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About Rules of Attraction. In the second book in Simone Elkeles' New York Times bestselling YA contemporary romance series, bad boy Carlos Fuentes and. Read Rules of Attraction (Perfect Chemistry, #2) Free Reading PDF. Carlos Fuentes doesn't want any part of the life his older brother, Alex, has laid out for him in. Actions. Report. Rules of Attraction (Perfect Chemistry #2) by Simone Elkeles Simone Elkeles - Rules of sppn.info MB. Like Show.

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Simone Elkeles - Perfect Chemistry series ❤. Simone Elkeles - Perfect Chemistry (Book 1).epub. KB. Simone Elkeles - Rules of Attraction (Book 2).epub. Rules of Attraction book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Carlos Fuentes doesn't want any part of the life his older b. Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Grade 10 Up—In this sequel to Perfect Chemistry (Walker, ), Elkeles once again delivers a steamy.

But as I was saying, I was quite impressed with And they will name an entire genre after my gift! It shall be called: Again, my cleverness is beyond all proportion. Is it not? Your silence is praise to my humble ears, Senorita. Now, I must warn you.

You simply MUST prepare yourself for the third instalment of my grand trilogy of greatness. Are you telling me that you will no longer succumb to my magnetic pull? I think I might just wait and see what other I will be keeping my obscenely talented EYE on you, my little villano. Hasta luego! The above dialogue is intended as humorous fiction. View all comments. Oct 28, Ana O rated it it was amazing Shelves: Everyone leaves me.

Perfect Chemistry and Rules of Attraction. Two of my favorite YA novels. No me arrepiento de nada. View all 44 comments. Jan 01, Katie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Before I read the book Anyone else agree that after this she should write a third book about the youngest Fuentes, Luis? Yes, I am referencing Chandler.

Perhaps it is a littl Before I read the book Anyone else agree that after this she should write a third book about the youngest Fuentes, Luis? Perhaps it is a little bit formulaic, but , its a very nice formula, isn't it? As you can see above, I am really looking forward to Chain Reaction awesome name , and , this time it will be Luis reforming a bad girl!

I really loved how Alex and Brittany were in this, best couple ever, but I also thought the relationship between the brothers was amazing. Unlike Alex, Carlos wants to be a tough gang member, just like Alex was, but misses the point that Alex did it to protect him and Luis. He gets to discover what he really wants though, and it is very, very sweet emphasis on the very's please, too lazy for italics.

Epilogue is, well, EPIC! My only problem is that this one isn't quite as funny as the first, ah well, can't have it every way. View all 32 comments. Nov 16, Kristi rated it it was amazing Shelves: Rules of Attraction is the companion novel to Perfect Chemistry.

That being said, you don't necessarily have to read Perfect Chemistry first. I loved Perfect Chemistry, there is something about it that is so very addictive, so when I heard that Elkeles was writing another novel about Alex's little brother, I knew I was in for a treat.

Perfect Rules of Attraction is the companion novel to Perfect Chemistry. Perfect Chemistry is still my favorite but Rules of Attraction was also fantastic! I'm a complete sap for the bad ass guy with the good heart. I don't know what it is but ay dios mio, I can't get enough! And Carlos definitely knew how to play the bad ass guy card. Both Carlos and Kiara are complex characters, Kiara might seem like the easier of the two to figure out, but she definitely has some hidden depths.

Carlos seems like the bad guy on the outside, and he's made plenty of mistakes to get himself labeled as such, but his bad guy image isn't his problem. His problem is his pride. I loved getting to see that change throughout the novel. It seemed a little abrupt and rushed, I never felt like I witnessed that "falling in love" moment.

I was a little disappointed on that front, but nonetheless, I still reveled in seeing these two get together. The ending might have came a little too fast and it was just a little unbelievable, not to mention there was another cheesy prologue that I just ATE UP! I do love the cheese but it just makes you feel all warm and tingly inside. And darn it, sometimes I just want to feel warm and tingly! Overall Rules of Attraction was wonderfully written, with intriguing characters and a captivating love story.

View all 5 comments. This book has a lot of similarities to the first in the series, Perfect Chemistry --at the beginning, it felt like the only difference was that Kiara had a stutter. After finishing it, I still feel it was substantially similar in characters and plot but I don't give a crap. I still really liked it. In other news, I know some people are fans of the cover art in this series but I think it is pretty mortifying. After Perfect Chemistry 's cover, where Alex and Brittney are laying on each other in the This book has a lot of similarities to the first in the series, Perfect Chemistry --at the beginning, it felt like the only difference was that Kiara had a stutter.

