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eBooks - Category: Horror - Download free eBooks or read books online for free. Keywords: horror, ghost story, frightening, scary, terrifying, stephen king. Download PDF books in Horror subject for free. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is a supernatural fiction short story which became a milestone in the career of. Results 1 - 10 of 90 Download Horror-Gothic Books for FREE. All formats Format: PDF, ePub, Kindle, TXT Four eclectic horror stories to chill the soul!.

Horror Story Books Pdf

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Classic horror stories from the 19th and 20th century, including the ones you can't miss, short stories, and most interesting non-fiction books. Horror Stories: 51 Sleepless Nights: Thriller short story collection about Demons, truly magical book had managed to be mixed in with the charity stock. Drawn. Did you know you can download free Scary Stories and Horror Books absolutely free of charge from Obooko? Enjoy browsing and reading our fabulous.

Arguably one of the best ways to spend a night, no matter what age you are, is reading horror books. A night of popcorn, screams and laughter can make for great entertainment, just like at the movies.

Short Horror Stories

You can make a list of horror e-books you want to read and choose whichever one fits in with your mood and particular taste. There are many great classics available on Obooko, as well as those for sale in bookstores in your area. Another great option is utilising the fact that many libraries now have internet access, and are connected to websites like Obooko, so you can download and read the books from the internet directly. There are a plethora of horror books to download from Obooko but there are five mainstream titles are the perfect recipe for a great night of horror reading.

Not only are these great scary stories, but they were also just great films, being nominated for awards, and in many cases winning.

It is a selection of titles that have been made over the last fifty years, showing that great horror never dies. The quintessential horror story movie that everyone should watch is the Alfred Hitchcock classic, Psycho.

Do not make the mistake of watching the re-make which starred Vince Vaughn as Norman Bates and is not nearly as scary.

Made in , it is still as eerie and shocking today, with a brilliant performance from Anthony Perkins. Bates Motel is always worth a visit, unless of course you are Janet Leigh. Psycho as a horror suspense was nominated for 4 Oscars.

More Horror Books

It won three Academy Awards, including one for the unforgettable original score by John Williams. Only a special group of people with individual powers can stop them. Welcome to the 9th circle of hell within the streamline savage dimensions.

The bond between the group to find the Someone was after career criminal Larry McCulloch, but for Larry that was nothing new.

Down through the decades he had amassed a quite remarkable number of enemies on both sides of the law. But this time it was different. Almost overnight that list, which had at its height reached three figures Walter, a Burgundy noble, remarried, laments the death of Brunhilde, his youthful lover and first wife when at midnight a sorcerer appears picking herbs for his spells.

The sorcerer raises the possibility of returning his beloved to life, but warns that it is better to leave the dead in peace Are you bored of kind and selfless fairies? More stories from the Dark Side by Graeme Winton where an inter-dimensional ghost hunter rubs shoulders with a demon soul. A crazed murderer preys on people who come to his door and another picks on the clergy among many others.

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These are emailed in installments for daily reading. EastOfTheWeb has close to free horror short stories available for free reading online. Also monitors iTune Horror genre for its top free ebooks. Also biography and book download listings for individual popular authors. These are all available for free download in EPUB.

There are links to download in other formats, but some of those are to pay sites. This link is to their Horror genre listings and at the time of this post, there were free ebooks listed. The original books section also has Ghost and Horror books for free download. FictionPress offers over 15, free horror works of fan fiction.

Most appear to be short stories, but there are some novels in there. These are available for free reading online. These are original works from unpublished authors. Foboko has 4 free unique ebooks in its Horror-Gothic genre listing.

The 50 Scariest Books of All Time – Flavorwire.pdf

There is a 5 book download limit per month for free members. I have received no spam from them. Free Audio Books while primarily an audiobook site, they also have ebooks available for their classics. This link is to their listing in the Horror genre.

There is a 15 second delay and an ad before the download starts. Do not click to download from the ad, the book download will start automatically after the 15 seconds.

Most of the listings are from site, but there are other sites also listed. Free eBooks.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

There are about 50 novels available for download in pdf. They monitor recent free offerings as well as showing some that are always free.

Like their USA counterpart below, the site offers sorting by genre, time offered, length and popularity. This link is to the Horror listings, which has free ebooks at the time of this post. Adult content is hidden, but can be shown by clicking on the link on the upper right of the page. This is an extensive listing of the free ebook offerings, showing the genre with option to eclude that genre or show only that genre in results and the length of the ebook.Penpal Penpal, Dathan Auerbach , Dathan Auerbach A truly creepy and unsettling book, Penpal began as a series of short stories posted on Reddit, but ballooned into a novel that asks the question: How far can you go into the woods?

Do not click to download from the ad, the book download will start automatically after the 15 seconds. Edgar Allan Poe is very well known for his horror stories, many of which are about the darkness inside humans and not actual monsters. Read things twice. FictionPress offers over 15, free horror works of fan fiction.