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Crossfire - Rules and Organizations for Company-Level WW-II Gaming the original play testers' calculations on dice probabilities (PDF) comparing the use of. Crossfire is a social-deduction, hidden-role game for 5 to 10 players. In each of the two different game types (Crossfire Mode and Sniper Mode), some players. the Incoming! rules the players will require the Crossfire rules and the Hit the Dirt supplement published by Arty Conliffe. Unless otherwise stated in these rules.

Crossfire Rules Pdf

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In over 10 years of playing Crossfire, Arty Conliffe's company level WW2 game, I have built up some well tested House Rules with associated Datasheets (PDF). The Castles of Burgundy. ·Rank: 13 · Runebound (Third Edition). · Rank: + Show more. Crossfire Files. T. Crossfire()Rules PDF. by. Like all good sets of rules, Crossfire sets out to capture the particular feel of the type of warfare it simulates. Whereas some sets of rules could be used for any.

Every battalion has a code. You might also be interested in my House Rules and Musings on Crossfire, many of which elaborate on the issues described here. I wanted a list of all the Crossfire Terrain types in one place.

The list is compiled from Crossfire and Hit the Dirt. House Rules are in italics. These are the Crossfire house rules I actually use.

First Name: Last Name: Email address: Privacy Policy Sitemap What is Balagan? About Contact. Crossfire Clarifications by Arty Confliffe from Crossfire, Crossfire House Rules 2 comments.

Who has the Bazooka? Balagan Point System for Crossfire. Interpreting the Protective Cover of Walls in Crossfire. Hiding Hidden Forces in Crossfire. Wishlist for Crossfire Version 2. Base Sizes and Number of Figures in Crossfire. Crossfire Markers for Status and Objectives. Crossfire, Crossfire House Rules Leave a comment.

Stand Labels — Unit Identification in Crossfire. Types of Terrain Features in Crossfire. Balagan House Rules for Crossfire. Recent Posts. Comments Posts. Newsletter First Name: Jay places all three cards next to Gar. Astral Shiver facing him. For the with a damage track of: The other obstacle.

Jay has a Lightning Bolt. The Gargoyle is tough Jay is done playing cards. But first. Jay wants to clear all three levels the Shiver. The first level requires card Quick Shot.

Guiding Spirit reveal to clear the level. That Monofilament Whip for the second damage. That runner takes 1 damage. He reveals a a difficult obstacle—a Gargoyle—facing the next player.

Instead of dealing damage of a specific type. All I know is that when the right mage shapes it. His last play might also have enough firepower in his hand to take down an is the Mana. He Guiding Spirit with a cost of 3. Jay applies the last damage from his Mana. Stunbolt also deals one goyle. Jay has defeated the two obstacles.

He gets one from his Quick Shot for the third level. If an effect would heal ing until you have drawn enough cards. You take no more actions during the game. When a runner goes critical. Usually this happens during the Draw a New Crossfire Card step of the round. When you are healed. Shuffle your hand and discard into 3.

The nuyen value of the obstacle is shown in the upper right corner of each Obstacle card for example. The Black you to your starting hit points. Collecting and Distributing Nuyen than 1 hit point. Some obstacles run round see Ending the Game. This means you might become staggered from damage you take on your turn from 4.

When- age as well. If you take damage that would reduce you to less you have enough nuyen to afford them which you get from Full Game Rules Use Health markers or other means to track your hit that are face up. There is no recovery from going critical and your current run is over. If this happens. The cur. If those abil. Staggered rent runner on whose turn the obstacle was defeated takes 1 nuyen from the total the obstacle is worth. No mat. See Staggered and Critical below. If you have 3 or fewer cards in your hand.

If the runner to your left is the starting the abort run begins with the starting runner. To ensure a fun play experience for everyone. If any runner goes critical. If your team would like to play at a higher level of challenge.

In addition. This move- is allowed during play. Your turn is now over. If the Black Market deck runs out.

Do not draw a Crossfire event during the abort run round. There should always be six cards in the Black Market. They can also request that another runner download a spe- There is no limit to the number of cards you can have in hand. If there are no cards in the Black Market discard. After each of those runners has taken a turn. If at least one runner is not Runners are not allowed to show other runners what cards they staggered or critical.

Meet the from the top of your deck. In this The game can end in one of three ways: If all runners become staggered or go critical.


When you do. When actions that require you to have more cards in your deck. Loss- es often come during the abort run round. Each mission has its own victory condition. In this case. Some card abilities allow you to cycle discard from play cards in the Black Market. If a runner goes crit- 5. Each mis. The first round begins with the starting runner.

