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Thursday, August 29, 2019

According to viva schedule candidates get;s 34th BCS Viva Result. Just follow the below pdf file and download it to check schedule of voice viva test. BPSC has been published General Cadet Viva Schedule on 34th BCS Viva (Final) Result Download sppn.info 34th BCS Viva Exam Result has been published on Bangladesh Public Service Commission website. Published: 29 Aug PM BdST Updated: 28 Nov AM BdST. Final The final results of the 34th BCS examination have been published.

34th Bcs Viva Result By Pdf

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Bangladesh Public Service Commission Will Published 34th BCS Viva Result Here You Download 34th BCS Viva Exam Result By PDF. 34th Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) written examination result publish written, 34rd BCS viva, 34rd BCS written result, 34rd BCS reuslt pdf. BCS, bcs exam, bcs questionbcs question bank,bcs question paper,bcs question pattern,bcs question solution,bcs question pdf,bcs question bank free download,bcs question 34th BCS Viva Result Download

The system has fractured the society where small number of people receives all opportunity and others, in all counts the vast majority, are being deprived. Because of extreme corruption and an illogical policy, many meritorious students have to bid farewell to their dream of getting a job in civil service.

Abdullah Al Zobair f. Anti-quota Protest: The deprived youths who have not posses any quota initiated Anti-quota movement in — first time ever. In , the movement again came into force while the 28th BCS Examination circular published, and the last such movement gripped the entire nation in when BPSC published 34th BCS Examination preliminary result following quota bdnews24, The government harshly fended off the movement but it gave signal of a sleeping volcano of anger against the discriminatory quota among the vast majority.

The government in August decided to scrutinise 70, FF certificates as widespread allegations came forth that civil servants got forged certificate to get 2-year job extension Daily Star, Corruption in securing FF certificate got a new life when the government in extended the purview of FFs quota for their grandchildren.

In Bangladesh, nation building progress has been stumbled immediately after the state building for quota-based recruitment, among others. The quota system has not only created anomalies, contradictions, confusions and deficiencies in civil service recruitment but also created new layers of social strata of pro-liberation and anti-liberation forces, privileged and deprived classes that itself acts as a hindrance to consolidate national identity.

Quota system is not a win—win game as it benefits some groups at the cost of other groups.

This is only widening the gap in the social block of the country inter alia creating cleavage in the national aspirations. Depriving the brilliants of being recruited in civil service has piled up long- silent anger against state mechanism which could flame up any time.

Deprivation and injustice only trigger fury against privileged class and the power that be and that could result in social and political disintegration. It is clear that quota-dominated recruitment has developed non-repairable rift in the society by creating artificial strata violating the basic principles of the Constitution.

The quota system which introduced for levelling previous inequality has turned into a destructive system, as no time frame to phase out the system has been put into action. As the sense of deprivation, discrimination and injustice among the vast majority have already distanced them away in taking interest in national integration resulting in failure to develop adequate nation building progress.

In , except quota for tribal and disabled who are really in backward state, no such quota is desirable and hence also not maintainable.

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In this backdrop, for strengthening national integration, a complete abolition or drastic reformation leaving wide space for merit is desirable to all. Quota provision deprives majority to facilitate a minority segment of the citizens though the greatest success of quota lies in its elimination and not in its continuance.

For the gravity of quota system in Bangladesh Civil Service recruitment, further research is essential. The Politics of the Developing Areas.

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33rd BCS Results Gadget Published on WWW.BPSC.GOV.BD

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Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company. Thompson VA, Bureaucracy in a democratic society. In: Roscoe CM, ed. TIB, Dhaka: Transparency International Bangladesh. Tilly C, a. The formation of national states in Western Europe. Tilly C, b. Reflections on the history of European state-making. In: Tilly C, ed. Successful candidates are going to face one of the toughest part of BCS examination- viva.

Do you think that preparation for successful Viva is hard? I will say- no, it is not.

Rather, if you take a systematic preparation you will be successful. Now big question is- how to take a systematic preparation? Don't worry. That what I will talk about today. Know thyself: At the very first of BCS viva, the interviewer try to make the candidate easy.

That why, they question about the candidate. What is the name of the VC of your University? Answering these questions are easy. Every candidate takes their preparation on topics related to him. Answering these questions smartly increases the impression of the candidate. Though introductory conversations are not the main part of viva, it creates an impact on total viva.

So, if you want to start smartly, you must know yourself. But you must have to have a marginal level of confidence. The matter is, confidence does not create automatically. Confidence has to be created. You have to know those minimum things which a general candidate should know. If you know how much you know, you confidence level will automatically rise.

34th BCS Viva Result Download

Take preparation according to your choice list: After the introductory conversation, the board move forward to ask the real questions for judgement.Berosik dhuklo na 2nd: acha varote o bangladeshe totho projukti nia law ase.

If you are looking for information on jagannath university d unit viva notice then ask your question is as much details as possible in the " Quick Reply" box provided below.

Me: majhe ekta job kortam sere disi sir bcs r preparation r jonne sere disi daha mitha katha. You can download your result in pdf file. All Units Quota VIVA exam will be held on — com bd; jagannath univercity; www jnu edu; Jn ac bd; jagannath admission; jnu admission test result; jagannath university admission notice ; www jagannath university bd; jagannath university. Only an efficient and skilled civil service can effectively carry out the goal-oriented activity to embrace national integration.

Accommodation Bureaucrats do more than delivering undisputed services in a neutral manner. In: Tilly C, ed.