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Baldur's Gate Official Strategy Guide (Bradygames Strategy Guides) [William H. Keith Jr., Baldur's Gate Game Manual Including Volo's Guide to Baldur's Gate. BradyGames Baldur's Gate Official Strategy Guide includes: WALKTHROUGH--A complete walkthrough of the game as told through the journal of the. Hello, I go to vacation tomorrow and want to play some BG1 on my pad. After beating the game once I now want to try a solo run. But this time I.

Baldurs Gate Official Strategy Guide Pdf

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BG:EE Manual 1 - Sword Coast Survival Guide. BG:EE Manual 2 - Mastering Melee & Magic. Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition. Baldur's Gate Game Manual. Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance II - Official Strategy Guide - dokument [*.pdf] sppn.info® This game has received the following rating from the ESRB TABLE. Nov. 19 Siege of Dragonspear added! A downloadable walkthrough pdf for Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition playing Cleric/Ranger, good or neutral.

To: Dan Simpson! I have referred to your fantastic FAQ for years! Rasaad: Alignment: Lawful Good Where to find: Nashkel, outside near the Inn If you dismiss him, he returns here Remarkable - Cursed Girdle of Giant Hill Strength STR set to 19, INT to 6 treasure: Note: this item is way overpowered for BG1 so we do not use When to do his Protagonist at Level 4 or higher; I'd wait until Chapter 4 or 5 as there quest: is no hurry Quest overview: Banter 1: One day after meeting Rasaad he does not have to be in the party continuously he will ask "You appear troubled" Banter 2: Seven days later he does not have to be in the party continuously he will ask "Do you seek enlightenment?

Wyrm's Crossing: fight Simmeon That's all for Dorn's quests! Use Short Bow do not use! Use her to de-trap; therefore focus on getting to the Nashkel mines in order to de-trap before she reaches level 3 and becomes nerfed upon dual-classing meaning that her Thieving skills won't be available until her Mage level becomes one higher than her Thief level, i.

Baldur's Gate Official Strategy Guide (Bradygames Strategy Guides)

Room 3 dummies: Room 4 throne room: Can do solo using Stealth; keep someone back in the circular entrance room:. Switches room: Room 5 switches room: Room 6 torture room: Before going through the Teleportation device consider to dump nearly all loot upstairs in the tower near the entrance OR: Knock the doors? You can also deposit all Wardstones you've collected so far into a container as they are no longer needed exception: Room 7 4 containers and statue just after teleporting: Room 8: Room 9 south, burial: Imoen de-trap the chest and Knock to open; prepare for a tough fight: Room 10 bridges: At coordinate , Room 11 winged creatures: NE hall: Did 5 times.

Experience points can add up quickly if you temporarily park a companion or two. Can get emerald or Laeral's tear drop; Islanne drops a Traveller's Robe only. Use the Wand of the Heavens and Magic Missiles as you must take him down very quickly and do 60 points of damage.

Tarnor drops a Full Plate armor! Bullrush, xp Moorlock: Full buff and have full health to carefully fight three Greater Wyverns 5k xp each, use Stealth to first locate and then attack from the north. Rest and memorize Protection from Electricity, or have enough Potions of Absorption or scrolls of Protection from Lightning, in preparation for the upcoming Chess Board battle Animal Summoning spells are also good for the Chess Board. Long hallway to the south: Can clear the Skeletons area five floor traps, one on each platform except for the northwest one xp and loot enchanted arrows Imoen can drink a Potion of Invisibility and de-trap.

South garden area: The four caverns or trials could be buggy in BG. It is recommended to start with the lower trial first the Phoenix Guards and work your way up, ending in the Ice room.

The bug we experienced BG only sent only two characters to the Chess Board; bug likely due to difficultly in knowing if the Phoenix Guards were indeed killed entirely, but could also be that we missed an Invisible Stalker. Cavern 4: Save game once more immediately! The character wearing the Boots of Grounding or Helm of Defence will now be healed upon taking damage from lighting! Very tough battle!

Full buff including vs fear; potion of strength, Heroism and Mind Focusing are useful here.

