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Capes, Cowls and Villains Foul - Superhero Role-Playing is About to Get More Super! Watermarked PDF + Softcover Color Book (Premium). Capes, Cowls and Villains Foul game from Spectrum Games. It includes a handful of playable characters, a brief scenario, and enough rules to get you up. Imagine, if you will, a superhero role-playing game that emulates how comicbooks actually work. When comic writers sit down to pen a story, they don't have a.

Capes Cowls And Villains Foul Pdf

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Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd .. Cowls and Villains Foul is designed to do. the editor will certainly rein him back in and tell him to try again. Capes, Cowls and Villains Foul is a pen and paper roleplaying game about comic book style superheroes and their adventures, developed and published by Parsons, Kansas-based Spectrum Games. It officially debuted in the form of an illustrated page PDF document. Sean Patrick Fannon has devised a fantastic "general benchmarks" table for CC&VF and we have made it available as a free PDF. If you want a.

A brand new Superhero RPG is now available: Capes, Cowls and Villains Foul http: Sounds a lot like Margaret Weis's Marvel game that just came out. And you can get a print copy of that game for even cheaper than a pdf of this one. Life on Jasoom? That one is "Based on the acclaimed Cortex Plus system".

Its acclaim is not so great that I've actually heard about it. Anyone have any opinions or a review of it? It's pretty widely known in the RPG community.

The Marvel game is played like writing comic book scenes where the GM and players can do things based on the exchange of plot points -- earn 'em by taking risks or ramping up drama; spend 'em to do superheroic stuff. Automatically Appended Next Post: Here you go: Parsons, KS. Hello, all. I'm the publisher of "Capes, Cowls and Villains Foul".

First of all, thanks for your interest in the game, to whatever degree that may be. I would like to address the price point of the game in relation to MHR's price. Please understand that it's not an issue of greed on my part not that anyone insinuated that. It's simply that my company, which is basically just me, with the help of freelancers, doesn't have the monetary resources that Margaret Weiss Productions has access to.

In order to continue publishing high quality games, I have to charge more than, frankly, what I'm comfortable with charging. Perhaps, as my company grows, I'll be able to have lower prices. The early reviews have been very positive thus far. Check out these links: In a nutshell, there are no set attributes such as Strength, Agility, etc. For example, Batman might have: The game has ways to keep players from doing the same thing over and over and over during a scene as well, thus mimicking the fact that comicbook characters actually use variety in the comics no comicbook writer is going to comprise a fight scene composed of the hero performing one attack repeatedly, because that's boring.

Combats are short too, just like most of the ones in comics. And it's feasible to use virtually any Trait during combat to deal out "Setback Tokens" to your foes. But, I digress. Cynthia, my main critique of MHR is that I feel you have to be a great comic book writer to get real mileage out of the game -- i. How does your game compare on those terms? The game system does most of the legwork in that regard. See, the more you use a Trait in a given scene, the less effective it becomes.

This makes players want to use other Traits instead of just the same one over and over again. And it's easy to use just about any Trait in, say, combat situations. Having a Shared Trait is cool. If three Ed.

This Complication is the drawback of the benefit. They will do this based on a difficulty determined by the Tier and might want to consider an appropriate Trait Usage as follows: Human The cost is split evenly by all the characters. A doctor would not be able to operate on the character? Perhaps his tactile senses are dulled? But there is always one or more catches: And any character Using the Trait will activate a Usage. Superhuman Definitive Traits should be noted as: Perhaps allow a player to Define the Trait only once per Extended Scene.

Undefined An Undefined Trait is one with incredible flexibility. In an Extended Scene. We will not present a hard and fast rule here. Total Cost of Trait divided by the number of characters downloading the Trait. A character must spend at least one round in an Action Scene doing nothing with their action but activating the Undefined Trait. A character may decide to put 20 additional points into an Undefined Trait.

An Undefined Trait has an additional cost of 5. Power-up or Diminishing Signature x1: Power-up or Diminishing Signature x2: A character can switch their points around by spending an extra round and redefining this pool of points. In another playtest group. For inspiration. What does that do? The possibilities are countless..

Heroine can cause an opponent to stop dead in their tracks simply by appearing in their sexy action-wear. There is none. How are they using their claws to keep the car from falling off the edge of the parking garage? You define what Traits you want your character to have.

