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WHITLEY STRIEBER BILLY (Billy, ) Per quei bambini PARTE PRIMA A causa dell'oscurità 1 Apparve all'improvviso, straor. To open this book is to enter the perilous, thrilling world of Billy Bathgate, the brazen boy who is accepted into the inner circle of the notorious Dutch. Billy Bathgate In s New York Billy Bathgate a fifteen year old highschool dropout has captured the attention of infamous gangster Dutch Schultz.

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of Doctorow's Billy Bathgate and Tabucchi's I dialoghi mancati. Linda Hutcheon designates narrative that is at once metafictional and historical as. "postmodern. Billy Bathgate is a novel by author E. L. Doctorow that won the National Book Critics . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Dive deep into E. L. Doctorow's Billy Bathgate with extended analysis, commentary, and discussion. print Print; document PDF. This Page Only · Entire Study.

One afternoon, Drew gets drunk and asks Billy to tell her how Bo died. Afterwards, she attempts suicide by jumping off of cliff; the attempt fails when she lands in a pond. Billy finds her and helps her back to the hotel. Sensing Billy's ambivalence towards her treatment by Schultz, Drew seduces him and gains his confidence. Concurrently, she also drives a wedge between Schultz and the rest of his men by instructing him in elocution and etiquette, causing him to become more critical of his men's uncivilized behavior.

Berman, realizing that Schultz is in danger of losing his empire, instructs Billy to take Drew to the races at Saratoga Springs during the trial, ostensibly to hide her scandalous presence from the press, as Schultz is married.

While they are away, Billy and Drew begin an affair. At Saratoga, Billy realizes that the real reason Berman sent Drew to Saratoga was to have her killed, as she has become a liability.

Billy arranges for ostentatious flowers, chocolates, and other gifts to be delivered to Drew during the race to draw attention to her, making it impossible for the two hitmen sent by Berman to seize her without being noticed. The ruse downloads enough time for Harvey, whom Billy contacted beforehand, to collect her from the race and take her out of the country before the hitmen can act. Schultz is acquitted of tax evasion in New York, but federal prosecutor Thomas E.

Dewey announces plans to charge Schultz with federal tax evasion. Schultz flees to Newark and sets up an office in the back room of a chophouse. Against Berman's council, Schultz decides to assassinate Dewey and orders Billy to shadow him to and from work for a week in order to determine the best time to murder him.

Word reaches Luciano, who orders Schultz to call off the assassination. During a meeting, Billy informs Schultz that, during their time together, Drew informed him that Bo was making plans with Luciano for Bo to take over his empire if and when Schultz were to be incarcerated or killed.

An enraged Schultz decides to declare war on Luciano by going ahead with the assassination attempt. The night before the assassination is to take place, gunmen storm the chophouse and shoot Schultz, Berman, and Schultz's bodyguards. Billy is small enough that he is able to escape out of a bathroom window. Billy returns, where the dying Berman gives Billy the code to Schultz's personal safe. Billy later accompanies Schultz to the hospital and sits with him while he dies.

In his death throes, Schultz babbles a stream of consciousness monologue, portions of which lead Billy to the location of his hidden fortune.

Billy finds and hides Schultz's money; Luciano calls on Billy to ask him about the location of Schultz's fortune, but Billy manipulates him into believing that Dixie Davis knows where the money is hidden. Luciano dismisses Billy with an offer to potentially come and work for him one day. Ma, I'm gonna go out now.

I'll be back in a little while. The government's after him, cops are after him, everybody's after him.

{PDF} E. L. Doctorow - Billy Bathgate {eBook}

And there he is, like he ain't got a care in the world. So he noticed you. So what? You think a guy like me's got a lot of choices? You notice John d. Rockefeller offering me a job? Or the Yankees asking me to play shortstop? This is it. Becky, listen to me. You don't understand about a guy like Dutch Schultz.

He grew up around here. He was a nobody But he had brains and he had guts. And look at him now. I bet he's the richest man in New York. I mean, he's got the racetracks. He's got the nightclubs. He controls the whole liquor business. He's gotten into the numbers racket. I mean, Dutch Schultz is the number one I'm tellin' you, Becky, I know whatever happens to me in my life So what're you gonna do? I'm gonna find him.

How're you gonna find him?

Don't worry, I'll find him. Hey, Harry, how ya doin'? Right on schedule. What's this? What's goin' on? Is this some kind of joke?