Can carefully clear up to 8 Pawns xp each before going for the King and others; they become Queens worth 5k xp each if you allow them to one-by-one reach your side of the board If lucky can kill the Queen 5k xp, Bishop 2k xp, Knight 2k xp, and Rook for xp; King is worth 2k xp.

Slime area: Mid-SE container: Third container , SW containers: Islanne north-west offers to send you outside: All doors should be open. In BG you can lock pick some of the doors; otherwise throw the various switches to get the "door has opened" message for all doors. Can get rest Interrupted again still in the SW area to fight for 4k xp each!

Click on one of the "cavern" area doors to be teleported back to the Chess Board. Door to SW: North area: Question 1: Arena I AR Stone Golem: Burial room: De-trap two chests: Forge room with anvil: Treasure room with one trapped chest: Take the hallway that loops slightly north and west: Small room with gp and container with nearly all gems!

The locked crate only contains 72 gp. Clair De'laine: Sell loot but be careful not to sell the Soultaker Dagger and keep useful potions such as Heroism, Cloud Giant Strength etc. Immediate big fight!

Talk to Hurgan Stoneblade. Outside west Talk to Cult Guard, big fight 4k xp building: Preparation for next fights: Use a summoned creature or protagonist as a decoy and walk Aec'Letec around the room!

See a Problem?

Chapter 6 is instigated and you are sent immediately to Candlekeep! Knock scroll; mid-west: Imoen, etc. No decent loot on level 3 Loot all levels and then return to fight Rieltar in the north end of level 3. Mid-south room: Level 6: Knock for a Wand of Magic Missiles North-west: Passage 1 to south-east: Passage 2 to south-west: One trap mid-hallway by broken wall and one at end of hallway at doorway.

Fight Phase Spiders xp. Area 1 NW: No traps here.

Area 2: Can reload from Area 1 if not satisfied. South-west room: Area 3: Plan for phase 5: Final Save created! Sell gems, necklaces, etc. South of Lighthouse: If not yet done: NW of Nashkel: His weapons are not needed to win the game. Drizzt and Gnolls quest bug was possible in BG1: Fight four Half Ogres along top of map, 4x xp In Beregost: Bjornin and Half Ogres quest bug was possible in BG1: In EE 1.

Check also that you have the weapon you'd like to export to BG2EE see list below , if any at all we do not! If you prefer, an export file can actually be created now, or at any time. Angelo's trail: In prison, walk to Neb and wait for his dialog sequence to progress. Answer his riddle correctly to escape prison. Flaming Fist HQ: Enter the Sewers, fight Phase Spiders and Ghasts, 6k xp, go north and west and exit.

Ducal Palace: Eltan was poisoned by the Shadow Thieves! Entar was killed by Shadow Thieves, agents of Amn! Amn wants a war! Liia retorts "The evidence we have about Entar Silvershield's murder does resemble the work of the Shadow Thieves, but" Sarevok address the evidence and suspicions; Belt objects!

Thieves Guild: In preparation for exporting to Siege of Dragonspear SoD , grab some valuable items to bring to sell for gold: Your entire party, all their equipment and inventory will be brought into SoD, so equip or bring the best stuff. Bags of holding such as Gems Bags, Potion Cases, etc.

Talk to Winski Perorate: Probably get ready for the final battle now since the next fight vs Rahvin is tough as well they shoot arrows of detonation! Preparation for the final battle Buff with potions such as: Rest and then enter the Temple; keep the party to the left side west only, Imoen de-trap floor trap on the west side and another near the second small statue; note the traps in the middle of the room but stay away at all times Full buff with the best potions; hopefully the protagonist does not become de-buffed by Semaj or Angelo.

Your current BGEE game is now finished, congratulations! The BG2EE saves folder is created after you have started the game for the first time: New in BG2EE 1.

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition – Guides and FAQs

In BG2EE 1. No significant loot; we did not use any new items introduced by SoD. There is one mini-quest which may be overlooked by the torches in the south room of the 2nd level: Restoration, Chaotic Commands, Protection from Evil, Fire before leaving the dungeon as all of your gold will be taken from you when you leave the area.