This is more common in gaming groups than you might think. If it is an opposed check. But wait. Since there are several different templates given there. Just a few examples from the playtesters: This might be done by a character wanting to use their best Trait.

If it is appropriate. Each use will be a Usage. Make the character work for it.. This is as easy as … It can work wonders for a super-fast character creation. If you are having trouble thinking of Traits and how to approach the design of your character. Definitive Traits With some brief info and possible Complication. R S Academic Knowledge.

W P Crafty. G Net. Unusual Genre Traits F C. Cannot be moved while in contact with the Earth If the Earth is moved. Versatile Traits Along with possible Defined Aspects. Smoke Bombs. Photon Blast. S Professional Traits. N C Blinding. M Shield of Sutari. The system allows it all. F Shared Traits B. R B Super-Strength. Something like a trained super-pet could even be enhanced with Signatures. Standard Traits Something any normal human might have.

No Need to Breathe. It is all in the description anyway. I say. If a character is doing multiple things. One roll.

In this section I will describe some examples of powers seen in other systems. I reach out and send healing magicks his way. I would suggest having this ability be represented by multiple traits. Mind Control would either Incapacitate a foe or give them a Setback Token.

Healing This is a power not seen too often in comics. Here are some different ways it could be handled: How would it work? Healing would most frequently be used to Assist Another. Another member of your team is getting beat up pretty badly. I heal him. As for implementation and interpretation of how it would work: If a character is having all their duplicates do the same thing attack one character. Link them together. Given the very open-ended nature of character creation.

Other Reading

Does your sidekick have her own personality? Mind has your ally. Translating powers. Traits are those things that your character will use in a Scene.

Sidekick This brings a smile to my face. If the latter. The Situational Boosts and Setbacks are to emulate the possibility of a Trait being higher or lower than the Trait being mimicked. But think in terms of narrative. Round 1. Equipment and skills should absolutely have lots of Links and Situational Boosts. Does he use it in combat. Sidekicks are a great opportunity for players who really want a roleplaying experience different from their peers.

Equipment Your character has a super-cool motorcycle. After the Mind Control is active. A player may download more for their character at the cost of the value of their highest ranked Trait plus 3.

All player characters have some degree of Editorial Control. Think of this as the hero and sidekick rule See page Most Heroes and Villains will have a Threshold of The maximum a character may have during Character Design is 5 points of Editorial Control. What About Villains? The Editor has a number of points of Editorial Control equal to the number of players at the table plus 6.

These extra points are available to the Editor for that Villain and that Villain alone. A character built on fewer points who is adventuring with a higher point total character may use the difference in points to download additional Editorial Control.

A character may. Characters will start each Issue with this set amount of Editorial Control. Some Villains might be created with extra EC. A counter-attack is unique. Mark off this second Usage. EC may be spent in the following ways: The roll is made with the same number of dice as the original roll. Counter-Attack 1 point If an attack misses you.

[Capes, Cowls and Villains Foul] Free "General Benchmarks" PDF

Save the Innocent! A counter-attack is made using the same Trait s Used to defend against the attack. Use of Editorial Control A player may spend as much EC as they want anytime they are actively rolling dice or have an action. If a player wants to spend all their EC on one roll. Villains do very bad things to innocent people. If you are playing in a game that has Villains who like to kill.

The character can act. Refer to the cover of Superman for a classic example. If a hero spent this EC. Robot Body?!? The next blow reveals that the character was not the character. Have him stick around for a while to annoy Heroes and Villains alike. They must make a roll opposed by FANS 4.

Editors and players should work together to make it dramatically appropriate. Everyone pauses for a moment. Something happens that resets the Initiative. This might be a henchmen confusing the Big Boss.

Editorial Twist 2 Points Sometimes the most unexpected events happen in comics. For the remainder of the Scene. Something happens that distracts the opponent. An extra-dimensional imp of incredible power shows up for some fun. A character is able to get some sort of inside info about what is going on by talking to the Editor and readers.

Some may be most appropriate for Villains. This being can essentially do anything. You may Link one Trait to another. The opposing character must spend their next action dealing with over-zealous fans. This is essentially a way for a lower powered Trait Usage to activate a higher-powered Trait.

Add one Benefit Die to the next roll made by the character. The character is removed from their location for one round. The last Usage by the character is erased. The time-honored cameo. An ally shows up. If the character does not currently have a Complication active. The Traits must be within 5 of each other. Add 2 to the next Trait roll by the player. This is a single use Trait. The description and how is up to the player. Character gets a new Trait. The character may force his opponent to re-roll their next roll.

