the total profits of all firms in the industry, not including the firm itself. B the ratio of the sales revenue of the firm to the total sales revenue of all firms in the industry, including the firm itself. C the ratio of the profit of the firm to the total profits of all firms in the industry, including the firm itself. D the ratio of the sales revenue of the firm to the total sales revenue of all firms in the industry, not including the firm itself.

B 72 When Telus calculates their market share, they calculate the ratio of their sales revenue to the total sales revenue of all: A firms they indirectly compete against B firms in the industry, including themselves C firms they directly compete against D firms in the industry Answer: B 73 In a country like Zimbabwe, where inflation is a serious issue, such that, in the past, the country has experienced hyperinflation, a western company who opens an office in the country is likely to focus on which goal?

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A unit sales B profits C market share D sales revenue Answer: A 74 Assuming all ethical and legal principles are followed, what might be the cause of a company having decreased sales revenue next year, even though they sell the same number of products as last year?

A inaccurate accounting practices. B inadequate sales forecasting. C inflation. D incomplete cost projections.

Complaints about the video game began immediately after its introduction. These complaints ranged from missing parts to incorrect programming. It would seem obvious that the manufacturer of Xbox video game consoles should adopt goals. A market share B profit C sales revenue D quality Answer: D 76 Lenovo Computers implemented a new manufacturing strategy that reduced warranty calls by 20 percent. A social responsibility B market share C customer satisfaction D employee welfare Answer: C 77 A firm that includes an ergonomic expert on staff, one that provides recommendations on chair choice to employees, is most likely concerned with: A employee welfare B satisfaction C employee productivity D sales revenue Answer: This program to better serve senior citizens likely grew out of a goal.

A profit B social responsibility C unit sales D sales revenue Answer: B 79 CIBC is focused on earning a profit for employees and shareholders, while also giving back to the community through their CIBC Run For the Cure campaign, this balance of conflicting goals is referred to as.

A social responsibility B return on investment C sales revenue D market share Answer:Get rid of your textbooks once and for all! So, at P. C To be successful, a competitive advantage does not have to be unique. D They make a great deal of money. Many stores were designed to appeal to multiple customer segments. Digital Format. A assign job responsibilities B establish a foundation C establish detailed marketing tactics D set financial goals Answer: In other words, advertisers pay and the users of YouTube obtain the service for free.

What is the upside and downside of the YouTube effect?