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Situational Dialogues_Michael Ockenden_(With Audio) - Download as PDF File ( .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Situational Dialogues (Book+Audio). Title: Situational Dialogues Level: Intermediate and Advanced Author(s): Michael Ockenden Publisher. A2A. I would say, in general, situational (and realistic) dialogues are crucial to learning a language, but, as always, it depends. If you are.

Situational Dialogues (book+audio)

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Situational Dialogues (LONGMAN) + Audio Click here to download The Pronunciation of English a Course Book Format: PDF | Download Link. Here we are making available a collection of audio dialogues to enable teachers to If you have teaching ideas for how to use these dialogues to develop your. You can also use this e-book along with our other e-books, Real-Life Conversations [Beginner Level] and Situational Dialogues In Korean - Sample Audio.

Apr 21, Listen to a very popular Chinese folk song called Jasmine Flower.

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Apart from being very popular and known to every Chinese person in the world, it has very clear and simple to understand lyrics. Are you ready to learn a new Chinese song? Listen to this lesson today! Please sign up and become a registered … Lesson Sharing the Bill.

Apr 20, There is a tradition in China when several friends are having a dinner in a restaurant, someone will try to pay the bill first. Please signup to access full … Lesson Exploring Kitchen.

Apr 20, Learn names of some common items that you have in your kitchen and other useful expressions in Mandarin Chinese. Learn such expressions as brew coffee, toasts for breakfast, cappuccino, latte, coffee maker and more.

Please sign up to access full PDF transcripts, worksheets and additional audio dialogues.

Exploring Bathroom. Apr 18, From this lesson you will learn about different items in your home. We tried to make this lesson as comprehensive as possible with lots of useful vocabulary. Please sign up to access full PDF transcripts, worksheets and additional situational dialogues. Convincing People. Apr 17, From this lesson you will learn how to tell others to do or not to do something, how to convince someone in Mandarin Chinese.

Learn about imperative mood. You will also pick up a lot of additional new and very useful vocabulary. Signup to access PDF transcript and listen to additional situational dialogues. Grammar Update.

Driving and Road Safety. Apr 15, This lesson consists of some useful expressions and vocabulary related to driving and road safety in China. The second dialogue describes a typical situation at an intersection in China with people jaywalking and drivers running … Lesson Making a Reservation. Part 2.

Situational Dialogues (LONGMAN) + Audio

We will hear a second part of the dialogue from the previous lesson. Both this and previous lessons contain a situational dialogue based on a real recorded phone conversation.

So you can hear real native … Lesson Part 1. Apr 14, Make a phone call and make a reservation in a restaurant! Learn all the necessary expressions and vocabulary by listening to this audio lesson. Making Phone Enquiries. Apr 12, Making phone enquiries in Chinese to find what you want. This lesson includes two recorded phone conversations, a list of new words and detailed explanations of the dialogues.

Religions and Beliefs. Apr 11, Learn about different religions and beliefs in Mandarin Chinese. This lesson includes a lot of new and interesting vocabulary and one comprehensive situational dialogue. Many words in this lesson were introduced earlier, in previous lessons.

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Describing a Person. Apr 10, Learn to say slim, fat, tall, short, figure and other related words and expressions in Mandarin Chinese. Listen to the situational dialogues, vocabulary and sentence patterns. Measuring Body. Apr 09, Have you ever ordered a suit or a chinese dress in China? After listening to this lesson you will be able to tell the tailor your body measurements and choose the right style.

Tea Ceremony. Apr 08, Learn how to make and drink tea the right way! This lesson has three situational dialogues and lots of new words. Chinese Food Recipe. You will not only learn how to cook it, but will learn all the necessary vocabulary in Mandarin Chinese! PDF transcript of this lesson has the detailed recipe.

Learn Chinese – Easy Situational Mandarin Chinese Audio Lessons

Calling the Police. Apr 07, Learn vocabulary and common expressions in Mandarin Chinese related to crime and calling the police. Chinese Grammar Lesson. Apr 05, This is a Chinese grammar summary lesson, so you will learn most commonly used grammar in Mandarin Chinese that we mentioned a bit in the previous lessons. There are some new grammar structures as well. The PDF transcript of this lesson has all the written information so in the audio part you will only listen … Lesson Computer Technology.

Apr 04, This lesson is about some basic computer terminology in Mandarin Chinese. Learn how to say Apple computer, PC, mother board, memory, hard drive, monitor, mouse, brand name computer, a DIY computer and other useful words and expressions. Travelling by Plane.

Apr 03, Learn vocabulary and expressions in Mandarin Chinese that you can use when you travel by plane in China. PDF transcripts, worksheets, additional situational dialogues for all lessons are available from my Website, please sign up to become a registered member. downloading Property. Apr 03, Learn about property and real estate in Mandarin Chinese.

This lesson includes some very useful expressions and vocabulary related to property and real estate. Learn Chinese Poems. Apr 01, Learn three very popular Chinese poems written more than one thousand years ago! This lesson has a detailed explanation of each word in these poems and you will learn the proper way to read them in Chinese. Getting a Haircut. Mar 31, Have you ever been to a barbershop in China?

Listen this lesson now or subscribe to get more. Review Lesson. Mar 29, This lesson is mostly a review, but you will also learn about measurements in Mandarin Chinese. Pregnancy and Birth. Mar 28, In this lesson you will find the most useful vocabulary, phrases and situational dialogues related to pregnancy and birth of a baby.

Accelerated My Learning! I have been listening to the audio lessons for a while, but the book took my learning to the next level! Highly recommended. Absolutely wonderful. Highly recommend it.

I'm successfully learning Korean with the help of the books and the audio lessons. Real-Life Korean Conversations Intermediate. Learn essential intermediate-level sentence patterns through natural everyday conversations and improve your Korean vocabulary!

This book contains typical Korean dialogues on 30 different topics. They are all very common situations that you may experience in your day-to-day life.

The conversations have been written in just the right length for an intermediate learner, and each line has an English translation on the adjacent page.

You can listen to every vocabulary word, sample sentence, and complete dialogue from the book using the accompanying audio tracks.

Great for repetitive listening too! The conversations in this book are great for listening repetitively and shadowing before diving into each lesson. They're really dense with useful vocabulary and grammar. Great Job!! With this book, I find myself speak longer than before and makes me Korean sounds more natural. First of all I am glad it's an intermediate book. Also, this book has anything one would want at this stage of learning.

Longer natural dialogues, interesting vocabulary and the highlight: Check out our FAQ page! Learning Center Curriculum Store. Please choose a category.

Store Books Product. Through natural dialogues on very realistic and common day-to-day topics and situations, you can pick up new words, new cultural knowledge and new sentence patterns that you can put to use in your next interaction with a Korean speaker.

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Daily English Conversation Practice – Questions and Answers by Topic

Verified downloader Great for repetitive listening too! Sarrah A. Jereika Aiko Tan , 24 May, I received my product quickly because I chose the express shipping.

I recommend these books if you can read hangul already and have basic foundation with vocabularies.Without stopping, the dialogue can be gone through to hear how the entire conversation sounds at normal speed.

Privacy Policy Terms Of Use. Apr 05, This is a Chinese grammar summary lesson, so you will learn most commonly used grammar in Mandarin Chinese that we mentioned a bit in the previous lessons. Clicking on any of the sayings takes you to a page that explains the meaning of the expression, as well as where it originally came from.

Learn all the necessary expressions and vocabulary by listening to this audio lesson. The use of visual aids is effective in vocabulary teaching. The prime concern of American linguists in the early decades of the 20th century had been to document all the indigenous languages spoken in the US.

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