The character may Link one Linkable Trait at the full rating value. The cameo should not take away from the spotlight being on the character. Your lowest Trait becomes boosted to the same rating as your highest Trait. This will last for one round. If your next action would help someone other than yourself. The GM determines what this new Trait is perhaps with player input.

The character is being highlighted due to their popularity or inclusion in an upcoming Event or Crossover book. The character may spend a Usage for one Trait. The character may eliminate one Usage for one Trait. You can attempt to Use a Trait in a very unusual way. In many ways. Random Editorial Twists 1st 2nd D Gygax co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons always told us to do in such situations: Roll the Dice! I can say with some degree of certainty that your Issues will be memorable!

Figuring out the how and why is part of the fun after all. Creative Control is a chance for the character to make something totally interesting and unusual happen in the scene.

If that happens. You can use the list of Editorial Twists as possible results of the Creative Control. Complications are likely to be an intrinsic part of your character. Why have them? Because when a Complication is activated. Each character has the option of choosing one or more complications. Whatever it is. There might be a roleplaying effect. Or the effect might be strictly narrative and controlled by the Editor: They are also how your character is able to keep going.

How many? As many as you want. John Wick. How do they work? Here is the really cool part: They can be activated by the Editor or the player. What do they do? They take your character actively out of a Scene for awhile. There might be a mechanical effect: They may actually give one or more Setback Tokens to the character.

The Process

But Complications are what makes your character interesting. There are also new enemies. That is not to say that maybe a Berserker Rage activated by the Editor will not help you against a horde of Villains.

If they do. What about Complications for NPCs? NPCs are likely to have Complications as well. I activate that to get away and help save those people by leading him through the alleys on a chase.

As with anything. One might call this an Editorial Complication. What if a player perpetually activates Complications to the detriment of the story? As the joke goes: Talk to the player. Complications are not positive. They should fear their Complications.

Archenemy Many Heroes have an archenemy. Bill Williams. Complications should be fun. Mental Hang-Up The character has some kind of mental or emotional problem. You must choose what the specific hang-up is.

Some example Complications. If a Complication takes a character out of a scene. A susceptible character might be taken Out of Commission for part of a scene. There is no end to the possible variations. Activating the Complication might involve a surprise appearance by their archenemy. Taking a player entirely out of a scene is no fun.

While out of action. The Editor taps his chin.

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It is a given in comicbooks. Collateral damage. If the Editor approves it. A Villain threatening a Hero with exposure to the mysterious element that negates all their powers can be even more devastating than actual exposure to the element. The Editor thinks for a moment and nods. This will be front page material. Maybe not all the time. That is neither here nor there.

These things happen in comicbooks. Your slam your enemy through the air. If a character wants to use a Trait as a Complication.

If you and your players decide you like this concept. As with any Complication. But are these the only qualities that define a Hero or Villain? Not at all. Factoids round out your character. As long as it is fun from a narrative standpoint. Factoids help your character navigate the world around them.

Another character might have a Factoid: Speaks Many Languages. Maybe they refuse to let innocent people be hurt. Code of Honor A character has an internal Code of Honor that they will always try and live up to.

Factoids allow someone to look at a character sheet and quickly identify some of the subtleties of a character. Factoids do not have in-game effect.

But if.

This is a prime example of a Complication that takes a character out of a scene for some time. Maybe they will be taken Out of Commission and suffer one or more Setback Tokens. Complications can take a character out of scene. Reward Editorial Control based on how devastating the effect is.

Maybe just their physical Traits are affected. Factoids should be short. If you are playing a game with Experience Points. A character with Trained to Fly Jets would be able to fly the team jet. Factoids So.

Record all the Traits from the character sheet. Players can use the Index Cards for their characters. Trait Usage can be tracked on the index card. Summary of Character Design Step One! Determine Threshold Step Five! Create Complications Step Six! Create Factoids pgs. Setback Tokens. But what is his angle? What makes him cool?

It is my opinion. Former Air Force Hot Shot. I will be creating a point character. What about something with really cool boots and gauntlets. With 3 Defined aspects of the Trait. Modern astronauts are usually Renaissance men. On to his powers. His ship was destroyed upon landing. Seen that before. He was an astronaut. He tried to communicate with his colleagues on Earth.