After Perfect Chemistry 's cover, where Alex and Brittney are laying on each other in the cover art, I saw this one and thought, "thank goodness I am not living with my Boston roommates anymore--they made fun of me for reading the other one and this one is even more ridiculous!

I would never read that book on the T. The sexiness. Whoa, mama. I listened to this one on audiobook and it was pretty hot. I enjoyed the romance aspects of this book more than most of the romances I read. What's that you say? That's kind of gross since I'm 27?

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Well, FU, I don't care what you say. Also, Carlos sounds hot. Alex was hot, too. It stands to reason that Luis will be hot, too. If there is a shower scene in book three, I am totally there. Oh wait, I was there anyway. Speaking about sounding hot, it was pretty interesting to hear the shifting first person narration in this novel. I've never encountered this in an audiobook before--when Carlos is narrating, a Mexican well, I didn't look him up, maybe the voice actor just does an amazing accent man narrates and every character sounds like they would from Carlos' point of view--so Brittney, the professor, Tuck, and Brandon all have quasi-Mexican accents.

And when Brittney narrates, the female voice actor impersonates Carlos and Alex's voices. At first, I felt that it was off-putting but I got used to it over time and I think it actually added to my experience.

Dec 18, Arlene rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles, so when I heard about this sequel needless to say, I picked it up as soon as it hit the stands. I was not disappointed… NOT. Rules of Attraction is funny, romantic, edgy and unforgettable! I loved the dialog, pranks and slapstick funny scenes throughout the novel, but most of all, I loved the sincere moments between bad-boy Carlos and goodie two shoes Kiara.

He arrives in Colorado to live with his brother, but immediately lands himself in trouble with the law after a school drug bust where he was clearly framed. Carlos meets Kiara who is so opposite of anyone he ever imagined falling for and through a series of circumstances, finds himself living with her family because of the good graces of her father who wants to give Carlos the second chance he feels he deserves.

This begins Carlos and Kiara's rollercoaster of a ride with its fair share of ups and downs. This was such a great sequel to Perfect Chemistry, and I loved revisiting two of my fave characters, Alex and Britt.

But most of all, what a great cover to the book! I loved it because it captured one of the most endearing moments in the story between the two main characters. AND great title, as it serves to remind us there are no rules of attraction, it just happens naturally. Awesome read that I recommend without hesitation. View all 12 comments. Having loved Perfect Chemistry.

View all 24 comments. Dec 06, Jo rated it really liked it Shelves: If you haven't read Perfect Chemistry by Ms Elkeles OK, so I have to admit I originally picked this book up with every intention of laughing at it as opposed to with it. But Ms Elkeles definitely got the last laugh because this book and I had a whale of a time together and I'm thinking of proposing soon. Why some girls and some boys… where leggings as p If you haven't read Perfect Chemistry by Ms Elkeles Why some girls and some boys… where leggings as pants.

How they get the tiny writing to go all the way through Blackpool Rock. Dr Who. My 8 times table. Olly Murs. Why so many people prefer Perfect Chemistry over this book.

High Points. Being a badass. Perky privates. Shared bathrooms. Mountain walks. Homecoming dances. Lake side canoodles. Magnetic cookies. The Ultimate Queers. Swapping germs.

Low Points. That worked for the first one! I have no idea why Carlos and Kiara did that at all. It just seemed a bit random…. Hola Carlos. I thought you were going to be a mini-version of Ale-ale-Alejandro but, by gum, was I wrong about you! Maybe I have a defective girl gene because Alex never did anything for me but Carlos, amigo… sorry friend … you were a million times better.

Especially in this book because yawn, Alex. Have you always been so dull? I thought you were a much more entertaining narrator than your older hermano brother. Where he was funny, you were hysterical. Where he was a bit cheeky, you were a full on rummon.

Also you said things like this: I mean… um perfect. So yeah, whatever with your Ale-Ale-Alejandro. And so, it seems, is our Kiara. Oh what a little sweetheart. I wish my occasional stutter was as endearing as yours. I also wish I had a sexy Latina in the next room that walked around in his undies… maybe one day. I was nervous about you when I read the synopsis.