All items in the inventory only of your companions carry over but their equipped and quick-slot items do not! Safana will carry over all of her equipped and quick-slot items. After leaving the dungeon, the various NPC's that can join your party begin with okay but not the best items equipped, which would make for a slightly more challenging game. There is no need to bring the following as many potions can be pickpocketed by Safana in the next are Baldur's Gate: When you meet Minsc and Dynaheir and eventually Jaheira and Khalid all of their items will have been reset to nothing special; however, all of Safana's equipped items, including quick slot items, are carried over and equipped on her!

Plan for phase 1 of SoD: Explore town to gather your companions Bring your companions back to the Ducal Palace to become equipped with the items from your chest and Imoen's chest, then start talking with NPC's and do quests Do some or no quests in Baldur's Gate download a few nice items from Sorcerous Sundries and then leave town!

Sorcerous Sundries Elfsong Tavern Upstairs: Her equipment is what she had upon leaving the 1st dungeon. This is regardless whether he has equipped items or not when leaving the 1st dungeon.

This is regardless whether she has equipped items or not when leaving the 1st dungeon. To maximize: North room: Pretend you want in on the plot but report them to Corwin in the common room.

She and Inspector Tyle will meet you back upstairs. Dupe the nobles into proceeding to conspire and the inspector will have heard enough to arrest them.

Basement Now or later: Leave by talking to Corwin, she informs which NPC's are located in town for your recruitment drive. Loot for gp.

Ducal Palace Outside Talk to Teera: It is not necessary to kill Al-Alai, the fire elemental. Q potions , gives key to cabinets upstairs. He will download most items except ammo, wands, rings and scrolls.

Can sell items that have charges, such as Amulets, and download them back fully charged! Halbazzer Drin: Can stop the fight talk 4 ; then talk to Nantrin Bellowgryn: Talk 1 to Nantrin and then 3, 1, 1 to fight with Autinn: Can quickly fight the remaining Sailors for another xp each.

Talk 1 to Nantrin and then 3, 4, 1, 1 to fight with Lucilla, xp for fighting the three Sailors but the quest does not finalize properly. Talk Berahli. Sorcerous Sundries Kazzrem: Sell 2x Necklace of Missiles and a Shield Amulet; download back. Big sell: Sell all gems, rings and necklaces for 27k gp! Sell all potions for 33k gp!

Sell cloaks and bracers for 10k gp! Sell 2x Wand of Monster Summoning and download back fully charged! download some spells to scribe gp download some ammo gp. Items in Imoen's chest will not be present.

Talk to Corwin about leaving, she says go upstairs to rest. Once you go up stairs, a cut-scene occurs followed by a forced Rest: Talk to Entar: Can PP all outside of Ducal Palace. Hold Person , all arcane spells up to fifth level. Coast Way Crossing: He has a belt for Thieves and will have 50 thieving points to distribute upon leveling-up so drop Safana for good!

Spells to have at all times: Cabin Cabin, just NW of camp: Talk to Takos: Q missing refugees , talk to Teleria or PP.

Game guides

Coalition Camp. East of camp Talk to Prin: Q ancient menhirs Safana sing to the Stone, or hum to the stone to fight a Wraith, 2k xp and a chance of becoming level-drained!

Troll Cave Woods Rasaad is here to join! Edwin and Viconia tag along as well D She joins! Starts with: Insect Plague!

Chaotic Commands! TH 5 2 with Bard Song and Bless. Voghiln is also here, he joins! Jaheira tells of a magic circle portal into Bridgefort, must find activation stone, perhaps located in a ruined Temple of Bhaal in the area.

Talk to Lieutenant Otilda: Locate the Half- Orcs just to the east of camp; can get them to leave for 6k xp, gp but it is better to convince them to join the cause against the crusade Talk to Rend or Kava whom will give a quest to fetch some ale , fight them for a few hits each to gain their trust; they are now not a threat, finalize with Otilda 6k xp.

To Boareskyr Bridge Waylaid! Boareskyr Bridge Finalize with Crusader Sargent 3k xp all! Cleric Lev 8 Talk to Kharm; he's looking for the Wardstone. Skald Lev Once in the camp, talk to the mage in the NE; they attack en masse! Drink a Potion of Invisibility and leave immediately for your base camp. Help has arrived at Boareskyr Bridge!

