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ASP stands for active server pages and it is also widely used for web programming after PHP. Download ASP DOTNET interview questions in PDF sppn.info Net Interview Questions with Answers and ASP. Net | sppn.info Interview Questions and Answers PDF | sppn.info Questions and Answers | sppn.info Questions and Answers for Freshers Pdf Free Download | sppn.info Interview Questions and. Latest Dot Net Interview Questions And Answers Pdf Manifest - contains information about the assembly like Version of an assembly, the public.

Dot Net Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers Pdf

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Net Interview Questions_WorkShop( questions and answers).pdf - Download as PDF File .pdf) Net Interview Questions Net Framework 2. C#.Net 3. ASP. Net 4. sppn.info sppn.info Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers PDF. sppn.info Web Matrix is a free sppn.info development environment from support of multiple programming languages via the Common Language Specification. Pdf. Read/Download dot net interview questions and answers for freshers pdf dot net interview Insert,Update. This is the HR interview questions and answers.

Rahman,says ASP. NET is a server side programming technology that makes use of object oriented programming approach. Saran,says Asp in server side technology used to develop dynamic web pages.

Upee,says May 13, ASP. NET is provided as a framework which is collection of libraries and runtime. Jyoti ramjan das,says May 08, Asp. Nilsan,says Asp in server side technology to develop dynamic web pages using scripting languages. It is interpreted. Parameshvar,says Apr 30, ASP. NET is web developing environment that is a part of. Scroll down the list until you find "System. Item Value.

Generic Collection 99 What is dictionary? Start a new project. Show "Hello World". Now go to the main function MessageBox. The Dictionary class is a generic class and can store any data types. Every item should be represented with one unique key value. Each pair will have 2 elements: Threading base class library. In asp. Partial class will split into multiple class files but the class name will be same but class files names should be differ.

While defining a class. According to the requirement. We can initialize a method to thread with the help of ThreadStart.

50+ ASP.Net Interview questions with answers

Using this method we can invoke or start a thread. A Using thr1. Here we will write the business logic 2 Webform1. Here we will write the designing logic. Threadstart is a pre-defined delegate. A Thread is an independent execution path. It is a pre-defined member method of thread class. Threading How to create thread? A Whenever we want to create a thread. Why partial class? A Using Thread.

A safe point for a thread is a point in its execution at which garbage collection can be performed. Sleep method is used to Block the current thread for the specified number of milliseconds. A The Thread. FromHours 1. In other words We can include specific time via thread.

ThreadingAbortException in the thread on which it is invoked. A thread executing outside managed code is always safe for garbage collection. Once a safe point is reached. Sleep TimeSpan. When you call Thread. Sleep A Using Suspend we can suspend the targeted thread. Abort method is used to start the process of terminating the thread.

A Suspended thread can be called back by using resume. Suspend on a thread. The garbage collection class provides the GC. Finalize method can be override because it does support destructor method.

But in the VB. A Using GC. You should only implement a Finalize method to clean up unmanaged resources. You should not implement a Finalize method for managed objects.

A Finalize method acts as a safeguard to clean up resources in the event that your Dispose method is not called. A These are just like any other methods in the class and can be called explicitly but they have a special purpose of cleaning up the object.

The class implementing dispose method should implement IDisposable interface.

In general. A Dispose method should call the GC. SuppressFinalize method for the object it is disposing if the class has desturctor because it has already done the work to clean up the object. It is important that we freed up all the unmanaged recources in the dispose method like database connection. Finalize method cannot be override. Finalize method is called by the GC implicitly therefore you can not call it from your code.

In the dispose method we write clean up code for the object. CodeBehing Technique. CSS 4. A Asp. To develop a web application by using. Can we convert client side control as a server side control? Can we convert server side control as client side control? NET web technology or Server side technology.

What are the programming techniques will be supporting by asp. Why asp. What do you mean by server side technology? What is ASP. Net web technology called Asp. NET is a. Net language called C. Client side code we can implement by using client side technologies. PHP and so on 3. InPage Technique and 2. They are1. Server side code we can implement by using Server side technologies. But we cannot convert server side control as client side control.

Using server side technology we can develop server side web pages. Net we have to use a. Net and a. What do you mean by client side technology? It is used to navigate the user request between multiple web servers. Cookies 3. Query string 2. Redirect and Server. Range validator 4. It is used to navigate the user request within the web server. NET pages? A Different techniques to move data from one web form to another are: Requiredfield Control 2.