Oh and she has a stutter. Oh and she wears oversized t-shirts. What kind of self-respecting girl wears a ponytail?! So what did our sexy Latina do to bring Kiara out of her shell? Sorry …. Because she did it all on her own. I loved that she gave as good as she got and never let Carlos get away with crossing the line.

Also, I loved how she was just as naughty as Carlos. Eh up. You know what they say about the quiet ones…. Theme Tune. Ego by Beyonce. Oh Carlos, I love your ego. Sadness Scale. There is a brief mention of Paco. Recommended For. People who were born to be a badass. People who think that just kissing in the rain is too tame. People who like orange marmalade cookies.

People who will never stop using random Spanish words incorrectly in conversation. You can read this review and lots of other exciting things on my blog here. View all 20 comments. Aug 27, Haleema rated it it was amazing Shelves: I am not in love with Carlos Fuentes. I do not want him. I don't think about him all the time-- Just kidding. Even though I do feel the same way about Carlos, I'm not going to mention it. I'm going to try to control myself this time.

Miss Simone Elkeles is officially one of my favorite authors now. I love her damn work! I love her characters. I want to meet her so badly. That woman knows what she's talking about. I finished this whole book in one day. All pages of it. I eat it all up, and t I am not in love with Carlos Fuentes.

Rules of Attraction

I eat it all up, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Why are her books so damn good!? I'll tell you why. Sit down, folks. Sit down. I don't care how cliche her stories are.

I don't care how one can predict what can happen. I don't care. Her characters are too damn developed for that. They're too damn funny, thoughtful, emotional, and complex for that. It can be as cliche as Elkeles wishes, she's still good at voice and character development.

I forgot all the things about love stories that annoy me the most. I was too distracted by her awesome writing and characters. Even though Rules of Attraction is super unrealistic, it was truly adorable. Yeah, yeah. Bad boy falls in love with good girl, we've seen that plenty of times. Because Elkeles wrote this with such beauty and emotion. I love Carlos so much.

Yes, he's a jerk and super annoying, but I still love him for what's inside him. Cheesy, I know. What can I do?

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I'm hypnotized. This was my same reaction with Perfect Chemistry. It was so sweet. Their relationship was more fun than Alex and Brittany's, in my opinion.

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I can feel so much sexual tension just by their little pranks, and I love that. I love Kiara for that, and I love how Carlos played it cool and got her back. It was so adorable. Although, at times, I felt like their romance was too rushed, I love how there were small events that strengthened it. Locker prank - hilarious 2. Make-out session at Kiara's house, where they both realize they've fallen in love 6.

Homecoming where they you know the rest, don't you? I loved those events. However, it's not completely oh-so-perfect-I-know-what-I'm-doing moments. I love how uncertain Kiara was about where to touch Carlos. It showed that some girls really are clueless and shy and not everything goes by wonderfully. It was the same when Brittany felt the pain of sex back in the first book. Alex - floor of Enrique's auto shop Carlos - at the lake house in the rain, they didn't seem to care.

I mean, as long as they're together. I wouldn't want to do that, though. Carlos is hilarious. I want to smack him, then kiss him because I smacked him, then smack him again for kissing him.

Alex and Carlos are so alike. Well, Alex is twenty in this book so he's changed. Back when he was seventeen, though, like Carlos, he was just the same. They were both snarky, egotistical, insanely confident, and slightly rude. However, they were the life of the books. I loved them. If only guys like that existed. Guys suck most of the time. Too sad. Besides his immense sexual appeal, tattoos, confidence, bad boy attitude, which always attract me , I thought he was hilarious. His sense of humor was dirty and wacked up, but the best.

I loved Kiara as well.

Brittany didn't astonish me. I didn't like her much. Kiara is strong, intelligent, and knows what she's doing. One problem was that I felt like she shouldn't have had sex with Carlos before marriage. I felt like she would probably stick to her terms, that her good girl image would stay and change things.

I don't know if she was planning on abstaining, but most likely she would have. I'm just assuming. It would have been nice to see at least one couple actually waiting for marriage to come and being patient.

I mean, one thing I would probably change about Elkeles's stories is to have her characters actually have sex after marriage. My respect for them would have increased more, but realistically speaking, it would make sense for them to have sex before marriage. Since when do teens in general wait? Yeah, no. Not going to happen. Another thing I would change is the cover. I mean, it's a little too I mean, I know they could be naked, but I just wished there would be more meaning to the cover than just two people kissing.

