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Nivea Regular. Nivea Regular font. Nivea Bold. Nivea Bold font by Heather Hemphill (1 Style). Verlag Book font download. Font-Face Web fonts & TTF-OTF. Show all weights of Nivea OT font. . Download Nivea OT ZIP. How to intall the font in: Windows, MacOS, Linux. Download Nivea Bold For Free, View Sample Text, Rating And More On By clicking download and downloading the Font, You agree to our Terms and.

Nivea Book Font

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The best website for free high-quality Nivea Book fonts, with 26 free Nivea Book fonts for immediate download, and ➔ 51 professional Nivea Book fonts for the. The best website for free high-quality Nivea Book OT fonts, with 26 free Nivea Book OT fonts for immediate download, and 45 professional. Info about the font replicating the Nivea logo and many more FREE for download at the Nivea. Eagle Bold by Font Bureau. A font based on the Nivea logo.

Here the movement and form aspects are well-balanced in the word images. In contrast, the other examples: The first one is one-sided in its focus on speed. Sample four emphasises form, but the shapes look quite artificial with signs of deliberate decoration indicating not natural but intended individuality. And in the lowest sample the letterforms seem crowded, the words overloaded.

Impression-characteristics relating to strength of will: steadfast, determined, confident In handwriting-psychology special attention is paid to the word beginnings and their endings. Oversized first letters figure 6, samples one and two are seen as indications of high self-esteem or even self-centredness if they additionaly are elaborately designed.

Similarly, increasing character sizes at the word endings — which is more seldom sample three — can be signs of a strong will and perseverance.

Nivea OT font

Beginning strokes and especially stretched-out end-strokes sample four are generally considered as expressions of vitality — if they are quickly written and appear only sporadically. On the other hand, when they appear with great frequency at both ends of the word they are more of a deliberate demonstration of harmony than express inner vitality.

Figure 6: Handwriting samples emphasising word beginnings and endings in various ways However, one always has to keep in mind that a handwriting style is never defined by its originator alone but also by the model and rules according to which writing is taught in school.

These vary from country to country and change in the course of time. Since the word beginnings and endings are of special importance for the writing style we created a range of alternate glyphs exactly for the characters in these positions. Font users themselves can decide which one to use — checking in each case how much emphasis is needed and which end-strokes they want. The impression-characteristics sophisticated, individual, warm and light Handwriting can reflect individuality and sophistication in different ways.

A general definition might be: an interplay of stroke-movement and form-image that evolved from the once learned model toward a distinctive personal style. Figure 7 contains handwriting samples of different well-known personalities.

All of them combine individuality and movement with good readability. These examples were sources of inspiration but could not serve as guiding images for Care Type, since the font had to meet further requirements for its planned use on package labelling: Care Type had to be very space-efficient and exceptionally well readable small sizes. Figure 7: The handwriting of persons most of us are familiar with: Individual does not mean poorly readable.

All of them aim to combine legibility in small size with the selected impression-characteristics. If we compare with the examples of figure 7 — our drafts have a significantly higher medium zone and correspondingly less character spacing and width.

After discussions and feedback from different sides we decided not to develop the lowest sample further, because it is rather spacious and not readable enough.

Sample 1 convinced in its balance between speed and clearness of form. But we found the strong shading in its stroke not very fitting to natural handwriting. This makes it look somewhat too calligraphic. As a result we decided to modify and integrate some of its letterforms in sample 2, which became the main prototype for Care Type. Here, we felt the selected impression-characteristics were well illustrated and expected the style to work well for packaging.

Only afterwards did the elaboration of the real font begin. Most alternate glyphs and ligatures are inserted context dependently and automatically by OpenType coding.

But some alternates, among others those for emphasising the word beginnings and endings are excluded from this to avoid exaggerations. Figure 10 shows the glyph types contained in a word without optional editing and figure 11 some of the possibilities for optional editing.

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Below is a selection of those languages in which Care Type is in use at present. So far the Regular weight is the norm, but depending on the product kind and background effects on labels also Light and Bold are needed.

Figure Care Type is in use in most European languages Figure Application of Care Type in different product lines Tailoring digital handwriting — in retrospect Although there are thousands of handwriting fonts on the retail market, it was obvious for us from the beginning that the NIVEA Woman personality could be visualised convincingly only with a tailored typeface.

Besides the stylistic reasons discussed in this article there are also technical ones. Available handwriting fonts very seldom contain the full character sets needed for an international brand. Extended Cyrillic and Greek are almost never included. Further developing such restricted fonts is time demanding and usually leads to poor compromises.

In contrast, a method of tailoring in continuous cooperation with the client and associated design agencies gave us a chance to test and improve our results in an early phase.

As especially positive we experienced the making of drafts in lettering that could be used in practice well before completion of the fonts.

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Like in real handwriting, words typeset with a handwriting font can sometimes be more and sometimes less attractive to look at. In part, this is dependent on the glyph sequences, which can be rhythmic and full of variety but also uniform or even monotonous. Since Care Type is used predominantly for product labels, and their visual effect is comparable to that of logotypes, final adjustments are often essential. There's youthful charm and personality in the colorful, hand-drawn look of this Nivea name logo.

A word doodle logo style that lets you have fun and embrace your inner child. Looking for a Nivea name logo that's bold and beautiful? Look no further.

Filled with warm shades of burnt orange and golden yellow, this stunning Nivea logo is reminiscent of an early morning sunrise. Worth getting up for! Here's a Nivea name logo that's vibrant and warm.

Like the glowing embers of a cozy camp fire, this Nivea logo captivates and comforts. With this Nivea name logo you won't see your name in lights but you will see it in lightning!

This is one cool logo style that's electrifying and energizing. Enter a different realm with this Nivea name logo. Its enchanting font and spellbinding backdrop of falling rain is the perfect setting for adventure and fantasy.Similarly, increasing character sizes at the word endings — which is more seldom sample three — can be signs of a strong will and perseverance.

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Impression-characteristics of movement: energetic, dynamic, flowing, lively Emphasis of movement is a predominantly emotional aspect in the handwriting act.