I think I am going to make him a somewhat stoic leader type. I make it Versatile: Medical Doctor. Thinking also about him. All alone on Mars. An astronaut.. I also think about his personality. No luck. He salvaged what he could from the ship. There is some potential there. I jot these Traits down as Traits to consider. PhD in Astrophysics. Intensive endurance training? Some level of star power and fame? Knowledge of space. But as he began adjusting the frequency.

But as of right now. Was he in danger? With no help coming anytime soon. These give him some flight ability.

It might be his only chance. He crafted a suit. Several days across the surface of the Red Planet. He approached with caution. Something alien. He was able to isolate the frequency. Boots and gauntlets to control his direction. As he got closer. He spent several days investigating this alien craft made with elements and technology unlike anything he had ever seen.

Alien tech. Using the alien propulsion system. He was going home. The metal of the ship. This is how he flies. Not only did the alien propellant provide propulsion. The alien propulsion system used a self-contained fuel system. I assign a 7 rating to it. And it worked. I consider the use of it outside of combat as probably being a bit more practical. Here is a character able to fly FTL. It has 3 Defined aspects of Versatile.

I think about some Factoids and Complications. With 30 Points left. Both Situational Boosts together cost 4. Since it allows for some pretty impressive speed. I look at this Trait as being impressive. I like to think it is as something he could use as he diminished his other resources.

Similar to the Jetpack. Looking at the point values quickly. A rating of 8. It should be powerful. I will be giving it a Diminishing Signaturex2. I am assigning it a 9. I also like the idea that he is a military man. This will be his primary attack.

His supplies were running dangerously low. With 2 help unlikely to arrive. He was able to craft and mold the alien metal. The metal of the ship responded to his touch. As happens in these stories. He entered Total Unspent the ship. Isolating the signal. Only when the chips are down 7 Link Trait: Auto-Defend 7 Link Trait: His ship.

Unless he wished to die here on Mars. He fired up the suit and took to the sky. Versatile Medical Doctor. Editors might find these Templates useful when crafting Villains. Unless noted. We have crafted some Plug and Play Templates. We want to help you do just that. This is a balanced character. Or maybe a tech-based character. Or maybe this character has a piece of tech that distracts them but once it gets running. Or how the character whose powers are not that impressive.

This is that character. Dorito cheese dust. You can track the Setback Tokens you take in each Scene. The Character Sheet will have all your Traits. You can track your Editorial Control. The sheets had spaces for all sorts of interesting stuff.

The Usage Sheet is designed for an Issue.

The other is meant to used and written on. It is a designed as a permanent record of your character as permanent as a superhero can ever be. Way back when. It allows you to track Usages for the three types of scenes you will have to erase the Action Scene Usage marks after each scene. One sheet you can put in a swanky plastic sleeve and protect it from coffee.

Mountain Dew. We will leave it to you to figure out how to record that. The problem was. TSR released fancy character sheets on bright yellow-orange paper. Brent Sprecher. In the write-ups. Heroes and Villains Before we zoom on to the next chapter. Acid Spray. Foam Spray. She also wields a mace.

She is equipped with a shield forged from AISI KD survived and flourished when all previous attempts to clone Katherine Connolly failed. KD is unaware that she is a clone. Versatile Stun Charge. Rank Points: Rank Modifiers: May not be used more than once in any round Points: May not be use more than once in any round Points: Rank Trait: May not be used more than once in any round. Soldier Initiative by her father. Boy Frog 5 Link Rank Trait: Incapacitate 1 Link Trait: Not-A-Finisher 5 Link Trait: Versatile Net.

Brock Sebastian would likely have been just as happy going about his day. Without the goading of his co-worker. She quickly racked up an impressive arrest record.

Kelley was sent to live with her aunt. Electricity erupted from her body. Jennifer Fisher. After one particularly violent encounter. Kelley recovered and excelled under the care of her Aunt Jenny. She grew up in Mission Beach. One-Shot Points: Brent Sprecher Young Kelley Stacey should have had an idyllic life. Kelley pursues the sexual predators the most ferociously and.

He became prone to violent alcohol-fueled rages. Deadeye 9 Link Rank Trait: Scott Brewer Complications: He was still a marksman without peer. Knowing he could bide his time as a mercenary. AutoDefend Points: As much as the commercials might explain that a military background makes one an attractive candidate when trying to secure a career post-service.

