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Unofficial website providing free copies of David Icke books. Welcome to the David Icke free book download site Below are the links to the book pdfs. [ES] - David Icke - El Mayor sppn.info · [ES] - David Icke - Soy Yo Soy Libre - Guia. Descargar Libro La granja humana - Salvador Freixedo pdf epub mobi fb2 . Descargar Libro El mayor secreto - David Icke pdf epub mobi | Libros Xpress. DownloadDescargar el mayor secreto david icke pdf. Free Pdf Download 1 update Lumia. and - Windows Central Forums How to Get My Webcam to.

El Mayor Secreto David Icke Pdf

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All religions were created by the reptiles to keep humans in a form of mental prisons, keeping us from realizing our full potential and the true reality.

As strange as this all seems, I really enjoyed it. Icke has an entertaining style and is adept at taking historical fact, including very obscure ones, and weaving them into a fascinating if not totally believable fantasy. He mentions many real secret societies, and a few that didn't exist, and mixes them up into an almost believable concoction that could set your head spinning.

Then he tosses in the lizards. Another amazing thing about this book is how Icke leaves nothing out. Asides from alien reptiles, you will find out about UFOs from the fourth dimension, the hollow earth, satanic rituals, who actually killed Kennedy and Princess Diana, the truth on Bigfoot, and about almost every myth or conspiracy known to man.

As one critic stated, this is the Rosetta Stone of conspiracy books. The only conspiracy missing was the one about Elvis still being alive but perhaps I inadvertently skipped over that. But there is something else about this book that fascinated me aside from the entertainment value.

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When people discuss David Icke and his theories the question always come up whether he actually believes his own theories. Is he serious?

Personally, I suspect he doesn't believe them. I also think he is very serious. Something else is going on here I believe Icke is using a very old but still common method of teaching that is used by many esoteric societies.

Some religions and cults purposely espouse impossible ideas and difficult to understand concepts to broaden the mind; to get the student to see beyond what they think is reality, to think out of the box, to become enlightened.

The Zen koans like "The sound of one hand clapping" is only one example.

El mayor secreto / The Biggest Secret by David Icke (, Paperback)

Unbelievable stories that are kept secret except to advance students like Xenu? Icke's description of the world is a lot like the ancient Gnostics. He sees reality as being split. There are humans who in their pure form are immortal and part of the divine. However reality is hidden and kept from us in this case by the reptiles, the evil other half of reality.

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El mayor secreto / The Biggest Secret by David Icke (, Paperback)

Key bloodlines include the Rockefellers , Rothschilds , various European aristocratic families, the establishment families of the Eastern United States, and the British House of Windsor. My children were devastated because their dad was a figure of ridicule.

His body shook as though plugged into an electrical socket, he wrote, and new ideas poured into him. It was a nightmare. And no political or historical movement is off the hook. Be the first to write a review About this product.