Maybe gazing into each other's eyes and blocking out the world. The events were a lot more cuter and more fun for me, as a reader. I'm more of a playful girl who likes to have fun. Carlos and Kiara had so much fun.

Rules of Attraction

I'm not saying Alex and Brittany didn't. Brittany just felt like a drama queen to me, and kinda controlled what Alex did. It felt like she was asking him to confess his love all the time.

Kiara just went with the flow and waited for Carlos to confess his love. She was patient and understanding. Anyway, another one of my favorites. I loved it.

I'm planning on reading her Paradise books as well. I hope I enjoy them just as much as I enjoyed this series. View 1 comment. Sep 17, MelissaB rated it really liked it Shelves: Rules of Attraction was a good story that I enjoyed reading but I didn't think Carlos and Kiara had the crazy chemistry that Alex and Brittany did. So the romance wasn't as satisfying and electric. Carlos was also not as sympathetic a character as Alex because I felt like Alex only did bad things because he had no other choice while Carlos acted like a punk just because he wanted to.

But overall the story was a good read that I enjoyed a lot. We got to see more of Alex and Brittany as they are bo Rules of Attraction was a good story that I enjoyed reading but I didn't think Carlos and Kiara had the crazy chemistry that Alex and Brittany did.

We got to see more of Alex and Brittany as they are both in college. They hit a rough patch in their relationship when Alex doesn't want to meet with her parents because he is afraid she will realize she can do better than him but they work things out when she convinces Alex that she wants to be with him no matter when anyone thinks and she refuses to hide their relationship at all. So by the end they are fine: They just have such great chemistry as a couple, it was great seeing more of them.

View all 14 comments. I haven't read a single book by this author that didn't make my stomach do flip flops every few chapters. Can somebody please explain to me how this is possible? I don't do sappy romances.

Don't get me wrong, I love romantic stuff, but just not too much of it. I'm hard to please, yes, what's your point? Simone Elkeles I can never read that name without hearing that ridiculous rap video of Perfect Chemistry in my head onl I haven't read a single book by this author that didn't make my stomach do flip flops every few chapters. Simone Elkeles I can never read that name without hearing that ridiculous rap video of Perfect Chemistry in my head only writes about over the top romances.

I look like a year old girl with pigtails while I read her books. This is so frustrating. View all 48 comments. Apr 16, Glass rated it it was amazing Shelves: Damn you Latino boys Now, no one is going to be good enough! Recommended to Tatiana by: Best romantic YA book of ! Simone Elkeles delivered again, with another rebellious, gorgeous and intelligent Fuentes brother stealing our hearts.

In this second installment of three in the "Perfect Chemistry" YA series, our favorite struggling couple, Alejandro "Alex" Fuentes and Brittany Ellis are back and are now 20 years old and still attending college in Colorado. A minor character in the first book now takes center stage - middle brother Carlos Fuentes, being sent back t Best romantic YA book of !

A minor character in the first book now takes center stage - middle brother Carlos Fuentes, being sent back to the United States from Mexico by his mother and uncle to give him a chance to escape a life of crime and gangs. In Fuentes style, Carlos immediately makes it clear to big brother Alex and saintly Brittany that he doesn't need them or their sympathy and help, and that he would rather be in Chicago or back in Mexico than see his complacent, do-gooder brother continue on the path of higher learning and a better life.

Of course, Carlos doesn't have a choice in the matter, and begins high school immediately, where he meets Kiara, the daughter of Alex's professor. Kiara is a nature girl who gets high on walking, hiking, jogging and any physical activity that keeps her happy and healthy.

Add to this, she has two idealistic and organic parents, and one nifty little brother - enough to make Carlos want to gag. Needless to say, Kiara and Carlos don't hit it off, despite poor Kiara's best efforts to be his school buddy his first week in classes.

Carlos is soon lured back into bad habits by the disgustingly beautiful Madison, a girl who is nothing but trouble. No sooner than Carlos decides not to take up Madison's offers of her body, Carlos finds himself framed for possession of drugs at school.

Before all else is lost and Carlos is headed for prison, in walks Kiara's family to the rescue, offering to take Carlos into their home and rehabilitate him.

Carlos finds and excellent father figure in Professor Westford, a man with his own shady past who has a beautiful family and a great career in academia. Although Carlos rails against the goodness of a family who don't know him but embrace him anyway, he begins to slowly make personal changes, and takes notice of Kiara.

