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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

sppn.info: Harry Potter: シリーズ全7巻 ハリー・ポッターシリーズ (Japanese Edition) eBook: J.K. Rowling, Yuko Matsuoka: Kindle Store. download Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Japanese Edition): Read 13 Kindle Store Reviews - sppn.info Learn how to download the Harry Potter eBooks in Japanese from the Pottermore Shop.

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I just finished my first full book in Japanese: ハリー・ポッターと賢者の石. I got the book shop, the only place to get eBook versions of Harry Potter. Here are 4 free Japanese e-book sites for building your language skills and your library, free-japanese-ebooks--e . ハリー・ポッターと賢者の石/ はりー・ぽったーと けんじゃの いし” (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone). I found out that they have Harry Potter on Kindle in Japanese (on the English store) so I sent myself a free sample. I was really impressed with.

Are you going to let your excuses get in the way of you becoming awesome? When should you start reading Japanese novels. J-E phase: you are learning the building blocks.

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You want to focus on those building blocks. Beginning J-J phase: you are currently tackling the hardest thing imaginable. Use the rest of your time to enjoy yourself a bit. So when should you begin your reading rampage? Somewhere around to J-J sentences. At this point, novels will start becoming a major source of your J-J cards.

Some genres are just harder than others. You need to find novels that you like, but are also readable at your current level. This absolutely does not mean reading novels targeted for babies or children or junior high school students unless the highly unlikely that you happen to fall in one of the above categories.

This is bad. Because you are an adult. So how do you know what novels are right for your level?

There is a more in depth novel guide in the works here. But even before that, go to a Japanese book store, and browse.

Look, read a page, see how it feels. No bookstore? You can usually get samples online. And even just generally, think about the type of novel it is.

If it is a deep detective story, expect difficulty. If it is a casual high school romance story, expect ease.

A fun way to start can often be with translated novels. The popular choice seems to be the translated version of Harry Potter. I did this with all seven books.

And then with Lord of the Rings. It is one thing to know that you should be reading and another thing to be actually be um. This is where you need to develop a new mindset, as is the case with almost every aspect of Japanese learning that tries to knock you down.

Treasure Hunts Having a positive view dominates all successful methods and can be a major solution to most problems. Novels need some assistance too.

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I have developed the view that when reading novels with only a lackluster Japanese level, to consider each novel as going on a treasure hunt. So what exactly is the treasure that you are hunting for? Treasure you say? You hate when this happens.

You want to know everything already. Why would you go out of your way to take joy in searching for this? Because you will start to take pleasure in finding unknown words. The unknown is special. You are diving into uncharted waters. Cherish it. I would not stop my reading to ever look anything up, but just kept highlighting. By the end of the book, there would of course be hundreds of highlighted words.

Then when I would add my daily J-J sentences to Anki , I would just take them straight from the highlighted words. Read and repeat. Reading and highlighted word sentence additions were two completely different tasks. And what happens as a result? The more you do this, the less unknown words there are. Books often repeat the same new words over and over.

Sep 30, I was going to reply with this on another topic until I realised more people might be interested in this specifically. Do you ever read Japanese e-books and if yes, how, where do you get them, etc? I am currently reading Harry Potter in Japanese. I got the e-book from the Pottermore website. I first tried reading it on my Kobo Glo HD but the dictionary functions are severely lacking. There is no built-in Japanese-English dictionary only Japanese-Japanese , so I had to jump through hoops to install one and make it work.

It's a decent dictionary, but the Kobo touch screen isn't suitable for selecting words. Incredibly frustrating, so I gave up. I'm now reading it on my iPad with the Kindle app installed good thing about Pottermore: Not a great dictionary, many words it won't recognise, but at least selecting words is easier.

A bit like Project Gutenberg for western books. It connects directly to Aozora, lets you find stories based on kanji level, and has a really good built-in dictionary.

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For Android there are a few other apps, but I'm not sure what's the best one out there. I wrote a blog post on this a while ago: I've never converted anything from Aozora to Kindle format Christian's post in the other topic , because I only ever had an old Kindle that wasn't able to read Japanese yet I bought the then new Paperwhite a couple of years ago specifically in the hope of reading Japanese.

The dictionary suits my needs well and most all? I've heard some people had to jump through loops to register their device to Japan, but for me it went really easily. I Of course that means you can't download anything for Kindle from any other site unless you re-change it, but I don't mind because I rarely download ebooks. Maybe it helps to have a Japanese address registered, which I only have because of some forwarding service.

I've had two problems so far: For instance, if you just convert it to azw, it won't parse correctly the words.So what happens once you start knowing everything you are coming across? But never one year. Note that this can be a paper copy but I highly recommend having an ebook version. For example, localization might involve changing place names, currency, holidays and even the way gender roles are represented in a book.

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