Cast Invisibility 10' Radius first, to be invisible upon arrival. Khalid joins!

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Drop Voghiln. At some point the drawbridge to the west Bridge Fort allows passage to the small island.

Q Map updated: Malden Col is the traitor! Dragonspear Castle Skie is here south, east ; talk to Nederlok at camp gp D Talk to Sindret with the Troll Shackles, fight Troll 4k xp; or, let the Crusaders fight the Troll; when Troll is near death and laying on the ground talk, talk to Sindret 4k xp and potions.

Directions for tunnels: West Place Barrel of Bwoosh! Place Potion of Fire Breath in the fire pit 6k xp; the main quest is advanced and you can enter the basement of Dragonspear Castle no need to report back to camp at this time. Castle Basement Talk to ogres in cages. Several fights. Full buff including Chaotic Commands for the final fight in middle pathway.

Scrolls for all: Potion of Invulnerability, Strength to 23 or 24, Heroism. Dragonspear Castle Arriving nets 20k xp all! Walk to the castle main gate: Keep Belegarm is here, with 10 more scrolls of Chaotic Commands and D Avernis Protagonist can fight solo: Potions for all: Boots of Grounding, Boots of Avoidance Fighters: If we were to play BG2 from here, we would roll-back the protagonist's xp amount to k xp.

Enjoy another round of BG2!!! Siege of Dragonspear added! Rasaads quest, Neeras quest and Dorns quest done. I recently played as such and followed this walkthrough.

Baldur's Gate buffs are detailed as well. This document is Version 1. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document.

Use the pause key space bar often to plan each battle; plan each party member's action and their target Set Auto-pause for "enemy sighted" "trap found" "character injured" and "spell cast" Hit pause as soon as a party member isn't doing what you want or is in trouble Combat: Target enemy spell casters, especially their mages, first; arrows of fire or acid can disrupt their spell casting; likewise can Magic Missiles and other spells and weapons that deal elemental damage Use Stealth or cast Invisibility or drink a Potion of Invisibility to see what may lie ahead, and then pause to plan the battle See page 23 for some Baldur's Gate buffing tips Baldur's Gate buffs Buff with the special ability "Draw Upon Holy Might" before going into battle Buff the party with Bless, Chant Cleric spells and Haste Mage spell or drink an Oil of Speed before going into battle Drink a Potion of Fire Giant Strength or other potion of strength to deal more damage Cast spells that summon creatures for tough battles, they will distract the enemy Serious trouble: Cast Sanctuary Cleric spell which downloads you time to heal and buff yourself Weapon details: Use the Mage spell Friends to raise Charisma early in the game download from merchants with the party member with the highest Charisma as the leader of the party Reputation 20 and Charisma 20 maximizes the discount for downloading items Healing: Chaotic Neutral Where to find: After travelling together continuously for 1 day Neera will say "All this traveling, all this adventure" Banter 2: Seven days later you get her quest she does not have to be in the party continuously she will ask a favor and speak of Adoy; the world map is updated with Adoy's Enclave accessible from the map SE of Carnival Note: Lawful Good Where to find: Evil will join at Reputation 18 or lower Where to find: SE of Nashkel Mines: Find and talk to Tethtoril in the inner walled area and return the scroll of Identify to Firebead which finalizes the quest for 50 xp North: Talk to Phlydia Q book Priest's Quarters: Fight Shank, loot War Hammer.

Parda talks NE: Talk to Reevor Q rats Storehouse: Talk to Priest of Oghma for a Potion of Healing; carefully sneak another potion from the desk if you get caught just run or use Stealth Bunkhouse: Fight Carbos. Karan talks SW: Loot chest and barrel Barracks: Finalize quests with Hull and Dreppin for 2x 50 xp Inn: Do a final sell in Inn; finalize with Firebead if not done gp Central courtyard: Loot the two houses just inside the castle walls; talk to Joia to get a quest Q to find her ring Save game Outside Inn: Loot this floor Talk to Jaheira, Jaheira and Khalid join!

Long Sword, front-line fighter; Longbow as alternate weapon 2nd floor: Walk to the NW tight around outside of the wall to fight three Hobgoblins for Joia's ring Activate the map to the north House: Sell some junk, but bring scrolls and potions to eventually sell in Carnival in one big lot later Temple: While looting walk to east and west edges to activate maps Map legend: Later with Minsc: Dismiss evil alignment , park him in his store Red Sheaf: Walk straight down map to avoid fighting Walk along bottom edge to west to activate new map North of Walk straight down the eastern side of the map to avoid fighting Nashkel: Boots are worth gp only Plan for Rasaad: Can find Rasaad here if you dismiss him Rasaad's first banter is after 24 hours game-time ; he does not have to be in the party continuously Dismiss Rasaad for now Rest if needed, then talk to Minsc Outside: Two Handed Swords, Longbow as alternate weapon Must rescue Dynaheir within approximately 16 days or Minsc will fight the party and leave for good.

On the other hand, Dynaheir can be recruited if you just go get her without talking to Minsc Tested with BG1: Talk to Commoner Q Joseph's ring ; do not loot weapon Mid south: Later [or now]: Walk to west and south edges to activate new maps Temple of Helm: This party will be fine even without the extra Cleric Store: Sell gems, necklaces, rings and junk download a sling and bullets for Rasaad, Neera, and Imoen for later when she dual classes to a mage Manor House: Store items in containers in a convenient place to eventually sell when reaching 20 items each to avoid dilution of price Take extra melee weapons if not using magical weapons in case of breakage Loot outside; loot small tents numbered from left: Save; walk along south edge to the east to activate a new map Walk along south edge towards middle of map, save and then walk north Mid south: Leave due west South of Mid-south: Mid-map is a cave , with 5x Potions of Healing Walk up road to fight two Ogrillons for Mirianne's letter, xp If not done: Find and get the book in the house next door to the south CHA does not matter but the protagonist must finalize the quest Now that Minsc is in party: Consider also gp to bring a Potion of Heroism, of Agility and of Defence to ensure success Magic tent: It takes only 4 hours to travel to Nashkel Mines from Nashkel Note: Taris, near the Nashkel Inn, is looking for someone probably Dorn ; we did not speak with her no consequence Between maps: Clear, loot Mines dungeon: Miner Dink Q Kylee's dagger Note: Imoen use Necklace of Missiles on the summoned Skeletons and Kobolds, aim slightly above the top Skeletons they seem to be worth 0 xp Talk 1?

Will Identify wands Add Rasaad to the party for a minute to get his banter: Leave by north side of map North of Gnoll Tough map, do not attempt much Stronghold: Imoen Mage2 Cleric level 3 gets 4x level 2 spells if wearing Ring of Holiness. Protection from Evil, Friends, Protection from Petrification Rest and identify items Armor tent Sell magical items later can sell more magical items to any other D Elminster Smithy: The below method works, too North of Ajantis is here: Elminster Sell gems, rings, necklaces Cloakwood 1 East: Ankhegs do not re-spawn as often if the latest patch is installed ;- NE: Return later for the armor] Jovial Juggler: Do not talk to her without a scalp in your inventory after Chapter 3 or she will leave for good] Finalize Gurke xp and can keep the cloak!

Fight four Lesser Basilisks xp North-mid: Fight four Basilisks xp normal arrows Gullykin: Finalize with Gandolar gp, 0 xp South-SE: Acid arrows are very nice to disrupt mages as well Gather stored loot including Wands and magical items to take to High Hedge to sell High Hedge: Finalize Purdue 50 gp, xp gp Finally time for the Cloakwood Forest!

Could also do Neera's quest with her in the party at this time, or wait Cloakwood 1 East: Walk to north edge of map To Cloakwood 3: Fight Vampiric Wolves for 2k xp each! Not in EE 1. Carefully clear the map using ranged weapons Friendly Arm If not done: Sell wands, gems, necklaces and rings gp Temple: Give one Wyvern head to Kelddath Ormlyr for 2k gp!