Kiara who is true to herself, has her own problems, namely battling with a stuttering problem, being dumped by her jerk of a boyfriend by text, not having any girlfriends to speak of, never has been to a high school dance, and gets picked on at school by the likes of the snobby Madison. Kiara and Carlos through witty banter, close-up fights, and moments of closeness begin to understand each other better. The romantic scenes are tastefully done, and Elkeles makes sure the message of safe sex is there without hitting you over the head.

Never too far away from Carlos' thoughts are his mother and little brother, and his longing for his country that is rife with the crippling problems of the drug trade. Carlos never dismisses his heritage, and his love for Mexico comes through in his shopping and cooking, sharing his culture with the Westfords through dinner.

Carlos never denies his Latino heritage, but there is room in his heart for a girl from a vastly different background and color, and you can't help but root for them to find a way to be together forever, much like Alex and Brittany. I highly recommend this book for teenagers, grades 8 and up, especially for Simone Elkeles fans, and for teens looking for an intelligent romance book with enough humor and drama, and a realistic interracial couple that do get their happy ending.

Another smash hit for Simone Elkeles! View all 4 comments. May 12, Teodora rated it really liked it. Bulgarian review: The second book in the 'Perfect Chemistry' trilogy was just as lovely as the first one.

Even though Carlos was a bit annoying at first and a little bit different than his brother, i still enjoyed 'Rules of Attraction' very much. I liked Carlos and Kiara's relationship, they had some really cute moments and i loved the family atmosphere in this book. It was nothing special, but still really cute and lovely. This book was just too sweet. Angsty teens, a school mean girl, the gay best friend, first loves and the perfect homecoming It's been so long since I read Perfect Chemisty no, really, it's been like two or three years and I've only now finished the second book.

Rules of Attraction follows Carlos, Alex's brother, in his very rebellious yet redeeming love story. Carlos doesn't want to turn out like his brother who is completely whipped for his girlfriend. Instead, Carlos wants to live on the edge, continue his gang life and sleep with as many girls as he wants.

Carlos has been made to move to Colorado to live with his brother, but he is determined to make it clear that he doesn't want to be there and won't act like the snobby, privileged kids at his school. In a whole big misunderstanding, Carlos is accused of possessing drugs and is forced to join the REACH program for at risk teens.

Let me just tell you, he didn't have the same opinion by the end of the book! Kiara, the daughter of the professor, is not like most other girls. She loves hiking, vintage cars and sports. She's proud of her differences, but at the same time she just wants to fit it, find more friends and stop her stuttering. Kiara doesn't fall for Carlos' charms at first and instead formed a sort of respect and even friendship with him.

Though, this is a romance book so how long is that supposed 'friendship' really going to last? This book was just so fun and snarky! I mean, what else can you expect from a bunch of rowdy teenagers with serious attitude problems?

There were so many one-liners which just made me laugh so hard! For me, this book just had an overall positive feel to it, I was happy whilst reading it. I was laughing out loud, rooting for the characters from the start and cooing at all the sweet moments.

Because of the positive vibes, I just flew through this book! When I got to the last chapter I couldn't believe that I'd actually gotten that far because I was just so immersed in the story!

This is one of the best feel-good books that I've read so far this year. The plot line wasn't too original or fast-paced, so the story really fell onto the shoulders of the characters. Carlos and Kiara's relationship was just angsty enough to get me anticipating their coming together, but not so much so that it made the book frustrating.

As soon as the pair met, they formed this fun banter and playful side to their relationship which made me smile from ear to ear! They're dynamic was just so great! The couple had sweet moments, angry moments and accepting moments; they were the complete package and an absolutely satisfying duo to read about. Karia and Carlos were not the only great characters though, I totally believe that some of the minor characters stole the show.

I loved the return of Brittany and Alex and how they contributed just enough to bring back some nostalgia, but not too much that they overshadowed Carlos and Kiara. I even enjoyed the parental characters in this book, which is definitely rare in YA books where the parents are generally dead, abusive or just not around. I think my favourite character besides Carlos and Kiara would have to be Tuck!

He was just an all-round hilarious guy. Tuck was Kiara's gay best friend who was loud, bold and downright hilarious. He was one of the only characters who didn't put up with Carlos' shit that kid had some undeniable attitude problems. I really enjoyed this book on a whole, however, I can't give it a higher rating because there were just so many cliche and predictable parts in the book.

