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Friday, March 15, 2019

Amish Tripathi - Ram Chandra 02 - Sita- Warrior of Mithila. Pages·· MB·18, The Oath of the Vayuputras: Shiva Trilogy. Pages·· The Shiva Trilogy is the collection the best selling books The Immortals of Meluha , The Secert of the Nagas and The Oath Of the Vayuputras written by Amish. There Is No Preview Available For This Item. This item does not appear to have any files that can be experienced on sppn.info

Amish Tripathi Shiva Trilogy Ebook

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The Immortals of Meluha: The Shiva Trilogy 1 by Amish Tripathi. Read online. With a cliffhanger conclusion, this first in a trilogy will appeal to those who enjoy delving into works like The Lord of the Rings or The Chronicles of Narnia. The Immortals of Meluha. Shiva Trilogy (Series). Book 1. Amish Tripathi Author ( ). cover image of The Secret of the Nagas.

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Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store. Amish Tripathi authoramish Wednesday, September 19th, Amish tripathi epub download at 2: 10pm Dedicated to all those who like chetan bhagat and the fact that he has, admirably, made it on his own.

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Our team will inform you by email when Sita Warrior of Mithila pdf ebook available. Then you can download free pdf ebook from the link.

The success of his debut book, The Immortals of Meluha thebookworld. We don't charge money for the reviews but do use affiliate links for the merchant sites where these books can be downloadd.

For those readers who own Kindle ebook reader, we have a direct link to get the ebook version of Raavan Orphan of Aryavarta by Amish Tripathi on your kindle. The Gunas are impressed with the Meluhan way of life. On their first night of stay the tribe wake up with high fever and sweating. The Meluhan doctors administer medicine. Ayurvati finds out that Shiva is the only one devoid of these symptoms and that his throat has turned blue.

The Meluhans announce Shiva as the Neelkanth, their fabled saviour. Shiva is then taken to Devagiri, the capital city of Meluha, where he meets Daksha.

She is a Vikarma , an untouchable person due to sins committed in her previous births. Shiva tries to court her, but she rejects his advances. Ultimately Shiva wins her heart and even though the Vikarma rule prohibits them from doing so, an enraged Shiva vows to dissolve it and marries Sati. During his stay in Devagiri, Shiva comes to know of the war with the Chandravanshis and also meets Brahaspati, the Chief Inventor of the Meluhans.

Brahaspati invites Shiva and the royal family on an expedition to Mount Mandar , where the legendary drink Somras is manufactured using the waters of the Saraswati.

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Shiva learns that the potion which made his throat turn blue was actually undiluted Somras, which can be lethal when taken in its pure form. But he was safe, indicating him to be the Neelkanth. Somras has anti-ageing properties making the Meluhans lived for many years. Brahaspati and Shiva develop a close friendship and the royal family returns to Devagiri.

One morning, the Meluhans wake up to a blast that took place at Mandar, destroying parts of the mountain and killing the scientists living there. There is no sign of Brahaspati, but Shiva finds the insignia of the Nagas, confirming their involvement with the Chandravanshis.

A fierce battle is fought between the Meluhans and the Swadweepans in which the Meluhans prevail. The Chandravanshi king is captured but becomes enraged upon seeing the Neelkanth.

The Chandravanshi princess Anandmayi explains that they too had a similar legend that the Neelkanth will come forward to save their land by launching an assault against the "evil" Suryavanshis. Hearing this, Shiva is dumbfounded and utterly distressed. With Sati he visits the famous Ram temple of Ayodhya , the capital of Swadweep.

There he has a philosophical discussion with the priest about his karma, fate and his choices in life, which would guide him in future. As Shiva comes out of the temple, he notices Sati being stalked by a Naga near a tree.

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Characters and locations[ edit ] Tripathi believes "Myths are nothing but jumbled memories of a true past. A past buried under mounds of earth and ignorance. He is a Tibetan immigrant to Meluha and the chief of the Guna tribe.

On arriving in Meluha and consuming the Somras, his throat turns blue making him the Neelkanth of the Meluhan legend, which speaks of the appearance of Neelkanth as a destroyer of evil. The Meluhans end up believing that Shiva would be their saviour against evil. Shiva falls in love with her but cannot marry her because of a law that considers her to be a Vikarma , an untouchable.


Vikarmas are people who bear misfortunes in this life due to sins of their past births. She is a skilled swords-woman and is very brave since childhood. Nandi — A captain in the Meluhan army.What pricing does is, it makes you think about the book.

Embed Size px. Sorry, the eBook that you are looking for is not available right now. Higher budget has really helped marketing the book at a whole new level. Digital original. The key benefit was that printed books made knowledge more widely available at a much cheaper price. Previously we could not do it because we did not have the budget.

He has broken down many complex concepts and theories that have been shared purely as myths with limited meaning sacrificing the deeper significance at least in popular versions of these myths and has expounded them in a very believable, real world context. He believes that religiosity and liberalism go hand-in-hand in India. Get reviews by email E-mail Address: