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GRAMMAR AND MECHANICS. Active and Passive Voice. Voice refers to the form of a verb that indicates when a grammatical subject performs the action. Active and passive voice: exercises with answers online, PDF worksheets and grammar rules. Examples: We speak English in this shop. - English is spoken in. Compare active voice and passive voice in different tenses. The Passive Voice—Form. Tense. Active. Passive = Be + Past Participle. Simple Present.

Active And Passive Voice Pdf

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ENGLISH GRAMMAR The Passive Voice The passive of an active tense is formed by putting the verb to be into the same tense as the active. sppn.info – LEARNING ENGLISH ONLINE. Passive voice - Test 1. A - Are the sentences written in Active or Passive? 1) Steven likes to play baseball. Beginning or inattentive writers tend to overuse passive voice, which can weaken their Active Voice: The subject of the sentence is the one doing the action.

My tuition fee will not be paid by my uncle. Will my uncle pay my tuition fee? Will my tuition fee be paid by my uncle? Our home -work shall have been done by us.

We shall not have done our home- Our home -work shall not have been work. Shall We have done our home — Shall our home -work have been done work? Note: In Present perfect continuous tense, Past perfect continuous tense, Future perfect continuous tense, Future perfect tense, we use the same sentence in passive voice. It means these tense cannot be changed in passive form.

Active and passive voice with modals What is a Modal? These sums can be solved by me. Could verb I cannot solve these sums. These sums cannot be solved by me.

Can I solve these sums? Can these sums be solved by me?

This book must be learnt by you. The book may be bought by me. Chess might be played by them. Active and passive voice with Imperative Sentences These are the sentences in which we express our feeling and emotions like command, order, advice, and request. Rules 1.

For sentences containing, Request, advice and order, we will use you are Requested to, advised to and ordered to. Note: Always remove please and kind if they are given in the sentence. Active Voice Passive Voice Shut the door. Let the door be shut. Post the letter at once.


Let the letter be posted at once. Always speak the truth.

Let the truth always be spoken. Do not starve the cow. Let the cow not be starved. Let him help his brother. Let his brother be helped by him.

Clean your room. Let your room be cleaned. Learn your lesson.

Let your lesson be learnt. Please do me a favor tonight You are requested to do me a favor tonight.

Get out of my house. You are ordered to get out of mu house. Kindly do not smoke in public place. Change the object into subject.

If in object, we have a pronoun What is a Pronoun? Change the subject into object. And use by before the object.

PDF exercises (worksheets):

If in subject, we have a pronoun of nominative case convert that by the following rules. Convert the object into subject. Use the suitable helping verb or auxiliary verb according to the tense. If helping verb is given, use verb as it is.

But note that the helping verb used should be according to the object. Convert the verb into past participle or 3rd form of the verb.

Passive Voice for all Tenses - Rules

Use the preposition what is preposition? Convert the subject into object. Download Active and Passive voice, its worksheets, rules and examples file in PDF format I hope you enjoyed this article.

This was all about Active and passive voice, worksheets, rules, examples PDF. Boys were singing songs. Songs were being sung by boys. The game had been won by them. They had not won the game. The game had not been won by them. Had they won the game?

Had the game been won by them? He had collected coins. Coins had been collected by him. A poem will be written by her. She will not write a poem. A poem will not be written by her. Will she write a poem? Will a poem be written by her?

You will receive the letter. The letter will be received by you. They will arrange the money. The money will be arranged by them.The infinitive without to In the active voice some verbs are followed by the bare infinitive infinitive without to.

The police caught the thief. Let the truth always be spoken. In all the examples above the agent is not mentioned. Beautiful giraffes roam the savannah. You will receive the letter. Clean your room. The police caught the thieves. Were his books being revised by him? A car is being driven by me.