All you have to do is what you're supposed to do! All you have to do is make the deal! United States of America wants me to pay taxes. I'll pay the fucking taxes! It's not as simple as that. Stop with the papers and listen to me a minute. Look around you. What do you see in this place? I got 20 desks here, right? How many men do you see? I got 10 men, right? Those empty desks mean anything to you?

Don't you understand every week this goes on I lose money, I lose men to those dago scumbags downtown. You don't hold all the cards in this situation. What do you mean? I'm paying you an arm and a leg. I'm paying off half the judges and the cops in this town. What do you mean, I don't hold the cards? These are my favorite.

This is the government. Al Capone is serving 41 years for tax evasion. We're gonna beat it, but it's gonna take money and time. You understand what I'm saying? Well, we could use some. We haven't heard from George. Joey's flaked with me. Irving, I want to talk to you. You forgot the coffee. Wipe the board clean. All right. You play the numbers, kid? No, sir. Got a mother? Don't let her play the numbers either.

But I'll tell you what. I'll put you onto a sure thing. A horse?

The world is numbers, not horses. I'm gonna tell you how much money you got. If I'm right, I win it. If I'm wrong, I'm gonna match it.

Then you're gonna have double what you had. Now count your money. Don't let me see it. I know how much it is. Now double that in your head and add three, okay? Product that by five. You might consider the study of numbers. What's a th and 3rd? A street corner. There's a candy store. It's one of our numbers houses. Let's get out of here. Otto sent me. Nothing I can do. I work for them now. You tell him that, hear? You see what happens when I try to do right? You can all go to hell as far as I'm concerned.

All white men together. You tell him that, too. Sounds like Jack Kelly. I don't start these things. I'm just this good-natured slob That people think they can walk right over. How do you expect to learn anything? I hire from gangs. That's a training ground. That's where the original Dutch Schultz came from. He was the toughest street fighter that ever lived. They named me Dutch Schultz. Is was like an honorary thing. Most of the gangs now Are just dumb kids mostly. Is that right? I think for the real training, you gotta go right to the top.

Otto, you oughta listen to this kid and you'll learn something. Jack Kelly's gonna be at the big Ben barber shop tomorrow morning at 9: We'll let Bo handle this. You give him a ring.

I tried to get Bo for two days. I can't find him anywhere. Where the hell is he? He's supposed to be minding the store. Kid, I want you to be at Broadway and Nassau at 9: What do I do? What you do is you don't ask any questions. Extra, extra! Get your "daily mirror. Upsets labor board. I'm gonna have a talk with Mr. Wait 'til Bo gets here. I don't need Bo for this. Not now.

I'm just gonna talk to him. Gangland murder. Barbershop slaying. There was nothing grisly about it. It was a professional piece of work. It was neat, clean, end of story, good-bye. They're never gonna think it was you. So how did I know it was the dutchman right off the bat? It's good to see you, Bo. We thought you was dead. Obviously I ain't.

You couldn't wait 24 hours? Couldn't wait 24 hours for me to come home and do this right? Believe me, it was done right. Where were you? I called around. He was with some broad. She's no broad. This was a real lady. Where'd you take this real lady that's more important than business? Wherever it was, she wasn't complaining. You could've checked in. We never know where you are. You're always with some dame. We're running a business here. Arthur's going on trial.

You're supposed to be in charge. Got some complaints about the way I'm running things, Otto? All Otto is saying, if you're gonna get shacked up, fine. But we didn't know where you was so we couldn't reach you. The way you handled it wasn't too fuckin' smart, that's all. You're the one on the lamb and I'm the one on the town. Who would you rather be at this moment? Know what I mean?

Pack up all my care 'n woe Here I go singing low Bye-bye blackbird Where somebody waits for me Sugar's sweet so is he Bye-bye blackbird Hey, kid, take this to Mr.

Oh, what hard-luck stories they all hand me Make my bed and light the light I'll arrive late tonight Blackbird bye-bye You didn't know I could do that, did you? Yeah, that's right. Bo weinberg's double-crossing us. He met with one of the other gangs.

He offered to cut them in on our whole operation. That's a lot of shit. I can't believe that. Meeting took place on the 10th.

Billy Bathgate : a novel

Saratoga, piping rock casino. The barber shop was on the 10th. Why we couldn't reach him.