A There are 6 Validator Controls. Explain about validation controls in asp. Cross page postback 6. Compare validator 3. A Response. Session state 4. Application state 5. Validation summary 9. It will hide the Destination url address. When we will go for custom validator control? Regular Expression validator 5. It will not hide the Destination url address. Custom validator 6. What is the difference between Response. Handler object 7. How can you pass values between ASP.

Page level.

Net page cycle stages? A There are overall 8 stages available for any webpage that will undergo with in server at page life cycle. A Application level. What are the life cycle events of asp.

How to invoke server side validation function and how to invoke client side validation function? A Server side validation functions can be invoked by using ASP. Control level. Culture property. What are the Asp. A Event will execute for some action i. A Default events of: A When ever user request for a page for first time it is called First request. When ever user will interact the page by clicking button or selecting radiobutton e. Whereas method will contain some behavior or functionality.

A Autopostback is the property of the control. If you want a control to postback automatically when an event is raised. When we will use Not Ispostback? A IsPostBack: It is the property of the Page class which is used to determine whether the page is posted back from the client. A TextBox1. Custom control we have to drag from from solution explorer window to web toolbox window to web page.

If we want to develop a custom control we have to add a pre-defined control we have to use a class library template called web user control to the project. Net is a. Web user control we have to drag 4. It will happen before page is submitting to the client. NET 2. Net will support 2 programming techniques i. A ASP 1. A Rendering is a process of converting complete server side code into client understable code. Net advanced server side technology.

It will provide services to multiple applications. A By using div tag and panel control. If we want to develop a web user 3. It will provide services to single web 1. Asp is a classic server side technology before. Client side scripting we can implement by using client side technologies called JavaScript. Net languages including VB. Using this we can implement client side validations. NET uses languages which are fully object oriented languages like C 26 What is the parent class for all asp.

Using this we can implement server side validations.

A Whenever we want to display the Gridview control according to our requirement then we will go for Gridview Customisation. In Asp. Scripting which will execute within the web browser can be called as client side scripting.

VB script and so on. C but mostly C. Net uses any. Stack memory and 2. Asp uses mostly VBScript. Server side scripting we can implement by using server side technologies called Asp. Asp has limited OOPs support. Scripting which will execute within the web server can be called as client side scripting.

PHP and so on. A Two types of memories are there in. Server Side Scripting 1. A Client Side Scripting 1. If we want to customize gridview control. Multiview control: It can contain collection of view controls but not a normal control. A Application. A It is a Boolean property of gridview control. A Whenever we want to have common header and common footer within multiple pages of a website then we can go for a Master Page.

By default it is true. A View and multiview are container controls. A Page. A Whenever we want to display the collection of images in a rotation manner one by one then we will go for Adrotator control. Control 32 What are the major built in objects in asp. To fetch the data from XML document. Config files within a single application. A Whenever we want to define some separate settings for couple of web pages. A The Machine.

How many web. This file we can use to define the ASP. A In ASP. Config is one of the configuration files. How many machine. NET application configuration settings. It is a XML file.

NET we have 2 types of Configuration files. View Control: It can contain normal controls. That is. Config file. But the connection string names must be different. Config and 2.

Latest Dot Net Interview Questions And Answers Pdf

State server session 3. Link Button: It will postback the webpage to the server. Based on the locations. How many types of sessions? A Session is a temporary variable which will be used to maintain the user information. Server Side State Management and 2.

Custom session. Sql server session 4. Client Side State Management. A Hyperlink: It will not PostBack the webpage to the server. Inproc session 2. It we restart the web server or if any crashes to the web server there is a chance of losing the session data. A Within the Web. Abondon will destroy the session. Accessing the inproc session data will be faster. It is not suitable for large web application models like webgarden and webfarm.

A Using TimeOut property.

If the session data is increased there is a burden on the web server. A Using Abondon.

.NET Interview Questions and Answers

A 20 Minutes. A We can start the Windows Service in 2 ways1.

Accessing the state server session will be slower compare with inproc session. It is suitable for large web applications like webgarden and webfarm model. A State server session are creating within the state server which is nothing but Windows Service. State server session will provide more security because sessions are creating separately within the windows service.

A Inproc sessions are creating within the Current App Domain.

Always windows service should be ON. By using Command prompt. It is not that much suitable for small web applications because maintaining the windows service is expensive.

A Sql server sessions will be creating within the Sql Server Database. By using control panel and 2. If we restart the web server or if any crashes to the web server but still session data will be safe. Net runtime. A Whenever we want to store user data within the server.