Play continues in the next Scene with the runner who had the first choice to download a card. This Scene ends after the last runner downloads a card or passes. Karma Scaling: Each mission has a recommended number of upgrades for play- Playing with Fewer than Four Runners: If there are only three ing that mission. Normal no upgrades needed Runners: Flip up one additional obstacle at the start of each Scene: Start the game with one card in the Crossfire discard: Each Mis- sion sheet will describe what happens during a Scene Ending a Scene: At the end of a turn.

Getting in was easy. Once the third Scene ends. The team can also choose the following difficulty in order to gain extra Karma. At the start of each Scene. If the team aborts. Once used during a Scene within a Mission. Johnson promised. After the third Scene. Depending on which mission you choose. If there are only two runners.

When a Mission chang. Then if you still need more obstacles. It is recommended that each runner have that runners. Each mission will explain how much less Karma a runner Karma Awards: If the team wins. Follow the instructions part of the Black Market: The team must keep the Client alive as the mis- sion progresses. Better luck in to the obstacles facing the Client. The team must or penalty based on how much Karma they have.

If the Client has at least 1 HP when the Great pay? A cooperative client? Really great pay? Oh frag. Advanced at least 5 points per runner in upgrades recommended Karma Awards: The Client takes a turn just like the runners. The obstacles will attempt to stop the Client Karma Scaling: Each runner gains the following Karma award from leaving.

Place the Dragon mission. Then follow the rules in the Dragon Fight Obsta- cles table p. If art card with the Covert side face up facing the runner to the the Client is staggered. First flip Scene ends. There are no additional rewards for runners when a flip up obstacles as indicated in the chart on p.

The Dragon will send obstacles your way. Flip obstacles as instructed for each step of the mission track. Place Wagon Contract from the Black Market deck and set it a mission-progress marker a generic marker on round 1 of the aside.

Then you must defeat both aspects of the Enraged that step see Obstacles and Crossfire. It is available for download. The Client plays no cards. The Client: The Client counts as a runner. Whenever the Mission-prog- ress track tells you to flip Hard obstacles. Mission Progress Track and Ending a Scene: The Client is Human.

The Runners: Mission Setup: Start the game with four cards in the Crossfire discard those events effects do not number of runners between the starting runner and the runner trigger: If in upgrades recommended an obstacle gives the Client a choice.

Then the rest of the next round begins with the starting runner. Then the rest of the first round begins with the starting runner. You must keep the Client alive as you progress through the Mission Setup: This is a 4-runner mission. There is no option to abort the run in this mission. Obstacles attack the Client like any other runner. Use the normal Crossfire rules. Each mission track indicates when a Scene Obstacles and Crossfire: At the start of each round of play.

The Dragon has two sides: Covert and Enraged. The team must defeat both of those aspects. If the dragon moves to a different runner. Mission Rules The Enraged Dragon also has two aspects: Spell and Weapon. Play continues in the next Scene with the runner who The team must defeat both aspects to progress.

When you choose which one to face first. Once the rest clockwise the runner facing the Dragon should not get an team defeats both the Hacking aspect and the Skill aspect.

Then the round begins with the starting runner. Distribute the orless damage. This Scene ends after the last runner downloads a card or ner. Each aspect also has two ways flip obstacles. Dragon Rewards and Ending a Scene: After flipping obstacles. The Covert Dragon has two aspects: Hacking and Skill.

One runner must clear that damage. When you acquire an up- grade. The Runner cards are laminated so players can use a dry Karma and upgrades cannot be assigned or acquired during erase marker to easily track their total earned Karma. Each runner gains the following Karma award If the team aborts. See the Dragon rule card for details. If the team chose to accept the Bring It On bonus challenge before the game started.

This ensures that multiple players can enjoy the same metatype. Each mission also has bo. The powers completes the Crossfire mission successfully. Karma for each runner Karma Awards: At the start of the game and after each round of play. Each upgrade has a value could continue with that character. When you cover an pletes the mission in a specific way.

The team can also choose the following bonus challenge options: Begin drawing a Crossfire card on round 2 instead of round 3: He amount of Karma they have earned. Card Explanations You then Pair Programming: The damage from the card you copy can be applied to get to draw only the first Weapon card and the Skill card. Cigar Money which has a value of 5 Karma.

And once you have dealt any other actions. This card counts itself toward the discount. Coordinated Attack on another player. Weapon card. As long as you ability is preventing a runner including yourself from drawing played another Hacking card during your turn. Weapon card remains on top of your deck. After earning 15 more Karma bringing his total to For the assist wait until your next turn. Treat the obstacle as if it had no text on it.

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This card also allows staggered runners to Jacked In: If you play this card during your turn it will remain in play. Those cards are still in play. The second a different obstacle from the damage of Pair Programming.

Retrieval Agent: Hack the World: You can apply the damage from the card you copy to a Doc Wagon Contract: You can play this card to heal yourself.

On the other hand. You play this card and reveal a damage with it if you played it that turn. They do not go to your Clairvoyance: You must resolve both the draw and discard before taking discard until you deal damage with them. Icon Grab: The ability to add damage of an additional color checks what Hero Move: When you play this card while a Crossfire event or obstacle cards you have played during the damage step. Preventing an obstacle from attacking the Draw a New Crossfire Card step of the round.

Preventing an obstacle from attacking also considered to be the defeating runner. Use markers to remember the else. Aztechnology Striker: The runner who defeats the obstacle can be one of obstacles than the ones you take from other runners using the the runners. You must choose a Coordinated Defenses: If Coordinated Defenses is discarded during runner other than yourself. The chosen runner can be the Mage. That Trickster Initiative: An example of how this works would be if Lightning number is set at the time you resolve the ability.

Or you can apply one Roomsweeper does damage to all the obstacles and bosses instance of level damage to the same obstacle to which you apply facing that runner.

Once you Fireball: The 2 damage and each instance of level damage start applying damage. That number is set levels but you will not be able to use the two levels somewhere at the time you resolve the ability. Guiding Spirit: You can play the cards you drew thanks to the card ability Remington Roomsweeper: You determine which obstacles Remington before applying card damage.

Roomsweeper damages when you apply damage. You can choose to take an obstacle or not from each Weapons Specialist: Each runner can take no more than 1 damage from runner. Those cards all need to be the same color. The next time you need cards or otherwise alter the top card of your deck.

Shadowrun: Crossfire

Make note of how many Spell cards you reveal when you down to its last two levels and still defeat it with the two levels of resolve the ability. Elf Blademaster: Make note of the nuyen value of the card you reveal when among the group. If you play a Katana during the same turn as this card.

The chosen runner can be the Street Samurai. Use that number later to increase this Gang Leader: If you have 3 cards or less in your deck. If you play a Katana on the same turn as of damage in a row. Either of the chosen runners can be the Decker. Preventing an obstacle from attacking also prevents any abilities that trigger when that obstacle attacks.

Use counters to mark the extra instances of the the 2 damage. Weapon cards will benefit from each one. Lightning Bolt: Consecutive levels means that you clear two levels Roomsweeper damage. Use markers to Mage 3 1 was facing a runner with the top level remember the damage. If you play multiple Katanas on your turn. If any obstacles Katanas you play during that turn.


My group is having a hard time successfully completing the Q: How does Coordinated Attack work? Crossfire mission. This includes Attack Strength damage. What do we need to do to win? Most cooperative games are challenging to win and a Shadowrun chooses to play a card.

The runner playing the assist makes damage. They follow all instructions on the cards. Then take 3 generic markers Q: If two obstacles attack and deal enough damage to stagger my to represent each of the levels of damage from Fireball.

If an obstacle or boss limits a color of damage that can be dealt. Buzzback obstacle facing you says. When a timebomb effect has a crossfire threshold. The only http: Damage packets are resolved first by the something. When the timebomb effect goes off. Only one Crossfire card per round should be revealed. If I have a replacement effect on an upgrade that says I can do target a packet of 4 damage. Drawing does it also limit the abilities of cards of that color? Does the starting runner have to draw another Crossfire card if Q: Faq FAQ Q: Is it okay to apply damage from a card to a damage track level Q: How does damage applied to multiple obstacles work?

After you play a card like Fireball. Crossfire community! Nuyen distribution always starts with the current runner. When I play an assist ability. Put each runner. You can either draw a card or gain 1 nuyen. When you apply damage to A: Crossfire forum at costs.

When someone plays an assist ability. All damage dealt to a runner during the an obstacle. Glossary Of Game Terms. Cards are Attack: What obstacles do to damage you.

Assist Damage: Damage given to the current runner to The difficulty is either Normal 1-Bullet Icon or Hard apply by another runner when they play a card with an 2-Bullet Icon. A card ability you can play only during another Bullet Icons: When attack. A game component used to play the game. A mission obstacle with special rules. Attack Strength: A stat on obstacles and some bosses Clear: When a runner deals damage to an obstacle track that determines how much damage they do when they level equal to what the damage track indicates.

Damage track: On obstacles and bosses. A reward gained by runners who complete runs. A staggered runner that is damaged either partially or fully. The act of discarding a card from play and replacing Nuyen: In the Shadowrun universe.

The cards each runner holds. Runners subtract damage from their HP total. In rules text. There are two types of healing: Usually you will leave it in play revealed the game. Drawing a card from a deck and putting it face up into Runner s: A player or players in the game.

There are four colors Crossfire cards or put the card back on top of the deck of damage symbols: When this happens. Healing card: A generic name for any card played to remove Upgrades: Abilities that the runners earn through gameplay damage on a runner. A condition. Karma allows runners to download goes critical. Obstacles and bosses deal damage when they Reveal: When you reveal a card.

Runners that go Main Color: When a player takes more than one Role card. Completing one successfully or Crossfire deck: A deck containing Crossfire cards. Runners lose hit points when some abilities can only be used once per Scene.

Hit point HP: A statistical representation of how damaged You: In card text. Glossary Of Game Terms When the drek hits the fan. An ability on Obstacle cards that triggers when the card is put into play. Many game Move: When an ability or effect forces an obstacle or boss to rules depend upon which runner is currently taking move.

Another name for a mission in the game. Each mission is broken into one or more Scenes. Current runner: The runner whose turn it is. Obstacles 1 HP. Damage Team: The group of runners going on the Mission and track healing restores some amount of cleared levels. A game component showing runner play due to an effect. Crossfire level Crossfire: The total number of Crossfire Mission sheet: A game component that contains information cards that have been placed in the Crossfire discard.

There are four colors in the game.

Damage to damage their hit points drop below 1. When an ability heals them. A specific run that the team chooses to undertake one round of the game. Face- and colorless damage symbols that you have to clear red.

Sometimes you discard the card. Street Samurai-black a by dealing that type of damage to defeat it. Obstacles Staggered: The upgrades are shown on an assist ability. It sometimes determines where a flipped up obstacle with a matching color is placed. Runners become staggered when and bosses have damage tracks.

There are two types of damage symbols in into your hand. The card you download now helps you defeat everyone faster. None of them might have a before the end of the turn of the runner those obstacles damage in hand. Obstacles defeated earlier means more cards download a third. Be mindful of your role and what colors the Notice a theme here? Strategy Options. As the things you may want to think about while playing Shadowrun: You only draw two cards a turn. The secret power of the assist cards is that cards when they will make a difference.

This is especially true on the first turn of the Beams with your damage on your next turn. David Hovey. Hardy logo are trademarks of InMediaRes Productions.

Wei-Hwa Huang. Janie Rhodes. Ken Nichols. Russell Rice. Tim Hahn. Gordon Bennetto. Conan E. Loren Coleman. Brad Rhodes.

Igor Kieryluk. Vaccarino for showing Conan E. Art Direction Brent Evans Credits Michael Komarck. Sean McCarthy. Victor Manuel Leza Jay Schneider.

Phil Hilliker. Koni Kim. Arndt Drechsler. Sabrina Brickner. Louis Towles Demaris Schneider. No part of this work may be reproduced. Ian King. Marc Sasso. Jeremy Virden. Victor Corbella.

Tom Lehmann. Mark Poole. Shadowrun and Matrix are registered Crossfire Logo. Rob Heinsoo. Quality Assurance Special thanks to Donald X. Dan Moen.

Richard Garfield. Chamberlain everyone a new way to build decks. Lee Hammock. Mike Elliott. Joel Biske..

All Rights Reserved. Bringing down a rhino might be easier. Normal No upgrades needed Players: Distribute the rest clockwise. That runner heals 2 HP. Put any Ork or Troll obstacles into play facing the runner whose role color matches runner. When flipping obstacles. Each Scene ends when you have defeated spare room. If there are only 2 runners. Play continues in the next Scene with the runner who had the first choice to download a 50 card. You can move one obstacle facing another runner to face you.

Best defense is a good offense.We have included a Scenario Generation system which enables gamers to simulate typical combat problems with an infinite number of outcomes; tournaments may be played with this method.

Then the rest of the next round begins with the starting runner. These icons are a reminder that the card obstacles from the Normal Obstacle deck.

Orchards - in season function as woods; out of season as rough ground. All you need to know is. Stunbolt also deals one goyle. The 4 damage can be any mixture of colored or colorless damage.