He said he was shacked up. But he didn't say who with No, no, no. It doesn't make sense, Otto. Why would he do something like that? Arthur, nobody thinks you're gonna beat this rap.

Word on the street is that you're as good as dead. You know how far back we go. Come on Yes, sir. The bartender asked me to give you this. Thank you. Good day, Mr. I'm going to the bathroom. Dutchman got you workin' late? Where you from, kid? The Bronx. Bathgate Avenue. Jerome Avenue. Say hello to a friend of mine from the Bronx. Get some sleep, kid. Thanks a lot. You know what a loyal man is worth these days, kid? His weight in gold. You remember that. He lied to me, Otto.

He lied to me. I will take him down and that is a sacred vow. You have to be careful. Bo has many friends. He was the best. I never had to tell Bo to do anything twice. I would say it one time, and bang, it was done. And it was done right. I promise you, kid, it was done right. You get high marks for this. It's the fire inspector. Must be payday.

Open up! He had balls. Nobody had balls like Bo. The manager's not here. Come back later. I remember one time. The guineas wanted him to take out one of their guys.

And you know what he done? He put on a cop's uniform Where's the manager? You can't come in here. What's the matter? You got a problem? You want your payoff? I'll give you a payoff!

Get this load of shit out of here. Fuckin' fire inspector. What's next, the mailman? I can't take it, Otto. I can't take it when it's all over the street.

We're gonna have to get hines to deal with this. Do what you have to do. If I'm going to trial, I'm not going in this city. I want it in the boondocks.

Oh, Bo, what have you done to me? Close the door. He killed that man.

Forget it. You didn't see anything, hear anything, nothing happened. Even think about it again, you're as good as dead. You understand? Now listen to me, kid. You're the upcoming generation. Things are gonna be different for you. You need different skills from these guys. Be streamlined, not so much fire in the street. When that happens, if you're lucky you may not have to kill anyone.

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What that means is No one will have to kill you. Let's go. Get the lights. Here's your salary. Now this 50 dollars is my money. Want you to download a new pair of pants, nice jacket, shirt with a tie, pair of shoes with laces.

It's a personal embarrassment to me to see the way you dress. I want you to get a valise to put the clothes in. Schultz is havin' a trial comin' up, and we have decided That he'll get a better deal if the trial takes place upstate. Is that all right with you? And I want you to download a book to read. What do I need a book for? Are you gonna do what I tell ya or give me a hard time? You wanna stay in the crime business, kid, you gotta stop asking all these questions.

His name is hines. He's a district leader for tammany hall. He's on our payroll. Takes care of problems like this. I'm telling you, these guys ain't like anybody you ever met. They want something, boom, it gets done. And the money, you've never seen money like this in your life.

How much money can you spend? That ain't the point. Let me tell you, money can do anything. I bet you never had anything in your life that somebody else didn't wear first. Get yourself something nice. Come on, Arnold, we're having a party. Where do you think? Just don't break anything this time.

Lookin' good. Girls, girls, girls. Billy, don't you look swell. Hi, ma. I got a job. Thing is It's in the country. It's just for the summer. This is for you. Billy, look at you. The richest man on bathgate Avenue. Let's go to work. Miss, this way. Come on. Good evening, Bo. Leave her out of this, Dutch. This must be love. What is your name, miss? Her name is Lola. That can't be. I know all the girls named Lola. You must be Arthur.

Kid, go see what he's doin'. He doesn't have no respect. Go see if she's all right. Do what I told you. You know what I'm talkin' about, don't you? I mean, you don't care about what's dead, do you?

Can you understand that? You can forget about the dead, can't you? I think you've forgotten already, haven't you? I'm waiting. It's either a "yes" or a "no. I'm sorry, I can't hear you.

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Oh, that's too bad. That's too bad for Bo. If I thought you loved him, I might've changed my mind.

Okay, kid, take the lady to her apartment. Don't let her make any phone calls. Although, I don't think she'll try. She'll pack some things.

Stay with her until I come back. Somebody will call you up on the house phone to bring her down. You got it? Have you ever seen such a terrible night? Good evening, Mrs.

I have to pee, Harvey. I thought you were out for the evening. You all right? Tell me what you've gone and done. You didn't ditch him? I thought you were so wild about him. I don't want to talk about it. It's all right with me. I'll be going away for awhile.