A Deploying a website into multiple web servers is called Webfarm. A Every worker process will maintain a memory unit within the web server which is nothing but Appdomain. A There are 2 Types of Session events. A Worker process is nothing but Asp. Net web page within the Web server.

Session End. A It is part of web server or a unit of web server. Net execution engine or Asp. The role of Asp. Session Start and 2. Net runtime is executing the Asp. This is configurable in Web.

A This is a class file. This file will contain all the application session related events. Application state variables are cleared. Session state: In youtube video number of views 71 What are application events? A There are 3 application events. Application Error Event. Application state: It will be available to all users of the application. Application Start Event The default is 20 minutes.

Session state variable are cleared. Application End Event 3. It will only be available to a specific user of the ASP. A when ever we want to store the data in web server. Cookies can be broadly classified into 2 types 1. Non-Persistent cookies only remain in memory until the browser is closed.

A 30 Minutes. Default timeout of a cookie is 30 minutes. Non-Persistent cookies: If you don't set the Expires property. Cookie is a client side state management technique. Persistent cookies: Remain on the client computer. QueryString is attached to the URL with "? A Throughout the website. What is the draw back?

It will create within the client machine due to that reason which is called as client side state management. Default life time of session variable is 20 minutes. Session is a server side state management technique.

A Cookie is a variable which we can use to store the user data. Session is also a variable which will create within the Web server. QueryString is a way to forward the data from one web page to another. You can configure how long the cookies remain using the expires property of the Http Cookie object.

Cookie is a variable which will create within the client machine. A Caching is a process of storing the frequently used web page or frequently used part of the web page or frequently used data into some location for future access.

Proxy caching 3. Web server caching. The scope of the Viewstate is within that web form. What is the scope of view state? A According to the location caching is classified into 4 types.

There is a limit to URL length of characters. Client caching 2. Net server control called HiddenField. HiddenField is a Server side control. To Implement HiddenField we can use Asp. All the attributes and values are visible to the end user.

Reverse caching 4. A ConfigurationManager class. Fragment Output caching 3. A Security is a process of allowing the authenticated users and denying the unauthorized users when user is requested for restricted web page. Data Caching 86 When we will go for page output caching? Net will support 3 Caching Techniques. Page Output Caching 2. NET applications to share libraries. What is the use of Error Provider Control in.

Answer: The ErrorProvider control is used to indicate invalid data on a data entry form.

Where can I get .NET Interview Questions and Answers with Explanation?

Using this control, you can attach error messages that display next to the control when the data is invalid, as seen in the following image. A red circle with an exclamation point blinks, and when the user mouses over the icon, the error message is displayed as a tooltip.

When Called, it triggers a PostBack, sending data back to the web Server. NET also adds two additional hidden input fields that are used to pass information back to the server. This information consists of ID of the Control that raised the event and any additional information if needed.

NET re-creates the Page object using the. NET retrieves state information from the hidden view state field and updates the controls accordingly. The Page. Load event is fired. The appropriate change event is fired for the control. If more than one control has been changed, the order of change events is undetermined.

Finally, the Page. Unload event is fired. The new page is sent to the client. Answer: By default a session uses a cookie in the background. To enable a cookie-less session, we need to change some configuration in the Web. Config file. Follow these steps: Open Web. Add a tag under tag. If cookies are disabled, then the URL is used to store session information. UseCookie: Session always use background cookie. This is default. And if the same cookieless url is being used by multiple users an the same time, they all get a new regenerated session url.

How is it possible for. NET to support many languages? The generated code is called managed code. This managed code is run in.

NET environment. So after compilation the language is not a barrier and the code can call or use function of another language also. What is Themes in ASP. Answer: A theme decides the look and feel of the website. It is a collection of files that define the looks of a page.

Inside this folder is one or more subfolders named Theme1, Theme2 etc. How to apply themes There are 3 different options to apply themes to our website: Setting the theme at the page level: the Theme attribute is added to the page directive of the page. Open the web. Setting the theme programmatically at runtime: here the theme is set at runtime through coding. The better option is to apply this to the Base page class of the site as every page in the site inherits from this class.

You can have as many themes as you want and you can switch between them by setting a single attribute in the web.All About C Immutable Classes. For illustrative purpose, you have an ASP. Numerical Data types a Signed Numerical data types: NET is a. To fetch the data from XML document.

Given it's huge popularity, jQuery interview questions are increasingly asked in but they are mostly suited for web developers with 2 to 5 years of experience. It will support inheritance 5.

What is implicit type casting? Data Caching 86 When we will go for page output caching?