Dane has spent years training his mind. He was institutionalized in his early teens and spent many years in a drug-induced fugue. Incapacitate Points: Versatile intangibility. He escaped and immediately set out upon a quest to discover how to not only communicate with the other dimensions. Dane Magnussen has had the ability to see and communicate with beings from other dimensions.

At first. Dane was orphaned at a very early age. Dane grew up a very reclusive and depressed child. He has studied martial arts and is a novice magic user. With his last breath. Guan Yu. Guan Yu cursed the Triad. Yan Wang. When he refused to pay tribute to the local Triad gang. Auto-Defend 12 Link Trait: Only when the chips are down 9 Link Trait: Sha Xing has been roaming the world in search of souls ever since. Chu 10 Jiang tried to retrieve his aspect. Blind with rage.

Capes, Cowls & Villains Foul

Empowered by Chu Jiang. Guan Yu confronted the leader of the Triad. Brent Sprecher Complications: Sha Xing is impervious to material injury and possesses superhuman strength and reflexes. Sha Xing is immortal in the conventional sense of the word.

As a demonic entity. Auto-Defend 1 Link Trait: Licht is aware. Frances Wurmer is a voluntary patient at a local mental hospital. Usable only once per Scene. At night. In combat. Unfortunately for the juvenile court system.

AKA Muse. Auto-Defend Points: Ari followed suit. When Katie decided to become a superhero. Capoeira and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Having never been photographed. An entire division of the Los Angeles Police Department has been devoted to her capture.

Versatile never photographed. Lillith has also been known to bite her victims and even drink their blood before killing them. Lillith is also able to prevent the heat from the fires she creates and controls from harming her. In addition to her pyrokinetic abilities. Lillith is an accomplished hand-to-hand combatant.

She often covers her body in a halo of fire to frighten her victims. Lillith targets men. Linked to over one hundred brutal homicides since her debut in Los Angeles less than a year ago. Because little is known about Lillith. One day. That is how many questions the Mathemagician has ever gotten wrong on any sort of Mathematical aptitude test.

The number of chess matches he has lost. His shirt and pants are specially treated fabric. Not-a-finisher 5 Link Trait: Not-a-finisher Points: His bank balance before deciding to apply his significant gifts to endeavors more worthy of his superior intellect and greatness. A child prodigy. She became faster. She liked the silence. Long after the party was over. Mime knows she is intelligent and knowledgeable.

Around this time. She continues her research when not in the greasepaint. Was it because she was denied an actual childhood. Only when the chips are down 5 Link Trait: Auto-Defend 5 Link Trait: And maybe even crazier. She liked the complete dichotomy of attention and revulsion. She rarely if ever makes a sound as Mime.

Mime knows she is crazy. She does not embrace this. Her identity is a secret. Psychiatric Threshold studies could spend years trying to understand her. Invited to a Halloween party. Allen spent many years analyzing the rock. His prolonged exposure to this alien artifact changed Allen. He never intended to do anything other than teach.

Knowing they had found something significant. Threshold to give back to his community. On a class field trip. Allen and his class came across a mysterious rock. His tireless work in the Bronx. This Trait can only be used to Link to other Traits. Auto-Defend 10 Link Trait: Moon Girl can fly and project a limited atmospheric force field around herself. If the fickle roll fails in an Action Scene.

Fickle 5 Link Trait: Sigrid Brekken. Moon Girl claims that she is Selene X. Moon Girl also claims to be incapable of suffering mortal injury as long as the moon maintains its orbit about the Earth. She has incredible resilience and strength.

His current theory is that she is a demigoddess. She was happy as Design Points could be. They Total Unspent spent the next week trying desperately to find the parents. Muse 8 Link Rank Trait: Auto-Defend 8 Link Trait: Can be self-conscious Trained dancer Oxford educated Loves to eat bacon. Working for months on a new trick only to perform it Design Points for a room full of people had begun to lose some luster.

Professor Prestige. Prestige has 3 Setback Tokens. He wanted a bigger audience.But will it be too little. Scarab got his supervillain start robbing museums. If three Ed. What makes him cool? We essentially digitally re-master the book. Can your Ninja Trained character walk through walls? Affiliate System.

Mime knows she is intelligent and knowledgeable. These eBooks are digitally watermarked to signify that you are the owner. Threshold to give back to his community.