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C Language Viva Questions - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text TOP C Language Multiple Choice Questions and Answers _ Multiple. Top C Programming Interview Questions & Answers. last updated March 19, /13 . In C programming, source codes are saved with the file extension.C, while object codes are saved with the file .. Download PDF · Facebook Twitter. C Language LAB VIVA Questions with Answers pdf free download for cse engineering students.C programming Viva Questions and answers.

C Language Viva Questions With Answers Pdf

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C Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers or Experienced Pdf. These C programming language was developed at Bell Laboratories in by Dennis. The C programming language is a standardized programming language Visit sppn.info for more Interview Questions with Answers. Page 2. C Interview Questions absolutely free of cost Candidate who are weak in C Language they can download this C interview question pdf absolutely free from here.

Printf, scanf, clrscr, gotoxy, string handling functions and file handling functions What is function prototype declaration?

A function declaration is also known as function prototype declaration which contains function return type, function name, parameter list and terminating semicolon What are formal arguments and actual arguments? Arguments that are used in function calling are called actual arguments. Arguments that are used in function definition are called formal arguments What is a recursive function? A function calling itself is called function recursion What is call by value and call by reference?

Passing values to the called function is called call by value, passing addresses to the called function is called call by reference How to pass an array to a function? Arrays are passed to a function by sending its address What is a global variable and local variable?

Variables which are declared in the global section is called global variables and Variables which are declared in a function or a block are called local variables What is a pointer variable?

Pointer variable is a variable which can store address of another variable How can we store address of a variable in a pointer?

By using address of operator we can store address of a variable in a pointer How can we access a variable value using a pointer? By using value at operator we can access a variable value using its pointer What is the use of pointers? Pointer are used to pass array and structures from function to another function How many bytes a pointer variable occupies in memory? A pointer variable irrespective of its type it occupies two bytes in memory What are the storage classes available in C?

Auto, Static, Extern and Register What is a structure? Structure is a user-defined data type. Structure is a collective name given to dissimilar elements How to access structure members?

Structure members can be accessed using dot operator How to initialize structure variable? All the members are separated by comma and are enclosed within braces What are the differences between structures and arrays? Structures stores dissimilar values where as arrays stores similar values. One structure variable can assigned to another structure variable whereas one array variable cannot be assigned to another array variable What is the size of a structure?

Sum of all the members size is becomes structure size How to access structure member by its pointer? We can use structure members using arrow operator with its pointer What is a union? Union is a user-defined data type which can store a value of different data types What is the difference between structures and unions?

Structures can store several values at a time whereas unions can store one value at a time. A structure size becomes sum of all its members whereas a union size becomes size of a member whose size is largest What are the types of files we can create using C? We can create text and binary files using C What are the file-handling functions present in C? The parameters are always strings held in the second argument below in args of the function which is array of character pointers.

First argument represents the count of arguments below in count and updated automatically by operating system. Which to use when? We choose this if we do not want the actual parameters to be modified with formal parameters but just used.

What is Next ?

We choose this if we do want the actual parameters to be modified with formal parameters. What is the purpose of built-in stricmp function. It compares two strings by ignoring the case.

Opens a file both for reading and writing. If a file is not existing it creates one, else if the file is existing it will be over written. It cannot be used on constants. It cannot be used on variable which are declared using register storage class.

Is FILE a built-in data type? No, it is a structure defined in stdio. What is reminder for 5. How many operators are there under the category of ternary operators?

There is only one operator and is conditional operator? Which key word is used to perform unconditional branching? Give the general syntax for the same. A pointer holding the reference of the function is called pointer to a function. In general it is declared as follows. Comma operator can be used to separate two or more expressions.

A null statement is no executable statements such as ; semicolon. What is a static function? You would make a function static if it should be called only within the same source code. Which compiler switch to be used for compiling the programs using math library with gcc compiler? Ellipses … is used for the same.

C Programming Interview Questions

Which built-in library function can be used to re-size the allocated dynamic memory? Array is collection of similar data items under a common name. What are enumerations? Enumerations are list of integer constants with name.

Enumerators are defined with the keyword enum. Which built-in function can be used to move the file pointer internally? Who designed C programming language? Dennis M Ritchie. C is successor of which programming language?

C Programming Interview Questions

American National Standards Institute. Which operator can be used to determine the size of a data type or variable? Yes, with loss of fractional part. Is a valid octal number? No, it contains invalid octal digits.

What it the return value of a relational operator if it returns any? Return a value 1 if the relation between the expressions is true, else 0. How does bitwise operator XOR works. If both the corresponding bits are same it gives 0 else 1.

What is an infinite loop? If so show an example. Variables belonging to different scope can have same name as in the following code snippet.

Local variables get garbage value and global variables get a value 0 by default. Can a pointer access the array? What are valid operations on pointers? What is the built-in function to append one string to another? Name a function which can be used to close the file stream. What is the purpose of undef preprocessor?

It be used to undefine an existing macro definition. Define a structure. A structure can be defined of collection of heterogeneous data items. A variable which stores integer constants are called integer variable. A variable which storesreal values are called floating-point variable. A variable which stores character constants arecalled character variables. RAM is a volatile memory i.

C Language Viva Questions

Computer networking refers to connecting computers to share data, application software and hardware divices. Networks allow sharing of information among various computers and permit users to share files.

An array is a collection of values of the same data type. Values in array are accessed using array name with subscripts in brackets[]. Synatax of array declaration is. An array with more than one index value is called a multidimensional array.

To declare a multidimensional array you can do follow syntax. A if directive test can be offered with else and else if directives. This allows conditional branching of the program to run sections of the code according to the result. Constants defined with a define directive can be undefined with the undef directive.

The ifdef directive has a companion directive ifndef. These commands can be useful when debugging problem code to hide and unhide sections of the program. The logical operator!Arrays are passed to a function by sending its address EXE file. The parameters sent to the function at calling end are called as actual parameters while at the receiving of the function definition called as formal parameters.

The expression appearing on right side of the assignment operator is called as rvalue. What is the use of pointers? Which type of language is C? A pointer which is not allowed to be altered to hold another address after it is holding one. Arguments that are used in function calling are called actual arguments.