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The Odd Couple. (Female Version). ACT ONE. TIME: A hot summer's night. SCENE: The apartment of OLIVE MADISON. One of those six-room affairs on. THE ODDCOUPLE. ACT m and smiles as he crosses the room into the bedroom. The five MENstare dumbfounded at the door with- out moving. Finally. Odd Couple - Female Script - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online. Play script.

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The Odd Couple - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. The Odd Couple. Odd Couple - Male Script - Download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online. Play script. The Odd Couple by Neil Simon. Oscar: I'm home dear! Beautiful! Just beautiful! Oh, yeah. Something wonderful is going on in that kitchen. No, sir. There's no.

Felix is in the kitchen when Oscar enters cheerily. But Felix is angry because Oscar had told him he would be home at seven and that the sisters would arrive by seven-thirty. Gwendolyn and Cecily arrive and they all sit, but Felix does not join the conversation until he comments, quite inappropriately, on the weather.

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When Oscar goes into the kitchen to fix drinks, Felix becomes the center of attention for the Pigeon sisters and tells them how much he misses his wife and children. Felix rushes into the kitchen to inspect his burned London broil and when he dejectedly returns, Gwendolyn and Cecily suggest that they all go upstairs to their apartment for dinner. Oscar goes upstairs alone, [Image not available for copyright reasons] angrily accusing Felix of being unwilling to change, suggesting sarcastically that if he wants to commit suicide the apartment is indeed twelve floors from the pavement.

Felix leaves just as the other poker players arrive. His friends are worried about him but have started to play poker nonetheless. The doorbell rings and Gwendolyn, Cecily, and Felix appear. Oscar sent her money to pay all his alimony, and he expresses a desire to talk with her again.

The poker game begins and Oscar admonishes the players to be careful of their cigarette butts. Within two weeks, however, Oscar regrets the invitation.

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The year-old Oscar is carefree, pleasant, and very appealing as a character. Gene Saks, who directed the stage version, also directed the film—which is very faithful to the play script, though occasionally expanded to include street scenes in New York City. In technicolor, running minutes, available from Paramount Home Video and at many video rental stores. A videodisc Laservision version is also available from Paramount.

An animated cartoon called The Oddball Couple premiered in September of on ABC and was based on the odd couple concept as it featured a slob-like dog named Fleabag and a fussy cat named Spiffy, both freelance magazine writers.

The Odd Couple was adapted as a 30 minute television show that ran on ABC from September of to July of and included episodes. Available in reruns on some cable television channels like Nickelodeon. Most episodes were simply recast versions of previous The Odd Couple scripts.

In the five-year television series beginning in , Oscar was played by Jack Klugman. Murray Murray, one of the poker players, is a policeman and a methodical, even slow, thinker. He is also very gentle and caring, and demonstrates the most concern for Felix. Murray is fairly unflappable, but he is also a bit simple and naive.

In the second act he storms from the game because the fastidious Felix has put disinfectant on the playing cards. Speed As his name implies, Speed is always in a hurry.

He is the impatient poker player —sarcastic, complaining, and even a little mean. Maverick, is this your first time on the riverboat? In the movie, the role was rendered by Jack Lemmon , and in the television series Tony Randall portrayed Felix.

At the end of the play, when Felix accepts the invitation from the Pigeon sisters to stay in their apartment, he is perhaps demonstrating a less conventional aspect of his personality. Vinnie Vinnie, the last of the poker players, is nervous and eccentric. THEMES Order and Disorder When two good friends newly separated from their wives decide to live together, the arrangement fails miserably because the two friends have personal habits and domestic lifestyles that are diametrically opposed.

Felix likes to live in an extremely ordered and tidy living space while Oscar not only tolerates living in disorder and messiness but even seems to prefer it.

Simon is more interested in creating compelling character types and raucous laughter than he is in investigating ideas, but to the extent that The Odd Couple deals with theme it focuses on the friction between radically different personalities.

When Felix accepts the invitation to live with Oscar, he characteristically adopts the very behavior patterns that drove his wife to dismiss him. Public vs. Private Life Oscar and Felix are best friends, but before moving in together they share only a public life with one another. When they finally share a living space, they discover that the pressures of private life are much more demanding. The same living space and the experience of round-the-clock sharing magnifies differences and makes the discord inescapable and intolerable.

Oscar and Felix were certainly aware of their personality differences before they lived together, but they encountered these differences only briefly in their public relationship, largely at the Friday night poker game. Simon communicates this theme by drawing attention to the way the relationship between Oscar and Felix is very much like a marriage.

What do you want, a ring? Which is more effective and why? How does each differ from the stage play? Research to discover how rising costs have affected Broadway and how economic pressures have contributed to the dichotomy between commercial entertainment and art in American theatre. Read several theoretical discussions that attempt to define comedy philosophically, as distinct from laughter, and then apply your definition of comedy to The Odd Couple, your favorite television sitcom, and to a Shakespearean comedy.

The whole marriage. In direct contrast to Oscar and Felix, the Pigeon sisters seem to live together without serious conflict—perhaps because, unlike Oscar and Felix, they are so much alike.

Finally, Simon puts this theme into perspective by using the public relationships between the poker players as a backdrop for Oscar and Felix.

The poker players meet once a week and as a result know one another well, but their apparent camaraderie is never tested by the more demanding situation of living together over a long period of time. And Simon is careful to show that their relationships are filled with potential conflict and tension due to personality differences. The irascible Speed, for example, seems always on the verge of quitting the group.

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But at the end, even Felix vows to come back to the next poker night. This is my house, not a pig sty. Moving in even temporarily with the Pigeon sisters, nearly total strangers, is something Felix would not have been able to do when the play began. The Odd Couple The cornerstone of the comedy is the relationship between two very different men: sloppy Oscar Madison, divorced since several month, and the neat and precise Felix Ungar, estranged and kicked out by his wife.

They decide to share Oscar's Park Avenue apartment in order to save money for alimony. Even though the poker players pretend to not know about the situation, it escalates and Felix gets hysterical.

After everything is cleared again, they deicide to give Felix some rest and after he and Oscar are alone, Oscar asks him to move in with him.

Capitalism and democracy — the odd couple.pdf

Oscar Madison Oscar Madison is a 43 year old pleasant appealing husky[14] man who works as a high paid sports-writer for the New York Post. He is also one of those lucky creatures in life who even enjoys his work […]. Clearly, Oscar now has a big problem in owing his wife dollars as support for his children. He even has to lend money from his pals to go on in the poker game. His money problems do not prevent him from playing.

You owe money to your wife, your government, your friends… OSCAR […] What do you want me to do, Roy, jump in the garbage disposal and grind myself to death? Simon, Neil: Collected plays. Volume 1.Though successful enough to earn two Emmy Awards for television writing in and , Simon found writing for television unfulfilling and in the fall of began working, in his spare time, on his first play. Remember me on this computer.

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THEMES Order and Disorder When two good friends newly separated from their wives decide to live together, the arrangement fails miserably because the two friends have personal habits and domestic lifestyles that are diametrically opposed. At first sight it would seem logical that the solution would be agreed between Belgium and the US, since Belgium was the respondent party.