You can't mean it, going away. For how long? We're supposed to be going to the willet's this weekend. To say nothing of dinner tomorrow evening with Dwight, which was your idea to begin with. Darling, you'll just have to make excuses for me. There are certain proprieties to be maintained. You are my wife, after all. Harvey, what's the point of making a fuss? There's a certain limit. Scandal isn't the point.

You're gonna get in over your head. Then what will you do? I'll expect you to come to the rescue. Get me another drink, please.

If that's my gangster, tell him to wait. Preston, you got a first name? You're the first drew I ever met. You're the first Dutch. All right, we have 28 days before the trial. That means 28 days To show these folks that Dutch Schultz is one of them. Starting off, we call him by his real name, Mr. We're plain folks like them who got the government on their backs.

They understand that. We don't get into fights. No feeling up the chambermaids. From now on, you eat with your mouth closed. This is horse shit. No foul language, booze, dames, or fighting. It's different from the city. These are decent people. Make sure you act decent. Where's the book? I told you to bring a book. Either you listen or you go back to the Bronx. Take this to Mrs. Is that coffee? I once chanced to meet Alvin pinkus. He always said banks was best. Look where he is now. Did all right.

Going for the dough, the one place that's under lock and key. You gotta be stupid. Stay with the car, Lulu. You got anything to tell me about the girl? Her name is drew Preston. You want to explain what she's doin' here? She's the kid's governess. The properties are being observed. You look handsome. That's a compliment. Please, come in. It's very nice to make your acquaintance. May I introduce my business manager, Mr.

And Mrs. Preston, the governess of my prodigy. It is a pleasure to meet you. The rest in savings. Of course. Excuse me a moment. I'll get my head accountant to take care of the paperwork. Honey, you are looking at the patron Saint of the boondocks. If I make a tiny criticism, promise not to get sulky? It means child genius. Thank you very much, Mr. We don't often get famous people in our little town.

I know what you mean. No problem. What's the younger generation reading these days? With youngsters like this, we don't have to worry about the future of this country. No, we don't. I hope to see you soon. Yeah, right. Let me see that, will you? What do you got? What is this? Was this your idea? Don't look at me. What'd I tell you? The kid's all right.

He's my prodigy. I know how to pick my words. Get in the car. We ain't got all day. Come on, Mickey, I got an inspiration.

Billy Bathgate () Movie Script

Inspiration, right? What kind of church is this? It's catholic. They put a lot of work into this place. And especially Mr. Schultz for so generously donating A special cash prize of 25 dollars. How much you want for the farm? I tried to talk to him, but it's impossible. Sometimes he won't listen at all. Looks like he's goin' for the farm vote. I hope this helps for now. If you need more later, I'll do what I can, Mr God bless you for what you're doin'. What're you doin' here?

Hello, Arthur. Give me some more coffee. What are you coming up here for? I didn't want to tell you this on the telephone. The government turned down the offer. So double it. It's the prosecutor.

He's determined to go to trial. So we'll take care of him too. He can't be bought. He said that? What do you want? I got your coffee. Why are you always listening to what you shouldn't be listening to?

Will you go upstairs And tell Mrs. Preston to take you to a museum. Get out of here! Go to the zoo! Do something useful. I need the suite. Schultz said I should wake you. He said he needs the room. He said we should go to a museum or something. Preston, I don't think this was such a good idea.

Schultz didn't say anything about this. One of the things about being in a gang is you gotta follow orders. Everything they asked me to do, I done it. Did it. I mean it, Mrs. I think we oughta go back. Preston, you all right? How was it when Bo died? Could you tell me, please? You got him? Hold on to him. Take care of my girl, kid. Don't let him hurt her. Get her away from him before he hurts her.

You hear me? Promise me. Did he really ask you to protect me? That he would think that I couldn't take care of myself. And you promised him you would?

You always keep your promises? Do you have a girlfriend? She's a very lucky girl. We don't appreciate his lady friend's presence here. What do you think the odds are I'll beat this rap?

I wouldn't bet on you. We come up here, take the time, the trouble, the effort To set things right so you make a good impression And you bring along this All right, you made your point. She was there when Bo got it. That is correct. She never should have got on that boat and she never should have got off. When the time comes I'll smack her around a little.

And that's all it will take. Just don't fall in love with her, Arthur. Boy, you are some picnic tonight. I said, don't fall in love with her. Jesus Christ. You scared the shit out of me.A little more over there.

Means he's finished, he's done. It was juggling that got me into it. Look, not a complaint out of him. I want it in the boondocks.