I never expected the book to be unique or life-changing, but I did at least want a plot line more different from the last book. Even though I read Perfect Chemisty a long I've ago, I distinctly remember many scenes that were very similar to the ones in this book.

In saying that, there were also many differences that I can appreciate. For one, Kiara and Brittany are completely different characters which is a main reason why I chose to mostly overlook the major similarities. Overall, this book was entertaining, light and romantic. I'm so glad that I finally picked this book up!

This sounds even better than the first book! I can't believe I just said that. God, he's such a hottie stud muffin. Okay, I'm clearly still in fangirl mode, so. I'll come back later. View all 7 comments. Aug 08, Kaya Dimitrova rated it really liked it Shelves: Jan 21, Susane Colasanti rated it it was amazing.

This series is so hot it's on fire. View all 13 comments. Apr 10, Ari rated it it was amazing Shelves: I must confess that I felt in love with "Perfect Chemistry" and now it's so damn hard not to compare them, but I'll give it a try. I should start by saying that I was NOT disappointed by this book, and it was a great pleasure to read it. If you just keep in mind that this is another book, and just stop comparing them, you will see that this book will give you the same amount of joy after reading it as the first one.

I didn't get to read an amazing love story, but I got to read a really funny one, and deep into my heart it was the same feeling of delight. Even though the romantic part of the story was not as great as I expected it to be something was missing and I don't really know what that might be , there were some other things about this book that I really loved: Maybe in books I don't like the really-nice-girls, and the not-so-bad-boys because they are a bit boring now i said it.

In the previous book the chemistry was so great and I know that now I'm comparing them, I just can't help it and that might be why I just felt that something was missing here. There was no real danger and i missed it , and I missed the "flirty" attitude of the main characters from the first book.. I think that it's hard for a book to have a great romance in it and to be really funny and appealing to all people, and this book had a lot of competition with "Perfect chemistry" on our hands But Simone E.

This review can be found at ReadingAfterMidnight. Nov 28, Laura rated it it was amazing. Everyone knows by now how much I adore my book boyfriends. I fall, swoon, and crush often and hard. Giggle, giggle. So this might shock a few people—it surprised me—but Rules of Attraction grabbed my heart and got all of my 5 shiny stars for Kiara. Finally a main female character in a romance I could identify with, be proud of, root for, and want as my new bff!

I have three daughters and a wife, so keep it clean. Carlos had his own rule he wanted to make sure was stated loud and clear. Any questions? He was in a gang back in Mexico to provide money and protection for his family, but tries to find a way out of it in order to become a better person.

Kiara Westford - She is a tomboy, smart, logical and also a grease monkey, having a hobby for fixing cars. It is shown that she has a problem stuttering, but took speech therapy to try to get over it. He takes in troubled kids to try to change their lives for the better and works with the DEA sometimes for psychological evaluation. He was convinced by Alex to take Carlos in when it looked like he may not have any other place to go.

He had lost his parents and little brother in a car accident and was the only survivor as a young child. As a result of accident, he was left on the streets and in and out of foster care before eventually enlisting in the military. After revealing his past to Carlos, he helps him get out the Devlin's gang and gives him his blessing to be with Kiara on the condition he either goes to college or enlist in the military.

Alex Fuentes - A changed man and boyfriend of Brittney Ellis. He is the older brother of Carlos Fuentes. He was previously a gang member and almost involved in drugs before he changed for his girlfriend.

In the novel, he attends Colorado State University and tries to help Carlos stay out of trouble.

Brittany Ellis - The girlfriend of Alex Fuentes. She has a disabled sister whom she looks after. Her parents don't approve of her relationship with Alex on account of his history, which leads them to break up in the novel. However, they end up getting back together after deciding to stay together with or without her parents approval. Tuck - Kiara Westford's gay best friend. He loves to tease and pick on Carlos, much to his annoyance. She opened a tea store named Hospitali-Tea.

Brandon Westford - The six-year-old brother of Kiara who looks up to Carlos. He loves to play with Carlos and looks up to him like an older brother. Nick - A drug dealer who also uses the drug he sells.

It's revealed that he had planted the drugs in Carlos's locker.Open Preview See a Problem? But not only that, the relationship between the other characters was awesome as well. They start to have feelings for each other. Join our mailing list! Any questions? Carlos Fuentes is a rebel who loves living on the edge.