Sell one load of Wyvern heads to Feldepost's for gp each price can become diluted to gp; can sell in High Hedge, too Mid house: NW, beach: Talk to the Surgeon, heals all! Good place to sell gems, necklaces and rings Mid-map: Avoid Nikos until Alora has joined Shop of Silence: Walk to south, west and north edges of map to activate the other maps Note: Leave map to the north BG NW: Save game and then walk to north edge of map BG NE: Walk to west edge of map BG SW: The quest must be completed within a very limited time, too SW house: Can drink a Potion of Invisibility if caught NW fountain: Time to do the main plot quests, followed by other side quests BG SW: Carrion Crawlers can re-spawn a couple of times mid-map, mid-north and NE, or get Rest interrupted to fight a few more Main Quest 2 objective is now met; can clear the rest of the Sewers Next sewer map to north-west: Finalize with one Ruby ring "signet" only, 3k xp, 4k gp Go outside to meet Scar again Outside: Talk to Niklos, who gives password "Fafhrd" Thieves' Guild: Non-Detection 2 Thieves' Guild: Fight several groups of Monks xp NE: Fight ten Dark Moon Monks xp Traps: Fight the caged wildlife 1k xp Cages puzzle, save game: Moose and Squirrel: Finalize Magreb, 0 xp Neera's quest done!

Talk to Therella: Q find Dalton Inn: Q cloak for town South of village: Q dolly Looting: Enter the hidden door Cave: Chapter 6 could be instigated now, but went to Durlag's Tower instead, for a bit more of a challenge rather than waiting until getting 19 strength in Chapter 7 BG East: Memorize x Knock, x Identify and x Protection from Petrification Each party member will gain 50k xp or more from Durlag's Tower The merchant on the map Erdane sells potions and ammo, and downloads wands as well Outside: No traps, no loot Store loot in the nearby chest; eventually sell items, gems, scrolls, potions and wands to Erdane Upstairs 1: Drop-off loot near the entrance in a container Note: Imoen drink 1x Potion of Perception to detect all traps in the tower and 1x Potion of Master Thievery to unlock all chests Basement: Circular book room: Use the Switch for Engine in the Engine room to the north-east by clicking on the panel above the engine climb up the small set of stairs Return to the south 9.

Make Wine North hall: Save game! This level can be tricky Room 1 statues: Can do solo using Stealth; keep someone back in the circular entrance room: Tyler rated it liked it Jan 03, Stacy Johnson rated it it was ok Jan 29, Kevin O'Brien rated it really liked it Sep 16, Richard Gombert rated it really liked it Jun 21, Erik rated it it was amazing Oct 18, Onnie L Duvall rated it it was amazing Aug 19, Brian Jack Norris rated it it was amazing Jun 12, Darrel Carver rated it it was ok Jan 15, Brad DeMaagd rated it it was amazing Nov 22, Jonathan Lewis rated it it was amazing Jul 31, Steve rated it really liked it Dec 05, Scott added it Jun 18, Jenn Callahan added it May 25, Michael Lehmann added it Aug 29, Dpthought0 added it Sep 15, Marlene added it Nov 19, John Harvey added it Jun 17, Atomical63 added it Sep 15, Michael Russell marked it as to-read Sep 19, Erik Manning marked it as to-read Nov 07, Chris marked it as to-read Jan 11, Katt added it Nov 03, Richard Reinhar marked it as to-read Jun 10, Kelsey marked it as to-read Jul 29, Daniel Sharma added it Mar 12, Justin marked it as to-read Mar 26, Dave Galloway added it Jul 01, This walkthrough is designed to follow the shortest path possible through the game, but it also lists some of the subquests.

Sell some junk, but bring scrolls and potions to eventually sell in Carnival in one big lot later. Walk straight down map to avoid fighting Walk along bottom edge to west to activate new map. On the other hand, Dynaheir can be recruited if you just go get her without talking to Minsc Tested with BG1: Arkion's house: Circle- striking is very effective against powerful foes and bosses.

Plan for Jaheira: North room: Use the Mage spell Friends to raise Charisma early in the game download from merchants with the party member with the highest Charisma as the leader of the party Reputation 20 and Charisma 20 maximizes the discount for downloading items Healing: